Sunday, December 02, 2007

THHC™ Chapter 19 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©


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Happy Belated Birthday to Zeroimpact - 30th November
Happy Birthday to Dark Wolf - 1st December
Happy Barkday to Ah Boy - 2nd December
Happy Early Birthday to Carcar - 3rd December


01 - Jemima


02 - Ehon


03 - Chen & L B


04 - May & Kyh


05 - Cheepeeone & Mozilla Monster


06 - AnonyMOUSE, Laundryamah (New Spooner) & Zewt


07 - Ms. A & Mistipurple


08 - Sengkor


kyh said...

chup sin...

kyh said...

whee.... a gr8 start for december! but reminds me of my imminent scul opening... SIEN!!!!

kyh said...


*goes to cook maggi mee*

want some? ;)

angel said...

Dear kyh,
No nid so kan cheong... everyone is zzzz liao :P

Hai... all good things must come to and end... when r u going back?

I'm very 'par' already... u eat more, ok? ;)

Good night, sleep tight...

Jemima said...

23 days left to Christmas!!!

Then it's 2008.. another year older. :(

L B said...

waaaa, so BEAUTIFUL MidValley!!!! So very autumny, so very gnomey, so very THHC!!!! Kakakaka!!!! How now, brown cow?

L B said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS tooooooo!!!!!!

L B said...

I forgot! SO TUNGKU!!!!

L B said...

and, so couple-couple wan!!!

kyh said...

every yr hor my town's christmas so si peh sien one... macam no christmas... but this yr we got to celebrate in penang liao cos i'll be back there oredy ma... :P

now very 'par' liao too. that bowl of korean instant mee so sedap!!!

may said...

I was gonna put up some christmas tree photos too for my post... lol! thanks for the chups! and the virtual hugs.

puts me in one of those thinking moods again... *sigh*

a^ben said...

*plug mushrooms and goreng~*

Ehon said...

number two ler!! NUMBER TWO LERR!!! :D :D hehehehehe. not bad hor. :P

Chen said...

wah.. hou leng ah..
Wonder how's the christmas deco in Penang. Might be i will go to Gurney Plaza later :P

Happy Birthday to Ah Boy and Carcar

p/s: i wonder wat mushroom ah ben wanna plug and goreng, hopefully not those colourful mushroom. Kkkkkkk

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy is a happy doggy :)

*busy playing with new toy*

_butt said...

whooaaa... mushrooms all over Christmas wonderland!! must check it out soon! :D

zewt said...

i only chup once and i am 6th! not bad at all.

Winn said...

i went to midvalley today n saw the lovely xmas decorations!! so nice. make me miss singapore last year lerrrrrr:(

carcar said...

winnnn.... i miss singapore too! no! i mean i miss last yr christmas in singapore...

i miss u all......

♥ thanks angel for the wishes... love u ♥

angel said...

Dear Jemima,
Another year wiser!
Christmas - I love! ;)

Dear LB,
Yalor yalor... an autumny Christmas! Very THHC indeed! And of course Very Tungku...

*looks for plink*

Couple-couple = togeder-geder
No lonely maa... hehe..

Dear kyh,
Dun hv Christmas deco in AS mia malls ka? Kesian...

I think Penang malls' deco also not as nice as KL's lor... KL's malls all very kiasu hehe... when are you coming to KL, huh? HUH?? Faster kam... I wait You...

Dear maymay,
Your Christmas photos are great too!

Wat u thinking?

I think all of us will forever miss Christmas 2006, hor? :(

Dear ah ben,
Aiks! Itu mushroom ada poison mia!!!

Dear ehon,
Hahaaa!! YAAAAA! Very keng lor!!

So, how are you having fun in Kuching?? How is our Laksamana Cheng Ho?? :P

Dear Chen,
I heard the deco @ Pavilion is more leng! Wah... must go there liao nxt week! So kiasu hehe...

So, what did you get for ah boy, ha?

Dear ah boy,
Woofwoof Barkday!!
So, apa you dapat??

Dear butty,
Haha... the Tungku is the 'side' deco.. the main deco is the Autumny Xmas trees! Very nice!

Dear zewt,
Heh... cos you got 5 points for the one chup! ;)

Dear winn,
Yaaaa... sigh... we are forever gonna miss Christmas 2006... how how?? :(

Dear carcar,


We ALLLLLL miss Christmas 2006 in Singapore... we miss you more :D

Hope you'll have a great birthday, ok? *HUGSSSSS & LURVEEEEE*


Huei said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DECEMBER BABIES! heheheh so many birthdays!! =D

Winn said...

since we all miss singapore so much, lets go eat 'sing jao chao mai' (singapore fried meehoon)

sheon said...

why they (midvalley) never sweep their floor clean one? fungi growing everywhere.....

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! So nice Christmas decor in Midvalley. I must go jalan jalan and take pictures in Singapore.

I'm having a fever... hope not bird flu or any H5N1 virus. Cannot go to KL unless I'm declared safe by doctor. Later kena locked-up & slaughtered.

Happy Birthdays!!!

angel said...

Dear ah huei,
Yeah! So many birthdays! I also @.@ liao...

Dear winn,
OK, must eat same time, ok? What time?? 12.42pm Flyday? :P

Dear sheon,
Fungi? O.o
How come your eyesight so 'good' wan? o.O

Dear eastacoastlife,
Yeah! Please take some Spore Xmas deco pics for us!

Aisay... no more KL sampat liddat? :( But I wait you, still...


Leonard said...

Merry X'mas to all the one mentioned above!

mistipurple said...

Christmas 2006 will always be special in my heart. i lup you all!

angel said...

Dear Leonard,
Eh? Merry Christmas? Not Happy Burfday ma? -_-''' U OK bo?

Dear misti,
From now on, me, Maymay, Winn, Carcar & SK (ok, or not... haha) will always equate Christmas with Xmas 2006 in Singapore... sigh... so fun... so happies... so farnies... Magical Moments, huh? :)



IguanaKia said...

Wah..X'mas mood oledi lah after seeing these pics...feel like wanna go holiday..

Aiyah Nonya said...

Those are lovely Xmas pictures and deco. Wish I am able to take such great pictures.
Have a great week.

angel said...

Dear iguanakia,
Wah... where u going?? I want follow... :P

Dear aiyah nonya,
You can take the pics when you come to KL!! Have lotsa fun!


mudpie said...

MAMBO number 5 .. i rrrriikkkeeee *roar*