Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Toy Soldier - Wordless Wednesday Chapter 14


Wennnn said...

Chup sin

Wennnn said...

Wah lia 2morrow I will have to go buy lottery liao lor becoz I always dun manage to chup here and I got it this time...

Angel Eyes said...

dun care, still wanna CHUP!

Wah, 1 utama is always nice esp during xmas.... must go!

may said...

waaaa, your bola so B I G ! ! ! O.O

Jemima said...

How many toy soldiers were there?

I love this decor better than Mid-Valley. :)

may said...

or wait... is that the Emperor's klang-klangs that went for a rolling walk? LOLOL!!

yerrrrr, I'm missing the lavish Chrismas decorations back home! do the little drummer boys play the drums ah? got music? love love LOVE!

*muuaacckkkkssss* said...

The Curve Christmas decoration also nice !

laundryamah said...

wahhhh so nice the photos...yehhh i'm going to One Utama tonite...see la where got lomantik??

L B said...

I want LORMAIKAI!!!!!

moz monster said...

I'm so poor from all the spending (forced and unforced) ... that I am not in Christmas spirit this year leh ...

Maybe I need to part time as Santa Claus !!!

Ehon said...


Why I no chup gei?

Misha said...

soo pretty .. i MISS One utama ... I miss KL! .. I want to go back to KL @@

eastcoastlife said...

O.O When I go Kayelle I want to go One Utama take photos of the balls and soldiers!

You bought your cutiepie niece to the mall!? Can see the reflection of a baby.

the108 said...

Very festive and cheerful!

Shesawriter said...

Every time I see toy soldiers I'm reminded of the Nutcracker movie. Nice pics.

Happy WW!

My Wordless Wednesday

Natalie said...

So festive! I love it!

My Wordless Wednesday is up too! :)

Brad said...

wah toy soldier kingdom! got toy brad and angie there? ;)

Winn said...

i jus wonder why i wasnt there.

hmm..i'm going there now!! hehehe fong gong's 4.43pm now..

Shelia said...

Wow! What gorgeous photos, the decorations are beautiful! Happy WW!

day-dreamer said...

Wah... Christmas decor all up liao!! Nice, nice~

Chen said...

why the Christmas deco in KL so nice geh?

Chen said...

psss.. i tidur early yesterday night cos tired mah.. sowie sowie :D

Oscar's Mommy said...

wow.... hou leng ah!! i went to MV last nite... not as nice as 1-U lei... must go this weekend!!! hahaha...

angel said...

Dear wenwen,
Woohoo! Yeah! You manage this time! Must be your BB gib u luck ;)

Dear angel eyes,
Can can! Can chup still!

It's only since the past few years One U has got nice Xmas deco :) Before that, takde modal kot...

Dear may,
MY bola? O.o
Or your "mango"? Kekekeke...

Dear jemima,
Errr... there's one HUGE one and let's see... 12 small ones? O.o

Dear maymay,
Hmmmm... have to check with him... no ah.. he asked for lormaikai instead of klang2...

Oh yes! The Giant Drummer Boy can move the hand and play the drum!! The small drummer boys also can move... err, I think... hehe...

Very nice hor... I was also looking at it for some time...

*missing Xmas 2006 AGAIN*

Dear keeyit,
Looks like the KL malls are 'competing' heh...

Dear laundryamah,
Haha... can wan... lormantik from the heart lorrr... dim the lights... enjoy your anniversary dinner!!!

Dear L B,
I sang Lormaikai Bell for you liao! Kao tim!

Dear moz,
I bet that once you step foot in BKK, you SURE got mood liao! Want bet??? :P

Dear ehon,
Becos earlier you zzzz? :P

Dear misha,
Awwww... dun be sad... HK's Xmas deco should be nice too, right??

But, faster come back KL! I'll wait for you, ok? :)

Dear eastcoastlife,
OK can! The balls got other colours oso wan... hehhe...

Haaa! Yes! Your eyes very sharp! That's my cutiepie there... the aunt is of course the one holding the camera laa... :)

*waiting to sampat...*

Dear the108,
Yes, indeed!!

Dear Shesawriter,
Thanks for visiting! I've not seen Nutcracker before :)

Happy WW to you too!

Dear Natalie,
I love it as well! ;)

Dear Brad,
What for want toy wan when you can have The Real Thing? ;)

Dear winn,
You wonder, I also wonder...

Lei jao hou lorrr... gam jou fong gong geh... mm sai jou ahh? :P

Dear Sheila,
Thanks! Gotta love the colours! :)
Happy WW!

Dear day-dreamer,
Ipoh got nice Xmas deco mou? Show us ler...?


angel said...

Dear chen,
Errmmm... becos KL is the capital? :D

It's ok... I balik lambat, online lambat, semua pun lambat :P

Dear oscar's mommy,
Fai tik go!! Oscar sure will like!! ;)

Yalor, I thought MV wan is grand liao... mana tau, One Utama wan lagi grand!


rinnah said...

I see Baby G in the reflection! I tried to masuk 1Utama on Sunday but got no parking so I ended up in the Curve instead.

Anonymous said...

The deco looks better than the ones u posted on mid-valley's xmas deco.

Ty for the lovely pics : )


narrowband said...

Beautiful photos, angel!! I went to Midvalley and the deco there isn't bad too! In fact, xmas deco everywhere now and I'm in a holiday mood already!!!

a^ben said...

GIANT BALLS!!!!!!!! said...

nice toy soldiers... herm.. havent seen much christmas deco around here though.. cheers Happy WW>> no pics from my side... :(

zewt said...

and i will be doing something there soon :)

FRIGGA said...

Where was this? Happy WW :P

angel said...

Dear rinnah,
Haa! You are sharp! ;)
I think from now onwards until early Jan, if wanna go to the malls, must go in the morning... if not, sure jam... sienz...

Dear M,
You are welcome!

I'd think the one at One Utama is much more $$$$$, hence nicer ;)

Dear narrowband,
Wah... dipuji oleh Narrowband, pemilik sebuah kick@$$ kamera! :P Thanks :) But if you take the pics with your supercanggih camera, sure many times more beauuuuutipool! Hehe...

Yeah, and all these holiday mood puts you in a Spending Spree mood too... jialat...

Dear a^ben,
That's all you 'see' ahhh?? :P

Dear aodian,
Dun worry ler... study is more important ;)

The deco in KL's malls are really nice...

Dear zewt,
Ahhhh!! You gonna do carolling there?!

It's in one of the malls here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ;)

Happy WW!


jj said...

aaaannnnhhhhhhhhh...!!! waaahhhnnnhhhh...!!!
hnnkk! hnnnkkkhh! hnnkkhhh!

*pai pai sou*

mistipurple said...

kl so nice kl so nice kl so nice kl so nice kl so nice kl so nice kl so nice kl so nice ... *sigh*

Huei said...

whee!!! nice decorations! i need to go out to get some christmas sprit in me! heheh

mudpie said...

OMG!!! must bring lil nellie there .. super nice!!! *marching .. left right left right*

Kenny Ng said...

So nice la the decoration. Here I don't see so impressive, this year no Christmas celebration or break for me, still have to work on that day. Anyway... Merry Christmas to u

Leonard said...

So CUTE...the giant Toy soldier!

angel said...

My dearest JJ,
Faster start a blog!!! :P

Pannai laa...

Dear misti,
sgp oso nice sgp oso nice sgp oso nice sgp oso nice sgp oso nice sgp oso nice. we miss sgp we miss sgp we miss sgp we miss sgp we miss sgp *sigh*

Dear ah huei,
Yeah! Go out and playyyy! ;)

Dear mudpie,
Yesh! Must bring Adik Nellie... sure happies...

Dear kenny,
Nvm loh... work hard now, later on can 'tharn sai kai' ;)

Merry Christmas!!!

Dear leonard,
Yeah! Very BIGGGG one!!!


Simple American said...

Those pictures left me ... wordless.


angel said...

Dear Sir SA!!!
Hehehe... I'm glad to know ;)