Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yednesday Yin Yeong Yag - Love & Hate Collide!

When Love & Hate Collide... reminds me of Def Leppard's song, of course!

OK, coming back to this entry, L B tagged a few of us on 10 Things to Really Hate. Wah, 10 is not enough. But of course, Hates are not very nice things. Not especially during this Tralalalala Season. But because yesterday, I had a very bad case of Hatesssss, so I do this tag today.

  1. Hate to cover up everything for the Boss while she goes MIA. *MAJOR HATE*
  2. Hate to do Boss' work.
  3. Hate to tell them to follow up on what they are supposed to do, everyday.
  4. Hate to disallow staff who want to go on leave.
  5. Hate to repeat myself repeatedly.
  6. Hate to deal with people who think they are right and the whole world is wrong.
  7. Hate to wait for the lift and then only to find that it's full. Happens all the time when I wanna go for lunch.
  8. Hate to come across road hoggers.
  9. Hate Sunday evenings.
  10. Hate myself. Sometimes. For being nice. Urgh!

So much of Hatred, no can't do. Must balance it up. Hence, the Loves...

  1. Love the whole family.
  2. Love the friends, on and off line.
  3. Love all the supportive staff.
  4. Love year-end bonus, holiday season...
  5. Love Friday evenings & the whole of Saturday.
  6. Love Facebook, esp. Hatching & Growing Gifts, Snow Globes, Bumper Stickers, Bling-blings.
  7. Love Seafood.
  8. Love Movies.
  9. Love Humour.
  10. Love zzzZZzzzzz.
There... that should do the trick. My account is now Balanced. Phew!


L B said...

Hahaha, liddat also can wan!! So, what you're saying is you've been a very good girl, so Santa better be nice to you!! Bling blings!!! Love Love Love!

angel said...

Dear Cikgu LB,
Tenkiu for coming here so 'early' to mark my homework..

Sigh... see, now I cannot sleep liao... Tried to zzzz right after I posted this entry but half hour came and went, nada, can't zzz!

Haha... I got say I've been a very good girl ah? Oops... so action of me, hor? I deserved to be spanked... *shows butt*

Christmas Love Love Love from One Mouse to Another Mouse! ;-)

kyh said...

make lup, not war! :)

kyh said...

wah ur hatreds revolve around ur opis wan!

kyh said...

i oso lup Zzzzz, but oways lazy to do so if get to online. :P

i today ZZzzzz from 1 pm till 7 pm leh! geng or not... :P

Brad said...

so do u lup me???

angel said...

Dear kyh,
Of course make love! I dowan war.

That's the reason I did the Hates Tag tonite la... got semangat maa! :P Also, to get it out of my system... sigh...

Lazy to zzzz?? Got lidat oso???

Lu is HBP-er... so, I not surprise u slept fr 1-7pm lor... ;)

Dear Brad Pitt,
You say?


kyh said...

eccherli i got slept at night, but then hor today apternoon wifi kisiao, and i EFND so ma Zzzzz lor... :P

angel said...

Dear kyh,
I wanna zzz now. Come sing me Baa Baa Black Sheep, prease?? :P

cibol said...

all these things we hate revolves around us eh? ;) Well, Christmas and new year is coming, perhaps we can ge rid of more hates and pour in more love. Without love, can't stop the hurt inside, wen love and ate collide. Sweat!

P/S : Love that song! All time favourite

mudpie said...

yeah the lunch lift trick .. i hate that too!!! arrrggghhh

i love you too and MAMBO here i comeeeee .. yipee yaye

narrowband said...

Sometimes being too nice doesn't pay :( I really need to learn to be the bad guy some times - people take advantage of you! Sheeesh!

Sunday evenings why hate wor???

Winn said...

haha..cute! 10 hates vs 10 loves. now u are at equalibrium point.breakeven only. tak kaya.
in order to make profit u have to have more loves ok?

may said...

*brings Scales of Justice*

very the good, at least you ada balance! I lopsided skit...

Chen said...

Pray hard so that Angel can get promoted and take over her Boss' position soon since her boss always missing in action. KKkkkkk...

cham, i'm hungwee again :(

JL said...

ai hate slow driver hogging the fast lane! :P

moz monster said...

I like the way how you balance hates with loves =) ...

You know what ... maybe they should make you the boss, since it's just as well that they pay 1 person instead of 2 for the same amount of work done =)

Huei said...


ahh good balance! if i did hate list would fall out the room for love! ;P hehehe

angel said...

Dear cibol,
The Hates will always be around becos only then our lives will be 'balanced' ;-)

Ohhh... I remember.. u are a rocker, that's why you love that song :)

Dear mudpie,
I love you and Mambo too ;-)

Jumpe di sana sana sana... *echo*

Dear narrowband,
Yes, it doesn't pay sometimes to be nice BUT that doesn't mean we should be the bad guy, does it? Whatever it is, as long as the conscience is clear, nice or naughty, it doesn't matter ;-)

Sunday evenings I hate becos the next day is Monday maaa... :(

Dear winn,
I think u is cuter :D

Make more Love in order to be kaya ah? U got the formula for Love?? :P

Dear maymay,
I hope your lopsided side is Love Love Love! :)

Dear chen,
Hai... dun tok about the Boss la... keik sim...

Hungwee? Come, makan cukulit... :P

Dear JL,
This is memang a 'practical' Hate, hor? ;)

Dear moz,
Thank you for the compliment...

Seriously, I'm not boss 'material'... I can't politikus...

Dear ah huei,
Tomolo can zZZzzZZzZ till late late! Yippie!

Haha... u funny girl... hate list fall out from the screen pulak hahaha... I LOL-ed earlier :P


rinnah said...

I also hate when people don't approve my leave! Lawl.

No hate during X'mas season... only love, love and more love!

*leaves some huggies and kisses to tip over May's scale of justice*

dreamie said...

put a hold on the HATE
add on the LOVE, can increase
good feng shui... :P

love the laughters
love the companions
love your blog
love your readers
Love MCC more ...kkkkkk (LOL)

Ehon said...

me ler me ler? why u no say u lub me????

kyh said...

*sing song sing song*

"Baaaa Baaa Black Angel Have you any woool??? Yes sir yes sir 3 bags poo"


zewt said...

hate boss... hahahaha... everyone seems to hate boss.

kat said...

I wanna drink yin yeong panas please!

Did you get my SMS ah? Sometimes over here, dunno whether the SMSes get through wan or not! Sometimes they don't and I still get charged! RM0.90 per SMS summore!!

If you didn't, thanks you vely vely much for the pweety card! It arrived safe and sound! :)

seefei said...

selamat hari raya angel!!

Oscar's Mommy said...

hi, selamat hari raya and dungzhi festival.

i super hate no. 9 too... usually my hatred feelings will start at abt 8pm after dinner!!! hahahaha...

mistipurple said...

u is balanced. no worries. u no hates in blood. good angel. nice gal. pat pat head.

Aodian said...

Woohoo.. NOw i know a new band!!! Yay.. this songs really nice.. EMaj progression I think.. cheers

angel said...

Dear rinnah,
Haaa... I never had problems of my leave not apporved :)

Yeah! Say No to Hate!! We love, love, love, ya!

Awww... so schweet...
*joins rinnah leaving more huggies & kissies on Maymay's scale...*

Dear dreamie,
Whoa... u feng shui sensei arr? :P

Woohoo! More love love LOVE!!!

Thx for loving me, MCC... so kam dong... of cos I love MCC!! I'm your fansee, remember... hehhe...

Dear ehon,
You ah?
Lub la, lub laaaa!! :P

Dear kyh,
Lu lah full of poooooo! Blek!

Dear zewt,
Actually, I don't hate her... but I hate the way she does things related to work... grrr!!! But when not work related one, she ok...

Dear kat,
You want yin yeong panas ah? OK OK, I make for u Aik Cheong's 3-in-1 yinyeong panas, ok? Actually, I'm not a fan of yin yeong... becos hor, I get confused... confused whether the yin yeong is more of tea or coffee hehe...

No woh... din get your SMS... maybe you send to the wrong number like last time? Heh...

Glad to know the card reached mrkat's opis safely! ;)

Dear feikor,
WAAAA!!! Long time no hear, no see!!! Merriest Christmas, feikor!

Dear oscar's mommy,
Haha... yalor... the feeling of going thru' Sunday evenings really sienz!

Happy Dongzhi & Merriest Christmas to u, Oscar's daddy & Oscar of cos!

Dear misti,
Thx misti... I got some hates... but must quick quick cover with Love... Lots of Love! ;)

Dear aodian,
Wah... now only you know ah? It's a very old band loh... hehe... but glad u enjoyed the song! U memang is rocker! ;)


eastcoastlife said...

Your hate and your love are similar to mine. At least I know I'm balanced. Ok... can sleep better now.

Thanks for your hugs.

So sorry I cannot make it to KL.... not for the next few months... Sorry if I make you wait and you couldn't make plans. paiseh... paiseh....

angel said...

Dearest ECL,
I'm glad to know that you are balanced too :)

I'm very sorry to hear about your MIL... I wish her no pain...

Don't have to be sorry or paiseh ler... you'll make it to KL again one day... I'll still wait for u ;)

*more hugs*