Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Tralala lala....

7 days to Christmas...

14 days to 2008...

Tis' the season to be jolly... tralalalala lalalala...

But I just read a few very ... errr... non-jollyfying blog entries... how come??



I did some youtube-ing just now, and here, I share with you some of my favourite Christmas jingles, in no particular order.

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Péter Szabó Szilvia - Little Drummer Boy

Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas Time (original version)

Cascada - Last Christmas

Disney Channel Stars - Circle of Life (Xmas version)
(this song I heard from radio wan...)

Boney M - Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord
(I think Boney M's Christmas songs are Forever Green!)

What are your favourite Christmas jingles / songs ?

ps: This Saturday, 22nd of December, is the Dongzhi Festival a.k.a. Winter Solstice Festival. This year, I'm happy because I don't have to celebrate it either alone or with friends like what I have been doing the past many years... because Mommy is here! Whoopie!


c o n s u e l a said...


happy holidays ;)

kyh said...

my 6 sense tells me u wud post today! KKK

kyh said...

just now when i wanna chup my line suddenly drop @#!$#%&!!

the stupidmyx wifi here so crappy! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr

c o n s u e l a said...

wahhh...after a long, long time (hehe)
Angel....received your Christmas card...thank you, thank you, thank you (very pretty and cute)! *hugs & kisses*

My two favorite jingles are Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" & Jim Brickman's "Sending You a Little Christmas". Actually I like many more...should I list them all? (haha)

Take care and I hope to blog real soon with some Christmas photos :)

*more hugs and kisses....Muaaaaahhhhhhhs*

kyh said...

here youtube is banned. :(((((

my blog is jolly one today, cos i jus peed there (PPP!). :P

angel said...

Dear consuela,
Aloha aloha aloha!!!

Dear kyh,
U so good ahh... can read my mind ahh? Or my Heart? :p

Dear consuela,
Yeah! After sucha long time! ;)

Oooohh... you've received it! I'm happy! ;) You are welcome!

Oh yeah, Jim Brickman's... there's just too many of 'em! LOL!

I'll be waiting for your Christmas piccies! *muaaakkkssss*

Dear kyh,
Aiyak... kena ban ah? Nvm, my opis oso same same.. :P

U peed ah? Need tam pooi ahh?? :PpPP


L B said...

ooooh, another version of Last Christmas.... but the very next day you gave it away....... *sob*

L B said...

*brings mini hairdryer*

L B said...

*brings Rinnah's Boobs*

L B said...

*brings Chen's three blind mice*

L B said...

*brings plink's skunkie*

L B said...

*dresses everyone as reindeer*

angel said...


Hampalang oso bring la...

angel said...

Actually, there are quite a number of different Last Christmases!

Hilary Duff got one..
Ashley sumting got one...
Who else... forgot liao!

angel said...

Thanks for making my Tuesday Tralalala party so 'warm' :P

Happy Young Young Christmas!

*stands under the mistletoe*


may said...

waaa, Boney M! they used to be my Mom's favourite Christmas song singers. back then it was the only cassette we had that's on Christmas (ok la, we also had the Ray Conniff Singers) so played it over and over again.

thanks for reminding me that this Saturday is "guo dong"! I'd better call home...

eh, wake up... mistletoe eaten by reindeer liao...

Merry Muaaccckkkkkssss!

cibol said...

that boney m song is like everytime xmas sure a must have one .. ha ha ha. The ragga raggae kinda cool though .. love it.

I like Jim Reeves also

mudpie said...

okay okay i will post 1 jollyfying entry in 2 days time okie heheheh

*taking out my bamboo tree*

Huei said...

MERRY beEarlied CHRISTMAS! hehehe

aww! so sweet! Happy Dongzhi Festival!!!! =D

Winn said...

merry winter soltice. so mama this year will cook u tang yuen? heheeeeeee........i think this year i gona eat fishballs as substitute....

Winn said...

do u think choi sun yeah celebrate xmas or not har? i wonder.....

Chen said...

aisi, forgotten what i want to type liao after the tralalala..

Chen said...

should i make tang yuan today?
since i bought a packet of glutinous rice flour recently :P

Chen said...

cos i don't follow tradition wan
i will made tang yuan whenever i feel like doing it

ocipala talk here :P
should i feed the tang yuan to the three blind mice? kekkekkeke

Aodian said...

woohoo!!! Christmas! Yay... I think my fave would be eerr the band aid puny asong.. so nice.. n cascada is ok.. but Christmas songs all nostalgic punya hehe.. Merry Christmas!!! So will u be a snow angel?

narrowband said...

Look forward to Tong yuens, Tong yuens and moOOoOOOrRe colourful tong yuens!!! Ps. Remember take pikchures ;p

laundryamah said...

woooo hooooo Christmas season is sooo cool...I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! hahaha... my all time fave song....alamak...all oso i like la!

plink said...

Wakakaka!!! Winn and choi sun yeah pulak.

But choi sun yeah is so jolly, I wonder if Winn is right....

Ai rike Boney M!!

aiyah nonya said...

Wah got Mommy to make tong yuen for you. Can make some some for me too ? This year not in the mood, since my fridge is dead.

nyonyapenang said...

I like 'Silverbells'....got ar, this song?

And tang chek with your dearest Momma...you help her roll the kueh ee and sing at the same time....**the more we roll togeder...togeder...togeder...togeder...the moooore we roll togeder the happier we'll be.....**

Happy Tang Chek!

zewt said...

so many videos... no wonder it jammed up my google reader la...

angel said...

Dear SantaMayna,
Wow! My mom also used to love Boney M! And she still does! I think..hehe...

Oh yeah hor... the days of casette tapes! So nostalgic...

Eeek! No more mistletoe?
U think it'll work the same if I put mistitoe?? OK, maybe not... :P

Merriest MayMay Christmas!!!


*dreams of Xmas SGP 2006*

Dear cibol,
Yeah, Boney M's Xmas songs are evergreen! ;)

Jim Reeves? White Christmas? ;)

Merriest Christmas, cibol!

Dear mudpie,
Okie, set! I wait for your Jollyfying entry... dun post Jolly Shandy, ok... :P

*helps decorate mudpie's bamboo tree*

Merriest MuakMuak Christmas!

Dear ah huei,
Happy Dongzhi Festival and Merriest Christmas to you & Baby & your Boo! ;)

Dear SantaWinna,
Haaa... Mama asked me that day wanna make or buy. B4 I could answer, she said "Aiyah, buy easier la hor.." Of cos la buy easier! Make one dun hv 'inti' wan.. :P

Last year u oso said u gonna eat fishball woh... this year u eat la sotongball... or sushi's ebikko?? Ei, oso 'balls' ma...

Choi Sun Yeh notchet wake up lor... I think he oni wake up during CNY... becos now is still winter... abuthen why izit called winter solstice??? :P

Merriest Christmas!

Dear SantaChenna,
Choi choi... tralalallaa dun aisi ler... :P

You know how to make tang yuan ah? Wah... keng neh... make liao show us?

U feed tang yuan to 3 blind mice? Or the Three MouseKeepers?? Feed me got 'inti' wan, ok! :P

Merriest Christmas!

Dear Aodian,
That Band Aid song is really cool! It was years ago they made that song! You also know?? Wow...

Me be Snow Angel? Errmm... u wanna dress me up? Hahaa...

Merriest Christmas!

Dear narrowband,
Wah... u love tong yuens ar? Me so-so oni.. but I love the ones they sell frozen... got inti punye.. love the kacang mia inti...hehe...

My mom won't make la... we'll buy! ;)

Merriest Christmas!

Dear laundryamah,
I know you love Christmas... cos got excuse to shop shop shop till drop hehe... well, everyone loves Christmas! But our wallet sure no love lor...

Merriest Christmas!

Dear plink,
Show me your Boney M's boogie! :P

Refer to what I told SantaWinna about Choi Sun Yeh...

Merriest Christmas!

Dear aiyah nonya,
Heheh... We'll buy... easier... make ownself dun have the 'inti'...

I'll share with you, ok?


Merriest Christmas!

Dear nyonyapenang,
Silverbells got... but gua tarak cari... cos too many liao! Heh...

Ha? Roll kueh ee ah? Sei lor... nvr do that before... nvm la, I'll pass... just go supermarket and buy, kao tim! ;)

Merriest Christmas!

Dear zewt,
Jammed up your Google Reader? Eh, mana boleh woh? My post, you won't be able to see the whole entry wan leh... hmmmm...

Merriest Christmas!


Kopi Soh said...

So dis Saturday get to eat dat round chewy bola thing izzit? Yunno der wan in the syrup water wan?

sengkor said...

how bout 'All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Tooth'?

angel said...

Dear kopisoh,
Yup! This Saturday get to eat 'soke ee' ;) Happy Tang Chek, kopi soh!

Dear sengkor,
Why you no gigi ah? Then cannot 'crab' lor...


dreamie said...

Mariah Carey songs i like best, her lagu 'HERO' my all time fav.

X'mas song i like 'jingle bells' and 'mummy kisses santa claus' brings back fond memories.

Have a good holidays and Happy Dongzhi with your mommy, Angel !