Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sampat & Serious Sunday

Last Sunday, L B introduced Blood Orange to us. A few days later, Blood Orange was explained in more detail. Everybody ooh-ed and aah-ed.. He said, it's called Tarocco. After reading up wikipedia on Blood Orange, ohhh, actually Tarocco is native to Italy...

And then yesterday, this Sampat Doctor managed to get a couple of these bloody oranges at a local Penang supermart. So, I also kiasu lah!! I fast fast drive to the nearest Giant Bandar Kinrara to hunt for this blardy bloody orange, claimed to be supersweet with lotsa Vitamin C and of course, the red bloody stuff is some kind of antioxidant.

Of course, I found it.. AND a bonus.. 'cos the doc bought hers at RM1.99 per fruit and I got mine for...

Wheeeee!!! RM0.99 per fruit!! And the ones we got here on Malaysian shores is called Moro.. maybe because it's from the US of A?

So, I got half a dozen of these Bloody Oranges.

The iVerdict? Sweetly Bloody Nice! I suppose the ones I got must be 'bleeding' at its peak... the ones in Italy were just 'bleeding' on the 1st Day.. the doc punye, maybe 2nd Day.. *grins*

On a more serious note, I have decided that this blog will not be updated so often anymore, maybe only for some birthday greetings since I feel a bit sayang to delete it or just leave it to rot. Why, you asked? Because one of my friend (non-blogger) told another friend (probably accidentally, I dunno, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, SCAU) that I have a 'happening' blog, and that 2nd friend asked for this blog addy. I was taken aback. I didn't know what to tell him, so I said that I'm gonna close it. And he asked why, because my 1st friend told him that I have 'competition' in my blog... I think he meant The HugHugClub chups... And I've not replied to his second e-mail.

Anyway, I was not happy... Because I made the 1st friend promised that he would not tell anyone about this blog. I was very upset on the first day. Now, not so anymore. But, I'm really, really not comfortable letting my offline friends or even colleagues into this blog. I have no explanation. I just DON'T feel like it. Period.

So, that's it lah... Am I gonna have another blog? Hopefully... Once a narcissist, always a narcissist? *wink*

Your Seduction Style: The Charismatic

You're beyond seductive, you're downright magnetic!

You life live and approach seduction on a grand scale.

You have an inner self confidence and energy that most people lack

It's these talents that make you seem extraordinary - and you truly are!


Chev said...

Wah.. u also have BO..
how come yours got discount geh?
tak aci liao.. :P

Chev said...

u also wanna tutup blog ah?

but we will meet again "somewhere" hoh? KFC :)

moz monster said...

sampat chup.

i like my regular oranges better.

.... nothing else to add ....

zewt said...

had that in italy and tot we cant buy them here... i am wrong eh?

day-dreamer said...

Eeee don't close your blog lah!!

But I agree. My blog is less known among real life friends. Only a handful of them know.

L B said...

Yeah! Let's all tutup!! Close up shop and let the pondans win!! Wheee..... :-) Nah! But I understand your dilemma. Sometimes I too think this THHC™ can breed a bit of malcontent. Perhaps it's time to ship that off to the HKF™ Institute as well.

But your BO very strong! Very powerful! In full peak! Long Live the BO!!

My seduction style is KFC..

adrian said...

Let's not update our blogs together-gether and start a new blog together-gether. ;)

The Charismtic eh? Really does sound like u. Guess what's my seduction style?

kyh said...

ooh wanna try those BO too!

yer dun tutup la.... *SAD 999999999*

Brad said...

dun shut down! i give u more ahem ahem sessions in return! Okie? :(((((

angeles said...

My dear Chev,
Kakaka.. BO!! Choi choi choi... I dun hv B.O. I so wangi, where got BO?? :p

I oso dunno why mine got discount.. maybe they also read LB's blog and want to make their Oren Berdarah to sell more, so give discount? *sampat excuse*

Dun cry, dun cry... I no tutup.. cos sayang mar... I just won't update it anymore with any sampat entries.. only for birthday greetings.. nxt one up is our dear mei-mei's bday.. *wink*

Of cos we'll meet "somewhere" again! That, I promise you... ;-)

My dear moz monster,
Yr regular oranges definitely dun hv the antioxidant lor... go try this oren berdarah la... so near yr place oni that Giant... and got discount summore.. ;-)

And it's sweet too! Your regular oranges not janji sweet all the time ma... ;-)

My dear zewt,
Yes, looks like we ALL thought we can't get the bloody oranges here ;-)

My dear day-dreamer,
Nolah, no close.. just update oni when got blogger's burfday :) Maybe I'll see you "somewhere" else ;)

Non-bloggers probably won't understand how some of us bloggers feel abt our (semi-anonymous) blogs :)

My dear L B,
Haha.. all tutup ah? Mass tutup? Eh? Pondans? Eh?

*no understand abt the pondans*

Yes.. the iDilemma.. but it's all solved! Life goes on! iHeart blogs! iHeart THHC too! No, no, no malcontent! Nevah! Ship it off to HKF Institute ah? What a waste..

*will help rebuild my THHC resort.. since so 'laku' ma...*

Haha.. my BO strong?? Choi choi choi! I dun hv BO! I wear only Chanel No. 5 to sleep! Where got BO??? Kkkkkk......

See, now EVERYONE who reads Chev's blog and my blog will throng to the Giants... I need to claim some fees from them la.. or from Sunkist, maybe? *grins*

You use KFC to seduce ah? Wah... very chickie leh... kekeke...

My dear adrian,
Hahaha... u oso dowan to update ah? OK, set! But your fansee cum scold me that time, how?? I say I dunno, ok...

Start a new blog togeder-geder ah? It's a good idea... make sure u invite me, ok? :p

Hahaaaa! Oi.. how you know The Charismatic sounds like me? I got seduce you meh????

Your seduction style? Dun tell me same like me? O.o

My dear kyh,
Yeah, go to Giant and get those bloody oranges ;)

No tutup.. still bukak... dun sad, okeh? Maybe I'll 'blog' in your comment box, can? :) I'll update u soon :)

ps: Now that you sudah finish yr first year exams, time to update yr blog more regularly, ok? I want to chup more!!! :p

My dear Brad,
Eh?? What ahem-ahem?? Your dearest Angie is gonna deliver soon... dun kacau her...


angeles said...

My dear gsy,
I had to delete you becos dunwan to complicate things, but thx for the comment, and I din know abt the 18th March's reply. I just checked. No, he still dun hv this blog add.

It really is just a blog, it's just that people are more judgmental in real life than online. No?

BTW, my situation is diff from u adding JB in FB la :p very much different..

Anyway, I'm not gonna worry anymore.. cos Adrian said wanna start a blog togeder-geder :P

Cinders & ashes, I bought a toot toot today ;-)

And to reply yr 2nd comment:

I dunno how to tell you without telling everyone who reads this. U got it all wrong.. I no invest no emotion or whatever. See fire? Fire is history.

Nvm whatever reason to give him liao.. I wanna stay sampat online.

Thx again for your input but we hv diff perspectives in some things ;-)

Kopi Soh said...

I feel very much the same way you do. None of my offline friends or working friends know of my blog either, but now that it is "tergendala sebentar" it doesn't reli matter.
Wat ever u decide, I sapot as long as I know where to find you I am fine.

angeles said...

My dear kopi soh,
U think we are weird? Or what? Oh well, nvm la... what's important is that we are happy, ok? Your tergendala mia blog hor, u got feel itchy wanna blog again ah? Hehhee..

Thanks for the sapot, kopi soh.. Now, we are connected in the other online world ;-) can sampat there hehe...

Jemima said...

To blog or not to blog, I respect your decision but... if you really tutup it, remember to stay in touch with me, k?

may said...

no need to tutup wan. do like me la... blog after FORN-ing 4 times! LOL! I'm just plain lazy these days. but it's still nice to update once in awhile, hor?

no blood oranges here, just lots of avocados and kiwis... strawberry season soon. bloody enough anot? said...

nvm nvm as long as u continue blogging i don mind u update once in a gren moon. :P kiasu lar u all with the bloody oranges!! lol

mistipurple said...

we will be togeder still. meet you at lobby. sampat forever. i do so hear about the semi anonymous blogging thingy. read about my short comment recently about my customer suddenly asking me about my studio rates in my blog? can die. i don't know who that was and i just replied like it's 'normal' cos rude not to reply mah, and it's company matters. die me kaw kaw. i think i must hide soon too. leave it for paid bloggings and sprinkle with interims as it's a requisite. we keep in touch. *wink*

oh, about the BLOOD orange!!! i am so gonna find them later!!!!

Winn said...

but once u stop, u cant start worrrr.....hehehe.

eastcoastlife said...

Wahhhh! So bloody! *faint*

I saw them twice in LB's blog and now in yours. Haven't gone to chen's...

Sweet yah? I must go look for them too and try these bleeding oranges. Must of think of that thing when eating.

No need to tutup lah, just blog whenever you could. Or put a password on it so no one besides your kakis will read. I'm good kaki, right? hehe....

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

angelove!!! i so misschu already....

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

i wanna come in here to tell you about LOVE but that post is missing now...


angeles said...

My dear jemima,
Thanks for the support.. it's really not that serious until hv to tutup... besides, I really sayang this blog also... cos already got footprints and whatnot prints of so many sampat ppl... yes, we'll be in touch ;-)

My dear maymay,
Yes, yes, no need to tutup.. I hv many FORN entries waiting for me to write.. I also getting a bit lazy but then yes, like you said, it's a good feeling to update here and there.. missed u lots lots, tho.. but no fear! U always in my heart wan... ;)

Strawberry season? Woohoo! FORN more, okeh?? XXOO

My dear,
Haha... thanks thanks.. I hope the green moon comes often.. :p I'll be in touch wt u geh.. ;-)

Kiasu ah? Yalah! Abuthen?? Haha.. but it's a good kind of kiasu ma.. cos the fruit got antioxidant ;)

My dear momma misti,
Haha.. our denial mode really jialat 9-9.. are we gonna be in denial forevah? Wooo.. forevah is sucha looooong time... :p

Oh, I din know that got customer asked for your 'rates'... u hide ah? Hide under the bed? In the carpark? In the closet? Inside the helmet? *sampat*

Yeah!! Go throng the hypermarkets!! Heh!

My dear winn,
Can't start ah? Eh.. u scratching ma? Dun scratch liao lar... faster start.. I cheer liu... ;)

My dear eastcoastlife,
Indeed very bloody!!! Think of that thing ah? Kakakaka... I did lorrr! :p But the best, it's sweet! No sour sour ;)

Password protected entries - this feature still not available in Blogspot ler... I shall wait for that feature and then update this blog for my good "legs" kakakka.. yes yes, u are a good leg... the goodest leg.. hehe!

My dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Dun hv to miss me! I'm still hereeeeee... I'll be very Close To You... ;) Actually, I missed you too...

Abt LOVE ah? U can whisper to me at the albiemist also.. I'll scan thru... hehe...

I'll be back! ;) Have a relaxing Sunday.. yesterday I slept the whole day, so I "missed" one day.. today, my mom is coming to visit.. yippie...


Aiyah Nonya said...

Those blood orange are nice and sweet. Took me a while to get use to them/colour first.
Like your seduction style. :)

suituapui said...

I don't like oranges, any type!!! Love papayas...and bananas!!! Hey! Jangan fikir bukan2 liao!!! LOL!!! Want close shop kah??? Lke dat come to my blog lor...we can chup-chup there!!! Come, bring kopisoh..purple, nyonya semua hampalang bring!!! The more the better!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

sengkor said...

just now my orange is difficult to peel and sour. i think still at PMS stage..

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

i wonder.. whether you can just go up to this 2nd friend and tell him honestly that you dowan him to have your blog.. hmmm .. interesting..

anyway, we can always gang up and open a new blog... that's even more interesting.... imagine all the people out there come in and 'woman' us ;P ... haha!

angeles said...

My dear aiyah nonya,
Yeah, the BO are sweet.. me no prob wt the colour hehe.. just close eyes and makan :D

Is your seduction style the same? ;-)

My dear suituapui,
Why u no like oranges? If u take two oranges and put in both yr palms, don't they remind u of...??? Haha...

Close shop? Close half nia la :P Yes yes, go chup at yr place.. eh, first, 2nd, 3rd got free holiday to Sibu, rite?? Kekeke...

My dear sengkor,
Kakakka... only u can think of such thing! PMS mai PMS lor... no choice, rite? Hv to eat also, rite? :P

My dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Nah... I'm too lazy to explain the whys... really too lazy...

BTW, what u mean "woman" us ah? I no understand... hehe... so char, hor? :p

Yes yes, open a new blog.. we'll be hawt! *wink*



mama of 2LittleFellas said...

remember goodgrief?

we will have a new blog that is so crazy that many goodgrief will come in and 'woman' us....

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

dear angelbaby, sounds like you are having food poisoning. if it doesn't stop tomolo- better go and see a doc...

it's bed time now... need to go down to office tomolo...

*blow million of kisses to angelove*

Tyler said...

Wow I'm The Charmer haha, don't you agree? ;)

Huei said...

alamak!! jangannn!!!

sigh i understand wut u person knows ur blog..then act blardi damn proud..then go tell others that u do not wish to know ur blog's existance

aih..thats y now i blog oso restrict restrict abit >.<

but jangan stop okieee!!!!!

the oranges looks yummy!!! but the blood description..abit um..kinda reminds me of the wrong thing ;P heheheh

_butt said...

whoaa BO fever everywhere... spreading at a massive rate hahaha... all the way frm Italy to the Pearl of the Orient and now down here in KL! lolol

pssst Angel, you have plan B rmb? kiasu blog? *hint hint* :P

bongkersz said...

hor~! seductress! :P sorry to hear because of one sampat fella, you need to make this decision :( anyway, will sapot your decision~!

my colleagues also found out my blog that day.. damn all my dirty secrets all out. this one fella asked 'eh your tattoo is real one?' -_-||| now i need to be careful bit hehe..

inevitable said...

Now you understand why I never update my blog anymore...

My boss even has FB and asked to add me but I told I got not FB lah so... He said I am outdated...

Anonymous said...

walaupun the bloody oranges memang very intersting, ttp semua yg diclaimkan oleh barat pasal kemujaraban hasil keluaran nya itu, mesti diperiksa dulu. mereka sememangnya suka mengagung-agungkan produk mereka demi untuk ekonomi atau poket mereka. macam olive oil, walaupun i sendiri suka, tapi i masih tak pasti akan kebaikannya. semua ini, 'ader dia cakap, takder orang lain cakap'. but i still like the olive oil lah...hehe. so, masa u kata yg merah tu ader anti-oxidant....mungkin la, tapi mungkin di perbesar2kan mereka.

pasal u punyer belog, memang ko nih popular mar. well, kepopularan itu datang dengan side effeks dan liabilitinya tau? alehh, releks lah, orang lum nak dapatkan autograph ko lagi.....sooner or later.


laundryamah said...

oh noooo...fai tit start a new blog!!

melbie said...

ala... just starting to get to know this blog.... ody want to tutup kedai???

but I understand a bit la .. even though I only dont want my bosses to know about my cyberworld LOL offline friends okay.. nothing to do with work ... bah.. cepat² buka kedai baru ya ... :)

Angel Eyes said...

i also wanna search for BO lah. Ini macam tak boleh jadik punye. Mesti beli kerana sungguh manes!

Leonard said...

oh gosh, its blood oranges again!!

sure it's a craze nowadays?

Andie Summerkiss said...

On a silly note, the red oranges still scared me. :)

On a serious note, very sorry about your "friends". I don't feel great on letting offline world to find out about my online world either. That's just not right!

We have our own rights to be whoever we want to be online, without having offline characters on our butt and judging us!!

Trinity said...

Yuhuuuuuuuuuuu Angeles.. I am hereeeee!! Wah you really found that mafia orange!

Sorry for not coming here lately Angeles.. can't load your page, and really don't have enuf time to get online!! Phew!!

Trinity said...

btw dearie, have you tried that scheduled post?

kat said...

Another one bites the dust... :(

As long as you dun change your h/p no, ok?

*counting down to june*

Cocka aredy agree to come for makan session. Top of the list is El Cerdo and pun choy...

Anonymous said...

BTW, we can always continue to sampat at that fler's place. As long as he finds his mojo...

kat said...

Eh, that was me.

Ya-la, blogger no password protect, hor? Pity..

mistipurple said...

psst.. lisalove is back! shhh.

angeles said...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Mmm.. actually I still dunno what you meant by "woman" us... is it like "thum" ah? Hehe..

I just lost another day by sleeping.. tummy felt horrible this morning.. went to see doc.. earlier, still went to the loo a few times :(

Thx for the million kisses.. feel so loved hehe..

BTW, u work at home? So nice...


Dear tyler,
Hmmm... I know a few Charmers...

Dear ah huei,
Thankiss for your support! I won't stop, yet ;)

U blog restrict restrict? Got ppl that you know, came to read yr blog ah?

Ahaha, yes, that blood orange really make us think of sumting else bloody also, eh? But nice.. sweet! :)

Dear butty,
Haha yes yes.. this BO Fever really keng... U go try also, ok?

Haha.. plan B ah? Kiasu blog? O.o not very understand.. but plan B is 'hatching'... ;-)

Dear bongkersz,
Kakaka.. Seductress? Mana? MANA?? :p

Thanks for sticking by me.. so terharu.. hehe :p

Eh?? How your colleagues found out yr blog? Thru FB? In FB u got write yr blog's name woh...

You got a lot of dirty secrets ah? Share share? ^^ You din show them your tattoo?

When you said now you need to be careful abit, it kinda restrict your 'kebolehan' to memblog and also your creativity already, kan? Aihhh...

Dear inevitable,
If we wanna blog freely without any restrictions, hv to do it anonymously? Yours lagi teruk.. all your frens also got read geh...

Dear bdk bkk,
Siapa nak dapatkan autograph? Anyway, I don't see this as popular.. nehmind lah, you pun tak faham punye...

Deaer laundryamah,
Wait wait.. I need a rest first.. ;-)

Dear melbie,
No tutup yet.. just biar for a while whilst I decide what to do next :)

Kedai baru sedang dibina... :)

Dear angel eyes,
Ye ye, pergilah Giant carik BO ini.. memang manis!

Dear Leonard,
BO Fever mar...

Dear andie summerkiss,
Haha, scared of the BOs? Don't be afraid! It won't bite! ;)

You have the same kind of thoughts too, huh? Haha.. I like what you said abt "offline characters on our butt and judging us"! Thanks, andie.. you are very kind :) I shall keep you updated ;-)

Dear Trinity,
Mafia orange? Kakakka.. what a name! :P

Nope, I've not tried that scheduled post..

Dear kat,
Nolah, hp no. no change...

Hey, June is just 1 mth plus away...

El Cerdo? Hey, there's a new pork place next to El Cerdo.. *wink* But today I cannot talk abt makan.. I've been purging like mad :(

If Blogger got protected password entries, all my entries will be protected la haha.. :p

Dear misti,
Thx for the love note.. shhh...


Sorhai said...

My dearest angel,
who ask you to be so sorhai go tell ppl you got blog?

narrowband said...

It seems that many bloggers will go through this kind of feeling every once in a while... feel like closing down blog. I experienced that once, several friends experienced it too. In the end I really did it, but then I returned after a few months anonymously. And then I started my own domain and started to be more careful with the things I write. These days... I can't be bothered anymore. It's almost impossible to keep your blog 100% out of people's knowledge...

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

nvm about the 'woman' hunny bunny. not important.

hope u r better today. sleeping is good mah...i wish i can sleep more :)

yalor. i work from home quite often... i still pop by office every now and then... and yes,very nice .. love the flexibility!

there are ppl working with me for years and yet to know how i look like...interesting hor?

Oscar's Mommy said...

aiya... who so 8 wan? its ok angel, you take a break and decide if you want to start a new one or stick back to this one.. we will 'sapport' you ah...

the orange nice ah? does it taste strange? hmm, the 'palia' giant in cheras tarak la... must go to the one in kinrara liow...

have a nice week ahead.

inevitable said...

Ok lor, said like that.

angeles said...

My dearest sorhai,
If I not sorhai, then how to 'chan' u jek?? Blek!

Dear narrowband,
I won't delete the blog.. too sayang ma... all my creative juices for the past 2 years... heh..

Can still 100% keep blogs out of ppl's knowledge wan... just hv to die-die remain anonymous and not post own pics or pics of frens... :)

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Yeah, today I'm much better.. hope the food I took today will "hold"... hehe...

So nice to work from home, huh? Actually, that way, it'd be less stressful for you, no? Humans are the most stressful thing to deal with, kan? Anyway, that's how I feel lor...

Haha.. I know what you mean abt ppl working with us for years and yet to know how we look like... I hv counterparts from Singapore & HK, we've been working for years but still dunno how each other looks like... but my HK counterparts, I've met a few of them when I went to HK for a holiday 2 yrs back :) Really nice to put a face to a name ;-)

Dear Oscar's Mommy,
Thank you thank you... Yeah, now I take a break sin...

The orange ah? No ah, it tastes very orangey, just that it's not orange in colour.. and very sweet! Haha.. so you also went and "hunted" for this BO ah? Maybe got other ppl bought liao leh after they read LB's blog... Kekekeke...

Dear inevitable,
Eh? I dun understand what you mean woh... -_-'''


eastcoastlife said...

The good leg come.... *kick kick here... kick kick there.....*

I would like to kick you to Singapore. Come over and forn..... or I go over to forn? hehe....

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

working from home is nice.. can sleep in a little... avoid traffic jam but the setback...i'm still log on to work now - work anywhere anytime wor!

thanks for the link m'dear... will go in and confess ... once office work settle a little... sure wall got no ears??!!

miss seeing your vivacious personality all over the blogsphere :)

angeles said...

Dear eastcoastlife good leg,
Haha.. come, kick harder.. so that I can fly there faster!

Or u want me to kick you here so that you can come forn here ah? Kekek...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Work anytime, anywhere can also be bad, hor? But I suppose the plus points outweigh the negatives? Yeah?

Haha.. confess "there" ah? OK OK.. wall got no ears? Mmmm... I not sure woh... I hope not... unless got ppl "pasang" their ears, then I dunno liao... Better not if too secretive... I oso skeds!! :P

Purging the past two days must hv drained me a bit.. and work today was a bit of a madness.. more work awaits me in the months to come.. aihhh... one day I shall confess at our "usual place" lah... :)


Angel Eyes said...

actually, BO is also body odour!


mama of 2LittleFellas said...

hahahaha! if it's a secret ...then it should remain as a secret hor?

talking about confession or even simply 'sampatness'... hv to be extra careful of what we matter where...even at our "low der fong' ...walls really got ears... i kena edi! so embarrassing!cheeks also turn red!

it's good to purge once in a while...detox! feel lighter edi? :)

Trinity said...

Angeles... *wearing mask on my nose and mouth* *looking for misti* I am here to spray misti with disinfectant! She keeps coming to my blog to spray her petay perfume!! LOLOLOL

Hey girl, sorry for not visiting you and misti's I CAN'T LOAD BLOGSPOT AGAIN YESTERDAY!! *pull my hair* aargggh... and I can't spam LB saying this problem over and over again too! hahaha..

Trinity said...

How come there is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong comment at your page but not seen here?

Trinity said...

I guess someone misplaced his post and blog in your comment section LOL... you have returned the post to the owner now.. I see..LOLOL

angeles said...

Dear angel eyes,
Yes! We are allll aware of that *grins*

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Yayayyaya, sexcrets kenot tell wan... unless you tell me, then it'll remain a sexcrets.. since I've got sooooo many sexcrets kept inside my closet... eh, not only mine lar... so many other ppl's oso... :p

Ya, I know what you mean... actually hor, everywhere also got ears... and summore VERY HUGE ears... scary, huh? But sometimes, what we donch know won't hurt us? Heh...

Haha.. detox?? I think I need to do a proper one soon leh... u hv any secrets to the Easiest Detoxing evah?? Cos I'm a lazy bugger.. aihhhh...

Lighter ah? Mmmm... maybe by a few grammes lor... *grins*

Dear trinity,
Eh?? Mask??
*takes off Trinity's mask..*
*sprays Chanel No. 5 all over my blog...*
There... better now? ;-)

Hey, dun hv to apologise ler... it's okay wan... anyway, this blog will be inactive already... I'll see you at other blogs, ok? ;-)

Ahhh yes, I've "burnt" that looooong stupid comment... dunno who's the Devil.. sheesh...

Happy Blogging, Trinity!! :)


Anonymous said...

I do agree that you lose some freedom when expressing yourself in your blog if you know the who and who are reading it.

One hand up on you creating a new one : )

Come to think of it, we would subconsciously tone down our blog too, if ......

Whoooops! : p

Ms A & M

dreamie said...

why cant zip mouth wan ?????
cham la !! affecting my dear angel's blog lack in action liao...
yr fren ought to get shot la
didnt honour d promise...

if u create new blog, remember to whisper to me !

missing your updates liao !!!!! :D

Trinity said...

ah? this blog will be inactive? Where is your other blog?

angeles said...

Dear Ms. A & M,
Haha... thx for the 'support'! :p

Ahem... your blog ah? O.o
Donch worry.. I'll respect your privacy not to ask you to give me the link ;-)

Dear dreamie,
Haha.. ei, my blog very in action meh?? But thanks for your moongchacha's support.. veli kam tung leh... :)

Deal! I'll whisper to you... shhh... now I rest first... ;-)


angeles said...

Dear Trinity,
Oops.. just saw yr comment :p

My other blog ah? Still building... need more marbles for the floor... need more roof tiles... need to build koi pond too... ;-)

Trinity said...

hahaha.. okay...

Angeles, make sure you wake up at 8 am saturday k? you will have a big regret if you miss it! hahaha

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

ihunny bunny,
2day you ihappies huh?
good.good..always good to hear happy tunes.. wanna get contanminated with ihappy tunes too. *blow some kisses over ya*

hv been working too hard this week..sit on my butt whole day...didn't go to gym this week...didn't do a lot of things! GUILTY!!!! yikes!

i'm yet to buy that pair of the Levis grey skinny jeans that i intended to get...can't even remember since when...i want to get new undies too..*sigh* i should take leave...i need a vacation...

u know dear...i really don't feel like blogging anymore...kinda lost the mojo..

Mr.Goober said...

those oranges...look..very...scary to eat :P

and for blogs...well.. :) that's why i never bothered to blog anything much about me :D

if you ever start another blog, do tell me about it.

angeles said...

Dear trinity,
Wah.. pressure lah like that!! :P I try my best la.. altho' not very confident lorrr... :p

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
*whisper whisper*

*psssshhh pssshhhh psssshhh...*


Dear Mr. Goober,
The oranges are less scary than me.. hehe.. very sweet! ;)

I suppose u r Peanutly Smarter than I am... ;-)

Yes, I shall whisper to the Peanut :) Thx for reading and for all the comments!


mama of 2LittleFellas said...

i wanna bite...and lick!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We dun mind if our friends know that it is our blog. But, we won't give u the link : p Coz we want u to find our 'Hut' : D

Mind u, finding us will not be an easy task : p

Oh, if u do happen to find our 'Hut', kindly drop in a word or two ; )

A & M ; )

angeles said...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
I'm cute?
Or u meant sampat?

OKlah, I'll just take it that I'm Sampatly Cute! Hehe!

Dear A & M,
Wah, liddat is like looking for a needle in the haystack!

It's ok lar... if I happen to stumble upon it, I'll say hi.. but I won't go a hunting for it ;-)

Happy Blogging! :)