Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Pregnant Man

The Pregnant Man on Oprah, Thomas. (*Wow!*)

But, he used to be Tracey. (*Okayyyyyyyyyyyy...*)

Watch the 5 parts Interview which was aired in the States just a couple days ago. Guys, if given a Chance, are you willing to carry your child for 9 months inside you?

Happy Sunday!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


moz monster said...

chup sin ...

moz monster said...

honestly speaking ... i'm thinking this is a freak show !!!

angeles said...

Dear moz,
Eh? Freak show ah? Err... liddis, one man's meat is another man's poison?

So, I take it u r not willing to do the 9 mths eh? :P

Aiyah Nonya said...

What is the world coming too !!!
Freak ++++
It was in our yesterday's papers too.

Jemima said...

Would you want your man to carry your baby for you? :p

Happy Sunday!!! said...

initially when i read the news two days ago, i thought real guy. got me all excited being a medical scientist, but then i realise it's a woman.. cheyyy.. :P

may said...

oh yeah it made the news here too... strange as it may be, at least they're happy! :-)

coolingstar9 said...

This is timing problem but he can experience part of woman's life-born baby.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

ko lak biler nak menghamilkan diri sprt si tracey tuh? best gak, lu boleh main dengan anak ko dan lebih2 lagi, anak ko tuh boleh main dengan niece ko tuh. k la, abang nak pi makan kat al nafourah nanti...skrang nie, tengah melaparkan diri supaya boleh rembat banyak banyak. pai leaw kap. kui gun mai na!


Brad said...

You want me to preggie meh? NOt yet enuff ah so many kids liao??? :P

kyh said...

actually she's quite a babe in the pageant... but why did she choose this path? very freaky!

Andie Summerkiss said...

It's a freak show alright. It is preparing the world that nothing is impossible. When there's a will, there's a way. Regardless of what is the norm.

Ps. I do feel cheated when found out that he was a woman.

Chev said...

Ah Boy told me he dowan to get preggie :)

Trinity said...

oh well, i don't subscribe lucky I read your blog so I am updated.. hahaha..

that tracey pregger man, hm... why does she/he want to be famous because of this ya? hm...

btw, you dream that LB is a woman becoz you watched this before you sleep??!! hahaha.. I see a correlation between this post and your dream.. hahahaha

Trinity said...

oh ya, a tag for you ya.. about true love. do you do tag?

mistipurple said...

chup first. dunno for what cos no more 1st 2nd 3rd prace wor.

Trinity said...

oooooooooopssssssss... you are not angeline.... you are..? fake angel? kakakaka... sorry dear

from The Terror Lady

mistipurple said...

i simultaneously watching all the videos. haha.
ah boy donwan to become ah girl. wise decision, lol.

L B said...

Good grief! My Star RSS!! LOL... ok, ok, still not too late.. I have a good excuse for the RSS though: It just totally goes bonkers whenever I'm using Uncle Joe's services (this time I'm dling Cloverfield, and Alien vs Predator2).. So the RSS just dies, until I reboot again! YourStar!

*LeBunny takes a day trip to PurpleHouse*

Cocka Doodle said...

That baby gonna come out from his kukujiao ah? wah lao!! Damn 9 painful, man!

angeles said...

Dear aiyah nonya,
This world ah? Mmmm... becoming more... 'advanced'?

Dear Jemima,
Need I answer that? Of course I'd love to!! :P U dowan meh?

Happy Sunday!!

Dear ehon,
Yalor.. ada sikit potong stim hor? But would you be willing to carry the baby for 9 months, Master Ehon?

Dear maymay,

I couldn't agree more with you Lil'MissMay.. as long as they are happy, who are we to say anything, kan? ;-)

Dear coolingstar9,
Hello there...

Timing problem you say? How so? Is there a "right" time for this? O.o

Thx for coming over, u hv a good evening! :)

Dear bdk bkk,
Aku hamil? Boleh.. tapi kena tunggu.. kena cari gen yang terbaik di dunia... kalo tak, tak naklah mengandung..

Ko pulak bila nak menimang anak?? Cepatlah oi... dah tak banyak masa dah nie..

Mana itu al nafourah?

Dear Brad,
Why not? The more the merrier maa... :P

Dear kyh,
You see, there are some ppl who are born 'trapped' in another gender's body.. I believe that's what he/she felt... who are we to say abt the path he/she chooses? It's his/her life maa... right? :)

Dear Andie Summerkiss,
Yes, I'd agree with you that nothing is impossible... but to me, what's important is as long as that person is happy, nothing else matters, no? It's his/her life after all... he/she needs to be prepared to face the consequences, if any..

Dear Chev,
Ah Boy is a wise boy... :P

Dear Trinity,
I also seldom read papers haha.. I read more blogs :P and I'm glad to keep u updated!

I think they wanna tell the world first before everyone (their neighbours) start to gossip abt them? Also, with all these publicity, maybe can also get some $$$? :)

Haiyoh... your eyes oledi blur-blur.. u saw angeline as angeles ahh?? *gives u another pair of specs* hhaha :P

Abt the tag, I'll try, okeh? Thanks! :)

Dear misti,
Nvm, uChup, iAccept!

Dear Trinity the Terror,
I fake angel? Psssttt... dun tell so loud laaa! :P

Dear misti,
Wah.. u keng... then how u catch what each of the video is showing? Waaa.. u got 5 pairs of eyes & ears?? Veli keng indeed! :P

Ah Boy is wise becos he has a Wise Mom... ;)

Dear L B,
Kakakaka... I knew your RSS kaputed haha.. OK OK, I guessed so it kaputed :P

Wooo... Unker Joe has been tampering with your RSS... Star Him then! :P

Eek?? Cloverfield?? Wah.. I dun dare watch this movie... for fear of puking leh... AVP2, ching oledi ah? OK OK, I go try tonite!

*PurpleHouse is kinda burning right now.. be careful.. dun get burnt...*


Dear Cocka,
How u know it's painful??? U try before meh??

Actually, I think he dun hv KKC ler.. he oni got maybe a small bola.. or two...


mistipurple said...

hahaha purplehouse burning! ya, sizzle zizzle, who want chop steak? moo steak? ouch. hehe

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

i seconded May, yeah, as long as they are happy.... all else doesn't matter.

sounds like purplehouse is having a bbq... popping over for a grilled German sausage *wink*

adrian said...

i dun think he can be called world's first pregnant man. Since he still has female reproductive organs.

Mr. Lee MingWei, who was born a man, is the world's first pregnant man. He will give birth by C-section. Check out

I wouldn't mind getting pregnant. As long as the child belonged to Donald Trump! :P

angeles said...

Dear misti,
Yes! iWant! iWant! Medium rare, pwease... ha? Overcooked ah?? Aisay.. ok lah, iSapu oso.. :P

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Sorry Lisa Lovah.. missed the iConference earlier jz now..

Yes! As long as they are happies, we also should try to accept it and be happies, aye? ;)

Haha.. so, how did the sausages taste? Burnt? :P

Dear adrian,
Yeah, he's not the first pregnant man.. the first pregnant man was Arnold Schwarzenegger... :P

Oh yeah, I read abt that Chinese guy a few days ago.. but wasn't so interested becos lazy to read :P this one on Oprah wan, jz watch ma.. :P

I knew u are the only one who won't mind gettin' preggie cos u veli lum babies, kan?

Donald Trump's child? Eh, dun dream can anot? What abt if it's Ananda Krishnan's child? Tak mau ka?? Or, Vincent Tan leh? :P


_butt said...

still couldn't accept why 'she' wants to be a 'he' in the first place... see what happens now? :P

Huei said...



but wouldn't it be nice if men can really give birth? ;P

eastcoastlife said...

I enjoy carrying my Jaymes for 9 months in my tummy.... You can feel this tiny being growing and moving in you. During the later term, once in a while, you can feel him stretching and the tiny kicks. haha.... I will do it again if I could..... so I believe the guys would love the experience. My hubby would gladly do it.

My angel.... tick tock tick tock tick tock.... don't wait too long for your hero to fall! Change into a heroine, go chase after your own hero!

zeroimpact said...


kyh said...

'He' din hv kukujiao lah... cos 'he' still retains her vagina and all... ;) Otherwise, how is he going to gv birth leh? The kukujiao wud burst liddat! KKK...

adrian said...

Ananda Krishnan or Vincent Tan!!?? OMG dun wan lar! U misunderstood my intention to have Donald Trump's kid lar. It's not bcoz of $$$, it's bcoz Donald is soooo leng chai lar! Kakakakakakakak.. :P

angeles said...

Dear butty,
Well... like I mentioned somewhere up here, maybe 'she' felt most comfortable being a 'he'? ;)

Dear ah huei,
Scary ah? Not really so scary la.. he won't bite wan... :)

Yeah! We women would be very happy if men could give birth ;)

Dear eastcoastlife,
Thanks for sharing your experiences.. ;)

Me ah? Have baby? Err... oh yeah, I must turn into a heroine first, hor? OK OK, I shall aim to be a SuperHeroine!!

U think I be Catwoman, can ah? :P

Dear zeroimpact,
Double wow! ;)

Dear kyh,
Yalar, he dun hv kkj.. but he did mention he got 'sumting' down there as a result of the hormone intake...

KKJ burst?? Wah.. u veli imaginative woh!!

Dear adrian,
Ya ya, not becos of $$$$.. :P

U say Donald Trump lengjai ah? I think u need to go see an optician lar... :P


mama of 2LittleFellas said...

dear hunny bunny, thanks for dropping love notes at my blog. feel so loved! wanna touch summore :)

yeah-la, this sore throat really sux-la.
thanks for the tips ya...a bit tied down today... didn't have a chance to sneak out... i will get it tomolo instead!

xoxoxox lup u back!

angeles said...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
I love leaving love notes in yr blog.. becos u r my love ma... ok, u are ONE of my love haha :P

Wanna touch? Touch who? Where? Me?? Or Misti?? Kekekek...

I dunno how u got thru the day with that sorethroat... aiyohhh.. naughty girl u.. make sure u get it later today, yeah.. must fight those bacteria! Actually, this week, u r the 2nd person I told to get Difflam :)

Get well soon and let's go hop hop hop! Hop under the bed.. kekeke...


Hazel said...

hi, a simple tag for u..have a nice day

bongkersz said...

he cannot be a man woh. how to give birth? c-section? through kukujiao? that's so painful. no i don't want to carry a baby in my stomach if i am a man, same with a woman wouldn't want to pee standing.

angeles said...

Tuanku oh tuanku... u donwan to carry a baby ah? Aisay, then I tarak chan oledi... haha :p

Eh eh.. I don't mind pee standing woh... u mean the women you know all mind pee standing? Why leh? Very convenient maa.. just stand and pee.. I do that all the time... when in shower haha :p

suituapui said...

I've been pregnant for over nine years now!!! Way overdue!!! Wakakakakaka!!!!!!

angeles said...

Suituapui.. then hor, means previously you veli muscular and macho wan izit? Wah.. lucky I nvr met you then.. haha..