Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - A Pic = 1,000 Words? Come, tell me those words!


Jemima said...


Aiyah Nonya said...

Wah I am first !

Ehm.... what is going on in Angel's mine ????

Jemima said...


Jemima said...

You're flying off to Florence to see "David"??? :p

Anonymous said...

those words......ya allah..semangat aku membara!


Ehon said...

oi!! this blog not 18SX one. *quick quick click away*

I 16 only wei. cannot see such thing.

rinnah said...

Wasn't going to comment at first until I read ehon's comment. LOL at the only 16 part...

Hey, if ehon's only 16, then I'm only 17... so no comment! Kekekeke.

moz monster said...

I know !!! I know !!! It means Fong Fei Kei !!!???

Chev said...

is it "playing with aeroplane" ?

and this reminds me of Bernie's story... :P

Firehorse said...

Nice lean lines.

mistipurple said...

wheeee fly peepee
so airyyyy.

Andie Summerkiss said...


*totally wordless*

zewt said...

errr... what do u want us to look ah?

adrian said...

Chup no. 14! Woo hoo!

That picture reminds me of...

I believe I can fly,
I believe I can touch the sky,
I think about it every night and day,
Spread my wings and fly away,
I believe I can soar,
I see me running through that open door,
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly

Ah so nice.

nyonyapenang said...

ooohhh...Scandinavian man going to 'forng fei kei' ar?

Kenny Ng said...

I saw KKC!!! Wakakaka

dreamie said...

Tadaa!!! ... it's revelation time
where's the other half ar ? .. kkkkk

Monk[+]Icon said...

*gao fei kei!* gero gero~

angeles said...

Jemima, one up for u! ;-)

Aiyah Nonya! U missed by a few seconds!

What's going on in my mind ah? Hahah... wouldn't everyone wanna know! *wink*

Prolly, Jemima! Must go touch touch n see haha :P

Florence? How I wish!!! ;P

Eh, bdk bkk, apasal semangat ko membara plak? Apa ko nak buat?

*piaks sampat ehon*

If u 16, then I'm 18! :P

Cannot see such thing ah? Eh, I want ask u, how u mandi wan ah?? U cover yr own eyes oso ah? :P

Yo, rinnah! Howsit going?

Yalah, if he's 16 and u are 17, then I'm 18 lorr :P *young young* ;-)

Aahahahaha!! FFK!! Moz!! How many times u FFK me?? :P

Actuarry, I din see the fei kei at first wan... :P

Chev, who playing with aeroplane? O.o

And who is Bernie? How cum I dun understand wan? O.o

Yeah!! Lean lines! Unlike ours, hor Kopi Soh.. *sad*

*looks strangely @ misti*

Eh? Fly peepee? That one, oni LB knows the trick leh... kkkk...

*serves a cup of coffee for Andie Summerkiss*

That IS the purpose of Wordless Wednesday entries haha...

Ahem zewt... Isn't IT obvious??? Haha..

*so lum after hearing adrian karaoke*

Eh, what u think "every night and day" ah?

Mmmm... when you fly, would you fly me too?

Lum anot?? Hahaahaha...

nyonyapenang ah... u veli terer neh... can really read the picture!! haha..

Kenny Ng!!! U da' man!! I wait so long oso nobody mention that one.. until you did!! Kakaka... yr eyesight veli gud.. haha...

*conpused with dreamie's comment*

What other half are u looking for ah?

Ohhhh!!! U looking for the boobies ah?? :P

*gero gero back @ Monk[+]Icon*

Gao fei kei?? Selamatkan kapal terbang?? *tarak paham...*


L B said...

You are sixteen, going on seventeen..
Baby, you're much too young..
Airplanes and tapas..
Statues and willies..
Baby, that's way too brown..

I am fifteen, going on fourteen..
I think I will close my eyes too..

Trinity said...

whoa!! you really don't let me chup here ya?

will be back to comment.. so shock to see it that I need to go to the toilet.. kakakkaa

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

HAHAHAHA!!! laff die me!

i'm thinking about....
how cute you are
and a bunch of funny readers....

mudpie said...

*nellie looking at mommy* .. *baby talk* oh no mommy!!!!

Oscar's Mommy said...

like that cannot la, everybody wants to claim that they are still teenager... then i oni 12 wor... so i cannot comment, even i have something to comment *zips*

Huei said...


good thing he wasn't hiting the plane! =P

_butt said...

*close eye*

underage lah. :P

Trinity said...

ooowww who is that stealing my kid's airplane?!!

He can't be zai zai.. can he? huahahaha

sheon said...

where is our jakim officers when we needed them??!!

hahaa...jakim officers get agitated for a lot less than this! hahaha... they wont even compromise on the elephant statue in front of sunway lagoon resort being anatomically correct lor... hahahaha

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! That is hard!

bongkersz said...

a bronze kukujiao!!

everyone can fly naked now!! - new air asia advertisement tagline.

angeles said...

Wow... another serenade...

Yoohoo LB..
I am seventeen, going on eighteen..
So said Ehon the teen..
Airplanes can fly..
Tapas I no like..
Willies wise, brown is still alrite...
(??? OMG!!! That's not me!)

*shocked to see Trinity's toilet comment*

Hahahaha... so... what did u do in the toilet? O.o

Eh, not I don't let u chup... your parabola dish only facing Italy, how to chup here?? Kakakaka...

*tickles mama of 2LittleFellas*

Me cute? Hahaha... a bit bit oni lar... haha..

Yeah! I love all these funny people... gives us all a reason to smile eand laugh die, kan? ;-)

ps: Hey, I forgot to tell you sumting.. I jz found out last nite that you are a Gemini too!!! Woohoo!! MY TWIN!! ;-)

*looks at nellie's mommy*

Takper takper... early pendedahan.. good for her... hehe...

*unzips Oscar's Mommy's 12 yo mouth*

There you go... can talk liao.. no censorship here wan! Heh heh...

*piak huei's naughty bum-bum*

Hit the aeroplane, then aeroplane mai 'crash' lor? :p

*gives back Trinity's boy's airplane*

Soli, soli... :p

Hahaha.. zai zai?? Kakakkaka... is he your favourite F4 boy?? ;-)

*looks @ sheon*
Eh? Jakim?? Errr... this statue is not in M'sia wohh... :p

Elephant statue... I'll hv to go check out what's anatomically correct abt it...

Hahahaha!! Eastcoastlife!!! Don't simply touch!!! Kakakaka...

Bongkersz... u wanna fly naked? Have to play sextra RM10 for "admin charges"... Save the money la.. "fly" naked somewhere else... summore got khidmat mengurut wan... ;-)

Wah!! I so free today ahh?? Can reply comments geh???



Vhiel Romion-Vance said...

interesting picture

Can of Thoughts
Anything and Everything in Between

Cocka Doodle said...

Ok...Unker Cocka shall christen this works of art...."Shoot the aeroplane"

kat said...

Words ah? Got...

Adrian's son
Adrian's grandmother
Everything Adrian.. except his hair. On his head. The other head, the one on top of his neck.


Trinity said...

I was finishing a little 'business' in the toilet! What else? hehehe... need to throw out that garbage away from my body... hehehe

zai zai is my number 2.. number 1 is jerry yan, and number 3 is vanness.. kekekekeke... you can't have them ya.. I've booked them.

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

angel hunny, check out the PISCES vs the GEMINI at the purplehouse :)

angeles said...

Hi there Vhiel Romion-Vance! Thx for hopping over :)

My dear Unker Cocka, u is the Cleverest :p

Eh??? Goodness.. what did Adrian do to you, KittyKat? O.o

Now.. which part of the picture reminds u of his grandma? No, I dowan to talk abt his head here kakaka... *piak piak*

Ho ho ho... Trinity did her big business ahh?? Hehe...

Ohh.. Jerry is your favourite ya.. Haha.. dun worry.. U may have them all! I good girl.. I no take them away from you haha... I want Brad Pitt... :p

Lisa Lovah! That is the bestest comparison evah! PurpleHouse very good fengshui.. kekeke...


may said...




suituapui said...

Is that what they mean by "hard as a rock" or in this case, whatever metal it may be?

I would give the sculpture the title: "What goes up must come down!!!" LOL!!!!

Mr. Goober said...

priceless :P

now...can you give him an underwear??

mistipurple said...

iFaint! wah, iMissed last night's carpark romp and the purplehouse iMeet. me snoozing boringly away!

angeles said...

maymaymay!!! missed u lots! i also like long.. and big.. oops.. wrong object haha...

Hahahahaaa!! Suituapui! Really la, they say old 'ginger' really more pedassss!! I love the name! Beat Unker Cocka's liao.. I meant the name!! Hhahaha...

Mr. Goober, u reckon he needs one? With all the ladies here having fun looking at it... Hehehe...

Aiyohhh... iMisti, u really missed the iFun neh.. nvm la, nxt time I shake yr bed HARDER! :p