Wednesday, April 16, 2008

True Love Tagged by Trinity

Love is the greatest feeling
Love is like a play
Love is what I feel for you
Each and everyday
Love is like a smile
Love is like a song
Love is a great emotion
That keeps us going strong
I love you with my heart
My body and soul
I love the way I keep loving
Like a love I can't control
So remember when your eyes meet mine
I love you with all my heart
And I have poured my entire soul into you
Right from the very start

Wahlaoeh!! Lum anot that poem??? I type that time also cannot tahan... anyway, Trinity the Terror Lady tagged me about some True Love stuff. Have to answer these 10 lovey-dovey questions.. please, do bear with me... even if you didn't read the (sampat) answers, it's okay.. just listen to the songs! Especially the last one... ;-) Thank you, Leon!

01. What does true love mean to you?
Like how my mom & dad love me... unconditionally.

02. How do you know you're really in love?
Mandi tak basah... makan tak kenyang.. tidur tak lena... buat apa-apa pun terbayang-bayang akan wajahnya.

03. How many times in your life have you fallen in love?
Tak ingat. Blame it on (selective) goldfish memory...

04. Have you ever fallen out of true love because you were mad at the moment?
What is true? What is love? Mad, One has been thru' many, many times...

05. Do you feel love and physical attraction are the same thing?
Not necessary the same. But One will be lucky if One feels both love & physical attraction towards the same person.

06. If your true love became ill or disfigured would you continue to love them the same way?
Affirmative. Till death do us part.

07. Should anyone else be able to tell you who to love or not love?
No one.

08. Do you believe people that ended up divorced were ever truly in love?
What can One say.. people change, feelings change.

09. Would you give up something you want for someone you love?
Maybe, baby...

10. If you truly love someone do you feel it should be unconditional?
One used to think that way before when One was young and naive. Now? Now One asks, What Is Love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more...

OK, kaotim! Next, I shall tag the Fantastic Four:

A - Adrian
B - Bongkersz
C - Cibol
D - D-Suituapui


Cocka Doodle said...


Cocka Doodle said...

'Love' is a word that is hard to explain..
It tickles the body and relaxes the brain...
5 minutes of pleasure, 9 months of pain...
Discharged from hospital, do it again!

So you larp me anot jek?

Aodian said...

wohooo love love love love.. My love has come true.. hehe.. Cheers.. long time no drop by liaw..

angeles said...

Cocka, lei hou keng leh... chup tou gam dai seang...

Your "love" sounds more like lust..
But with only 5 minutes of pleasure
I'm glad I'm not the one you thrust!


I larp u anot ah? U say leh?? *blink blink*

Hey there Aodian!! Your love came true? Woohoo!! Way to go! I'm very happy for you! Take good care of your Love, okay? ;)


Andie Summerkiss said...

Love is really nasty. Love and insanity are divided by very very thin line most of the time.

That's all I got to say. Great tag, by the way. No idea you are such a romantic person.

adrian said...

Why so many love songs wan... tooth also pain oledi lor... :P

Rick Astley Together Forever!!! Oh NO! I used to look at him dance and go to tea dances doing the same! Geli kaw-kaw lar!

Why u go and remind me of my past! :P

angeles said...

Hey there Andie Summerkiss! Wow, you sleep so late too? :)

I agree, Love is nasty... but only if we let it be... ;)

Thank you very much for all the nice things you say about my entries.. I'm beginning to feel very shy haha.. thank you again!

Me a romantic? Oh dear.. how did you know? I thought my answers were kind of... 'insane'? You do read very well between the lines... thank you again, Andie :)

Adrian, apasal u tooth pain? Too sweet ah? U mean I too sweet, izit? ^^

Eh?? Tea dances?? Eh, u know what, I never knew that tea dances existed.. until the last time someone mentioned it... I think oni in KL got.. in Penang, tarak.. or maybe I was just too suaku??

Geli with Rick Astley's leg movement ah?? Hahah.. eh, that was "in" way of dancing at that time, no? Haha...

Remind u of yr past? Good ma.. take a walk down memory lane... ;)


L B said...

Waa, there is no such thing!!!!!

LOLOLOL, P.S. Guess what?!!! It's pretty amazing! Really it is! You won't believe this, but it really really is true...

I just finished watching...

P.S. I Love You

OMG, so laaaam!!! The Irish! Love!!!

jjmm said...

Q1: wutabout your lurve for jj?? oso unconditional ma!

Q10: aiks, sounds so familiar we just bincang recently :p acerli even whn i was young & naive, however huge the crush/infatuation was, i knw i cud never lurve a man unconditionally...because...because...siao meh! a woman where can be so stupid 1?! that's y having goodwill in a relationship is important lo...cuz when the "feeling" sizzles out and the honeymoon is over, just like it will in ALL relationships, wat else can u hang on to?

Nonetheless, true, intense, all-consuming, all-encompassing, unconditional love @ first sight does exist la... but not in a man lo. ahaks! :p

suituapui said...

Aiyor...that adrian Rick Ashley's time kah??? So young...!!! STP long before that when dinosaurs roamed the earth!...I added that last bit b4 cocka comes in to cucuk-cucuk!!! Did memang suka cucuk-cucuk one!!!

Angle, I clicked ur "Blogger cannot be found" leh? So good excuse not to do the tag, hor??? This love-love think, so long ago, how to remember??? Hahahahaha!!!!!

Trinity said...

eh? Long already (again) ya? your blog also misbehave yesterday.. said...

keep bleeding, keeep keeep bleeding in love.

why in malay? maybe eh? :D *ahem*

selective memory or too many to rmbr?? :P kekekekeke!

Trinity said...

I mean.. the comments queue is long.. not the post.. hehehe..

Do you always post at midnight? *doh* I can't catch the chup here then.. hopeless.. *walk away from chup hall of fame*

hehhehe.. thanks for doing this tag, but there is one question I cannot tahan.. do I look like a terrorist so you call me the terror lady? *show my vampire canine*

whoosss *fade away*

Huei said...

very lun sei yan poemm!! then westlife comes after that..SUPER LUM!!

awwwwww!! lovee~~~ =D

Trinity said...

strange.. I only can see one video...that rick ashley (used to be my sister's favorite song..)

are there any other video to see in this post?

I've read your answers... hehehe

Winn said...

?+? = love?

bongkersz said...

alamak! kena tagged! pasal ini love love lagi.. me not good in this eh :P hahaha! i try lah do the tag..

ehem, you ada mandi tak basah, makan tak kenyang, tidur tak lena, pang sai tak keluar lately? :P

_butt said...

aiya, kenot see video here. nvm, go back and watch. :P

love is in the air...

rinnah said...

I wanna be in looooooveeee! How? How?

Trinity said...

Mandi tak basah... makan tak kenyang.. tidur tak lena... buat apa-apa pun terbayang-bayang akan wajahnya.

So, you didn't take a bath often enough... not eat properly.. not sleep well too... are you skinny smelly and restless young lady? huahaha..

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

how come dunno wat to say wan???
will pop in again....later!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

matter of the heart..
a match in a dry forest...
don play play...

day-dreamer said...

*sings* I love you, you love me, we are happy family...


Anonymous said...

hehe, semua pasal cinta jer. kenapa tak post nih masa valentine's day? ok la, semoga berjaya. btw, ko cinta i tak? lol.


angeles said...

LBeee, no such thing? U mean love? Yayaya.. no such thing.. only got Lust, hai mai?? Heh heh...

Woohoo!!! We've got strong signal last nite... Let's Talk About Love!

Aye!!! The Irish is soooo... so Irish, kan?? And becos of that movie, I bought the book! Did I tell you? I think I did.. and it's 'sleeping' under my bed now... O.o

Die.. Trinity sure piak me cos I no do reading... aihhhhh...

And please, go find Unker Ho/Joe for 27 Dresses ;-)

Aiyoh jjmm, that one no nid to cakap liao ma.. ;-)

We got bincang Q10 recently ah? How cum I dun remember liao? Really goldfish memory i tell u... :(

Maybe you are the sensible type.. unlike some of us dungu romantics.. oops, please dun piak me all you romantics.. but if we think with our head, it's the truth maa, rite?

Eh? Not in a man? I think got oso woh... no meh? O.o I'm lost.. nvm la... let's just live happily ever after.. yeah!!!

Yalah, Adrian is young ciku.. not as matured as u, Suituapui... how cum u always expecting Cocka to cucuk-cucuk wan? Dun tell me you also............. kakaka...

Eh?? I gave a broken link ah?? Sei lor... sorry!! Donwan do tag ah? S'ok wan.. I just tag for fun.. wanna see how true you love! Kekekeke...

Eh, Trinity?? What is LONG? O.o o.O Wah.. make me think senget leh...

Last nite my blog misbehave ah? So naughty... like the blogger oso.. kekekek...

**********!! You know what, Leona Lewis is my current favourite singer!! I found the song, Better In Time (in the entry) last night and I love it!! Her 3rd single just released last month ;)

Eh? Kenot in Malay meh? I Malaysian ma.. eh, u too, ok :p

Too many to remember, that's why I select lor.. :P

Kakakkaka.. Sampat Trinity! You are getting better and better in sampativity la... :p

Yeah, most of the time I can only write at nite, that's why I post quite late.. but I'm gonna try the draft blogger thing.. would try to time it in the morning when I'm still zzzzzzz hehe..

Hahaha.. I must explain the "terror" term.. In M'sia, when we say someone is "terror", it means that person is "hebat" and it's a compliment rather than saying that the person is like a terrorist... haha.. sorry for the misunderstanding.. u KNOW you dun look like a terrorist ma...

*wink wink, peluk-peluk, sayang-sayang*

*but admires your vampire gigi..*
Hebat... kekeke...

Ah Huei, u lum ah? I also lum leh.. kekeke... yeah! I didn't know that Westlife did a cover of Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You! Nice, hor? *lummmm*

Trinity, yeah, there are a few other youtube videos in my post woh... Indonesia ban youtube dah?? The few songs are... Westlife's Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You, Matchbox 20's Push, Leona Lewis' Better In Time, Four Top's Sun Ain't Gonna Shine.

Oh yeah, thanks for tagging me oh! But dun always tag me.. becos I'm a baad Tagee :p

Winnie the Pooh... :p

WY + SK = Love
WY + Liucas = Love

Choose one... :P

Bongkersz, you not good in this ah? Nehmind lah, as long as you are good in "ahem", then ok liao... hehehe..

Hahahahaha, pangsai tak keluar!! EHHH?? How you know wan???? Sembelit ma... :P Yang lain-lain tu... toksah cakap la, ye... :p

Heya buttyy! Hope u can get to see the vids at home.. I couldn't see yours the other day :(

Love should always be in the air, aye? ;-)

rinnah babe, love will find its way into your heart... how abt that? ;-)

Trinity!!! Hahahhaha... kenot tahan you la.. :P

Skinny? I wish!
Smelly? Got perfume maa...
Restless? That is my second nature haha..

*sprays perfume @ Trinity*

Oh dear, mama of 2LittleFellas... dunno what to say? Why? Guilty AGAIN??? Haha...

You know, sometimes it's not ALL about love.. it's about the other L-word.. *nod nod*

Uh huh.. THAT L-WORD...

Happy HumpDay, Lovah! ;-)

*listens to day-dreamer's rendition of Barney's theme song...*

Yes yes! Love is Great! ;-)

bdk bkk, I baru kena tag maa... Valentine's Day tak kena tag.

Cinta u??? Tak naklah... you selalu perli saya.. boring tau!


eastcoastlife said...

Love? hmmmm.... That's for the young lah... older woman like me love sex, money and power! hahaha....

eastcoastlife said...

Where got secret to obtain these!? Must be willing to bare, suck and say things without blinking eyes!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

love and guilt always come hand in hand.

love too much -guilty!
love too little - guilty!
love him - guilty!
love her - guilty!
don't love - lagi guilty!

the L-WORD huh? only reserve for u... don't temp me...

i will hump back baby...

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

ECL must watch 'lipstick jungle'

the power lady ..the sensitive lover, power, sex!!!! lotsa it!

...but not enuf nudity scenes tho'.

Anonymous said...

yer allahhhhh, perli ko? biler? bagi daku dua contoh macam mana i perli ko...dua jer.

alahhhhhhh, nih rejection first degree nih. alahhh, biaq betui nih? betui tak cinta i satu titik pon? kalo yer...aku tau la nak buat


mistipurple said...

wah, nowzadayz i mindcomment here oso wor. jialat. thot i commented earlier.

angeles said...

Sex, money & power?? Whoaa.. the Secret of Success, hot mama Eastcoastlife! Aye! Aye!

Haha.. bare and suck... wow.. such vivid images I have of you ......... muahahahaha... U r a Superwoman.. I wish all women can be as 'super' as you... ;)

Aiyak! mama of 2LittleFellas, how cum sumua oso guilty?? Sei lor... now Bananarama's song is stuck in my head liao... :p

So you see.. what's the best to do with Love? Love One, Love All!! Like me... muahahahahaha...

L-WORD reserve for me ah? Wah wah... I'm L-ed... ;-)

I'm not tempting u ah... *innocent eyes... blink blink...*

Hope you are less sleepy by the time you read this reply! XXOO.

bdk bkk, takper la, i pun dah biasa.. toksah pikir lagi.. don't worry, be happy... from now on, i'm focusing on happy thoughts and positive actions... no sweating over small stuff.. wokey? life is short... not worth upset abt some 'dungus', kan? *wink*

mistimisti, heh heh.. mindcomment & mindblogging are the best things we can do for ourselves, eh? ;-)

*tries to read misti's mind*


kat said...

Dui Ni Ai Ai Ai Bu Wan
Wo Ke Yi Tian Tian Yue Yue Nian Nian Dao Yong Yuan


Eh, being 38 and being 8 is different right?? One is siao and the other is kaypo?

jjmm said...

sensible ah? no la. but i think i'm calculative. i keep track of all the deposits and deficits in the "love account". u know la my matematik very good 1, ahahak! if jjpp got deficit, u think i duduk diam-diam ka? sometimes lelaki nie tak drama skit depa tak tau 1 :p

Chev said...

true love = how Ah Boy loves his mommy & his daddy :P

L B said...

I bring you Belachan.

Kenny Ng said...

lup fest ah? So lum lor... I love rock n roll... yeah!

Cocka Doodle said...

Aiyah..dat 5 mins is not inclusive of foreplay. It's the orgasm only!

mistipurple said...

pak cham kai orgasm 5 minutes? wah lan. sure swollen liddat. :P

Trinity said...

Angel..angelzzz are you sleeping? hehehe.. be restless... hahaha.. I am coming to your dreamland now..

Thank you for c&p your explanation.. your reply here to mine.. I still can't view that youtube..but I do love nothing gonna change my love for you! But I don't know that Westlove..I mean WEstlife, sing that song too!

Anonymous said...

warao cocka mia orgasm or the orgasm his partner experience can be as long as 5 minutes meh???? so super geng!!! kakakakakakka!

love...hmmmm *eyes looking upwards all dreamy leow...thinking of Chen Kun now...* blek!

angeles said...

kittykat... thx for Aaron Kwok's song ^^

U know, I suddenly blur when u asked the 38 and 8 ques.. I had to look and see if u were the 38th commenter :p

Yes, at least for me, 3-8 means sot-sot-dei... 8 means 'pat', sibuk, bzbody.. Someone got the 3-8 meaning wrong, eh? ;-)

calculative, jjmm? but but u not akauntan woh... :p nehmind.. as long as u r happy, we are happy!

Chevchev... so, Ah Boy got buy you DSLR ah? :p

Thx for the Belachan, L B... u grill the chickies? I'll just eat 'em...

KennyKenny... yes, I remember you are the Greatest Rock n Roll lovah! Lum ah? Haha.. can go lum the Arab gurls oso lor... ;-)

Orgasm for 5 minutes, cocka? OK, I believe your cock-talks... :p

How you know it's gonna be swollen, misti? Ahem... u tried b4 ah? Wah.. lucky u neh...

Terrorist Trinity! Heh heh.. thanks for entering my dream.. but this morning I oredi woke up lar... :p

Haha.. Westlove sounds so romantic... yeah! I also just found out they did a cover of that song.. cool eh? :)

Amah... itu hor, tomolo u ask the man himself lor... u want to try oso, izit?? Hehehe...

Chen Kun ah? OK OK, I won't rebut with you lor... happy dreaming!! Lup is Great! Heh heh!


may said...

Ilupyew, angeliu. xxoo

inevitable said...


Chev said...

love love love..

angeles said...

maymay, ailupyu too... ^^

Inevitable, sigh? Don't... 10 yrs from now, I'll speak to you again on this and you'll see how unsigh-ing this love thing is ;)

chevchev, wo ai niii hehehe..