Monday, August 21, 2006


My crowned front tooth, 'dropped' this afternoon. Yes, this will happen every few months and I'd have to visit the dentist for him to 'glue' it back. I know it's not easy for you to imagine it, maybe I'll take a picture later but for now, I have to get this out of my system. The tooth started 'shaking' a coupla days ago, so I kinda expected it to 'drop' in the next few days.

So, at 5pm just now, I made my way to see the dentist.

15 minutes before that, I received an e-mail from Jim, Eve's to be-spouse. He became the bearer of a very bad news. Eve's mom passed away this morning in her sleep. She had lupus (since quite a few years back) and was having complications due to some kidney problem. Eve is one of my closest friend since primary school. She migrated to the States 8 years ago and I have not seen her since then but we communicate through e-mails.

The thing is, I was very shocked when I read the e-mail, the kind of shock which I couldn't describe in words, and worse is, I couldn't pinpoint how I feel. Have you ever felt a kind of pain which is... well,... not painful? DYK what I mean?

So, off I went to my dentist's clinic without calling up first, only to find a closed door in front of me when I reached there.


So, I sat in the car, kinda became dumb for a while, didn't know what to do. To go home or to go back to work since it was only 5:30pm. After calling up B, I decided to come to work since tomorrow morning, I gotta take some time off to go to the dentist's again.
So here I am, feeling guilty because I can't afford to take time off to go back to attend the funeral and to see/comfort my friend.
My apologies, there won't be any comments for this entry. Thanks for reading and for the hugs...