Friday, August 25, 2006

My Liuliu Merdeka Poem

Nyonya penang and inevitable tagged me a coupla days ago
Asking me to write some liuliu puisi, aiyoh!!!
Something about Malaysia's 49th merdeka (independence)
So I said to them, "This time, sure I die liao lar."

31st August is just another day to me
I already have a date with BL and her baby, Sammi
Who's really a liuliu cutie
And whom I've not seen for more than 2 years already.

Come to think of it, 31st is a happening day
Cos' I'm expecting mummy to come stay
At my place for quite a number of days
Reason becos, I'll be leaving for a holiday!

Also on this liuliu day
Is a special day for him who's now away,
Well okay, it's
Mozilla's burpday
So now I wish him, Hepi Early Bird-day.

Shucks, I'm supposed to write about Independence Day
How cum I ended up writing what I gonna do that day
I think think think and think
But I can only hear myself sing.

I'll just say this lah, okay
Happy 49th Independence Day
I love my country, oh Malaysia
Becos here, I live my life without fear.

So now, I have to tag 3 people with this meme
Forever First would be the
Doctor who's very free
Sexy Second would be the Italian Connection,
Tension Third would be
Winnliuliu, Liucas' mummy!
And I want to add one more actually
Furious Fourth would be Miss

DYK that I suck in poetry???


Chen said...

just come back from dinner
kena tag liuliu liao

Chen said...

i better wake up before plinkie show me skunkie

wah... write merdeka poem ah?
liuliu loh..
how to liu leh
i dunno how to write poem leh
really liuliu..

*scratch head*
*pull hair*
*bite finger*
*piak angel*

_butt said...


kakaka.. doc chen kena tagged.. *hehe*

merdeka fever eh? :P

Chen said...

jangan ketawa manyak,
nanti gua tag lu balu u tauk :P

_butt said...

alamak.. jangan!!!

Ang Gu Gu said...

Write sweet poems for you, Remember ! Must treat me eat for this...hahaha~

My best liu liu is angel,
She is in my every angle,
She thinks im adorable and danger,
Whoever know me sure says im getting cuter.

Whenever im sad she talks to me like a mother,
Taking care of me like no other,
Veli loso but i like it either,
She be my liu liu forever.

carcar said...

*clap clap clap*

good job! i like i like!

write more maybe?

L B said...

Love the Sticka,
Meet your Maker,
Pies from the Baker...

nyonyapenang said...

thank you angel.
my sayangs to you!!

Winn said...

hahaha..... i m done!

angel said...

Dear doktor,...
Hahaha! Apalah! Dapat Pratinum Chup pun pengsan!

Ya, lucky u cepat-cepat bangun... if not sure skunkie cum rescue u! *LOL*

I oso dunno how to write wan lar... just taruh oni... after a while, can get syiok wan... go komen oso wanna ber-poem... kakakakaka!

Dun piak me!!!
*looks for a wok to block the piaks*

Dear butty,...
Grolden Chup!
Laff at ppl lah you... watch it...

Nolah, i no merdeka fever... i weekend fever now... :D

Dear doktor,...
Ya ya, cepat teg sama itu butty
Asyik gelak-gelak sana sini

Dear butty,...
Ini kali u pasti kena
Diteg doktor sebab ketawakan dia!

Dear ang gu gu,...
Srilver Chup for liuuuu!!!
OMG! Ang gugu! Liu so liuuuu! *LOL*

Your sweet poem a bit liuliu
But becos it's by ang gugu
No matter how liuliu
Angel will also liu!

Ei, I tok like your mother liu???
Cos got sucha big son!

But tenkiu for the liuliu poem... apa mau makan??


angel said...

Dear carcar,...
Alamak! U like??
*pai seh* Tenkiu...

Har?? Write more?
Errr... see lah, hor...

Dear ElleB,...
Your pantun so the oo-la-la
Read also like gila-gila
But then it's okay lah!

Dear nyonyapenang,...
TQ for tagging the liuliu me
Also for the sayangs u sent to me
Here's wishing u a good weekend
And hope nxt wk u can go bek to Penang!

Dear winnliuliu,...
Liu are really one of da' best
Who can always beat da' rest!
TQ TQ my dear liuliu
This week is already our 14th wk liuliu!

*waiting for mistiliu to cum*
*wondering if her pc went liuzzzz*
*leaves a few packets of Milo in the fridge for mistiliu cos I gonna liuzzzzz*

plink said...

chen: *skun...* Aiyah, wake up oreddy. Never mind, we use skunk for somebody else....

angel: ... like you! Tag three people not enough, have to kena me as number four ar? DYK I like the number 4?

OK, I go think up puisi merdeka now....

mistipurple said...

ah ya i got cum last night
even left a poem i write
but the blogger didn't sayang me
ate up my koment you see

thank liu for the milo packs
why become i talk like that
i also brought you choco cookies
for your breakfast with coffee or tea

lap liu angeliuuuu!! xxx

ah nel said...

lokter u lucky as ystdy aft i post my unfamous pantun i wana tag u mia but i'm in a hurry to leaving

liuliu tis 1 for u...

just found out LB and her baby,sammi not free
simi value 31 august manyak free,
liuliu cum lah gabanment house makan free,
simi value hapi,declare tol free,evelibodi hapi...


Chen said...

I summit my homework liao
*cold sweat*
simply liuliu write
nasib baik my Malay tak karat lagi

Anonymous said...

lol. wat a poetry. it really sucks man.


Inevitable said...

Hmm... okay lah. Accepted!

Pink Cotton said...


how come u all can write such a long one???

*sit in a corner and cry*


dreamie said...

Angel you did it !!!... chun !!

may said...

hebat, hebat sekali!! wa manyak kagum dengan kehebatan mu!

sengkor said...

i tot kena berpantun in BM? no? aisay, if can do in engrand i no need crack my head... :P

AceOne said...

hahaha..actually the original meme is in BM, engrand mia pantun pun accept la!!
Not bad ler.

angel said...

Dear plinku,...
TQ for liking me... ei, u like me nia arr? *pouts a bit*

U like number 4? That's an interesting fact ;) TQ!

Dear mistiliu,...
Ohhh ok ok... ya, last nite Blogger is the very liuzz... but TQ for your liuliu poem... me lapliu it... and lapliu too lar... :D
Wanted to write in rhymes but somehow now got no inspiration liu...
Faster faster go back, ok? Dun work so late liu... Oops, i mean, dun watch TV till so late...
*muaksliu, hugsliu*

Dear ah nel,...
Ei, apa punya puisi itu?
Gua mya kawan itu BL bukan LB larr... tsk tsk! :P

Soli, gua tak dapat nak jual beli puisi dengan you hari ini sebab tarak inspirasi... :P

Dear doktor,...
Terima kasih sebab submit homework so early!
Your Bee Em clearly masih boleh jadi!

Dear lei,...
Like what I told you, yeah, I suck :P

Dear inevitable,...
Terima kasih, cikgu... *phewww*

Dear pink cotton,...
Haha! Dun cry lahhh... tulis pantun saja maaa... sap sap water wan... like what the liuliu doktor said, lepas start, syiokness akan datang...
*hands tissue*

Dear dreamie,...
Haha... alamak... paiseh, paiseh...
TQ for the kepujian... :D

Dear lil'missmay,...
Haha! Tenkiu tenkiu!
Wa pun kagum lar... haha... gua mau teg sama lu tapi gua tau lu sangat sibuk, so tak jadi teg :P

Dear sengkor,...
Ah nyonya din say in what ranguage maa... at first i want to write in Bee Em oso wan but then i thot, i wanna be different :)
DYK that I always strive to be different?

Dear aceone,...
Haha! TQ lah sebab menerima pantun liuliu ini... Like what I told sengkor, I wanna be different maaa... In engrand I oso can declare my lurve for my country maa... hai mm hai... ;)

Have a great Saturday night! *muaks*

moz monster said...

I tot the tag also asked u to pantun in Malay lah ... one whole night I tak jadi tidur because of it ... but ok lah ... feels damn good I still can do BM ...

But ... ooi !!!! ... apasal bagitau orang yang Moz nie budak merdeka ??? Biarlah Moz yang bagitau dia orang tu ...

Anyways ... since you remember my burpday ... I expect a present hor ...

_butt said...

So bad ar you.. pakat with doc to tag me hor.. :P

a^ben said...

wakakkakak` angeliuna also kena tagged~ :P

c o n s u e l a said...

very the creative lah your poem :)

hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far!! *hugs*

ah nel said...

ehhh...soli soli...gua tengok

tarak inspirasi minumlah sarsi... :P

mistipurple said...

no need no need talk in rhymes
i think not everybody has the time
i don't know how come become like tis
i think my brain's fried to a crisp.

angel said...

Dear moz,...
Heh heh... actually the tag didn't specify must in Bee Em mar, rite? Anyway, I like to be different :)

Kakaakkakaka! I tolong moz buat pengumuman moz anak merdeka, moz marah ker?

Your burpday pressie?
*pretend act blur*

Dear butty,...
Heh... me no pakat wan... u lah, laff laff at doktor... :P

Dear a^ben,...
Ohhh, lu ketawa...
Lu tunggulah.
Nanti i mintak pink cotton teg sama lu
Baru lu tahu...

Dear c o n s u e l a ,...
Haha! Just for the heck of it... twas NOT easy though...haha...
It's sunday already... *sigh*
But hope you are still having a good one! *hughughug*

Dear ah nel,...
Lu kena pakai specs liao...

Minum sarsi? Tak mau!
Gua mau minum kopi :D

Dear mistiliu,...
Actually I like words that rhyme
If only I could talk like this all the time
Then life would be so colourful & fun
But now, I gotta go find some makan!


See Fei said...

begitu kagum dengan puisi dinda yang mengpaparkan harapan dihari bahagia tanahair dinda and kenangan kepada air mata yang jauh diluar negara.

semoga semua harapan dinda akan mengjadi kenyataan...

angel said...

Kehadapan kanda fei yang dikasihi,...
Dinda ada sikit kabur, siapakah air mata di luar negara yang dimaksudkan? Ohhh ya, terlupa... kanda memang berada jauh di luar negara...

Usah kanda risau lagi
Tak lama kemudian, bertemulah kita nanti...

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

hmmmm nice poem

Chen said...


Return lotsa BM back to my BM teacher liao, but still got some leftover behind..
so, can still survive :P

ah ben already did the pantun lah, that's why he dares to laugh so loud :P

ah nel said...

u wana sponsor me???lol

kopi tarak tapi milo ada mauk???ataupun teh pun bolih... :p

angel said...

Dear fantasyflier,...
Heh... *paiseh*
Simply hantam wan... uik, maciam king's wife pulak... *LOL* :P

Dear doktor,...
U got lotsa leftover lah I see
Go here and there leave komen in puisi
Your Bee Em teacher sure proud of u
If she sees your Bee Em so the liu!

Dear ah nel,...
I sponsor u? Can... but first u find me a sugar daddy, can? :P

Tarak kopi, lain tak mau...
Gua bukan sumua pun mau :P

King's wife said...

I also kena this tag, but still belum take up the challenge.

Kenny Ng said...

hahaha... wat a poem, only 1 paragraph of Merdeka poem. u rock!

angel said...

Dear king's wife,...
Haha! Ya, I saw that sengkor tagged you... faster do the tag! Merdeka got only a few days left! :D

Dear kenny ng,...
Haha, i rock arr? I can dance abit of rock lor... :P

One paragraph better than no paragraph, rite? At least I got say I lurve my country maa... that's the most important, no? Heh heh...


ah nel said...

sugar dadi???hmmm...cocka amacam??lol

ohhh...neskape pun tarak mauk lar??? :P
gua pun bukan simua mau bagi...*bLuEk*

angel said...

Dear ah nel,...

cocka?? kenapa cocka?

neskape gua tiap2 ari minum... gua mau stabak, kopi bin, itu maciam mya kopi boleh??? *blek blek*

Simple American said...

Good to live without fear. Glad you can do that.

Still not sure what a liuliu puisi is yet. Seen this tag ever where. Don't think I am qualified to do it. Phew! Cuz I is so busy liao.

Hahaha. Just you huh? Go on and sing. The angel will sing from on high. :)

ah nel said...

his misai seksi

anader neskape addicted...nanti gua lukis star dan gua beli tu bak kasih simpan sama jadi statubak dan itu kopi gua simpan dekat dust bin jadi kopi bin lu pigi ambik mau lu ambik ;P

angel said...

Dear sir simple american,...
:) Uh huh... Malaysians are known as peace-loving peeples... but then, who ain't one, huh? ;)
Haha... oops... looks like I didn't get all covered... the transration, I mean... puisi/pantun (in Malay) = poem

This ah pek lah started the tag wan... U can do it cum next 4th of July ;)

DYK that I suck in singing too?? Sheesh... :P

Dear ah nel,...
Misai seksi??? Errr errr... ERRRR.... no komen :P

Yerrrrr! Lu selalu maciam itu punya... kasi tipu mya stabak dan kopi bin... *blekkkkk*


ah nel said...

no mer no mer... seem lyk latuk and and and... lol

selalu???bila bila??? no ler... :P

angel said...

Dear ah nel,...
latuk k and and and???? *no understand*

lu very liuliu cheeky hor?? :P

ah nel said...

no understand then go long piak 3 times then u noe

cheeky mer???no lar liu like eat cheesy nia... *bLuEk*

angel said...

Dear ah nel,...
oi! apasal ask me go long piak??? 3x summore! u think i lulu arr?? *blekkk*

who like eat cheesy? liu or me?? me oni like cheesy cake :P

ah nel said...

u no understand then long piak can can understand d... ;P

liu no lyk as it make liu fat... :P