Tuesday, August 01, 2006

THHC™ Chapter 3 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©

OMG! Another month down the drain! July's over, August is here! As usual, first day of the month, an "obligatory" entry, the announcement of the past month's Top Spooners a.k.a. Huggers!

This month, wow, the results surprised me! 20 people made it into THHC™ Chapter 3 compared to 18 in Chapter 2. DYK that I nearly fell off my bed when I saw my tabulation sheet?! Yes, very the drama indeed... Hey, what's life without some drama, eh? *wink wink*

So, who's the Top Spooner for the month of July?? Tadah! OMG! The muscle man Sengkor!!! Well, I didn't sexpect him to come out as Ze' Champion with a total of 20 points!

*imagines being spooned hugged by sengkor*
*waaaa! so laaam...*

Sengkor is very terror. Last month, he was in the 8th position. This month, he shot to fame. Oh yes, he did... Congratulations, sengkor! *blink blink*

In the second place is our humourous Doctor Chen, trailing closely with a total of 19 points! Yeah, just one point behind sengkor! Missed by one feather, literally! *LOL* Last month, she was at number 5. Slowly but surely, she's catching up! Dun pray-pray with this doctor, wey! Coincidentally, she'll be in town this weekend! Yes, we are gonna catch up and do what all bloggers do when they meet up... eat, laugh, fatt hao, squeal, snap-snap, io ka ch'ng, whateva!

Now, the most interesting part, for the third place, we have a tie! Yes! Twins! Well, okay, not exactly twins but... *LOL* They are none other than two of my beloved liulius, Mistiliu & Winnliuliu! Can you believe it? I couldn't! Both of them collected 18 points to stand in the third place!

*imagines misti & winn skipping together, hand in hand, laughing, pokes one another, playing with winn's Lucas Dog, giggling, squealing...*

Awwwww... how sweet is that?!

Last month, winn was in the 4th place also with a total of 18 points, whereas misti, well, she only started chup-ing sometime this month. I'm so proud of her. She's kinda loveable because you can see lotsa people leaving her lotsa love, hugz & kisses on her Tagboard! Pssst pssst, I'm ALSO sayangable, okays... *LOL*

But wait... OMG! So what happened to our King/Master Spooner, Da' Creator of THHC™?!

Oh phewwww, he STILL made it into THHC™ Chapter 3 with just, well, one point. I'm sure he'll spring back in action once his vacation is over (Oh, you surely MUST dread this, huh? But hey, you still have next year to look forward to, and the next next year, and then the next next next year...) with no more Starbucks around and no more good food to keep him away from his Macbook...

Oh wait again! What happened to our Lil' Hug Mistress??? The one who, instead of sleepwalking, does sleepchups! Or maybe she's been cured of her sleepchup-ping? It's actually a good thing lar... Sleepchup-ping is not that healthy, hor? I think she must be sleeping more soundly with her new Mackie liao... That's why no more sleepchup-ping... :)

To the top three four Spooners, this month, a mug of Mocha/Latte is on me. *wink wink* Sengkor, you and I, we have another cup of coffee to claim from Someone, hor? Could you please be a darling and remind-9 him about his hutang? *LOL*

Doc, this Sunday we go stuff ourselves silly, okay? And Winnliuliu, you'll be dragged along, right? *LOL* Mistiliu, you are soooo far away... if only you could use your pink wings to fly to KayElle... But never mind, this "debt" will give me another excuse reason to make it for the Christmas trip! *wink wink*

Oh lordy! I talk so much today! Well, here are the "results" for the month of July, brought to you by Yours Huggingly©, me :)

01 20 Pratinum Sengkor
19 Grolden Chen
03 18 Srilver Mistipurple (new Spooner No. 1)
03 18 Srilver Winn
05 14 Simple American
06 13 plink (new Spooner No. 2)
07 09 _butt
07 09 sotongking(new Spooner No. 3)
09 07 c o n s u e l a(new Spooner No. 4)
10 06 mozilla monster(new Spooner No. 5)
11 05 fantasyflier
12 04 a^ben(new Spooner No. 6)
12 04 tiuniasing(new Spooner No. 7)
14 03 cocka
14 03 frostier(new Spooner No. 8)
14 03 lil' miss may
14 03 selba(new Spooner No. 9)
18 01 kat
18 01 keatix
18 01 l b

DYK that I love aromatheraphy, especially rose aroma? This is my current 'theraphy', something I bought from Bangkok, by Harnn. It cost me about 550 Baht...


c o n s u e l a said...


c o n s u e l a said...

Have a great week ahead and that aromatheraphy looks sweet ;)


may said...

waaaaaa!!! I must ka yau this month!! LOLOL!!


a^ben said...

yay~ very fun` A gold and 2 bronze already this month` ahahhaha at least got few points` then for the rest of the month no need to chup liaw` ahhaha :D

Winn said...


Winn said...


Mistiliu!!! where are liu!!!
lets skip skip hop hop jog jog run poke and tadaaaa!!!! we are the 3rd CHUPLIU this month doya know that!!! yuhooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*did a little dances in the aroma of of harnn*

wah ..u so sweet. u put everyone's link under their names...

liuliuliuliuliu ok? this sunday ok!:0)..can bring lucas? :P

Winn said...

yeeeerrrr!! i tot i wld be the 3rd chupper!! ah ben!!!!!!!!! :(..NOW I'M SAD:(



sengkor said...

woohhooo!! fatt datt!

btw, that someone i think went back to china and hide liao..

Helen said...

Not qualified for the Amazing Race, so, will join this one.. lol

Inevitable said...

Man, do I really need to wake up at 2am to get my medal?

_butt said...

Wow, I'm at 7th place!!! Waaaa.. tak tersangka.. butty so terharu.. *sniff sniff*

Cuz I tot I'll be out of the league edey, since I'm always the last one to drop comment wan.. but, but.. 7th place? Wow.. not bad, must be the last minute Grold that saves my butt.. *hehe*

Must add oil.. add oil.. eh, you like aromatherapy ar?

Here's my profile pic for your viewing pleasure.. Happi Working!! ^^

titoki said...

Next time u post your entry, can SMS me first ar?! LOL. *kidding*

Selba said...

wooohoooo... I got points in here!!! :)

Anonymous said...

how the come, mine is BOLD, same2 with lb and kat huh?

by the way, how do u make a komen BOLD? 4got leaw.

wow, candle for 550Bt? Crazy. liddat, i think u memang mampu belanja banyan tree. i think huu bar in the ascott better. or, u can take me to metropolitan, dan funky bar they have there. ok ok, we go with electx to thonglor, nearby asok, convenient 4 u if u r drunk. errr, all the above on u mar. but but, i din earn any points to redeem wor...sigh, better luck next time. maipenrai!


Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

wah wah wah I went from zero to ziddle.....

sotongking said...

Waaa...not bad wor. I got quite high ranking oso. So wat's in for me? Got consolation prize ernot?

JoMel said...

aiyaaaaaaaaa.... why oh why can I never get any thing here!!!

Chen said...

I couldn't believe this..
rub eyes again..
then open eyes wide wide (as wide as my doggy's eyes)

true woh..
hehee... looking forward to ..
eat, laugh, fatt hao, squeal, snap-snap, io ka ch'ng and whatever with u all next weekend :P

Winn said...


*still mumbling*..

i almost fell asleep at work when chen YMed me jus now..

canot tahan and went n grab a can of pepsi...buaahaha..:) got a lot of work laaaa

L B said...

Wa,........ How can?!!!!!!! How can wan? Liuliuliuliuliuliu already!!!! Wakakakakak.... now you mentioned it, where are my last months' prizes? The iPod nano, and the Dates?!!! :-)

zeroimpact said...

No mention of me...
So this weekend can dissapear

angel said...

Yes, Tuesday's over liu... tomolo Wednesday liu... haiiii... half the week liu... how was your liuliu day? Mine? Liuliu loh...

Dear c o n s u e l a,...
Whee! Looks like u earned yourself the first Pratinum Chup of da' month! ;)
The candle smells just nice... mmmmm... roses are sweet :)
U hv a great week yourself!

Dear lil'missmay,...
Waaa!!! U sleepchupping again??
*LOL* Grolden Chup this time!
Ya, must add oil this month liu! Wot oil u want? Rose oil? Lavendar? Vanilla? :P

Dear a^ben,...
Ei, where got tis month one Gold & 2 Bronze?
*hits a^ben's ka chng*
Mimpi ka?
This month baru start and btw, here got no bronze wan la ok... aparah... so liuliu wan u... :P
But, u got yrself the first Srilver Chup of the month!

Dear winnliuliu,...
Har? Chup wats? :P
Aiyoo, khor lian dai... liu din see a^ben on top of liu leh... neber mind lor... today first day nia maaa... still got ... 30 days more to chup ;)
Yahor, where is that mistiliu today... she must be bz liuing her imaginary TV liu... haiii... nvm loh, we play-play first while waiting for her, okays?
Bring Liucas? Of cos cannnnn!!! Prease prease bring Liucas!! I want to liu him! Cos he so so liuuuu! :D
U dun be sad lah ok? I'll still liu u wan... :)
Nah, gib u a spesial liuliu hug!

Dear sengkor,...
Fatt datt? Errr... here no gib marnie wan worrr... how to fatt datt leh like dat? I not akauntan, dunno how to kira marnie wan... :P
Har? He balik kampong liao?? Cheh... so liuliu wan... but i'm sure u can find-9 him wan, rite??
So, u wanna mocha or a latte? But titoki oredi belanja u, rite? So no nid liao lah hor? :P

Dear helen che,...
Wheeeee!!! San hak tou...
*brings out the Red Carpet*
Make yourself comfy, helen che...
*LOL* U comparing this with the Amazing Race? Waaa, so flattered... *LOL*
But yeah, I think this would be easier hor, since no nid to run here and there... just do the 'running' with the fingers ;)

Dear inevitable,...
Harharhar! OK OK... got ppl complain liao... just for u, I'll post up the next entry during "normal" hours but if u failed to chup for any medal that time, not my fault lar hor...

Dear butty,...
*LOL* Yeah, got a bit of improvement this month, unlike last month so slack! :P
Yes, yes, add oil u must! Wot oil u want? Uh huh, i lurve aromatheraphy :) even the massage as well... heavenly... ahhhh... can bring near orgasms wan... *LOL*
Yes yes... your babe always never fail to make me go "awwwwwww...." :P

Dear titoki,...
So, how's the deal gonna be like, huh?
*willing to consider*
*LOL* :P

Dear selba,...
Oh yes, u did!

Dear lei,...
Actuari, I oso dunno why the 3 of you punya nama become so big! I tried twice to make it all the same size but kenot wan... so i just left it as it is... why? kenot ar? glamour maaa... *LOL*

To bold words, the html tags will be and . Italics, and . Remember now? ;) All thanks to Sifu ElleB...

How many times I hv to tell u that I'm willing to take u to Banyan Tree and beromen di sana... aisay... u lah, so tarik harga... tarik summore lah, one day i said donwan baru tau...i donwan go bar lah, i want to go to the top of the roof and "soak" in the "feel" there... how abt that? Game?

Dear fantasyflier,...
Can fly me to Fantasy Island ar?
Zero? Errr no ar... in the last month, u also made it to the club ;)

Dear sotongking,...
Ya, u did quite well for a newcomer :) Consolation prize? Errmmm... wot kinda prize are u looking for?

Dear lil' joy,...
Aiyooo... i dunno lar... last month, u were at the bottom, this month, langsung tarak... liuliu loh... but sure can lah... another 30 more days to go in august... add oil! add oil! oops, wot oil u want? :P

Dear doc,...
Why kenot belip leh?? U so keng. Everywhere pun ada medal... terror neh...
*menghitung hari*

Dear winnliuliu,...
Awwwww... cum cum... dun grumble liao... gib u sweet... or liu want chocolate? :D
Fell asleep with lotsa work?? Waaa... very liu hor u... I took a "nap" earlier this afternoon... got work, but lazy to work... *LOL* lagi liu than u :P

Dear LiuBee,...
Waaa waaa waaa!!! FINALLY! Waiting so long for liu to liu me... at last can o-liuliu liao... *LOL*
Ya! Last month's prize... u lah, ppl invite u go movie, u dunno go liu where... AND i still owe u ice-cream horrr??? Liuliu loh... I'm gonna be brokeeee :D
Wanna claim whateva, call me ;)
(waaa, so action... LOL)

Dear zeroimpact,...
Awwww... dun go away... what??? disappear?! How could u??? I ask Liucas or Boyboy to bite u oni u know! Hmmph!! :P
Cum cum, dun go away, ok?
*consolation hug*

Okay, I'm done... tonight, no chups here hor... maybe tomorrow morning... dun say I din give hint hint hor... but then again... see la my mood... have a great evening, liulius... *muakks*

angel said...

Oh shucks! my html tags gone...

Message for keatix, the bold html tags are < b > and < / b >. Just buang all the spacing, ok? For italics, just ganti the "b" with "i". Seik mou?

zeroimpact said...

Will stalk stalk la...
Come back for consolation hug hug ok

mistipurple said...

*runs in skip skip hop hop, ah ya skip hop not fast enuf. i run better*
grabs winnliuliu and swing swing shake shake. we made it liuliuliu!! wah srilver wohhh!!
thankee you angeliu, i bring my srilver award to bed okay? liuzzzz..

JoMel said...

i no use oil! I only use marjerin! can ah?

plink said...

See? Aitolyu Helen jiejie gerenti come wan!

I am New Spooner, meaning what ar?

AhSengKor got *ahem* new position already! :D

moz monster said...

Six miserable points .... just six miserable points ... uwaaaa !!!!

Tiuniasing said...

apa ni?? why got points and ranking one?? bonuslink kah??

angel said...

Dear zeroimpact,...
Aaaahh... lucky u come bek... of not... i going to :(( liao... :P

Dear mistiliu,...
Waaa... u so late wan har? But better late than never lah hor...
Oh u are most welcum, mistiliu... so, did u have a good night's sleep?

Dear lil' joy,...
Errr... okayyyy... marjerin pun marjerin lah... cheaper summore... :P

Dear plinku,...
Hehe... yahor... Helen che cum here very the honoured leh...
New Spooner means u r new Hugger loh... this is The Hug Hug Club maa... u know, spoon and fork... :P
LOL @ "ahsengkor's new position"

Dear mozzie,...
Why you uwwaaa? 6 points is an achievement liao u know... u think so easy get SIX points ar... dun uuwaaa lah, ok? Sayang...sayang...

Dear ah tiu,...
Hahaha... tis wan better than bonuslink, aitelyu!! This is call THHC aka The Hug Hug Club. Each entry, the first 3 commentators will get Hug Hug Points and at the end of the month, after tally the points, we'll see who are the top three Huggers and in this blog, it's known as Spooners ;) U know how to spoon ka? If dunno means u din read my blog loh...
There are a few THHC franchise around, the rest, u go find yrself, ok? Over here, every month I'll try lah to give a treat to the top 3 Huggers since hor, not so easy to "chup" as top 3...
Paham kah, abang tiu?

DYK that I'm on leave today... but got something to do lar...

mistipurple said...

always wondered how to pronounce *aitelyu*
it's ai-te-lyu? lol! liuliu woorrr!

mistipurple said...

btw i didn't liuzz good lah. panda eyes today. quick go makeup. ahya, eyeshadow also smokey blue. no difference then.
(i neber makeup for info, very unkempt girl, eeee..)

angel said...

Dear mistiliu,...
*LOL* Yeah... aitelyu was coined by our Lil' MissMay... liuliuliu!!
Aiyak! Why lah no good liuzzz?? I liuzzz until like Sleeping Beauty like dat leh...
U no makeup? Actuari, me too lah... just the lips oni... the rest, lazy lar... *LOL* :P

Simple American said...

Oh gosh. I needa do this on my blog. Rats!!! think I will be late.

angel said...

Dear sir simple american,...
*LOL* It's ok wan... U r on vacation!
No worries wan larr... The President of THHC himself has been slacking too lately... :D