Friday, June 30, 2006

Short and Sweet & Bonus Points!

Last day of June 2006... darn, time just whooosh! by... Today is dumb-dumb's burpday! Dumb-dumb is one of my friend at work. I call her dumb-dumb and she calls me dumb-dumb... :D so dumb-dumb hor? *LOL*

DYK there's a Liuliu Tune now at the side bar? I wanna give my thank you speech to BenBoy who helped me with the codes :) Kam sia lu... sushi sushi... ;)

Flyday again!!

How was your month of June? For me, it has been one full of activities! But as I stop and ponder a bit, hey, another month's over and what have I achieved? Have I done anything good? Anything significant? Anything to be proud of? Errrmm... nothing much really... but I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy my life... I enjoy your friendship... I enjoy reading all of your comments and answering them... I enjoy getting to know each and everyone of you better each day... I'm happy to have you crossing my path of life... I'm happy to know that you'll come here to visit yours truly, rain or shine... Sheesh, sound a bit sentimental, hor? Don't mind me, yeah? I had lotsa time yesterday, zzzzz'ing at home... that's why...

DYK that if you tell me exactly where this place is,
you'll earn an extra 20 bonus points!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Liuliu Night

Okay, the experience I had before the exclusive screening of Superman Returns just now kinda affected my mood a bit. Bear with me for a few minutes...

On Monday, I invited Moz to attend the screening with me and we confirmed everything yesterday because I only got the tix yesterday. So earlier yesterday afternoon (Wed), I told him that we can't bring in mobile phones because based on previous experiences, I know that this is the norm and everyone will be 'screened' and handbags checked. But he said he's bringing his notebook because he's going straight to the cinema after work. I checked the invite and what was mentioned on it was this:

Mobile Phones, PDAs and Recording Devices are strictly not allowed.
- All bags and jackets will be subject(ed?) to security checks.
- Admission is subject to compliances to the security measure stated.
- Proof of ticket does not guarantee admission.
- Twentieth Century Fox Film has final right to refuse entry.

So, we met outside the cinema and as I was queueing for the popcorn, I remembered, "Shit! I have my camera with me!" You know la, a blogger always brings a camera along. I left my mobile phone in the car but forgot about my camera. I didn't want to leave it in the hands of the organisers, so, I told Moz to wait for me, I ran went to the car park, kept the camera and rushed back to the cinema.

To cut the story short, Moz was denied entry into the cinema because of his notebook. We spoke to a pretty good looking lady but she said no notebooks allowed although we tried to reason with her that there wasn't any notice saying that no notebooks are allowed. She said that it was safe to leave it at their counter but we were NOT gonna leave any notebooks with anyone. Even I didn't wanna leave my camera with them, whatmore Moz with his notebook.

Blah blah blah liu liu liu sot sot sot chingchongching chong... I knew we were fighting a losing battle. I knew Moz was superdamnangry cheesed off, I was upset, there's nothing we could do. So, Moz said he's not gonna watch it and asked me to go ahead with it. I felt bad. I was in a dilemma. He insisted that I go ahead and I did, with a very heavy heart. He blogged about it very 'colourfully' here if you are interested... But Moz, I have to say this, Superman ain't sucky, yeah? The organisers, yes, but not Superman... I'm sorry it turned out that way although it's not my fault but still, I felt bad. Yes, no more previews on a weekday for you...

So, how's the movie? Agreed with Eyeris when he said about the tingling you feel up the spine when the opening credits rolled out along with the theme song (which of course, has been modified a bit to make it sound more sophisticated. Hey, this IS 2006, ok! The last Superman IV was like nearly 20 years back in 1987!) I think I heard some clap-clap during the opening credits. *LOL*

I'd have enjoyed it more if Moz was allowed entry. Because of what happened earlier, it sort of affected my mood. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining movie and a must-watch ALTHOUGH I have to admit, at times some corny moments did surface... *LOL* What do you expect?? It's Superman! And Brandon Routh, with a very pretty boy look, certainly to pengsan for, ladies... His Big Package wasn't clearly seen, if that's what you are wondering... :P

At first, I thought I'd do some DYKs about the movie (aka spoilers) which could be 'hidden' but then I thought, some people sure got itchy hands and go read it although they don't want to and then later on, blame me. So, no DYKs about Superman Returns! Except a teaser... There are two headlines prepared by the Daily Planet. Superman Is Dead and Superman Lives. Which one do you think will make it? Hehe...liuliu... Yes, I'll watch it again... Oh, and I'm quite sure there will certainly be more Superman movies to look forward to...

Before the movie started, there were a few interesting trailers and one that caught my attention is this movie, The Lake House, starring Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves! A must-watch for all the Romantics, aitelyu! (borrow once yeah, lil'missmay)

The other one is My Super Ex-Girlfriend, starring Uma Thurman & Luke Wilson, (the guy from Alex & Emma) a comedy and looks hilarious!

DYK that for the whole of today, I've been having this pain on my left ribs, at the side? I've also been coughing since yesterday and each time I cough, there's pain. Not sure if it's due to the way I slept last night but it sure hurt pretty bad at times :(

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Man of Steel

Took this out from The Star's Star Two last week
and pinned it up on the notice board next to me.
Ducky said that he's gay worrr...

Got it yesterday and inside...

Tadaa... this is at one angle...

Turn a bit... waa... :)

Turn behind...

Heh heh heh...

Do-You-Know that I'm so excited??? Eyeris said the movie rawks!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Monday, June 26, 2006

O-liuliu Quote of the Day

Short Yak - Engrand is SO lucky tonight! They played so liuliu!

This afternoon, while my favourite shampoo girl was shampooing my hair, I came across an interesting quote in a local women's magazine which you would have probably read about it before...

Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships.
~Sharon Stone~

So guys, tell me the truth, nothing but the truth, is this true, liuliu?

DYK that a while ago, I started to have this going-to-fall-ill feeling?! Kevin!! Must be that stupid mamak stall! Liuuuu!

Addendum - There're some Sex Machines featured at SotongKing's place... Damn liuliu! But those underaged, please don't go, yeah!

One of my latest playmate...
Moz got it for me from the Forbidden City. Liuliu Mozzie!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bloggers' Night Out - 230606

Last night, there was a Gila Bloggers' Sdn. Bhd. mega birdday cuntnival for the June Babies @ Mid-Valley's Sports Club Cafe in the MVP Room (upstairs - didn't know there was an upstairs at this place). I was very sexcited when Lin Peh texted me a few weeks ago about this meet up. BTW, Lin Peh very nice lah he... Tenkiu you, Lin Peh!

Anyway, I was delayed about 15-20 minutes. No sexcuse. Only because of the rain & traffic jam. When I walked up to the MVP room, there were about 10 people already there and of course, I couldn't really make up who's who except for sengkor, King's Wife, Jomel, cocka (Lau Dan lookalike) and inevitable (from his butt pic...haha, nolahhh!!!).

Those who were there whom I didn't know/recognise are JKN (the whole night snapping pics with his canggih Sony Ericson phone), Wingz (whom to me, looks more LinPeh than Wingz, liuliuliu!), Lin Peh (who looks more Wingz than Lin Peh, to me, liuliu!), Aceone118 and Poison (very liuliu lenglui!!).

They were not sure who I was at first and thought I was simmie or Kat. Then cocka (I think) got me right. After some handshakes & introductions, then I see some cameras went snap snap oredi... LOL, damn fast they all... and I also took out mine.

After a while, another lady arrived, looking a bit lost like how I did earlier. She's none other than simmie, the teacher who just came back for hols from the States. A few minutes later, a couple walked in. This time, it's Kat & Mr. Kat. Waaa, got pressies for the burpday Lengchai & Lenglui!

Yours truly was of course like a quiet mouse. Aiyo, first time maa... sure shy... summore got so many lengchais ... and Cocka kept asking why why why. No answer... :P

Those who kept us entertained throughout the night were Cocka (damn lawak lah he), Wingz, Lin Peh and Jomel (the groovy chic, who sounded kinda 'high' last night and made the guys suspect that she smoked some pot before she came for the party!) and her twin, Poison (please don't ever try to provoke this lenglui... you have been warned... but she's cute!)

Then we ordered food which took so long to turn up at our tables. Twas a lil' bit difficult eating there last night because we were seated on sofas. So, either we have to eat from our lap, squat by the coffee table (like what I tried to do), eat standing or just eat from the coffee table (bending the back is required).

Oh, there's one riddle given by cocka which I must pen it down here. "What's red and has seven dents in it?" DYK the answer? This joke, coming from cocka and Jomel had to ask, "Izit a dirty one?" Sengkor, Poison & KW and a few more shouted, "Of cos lahhh!" LOLOL!

After that, burpday cake cutting and pressies opening. Didn't manage to capture pics of the pressies because I was at the other far end but I'm sure King's Wife & Sengkor will show you their pressies soon ;)

Soon, it was time to leave. At first, there was a call for a group photo but I guess everyone got side-tracked after that and we left without a group pic :( But never mind lah hor, there'll always be a next time, right?

Oh, before that, Cocka, Jomel, Poison, King's Wife & Sengkor were all gonna partay at RP (Rumah Peranakan, transration - Peranakan House... sounds so misleading, huh?? You'd have thought it was a restaurant!), located just beside Hyatt Regency Saujana (or was it part of the hotel?) in Subang. Since it was party time, of course lah I tagged along! Kat & Mr. Kat came along as well. The last time I went to this place, I liked it alot because they played disco and dance-able tunes from the 80's right up to the contemporaries. Oh, yeah, and there was a band playing as well.

Well, what do you do when you go to a night spot like this? You party! You shake your bonbons of course! The music last night was just so-so but still dance-able. Oh, lemme introduce you to the Dancing King and the Dancing Queen. They are so liu at dancing!!! Can do so many pattern wan!! LOL!

All in all, it was a fun night out! We left at 3am when they played the last (almost!) song and all lights were switched on, in the smoky environment...

I had a great time last night, thanks to all of you! Hope to see you again, soon! Liuliuliu!

* T I M E T O G O F O R M A M A K *

Did-You-Know© that I kena liu-ed last night? Winnliuliu, one day you must come with me and liu them back! Someone asked me if liu is tiu... Wot The Liu?! LOLOLIULIU!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fast Food Lunches

This week, I had lunch at two fast food joints. Of course on different days, liuliu!

DYK which branch is this?

Over at Pizza Hut, currently they have the Pasta Perfectto promotion!

Can't see, huh?

First, there's Ms. Spicy Arrabbiata...

Then, there's Ms. Prawn Olio...

Third, Ms. Creamy Carbonara...

Last but not least, Ms. Meatball Bolognaise...

Me, of course I'm a strong supporter of Ms. Prawn Olio!
Yum yum yummy!

Which came with 4 breadstix...

Soup of the day... tungku mushroom soup, of course...
and a glass of Pepsi... (this one no need pic lar, hor?)

My take? Lurve the Prawn Olio! Although the prawns could be fresher but no complaints becos the whole meal was only RM7.90++, but this only applies during lunch hours from 11.30am - 2.30pm. Promotion price for this set is RM12.90++ whereas if it's ala carte, the pasta is priced at RM8.50++. So, go during lunch time! ;)

Next, lunch @ Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Hehehehe.... wanted to show him the pics and make his keyboard wetwet...

First, the orange squash... hmmm, missed this drink!

Lurve the fattening cheesy wedges! RM3.10++.

Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken Snack Plate...

Another one, up close... liuliu... drooling liu?

Okay, that's all for today... Yayyy!!! Flyday is hereeee!!! Yippie yippie ya ya!! Yippie yippie ya!!
H A V E A F U N F I L L E D F L Y D A Y ! ! !

Did-You-Know© that I DON'T eat the skin of any fried chicken? My frens always scold me and say that the skin is THE most delicious of all but not for me lah...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just Because...

*Currently On Air (Repeatedly!) - What Dreams Are Made of (Ballad Version by Paolo & Isabella, from The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Paolo: Have you ever seen such a beautiful night
Isabella: I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright
Paolo: When I see you smile and I go oh oh oh
Isabella: I would never want to miss this
Paolo: In my heart, I know what this is
Isabella: This is what dreams are made of
Paolo: This is what dreams are made of
Isabella: I've got
Together: Somewhere I belong
Isabella: I've got
Together: Somebody to love
Isabella: This what dreams are made of
Thanks c o n s u e l a, for this song!

Did-You-Know© how I dream of alotta things?

And Then There Were Eight Liulius...

On the 13th of June, AhLiuBee liu-ed me, one of the Wannabe Celebrities, with this Foursome Foreplays Meme. (update: yesterday, 19th of June, inevitable also liu-ed me with the same tag) Doc Chen, also one of the Wannabe Celebrities, said that number 4 is not a good number, sei sei seang... (transration : sounds like die die) So, because of that, angeliu will put in a lil' bit more effort to make this an Eightsome Episode...

8 jobs I would stink at:
  1. Singer - I croak...
  2. Doctor - I am a scaredy cat...
  3. Chef - Yan can cook but angeliu cannot cook!
  4. Tailor - *boringgg*
  5. Insurance agent - I'm a bad persuader...
  6. Model - My body is not S-shaped like Winnliuliu's
  7. Road Builder - I cannot stand the sun!
  8. Toll collector - My hands would stink!

8 nicknames I made up for myself/or other people made it up for me:
  1. Margaret
  2. Angel
  3. Sue
  4. little_angel_baby
  5. Betty Boo
  6. angeliu
  7. angeliuna joliu
  8. angie(liu)

8 movies I can watch over & over:

8 things I love to do on weekends:
  1. Sleep in the whole day
  2. Shop till I drop
  3. Jalan-jalan Cari Makan (transration : walk walk find food)
  4. Catch up with friends
  5. Have O-liulius
  6. Get a back rub
  7. Go to the hair salon
  8. Sits in front of the computer and go round the world...

8 alcoholic beverages I enjoy from time to time:

8 fantastic destinations I would like to go to on vacation before I pass out:

8 9 celebrities I would go on a Big Date with:

8 objects I could not live without:
  1. Money money money
  2. My car
  3. My N70
  4. My R50
  5. My skincare products
  6. My Astro
  7. My fridge
  8. My mini compo (so outdated, rite?! but it still serves me well...)
8 gadgets (half of them are B.I.G. ones) I do not have which I would quite like to have:
  1. A PDA (will this really make my life more organised??)
  2. A higher speed notebook (for sextra work @ home)
  3. An iBook (for sextra play @ home?)
  4. An iPod (nano nano)
  5. Cardio WaveMachine
  6. A server? (to store all my video files? can ah?)
  7. A scanner (yes, I DON'T have one!)
  8. A Sony PSP

The Lucky 8 to be tagged:
I have not many people to tag because most of liu have been tagged! BUT, try my luck, I shall...
Let's see... (Oh, BTW, you don't have to do 8somes, yeah! LOL! A 4some will do...)
  1. Simple Ameriliu
  2. Cockaliu
  3. ZeroImpactliu
  4. Mistipurpliu (not sure if she will liu me but i just liu her lah...)
  5. FantasyFliuer
  6. Plinkliuliu
  7. Duckyliu
  8. Vina from Manila (trying my luck!)

Phewwwww!!!! At last I can hand up my homework already! I've been at this for nights! Of course in between, I liuliu-ed here and there...but that's beside the point.

Did-You-Know© that I had scrambled eggs + Inoki fresh mushrooms (add some Maggi seasoning) for dinner just now? My own recipe... but yummy!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Filler Post

How's your Monday Bliu? Winnliuliu? Everybody liu?
DYK I went to the toilet 3x already today?? Liuliu loh...

Friday, June 16, 2006

160606 - Seng Kor's Cow One

Cocka mentioned to me a few weeks before that 16th of June is Seng Kor's burpday and I actually wrote it on my office calendar but...... okay, no sexcuse... I'm bad...

But hope it's still not to late to wish you MaNy HaPpY rEtUrNs Of tHe DaY!!!

L I U L I U L I U ' t h L I U L I U !

Do-You-Know© Seng Kor? Dunno? Go check him out then! :D

Last Night, I Had...

...dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, IOI Mall. (literal transration - Wong Kok Tea House)
After dinner, I went into Jaya Jusco (mall)
and bought this file... LOL!

And this ruler... Superman Returns!

The lightings at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng...

Cheong Fun fried XO sauce. And noooo, it's non-alcoholic :P XO sauce is made of roughly chopped dried seafoods, such as scallop, dried fish and shrimp that has been cooked with chilli, onion, garlic & oil. I just found out that they have increased the price for all items at WKCCT... liu... this plate is not RM6.20. Used to be RM4+ only...

It doesn't look that nice but the taste is ooo-la-la...

See mutt char... errr... transration is Stocking Tea (with milk)

Why stocking? Errr... errr... I'm sure u'll figure out why... :P

Feeshball (already makan half wan) for the Doc... :D

Wholesome ball...

Half a dozen of Fried Fishball In Special Curry Sauce...

You must be wondering how come the order of the pics look kinda screwed up. Well, it IS! Because I saved this as a draft last night from home and now at work, I couldn't Cut & Paste the pics at the places that I want! Liuliu!!!

Do-You-Have© any idea if we need to buy any gift for a fren (the bride) if she invited you to a buffet dinner on the night before the wedding banquet??

Did-You-Know© that from tonight until Sunday night, I'd have not much time to catch my breath because tonight, I'll be @ Westin Hotel, tomorrow noon, I have facial & spa appointment, tomorrow night, dinner @ the bride's place, Sunday morning, follow the groom to the bride's place, Sunday night, wedding banquet in KL? Gosh... so many things to do!!! Liuliuliu...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Random Pics 2

The Ice Cream Fondue, bird's eyeview...

A beautiful drawing from Winnliuliu
that has warmed my thank liu...

Folks from TGIF Subang Parade
singing for the angel on 060606

The same folks singing the Backward Birthday Song

Chicken Quesadilla

Grilled Black Pepper Salmon

060606's dessert

Do-You-Have© The Lizzie McGuire Movie's soundtrack or any song from the soundtrack? I watched the movie yesterday and fell in love with (Rome and) the soundtrack but I couldn't find it from the Bittorrent!! Liuliuliu...

Did-You-Know© I'm a teeny weeny bit upset today when someone said that lately, what I've been writing is not to his/her "digestion"? I tried to push the thought away for the past few hours, unfortunately I failed... But I'll try to sleep it away in 3... 2... 1...