Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flamingoes Or Swans in A Flower? Wordless Wednesday Chapter 1


Jemima said...

Either one..

They're both beautiful.

Hope all is well with you.

Take care.

mudpie said...

H O W CO M E .. CHUP!!!

may said...

flaming mangoes!!

may said...

LOL @ mudpie!

H O W C O M E so many H O W C O M E CHUP??

A I T E L Y U !

mudpie said...

why wordless??? HOW COME!!!

*cium cium*

Pookyma said...

Damn no more chups for me!!!!!!!!

angel said...

Dear Jemima,
Indeed they are!
I'm a-okay ah... alive & kicking (butts) hehe...

Dear mudpie,
*still looking for a canggih answer to answer your Bagaimana Datang ques...*

Dear maymay,
U idam mangoes arr?

Ok ok... tell me, tell me!!!

Dear mudpie,
Wordless because it's Wordless Wednesday @! Come join... H O W C O M E no join??? :p

Dear pookyma,
H O W C O M E ? ? ?
Hang terlalu lambat lar...


rinnah said...

o.0 at the unique flower. Looks like flamingoes to me. *grin*

Why wordless on Wednesday?

zewt said...

how can u be wordless?

ehon said...


wordless wednesday. :) hmm..

narrowband said...

Why wordless wor?

How come in comments go words neh? :p

Flamingoss. Because the neck quite long:p

Leonard said...

nice macro shot!

rinnah said...

I wanna make you say something, so gip you tag. Heh.

plink said...


Kekeke.... :D

angel said...

Dear rinnah,
I was trying to think back where I took the pic from... I think it's from Genting ;)

It's Wordless Wednesday @! ;)

Dear zewt,
H O W C O M E ? ? Why not? Just post pics without words! :)

ps: U so free ah? On leave??

Dear ehon,
H O W C O M E ? ?
How much u wanna buy my chup?

Dear narrowband,
Wordless because it's Wednesday! :)
Refer to

In comments too bad I can't post pics to answer to comments, hor? :p

U no see swans meh?? Nehh... got 3 swans swimming togeder-geder there...

Dear leonard,
Thank you!

Dear rinnah,
H O W C O M E ? ?
*takes the tag*
*wears it...*

Dear plink,
Just like you... ;)


Anonymous said...

apasal bunga nie? salah satu spesis bunga raya? bunga kebangsaan ker, yang dikacukkan dengan flamingo dan swans?? macam macam

walaumacammaner pon, ko lah bunga sebenarnya....


angel said...

Amboi amboi... pemain ombak??? Kakakakka... Itu ialah Peluncur Ombak lah...

Tak ader aper2... ini ialah gambaq untuk Wordless Wednesday... sajer la... aku pun tak tau itu bunge aper...

Aku bunga sebenar? Bukan bunga kau ker?? *kecewa*

King's wife said...

haha! Wordless Wednesday!
Saves a day of cracking your head about what to post. Good one! ;)

angel said...

Dear KW,
I found this Wordless Wednesday from eastcoastlife's blog wan :) Come come, you also do... come lar... hehe...

Anonymous said...

memang lah ko nie bunga aku...habis siapa lagi. hanya si angel yg tak menganggap aku nie lebar

kecewa si angel tak bagitahu aku pasal gambaq yg sungguh menghairahkan tu....


Chen said...

i start to hallucinate liao..


sengkor said...

wht flamingo wht swan? it's... goose.

King's wife said...

Got some more? Speechless Saturday? Mou-yeh-blog Monday?

PonGLanD said...

look more like "tau geh" to me..

heheeh...yummy* yummy*

wei..i added u liao come u nvr online one?

Winn said...

i think its swans..dancing in the flower....

tegdirb92 said...

very beautiful!! What kind of flower?

Will said...

interesting flower... my mum got some plant with weird flower too... i guess i should post the pic up some time

a^ben said...

*puts on bee costume*

laundryamah said...

i think i prefer swans..more beautiful, flamingoes like so skinny n tall...kakakakaka

iang gu goo said...

wahai sekalian, ini ialah bunga teratai kat rumah saya!

Simple American said...

I think they are swaningoes. How about a flamingwan?

Alright. Just hug then! *hug*

U.Lee said...

Hi Angel, nice blog. I think better than previous one as can see very well on the virgin white page, ha ha.
You ran out of words?
Be cool, UL.

ah nel said...

middle month!!!


Huei said...

flamingo!!! =D

Lin Peh said...

Hamilan ?

Kopi Soh said...

Look like flamingoes but eye sight no good, lau liao :P
Promised you I wud drop by right?

aiyah nonya said...

My favourite flowers are roses and daisies.
The flower you put up is sweet.
have a nice day

aiyah nonya said...

Opps, forgot to mentioned that they look like taugeh, leh :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Wait! Voices!!! I hear Voices!!! I swear I hear them!!!

dreamie said...

this one flower meh ?
its a PAINTING oni ... kekeke

nyonyapenang said...

Oh, Wordless Wednesday?

What about Thursday? :)

angel said...

Dear peluncur ombak,
Aku tak paham apa u cakap "lebar" ko? Apa tu 'lebar'? Kalu 'batang', tau ler aku...

Pasal itu gambaq, kan aku dah kata, kalu nak tau, lain kali pasanglah mata sendiri! Kalu sumua pun aku kasi tau, mana ada sexcitement?? Aparah...

Dear chen,
What u hallucinating har?

Dear sengkor,
Oh yeah hor... Siu ngor... hou hou seik...

Dear KW,
Kakakaka! I'm gonna do your SS and MybM one of these days! Ei, u fast fast do a Furious Flyday, can??? Neh... the one we SMSed about earlier wan ahh... kakakaka...

Dear pongdee,
Taugeh?? Hmmm...yeah hor, got a bit bit...

Soli, soli... I online very late... I see you sudah masuk DreamLand liao that time... :p

Dear winn,
U is prettier... U is leng-er...
Swans dancing in the flower... I like!!!

Dear tegdirb92,
Hullo there!
*brings Red Carpet*
Make yoruself comfy... coffee? Tea? Whisky?? Hehe...

Thanks... What flower is it? Errmm... I think it's what they call water lily? Not too sure... :)

Dear will,
Your mum's Little Godzilla flower ahh? It also looked like a Mini Dinosaur sitting on a flower... no?

Dear a^ben,
U is the Smartest Bee!

Dear laundryamah,
Haha... but did u see it as swans or flamingoes jek?

Dear iang gu goo!!!
Gua memang langsung tarak ingat sampai sekarang... sei lor... apa itu nama dalam Inggeris worrr? Water lily??

Dear Sir SA,
Hehehe! I think swaningoes sounded 'prettier' than flamingwan :p

Yippie! More huggies!

Dear U.Lee,
Thanks! Yeah, I know this is a better template, can see better now, huh? I'm glad for that! Pssttt... I also virgin... virgin in using this white template... hehe...

Nah, I didn't run out of words... it's actually a blog entry theme for Wednesdays which I found from another blog and then decided to participate too. Nxt Wednesday, I'll post chapter 2 :)

Dear ah nel,
Lu beginning, middle and end of the month, sumua pun PMS mya... aparah...

Dear ah huei,
I see 'em too!!!

Dear lin peh,
Mm si hamilan... ee si hua lai laa... :p

Dear kopi soh!
Hey!!! Welcome welcome! Gua very happy to see u... :)

*brings Red Carpet*

Kopi for u?

Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it very muchi...

Dear aiyah nonya,
Ahhh... roses & daisies, huh? Me, I love lilies! White lilies ;)

Haha... you 'see' taugeh ah? Someone saw that too :)

My dear Cocka,
Psssttt... what voices did u hear? Quacks? Crows?

Dear dreamie,
Okayyy... I no blame u... u mya nama sudah Moong Cha Cha... kakakaka :p

Dear nyonyapenang,
Thursday ah? I supposed to do a Thirteen (words) Thursday wan tapi boh eng!!! Sigh!


david santos said...

I come to congratulate you with your work and to desire a good Month to you of August in vacation. In Portugal already we walk for beaches and to live the heat of the Summer.

zewt said...

yeah... on leave for the whole week... but coming to and end already... bummerr..... sigh.

King's wife said...

oooo..Furious Flyday sounds good. Hehehee! ;)

Anonymous said...

ohhh...LEBAH, bukan lebar....aiks...bahasa malaysia aku semakin takleh harap lah...dah lah hari kebangssan...hehee. takpe, i prefer negeri


angel said...

Dear David,

Dear zewt,
Ahhh... I sympathise with you and can understand that feeling... urgh...

Nvm, there's another long weekend to look forward to end of this month ;)

Dear KW,
Set... u start first, ok?? Khikhikhi...

Dear peluncur ombak,
Oh lebah... cakap la awal-awal... hang punye spelling saje yang chekai... yg lain tu, masih ok...

Bawaklah aku pi siam...


Sue said...

never realise about all these..
must look at the flower differently starting from today

_butt said...


confessing7girl said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh this is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful i wonder what flower is that?? it sure looks like flamingos!!!!!! absolutely breath taking!!

ah nel said...

lu all da time pms mar!!!


lu force ppl come to drop comment wan kar?

need to keep promise sumore...


angel said...

Dear sue,
Hello there... welcome!
*brings Red Carpet*
Coffee? Tea? ;)

I forgot where I took this pic from until someone told me :) anyway, flowers are pretty, aren't they? ;)

Dear butty,
Why speechless leh? Ohhhh... cos it's Speechless Saturday! :p

Dear confessing7girl,
Heh heh... I'm not too sure what's the name of the flower... it's like water lily, or maybe it is one... not sure... but it grows in water, I think :D

Dear ah nel,
Lu sim bo cheng la...

Huh? Me where got force ppl drop comment? Ohhh... u mean Kopi Soh? Yuen wong!!! U go ask her and see! Lu really sim boh cheng! Simply say wan... *bLUek*


LB said...

I wanna HOWCOME too!!! HOWCOMEME back fast fast!

LB said...


LB said...

How How?

KAYLEE said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah Boy said...

angel jie jie has been wordless for many days liao :(

angel said...

Dear LB,
Wah... watchu doin' so early in the morn? HOWCOME???

How now?
How now brown cow?

Dear kaylee,
Hullo there! Thanks for your comment :) Glad that u love it!

Dear ahboy,


savante said...

Now I'm more curious whether some hot guy sent the flowers to ya :P

angel said...

Dear savante,
Wai... are u implying that I ain't hawt enuff to receive flowers? o.O

I need to hint to the Hot Guy(s) here ma... ;)

eastcoastlife said...

So beautiful! I see flamingoes!!

angel said...

Dear eastcoastlife,

High 5! I see 'em too! :)