Monday, August 27, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

Actually, I didn't think of updating wan... but since ehon dropped a comment saying that he 'sensed' I'm gonna update soon, I couldn't bear to let him down. So, I'll just update for the sake of updating.

Well, it has been a hectic weekend, started with Friday evening's dinner at TGIF, followed by dessert (yummy!!!) at Bakerzin Bangsar Village, Saturday brunch at Ah Sang's Bak Kut Teh in PJ, Saturday evening's Satay Party at Mudpie's, followed by Apocalypto and half of 300, Sunday's brunch at Jarrod & Rawlins, Damansara Heights area with a group of beautiful people, then followed by a sneak preview of the Queen's New Palace (very wow!) and to round it up, an ice cream treat over at The Curve's Baskin Robbin's.




The after effect?

Diarrhea lor... I think, about 8-9 times the whole of yesterday... what goes in, must come out... *prooot* I thought of taking a snapshot of what came out but then again I thought, it's really evil if I did that... muahahaha!!!

Gee... it wasn't so difficult to update after all, was it? :p


nyonyapenang said...

must telan some poe cheh wan for diarrhoea

mistipurple said...


angel said...

Dear nyonyapenang,...
After so many times sitting on the Throne, I took 2 charcoal pills last night, and today, I'm better liao! Thanks :)

Dear misti,...


mistipurple said...

ahyo. see doc better. 8-9 times very painful for the arse. *sayangz char boh kiah*
now feeling better boh? :(

mistipurple said...

ah. better. good good. just read above comment. wipe until must wash, this type of wiping because very sore. er.. too vivid or not? :P

angel said...

Dear misti,...
I'm better today! Wheeee!! Can stuff more things liao haha :p

Yes, tell me about the arse being painful! My tummy was like Twister liddat... rumble rumble and all... but all for the wrong reasons haha...

Thanks for the sayangs! I can kick @$$es liao! Heheh...

angel said...

Hahaha!!! Misti!!!!

I wipe AND wash wan... haha... sei lor... so paiseh everyone will read this... :p

Anonymous said...

wow, so full of events. i can b yr PR manager if u need errr, i mean, to organize yr events...including the diarhea, ahem! lol.

emmm, i miss the molten cho ko lat yg i makan dengan ko mooons ago. yg ni se-best tuh kerrrr?

kat maner pembangunan itu?? park city? belakang tuh, macam menjalara, kepong ajer? hehehe. memang lah, kon pirm.

k la, nak pi main sekuash nih! nak skorrr nih!!!


Will said...


Will said...

aiyak anonymous took the 3rd place... haih :P

zewt said...

makan so much... of cos kena la...

Jemima said...

Poor Angel! Next time.. eat in moderation, ya? ;)

a^ben said...

so eventful~! i also nak lolsss

Vincent said...

Yummy, but not good for tummy :)

Take care.

narrowband said...

Apocalypto was good rite? I'm sure 300 too, but I haven't watched it. I hope to catch 300 when the ori VCD or DVD is released :p

may said...


it was Baskin Robbins that did it, aitelyu!! hope your tummy feels better now. no more whirlwind or hurricane, ya?

*rub rub tum tum*

King's wife said...

all the makan session very heavy on the stomach leh. Go so many times, must be sore liao.
Glad you are feeling better. ;)

carcar said...

hope u feeling better by now.

really glad to meet u again, after at least 8mths.

u very funny leh i realise, kept on laughing...

*... look at teacher...yeer....*

iang gu goo said...

*gawks @ ur senarai*

mm sure scold u wan...

iang gu goo said...

(senarai makanan that is)

angel said...

Dear pemain skuashi,
U be my PR manager? U think I need ka? I'm my own PR manager :p How u gonna 'organise' my diarrhea??

Any dessert is good for moi ;)

Harap2 u dah skor dalam skuashi, pas tu, tak tension lagi...

Dear will,
Missed by a few seconds ;)

Dear zewt,
Actually, kena is good... helps to purge 'em ALL out at once haha...

Dear jemima,
Haha... I'm ok, thx... Actually, I didn't actually pig out... everything was in moderaton... but somehow..... heh heh... prolly too much of a 'good' food in those few days didn't do much good to the tummy :D

Dear a^ben,
Lu nak aper? :p

Dear vincent,
Haha... prolly a bit too much for the tummy this time around :) Thanks for the concern :)

Dear narrowband,
Apocalypto was... gory! But yeah, it's a good movie. 300 also gory but not really so great lor... I watched it in the cinema last time but this time on DVD, can see the cencored parts... wow...

Dear maymay,
Heheh... it wasn't the Baskin Robbins... I had a baaaad tummyache on the way to The Curve... really baaad... luckily was able to get a carpark outside Cineleisure and then what else, ran to the toilet lah!

It's a-ok now :) I think this way of purging is good also... helps not to put on extra weight muahahahaha! :p

Dear KW,
Haiyo... of cos sore ler... last nite, my tum tum was like thunderstorm liddat... at first I a bit confused, thot I was hungry haha... cos I didn't take dinner maa...

I'm glad that I'm better now :)

Dear carcar,
I'm good now :)

Yeah hor... after 8 months... The last 2 times, I couldn't see u... once was becos I was in Sweden, and the other time was becos I was in Penang... hmmmm... always wrong timing, huh? :)

Haha... I keep on laughing?? Shhh... dun say so loud laa... :p

Psstt! I AM the teacher...

Dear iang gu goo,
It's ok, everything sudah keluar liao... so, in the end, can I say that I din eat anything?? Muahahaha!!!


Chen said...

teacher teacher..
we all lup u :)
Bring teacher one glass of warm water

psss... remember the F&B confusion we had yesterday evening? :P

angel said...

Dear chen,
Wah wah... I got another new student arr? My 'biz' berkembang liao... kkkk...

Thanks for the warm water...

KKKKK... FB = Facebook, FB = Food n Beverage, FB = F**kbuddy... O.o

Anonymous said...

good morning jiejie angel

Kopi Soh said...

Wah you can reli eat hor, lidat we can be good kawan.

Winn said...

huh !!
y u din take pic of ur output? will b nice ler!!.....:)

so hor, today dont drink cold drinks. eat porridge . drink soup can already!

Winn said...

now we know how to get u update lioa.

we all can sense toooo!! haha

Aiyah Nonya said...

Nice ice cream and sausages.

You really ate so much ???? No wonder....yeah it is way too evil to put "that" on your site.

ehon said...

kekekekekekekekeke! i see my name! :P i didn't get to chup!! cos i was dead sleeping liao. :P i was sooooo tired ler last night. sighs! nvm nvm. can chup again! :D :D

good lar u feel better!! eat so muchhh!!!!!!!! i also wanna eat ler! :( is that ice cream, the first pic? *gulp* so tempting, so tempting!!!

laundryamah said...

ayo so siong leh...i remember my last diarrhea episode was in sad..couldn't eat cos it happened on the 1st day leow!!!!! Good thing it was a short one..

Huei said...

get well soon okies! take some pou jai yuin! *hugz*

ahhh icecream!!! i wan icecream!! the chocolate..ahh!! i wan!!!!!!!

okies..icecream tomoro! hehehhe

mistipurple said...

*looks in*
anymore things to eat? hahaha

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

I do all the dirty work at home... *sweat*... the men at my house all useless! *blek blek*

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Nah just talking nonsense! Hehehahaha! Just did some toilet fixing at home and it's so messed up! Anyway... I'M SO HUNGRY!!!!!! ARG!!!! The food u posted it up!! So so good!!

conan_cat said...

lol food spree!! until diarrhoea plak haha... sakitnya, sayang sayang, butt got pain anot?? nxt time i wanna eat like u also then see got diarrhoea anot kakaka...

Bibik Nyonya said...

wahh you makan so much! Acelly baskin robin my fav also...i think i wanna marry an ice cream man next time. Ha ah ha ha!

Bibik Nyonya said...

wahh you makan so much! Acelly baskin robin my fav also...i think i wanna marry an ice cream man next time. Ha ah ha ha!

zeroimpact said...

I want the ice cream
Heh heh heh
And don't want the coming out part

JL said...

aiyo ke lian... next time kennot sapu so many food call gua ok... DBJL will come help you :P

get well soon!

Pookyma said...

What the?????8-9 times??shit till lost count??Eh u shit so muany times got lose weight mou??

8-9 times i die d lo...lembik terus...hahah

The mix grill looks nice!!!!!!!

UnkaLeong said...

Poor thing. Hope you feel better soon ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Laosai ah? LOL... take Poh Chai pills la... and drink 100 plus, sure will be ok la.

angel said...

Dear misha,
Good evening to you! :)

Dear kopi soh,
Hahaha! Paiseh!!! :p
I din eat that much, u know...

Dear winn,
Watt tatt la u...

Today I eat like normal liao... no more yucky outputs...

You can sense? Haha.. of cos you can... tomolo is Wordless day liao! ;)

Dear aiyah nonya,
Dunno whether izit becos I ate too much or becos of what...

If I put "that" in my blog, sure will kena scold wan... hehe...

Dear ehon,
Yeah lor... I blog because of u and u went to do wat? You went to zzzzz... cukup potong stim... :p

You want that desert? Can... next month? ;)

Dear laundryamah,
Gee... laosai during vacation is really sien! Touchwood! That's why must bring ubat laosai... :D

Dear ah huei,
I'm good now! Thanks! *hughughug*

You may have your ice cream & choc ;)

Dear misti,
Gotttt!!! KL always have a lotta food wan... ;)

Dear nastasshea,
Haha... your comment indeed made me blur blur a bit.. :p but adoi, kesian you... smack all the men in your house! How come liddat??

Hope your toilet is totally fixed by now... faulty toilets are really a no-no...

Dear conan_cat,
U think laosai 8-9 times, arse got pain anot?? U tell me! :p

But good also lor... no need to get so fat muahahahaha!!!! U sure u wanna try ka?

Dear bibik,
I dun think I makan that much but... u wanna marry the ice cream man? Hmmmm... ada macam kinky liddat... hehe... OKlah, all the best in finding your "Ai-kling Man" ;)

Dear zeroimpact,
Oi, mana boleh... what goes in, MUST come out wan...

Dear JL,
OK! You say wan haaa... dun forget, yeah, DBJL! :p

Thanks, I'm ok liao :)

Dear pookyma,
Yalah... kenot meh... so many times, u know... :p

Lose weight ah? Got kua... but oni for that day haha :p

Is that mix grill? O.o Hmmm... but no chicken wor...

Dear unkaleong,
Hello! Long time no see... I see that you'll be heading back to KL soon... KL welcomes you home! ;)

I'm alright now, thanks :)

Dear kenny,
Poh Chai yuen & 100 plus, ok. Thx for the sugg. :)


ehon said...


i totally totally cant wait for next month! two more weeks! wahhhhh!!! can't wait to meet u lerrr!!! :D :D

eastcoastlife said...

aiyoooo... kesian. Eat too much until lao sai. Poor Angel.Next time call me to help you eat the food mah. I can walk oledi. kekeke....

*scribble down the places of makan in KL*

Chen said...

good night teacher
today student zzz early :)

Simple American said...

Thanks for omitting the output.

I like the new blog skin. Really slick. Great for serving food on. ;)

angel said...

Dear ehon,
Now that you mentioned... yeah hor... only 2 weeks before u come back! So fast!!!

Dear eastcoastlife,
Hehehe... I'm okay liao! Can eat summore! Haha...

Hey, no need scribble scribble wan... you come KL, I take you around!! OK?? (But dun forget to bring along some charcoal pills, just in case... hehe...)

Dear chen,
Aiks... new student ka??
Welcum... ah good student, zzz early... *pat pat* :p

Dear Sir SA,
Hahaha... It would be GROSS until can die if I put that pic up!!!

Thanks for liking the new skin :) Muaks!


L B said...

How come? I wanna come too!!! Where's my ticket? What happened? AROO! AROO!!!

angel said...

Aiyoh... what the talking you? Where you wanna cum? What ticket you want?? What what what???

U ok?
U going back soon wor...
2 more weeks...
*sniff sniff*

YATTA!!! Kakakaka... just kidding :p

Hope to see u again b4 u leave ;) We not yet Bak Kut Teh!!!

Bibik Nyonya said...

wahhh....i want the diamond bikinis! But i dun really ee the point of wearing it...doesn't cover anything also....ha ha ha ha!!

angel said...

Aiks, apasal lu komen di sini? O.o

That's the point of the 'attire'... it's not to cover anything wan... hehe...