Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spotted At Patpong's Night Market - Wordless Wednesday Chapter 3

Patpong, Bangkok, Thailand




Jemima said...

Which one did you buy? :P

Happy Wednesday! :)

Simple American said...

What Jemima said?


*fans self*

Is it getting hot in hear?

ehon said...

chup first! lol!! :D

ehon said...

I HEARTCHUUUUU ANGELIUUUUUULIUUUU!! :D :D Hahahahaha! i know u purposely update so i can chup right right right?!! :D :D

Did u buy any of those? *ahem*

PonGLanD said...

the 5th one got count ar??....hehehe ooo..u got buy and wear to office or not??? u sure can get promotion very fast one like tat..

JL said...

aiyer... dun buy! so trampy...

Angel Eyes said...

Angel dearest,

dun buy.. looks like so cheap lah..

Oscar's Mommy said...

whoa!!! kinky wednesday..... so did you bought any?

zeroimpact said...

And I thought these are only sold in high class shops
I guess there's a market everywhere

a^ben said...

I know u buy the stuff which u took picture... so thats.. *count*.. 6 setS!! muahahahahahhaaa!!!


Huei said...

wah! sexy!!!!

i like the last pic leftmost one! =P

angel said...

Dear jemima,
I bought... nothing. More sexy, no? Muahahahaha!

Happy WW!

Dear Sir SA,
Need a fan? Aircond??? :p

Dear ehon,
Ei, I updated it like 4 hrs before u commented, ok... but see u so happy, oklor, at least got 1 hug heh heh...

Did I buy? For what???

Dear pong dee,
Soli no count... you are not the 5th but the 4th... try again nxt time, k?

Huh??? Wear to ofis? U got fever arr??

Dear JL,
Kakakakaka... I also dunno ppl buy for what...

Dear angel eyes,
Of cos ler aku tak beli... I just thot they look tarak masuk akal :D

Dear oscar's mummy,
Haha! Kinky it is! Me buy for what? For who?? :p

Dear zeroimpact,
Ha??? They look high crass meh?? Everyone says trampy, cheap etc...

Well, what can you expect in Patpong, the famous Red Light District in BKK? ;)

Dear a^ben,
I buy them all? No... I buy more than 6 sets! Muahahahhaha *blek*

Dear ah huei,
Did you buy any when you were in Phuket? :)


'B' said...

I like some of these... How much did they cost though??

Happy WW!!

mharia said...

i wouldn't fit into any of these now! LOL
the green with the skirty thing (third shot) looks nice ... ;P

happy WW!

tegdirb92 said...

OH, I could never fit into something like that :)

Leonard said...

so next week's wordless wednesday would be a picture of you in one of these?

or i should expect some sneak photographs that you took when waiting past those bars!

mudpie said...

BUY BUY !!! SO KINKY so cuuuuuuunnnnn i RRRRRIKKKEKEEEEE kikkkkikikikkkk

mudpie said...
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Aiyah Nonya said...

I am wordless....

Did you buy any. Must show us if you did. :)

Have a nie day

Aiyah Nonya said...

Btw I got a tag for you. :)

eastcoastlife said...

OMG!!! I gotta have these!!! kekeke.... Chris wouldn't be able to sleep every night. hohoho.......

Me said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leonard said...

you're TAGGED!!!

ZAM said...

I'm laughing so hard now. Strings, strings and strings! Which one ended up as part of your wardrobe? Am caught off guard with these pics.

Chen said...

instead of asking how many sets u buy, i will ask how many shots u take?

Anonymous said...

*ahem* how cum we didn't see these in the markets? : p I guess we didn't go to the "right" places...hahaha


Firehorse said...

When I kam bek u take me there? :P

Cocka Doodle said...

My dearest Angel, Faster choose the set you fancy and let's get naughty tonite!

What?? Still no size ah? The cups runneth over ah?

angel said...

Dear 'B',
Hello there!
*brings Red Carpet*
Coffee? Tea? :)

How much did they cost? Haha... I have no idea! Hehe... Hope you had a WWW! (Wonderful Wordless Wednesday)

Dear mharia,
Hello there!
*brings Red Carpet*
Coffee? Tea? ;)

Haha! I don't think I'd fit into them too! Hmmm... I also liked the one you picked... not that trampy, huh? :)

Hope you also had a WWW!!!

Dear tegdirb92,
That makes the two of us ;)

Dear leonard,
Hahaha!! Picture of me?? You wish! :p

I have no idea what's gonna come out next week :) Wait and see lor... :p

Dear mudpie,
Muahahahahaha!!! Lu memang bolehhhhhh!!!! :p

Okeh, I'll get a few for you the next time I pi Bangkok, okies! Make sure you pakai... your preference is in the morning, kan? Kakakaka :p

Dear aiyah nonya,
Hahaha... I knew some ppl would be caught offguard when I decided to post these pics up :P

Me? Nah... Din buy... too shy ler...

Thanks for the tag! Gimme some time, okies?

Dear eastcoastlife,
Hahaha! U also want ah? OK OK! I'll get a coupla sets for you nxt time I go there!! :p

Chris would thank me, doncha think so? Hehehe...

Dear Me,
Ei, why lah delete comment pulak?? I was in Patpong to look see look see la... :p

Dear Leonard,
Thanks lah for the tag and the lup... :p

Dear ZAM,
Haha... oops... sorry for catching you offguard! Hehe... Pssttt... not only strings... got chains too! Hehe... kinky, huh?

Haha, fortunately (or not?) none ended up in my wardrobe hehe...

Dear chen,
You are the best sampat partner! Ask me the ngam-est question wan! Haha...

I took 5 shots... the other 2 a bit blur cos kan cheong wanna take so many haha! Actually, I dare dare take the pics at this shop becos my friend's sis was negotiating the price with the shopkeeper... her friend asked her to get a crotchless panty for her haha! :p

Dear M,
Haaaaa... You know why you guys missed it? Cos you were too busy checking out the *ahems*... kakaka... :p

Dear firehorse,
Hehehe... can! Can! But it's in Bangkok, you know...

My dearest cocka,
Neh, I oredi told you which one I want ma...

Ei, where got cup wan? Apalah...


Anonymous said...

Where's the rest of it??? :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Angel, words fail me see those exotic pics, so here is, 'OOOwwwwwoooooo', a Canadian wolf howling when see that, ha ha, and here's me, "WhooooHoooo"!
You be cool...and don't wear those attire when cool weather, might catch cold. UL.

sengkor said...

ohh.. no wonder tht day u walk got cling cling sound la.. u r wearing those...

Will said...

wah... so kinky ah? hahah

dreamie said...

patung pakai saja, kalau
catwalk lagi CHUN !.... :P

Anonymous said...

lol. chop sai bra beb ni lor???? lol!

i nak tengok u dalam salah satu kinky wear nii. kalau u tak nak beli, i buat kan untuk ko. biar aku collect semua rafia string yang orang guna untuk bungkus sayur/daging dulu.

so, ko suka patpong kerr? aku tak suka, coz, ....ada suatu bau....yucks!


may said...

H O W C O M E you're not wearing the bikini wan? pose faster, pose! tiga-some! kkkkkk!

laundryamah said...

fuiyoh! dare to wear or not??? saw a lot in Mongkok HK too...kekekeke

Vad3r said...

ya la they look so fugly & cheap..go la senza better la..

nyonyapenang said...

wah....looks hazardous lar.

King's wife said...

you bought any? :D

plink said...


Celestine said...


conan_cat said...

lol... scary nya!! i wonder who will buy and wear them... so kinky lor!!! XD

Simple American said...

Happy Merdeka Angel *hugs*

Put on the special clothes to celebrate and take a pictire. :P

angel said...

Dear so lost,
Hullo there! :) Thanks for dropping by...

The rest? Errr... errr... there's just too many! :p

Dear U.Lee,
U not supposed to say anything cos it was after all, Wordless Wednesday! Haha... I knew you'd come with your famous Canadian wolf whistle!

Me wear it? Haha... For who? Sure you'll get heart attack wan... kaka...

Dear sengkor,
Hahaha! Sei sengkor!!! Blek!

Dear will,
Kinky, huh?
But.... u no like mehhh??? :p

Dear dreamie,
Haha! Lu mau itu catwalk, LU kena pakai lorrr :p

Dear budak bangkok,
Amboi amboi... budak ni memang banyak songeh! Asyik tukaq nama saje...

U nak tengok I pakai?? Eh hallo... Hang ni dah tak sayangku lagi, nak expect aku pakai kinky wear ini plak... memang melampau betul budak nie...

Aku tak ada apa2 perasan terhadap Patpong tapi aku ada rasa takut biler mereka cuba 'tarik' kita orang masuk tengok 'pertunjukan harimau'... yeeee... takut... and it was sooo cheap, the tix...

Actually, we did go inside one bar... with girls dancing on poles... hodoh betul mereka tu...

Dear maymay,
Ha? Me wear bikini? U call these bikini?? Waaa... how can??? :p

Ahem... tiga-some wt who wor? O.o

Dear laundryamah,
Ha? Mongkok oso got ah? Hmmm... I din see last time... ask me to wear? Can... wear in the bedroom ma can lor! :p

Dear nyonyapenang,
Hazardous, yes... esp. for the men... kakakaka...

Dear KW,
Me? No wor... but nxt time if I see again, maybe I'll buy kaka... but of cos not those 'strings' only wan ler... u want? ;)

Dear plink,

Dear celestine,
Hello! Welcome! Thanks for the comment...

Haha... sexy? U wanna? ;)

Dear conan_cat,
Scary ah? Why scared worrr...

Who will buy? Those show gurls lah! So many of them... ;)

Dear Sir SA,
Thank you!!!
Love the merdeka hugs hehe...

Hahaha! Take pic of me in these "special" clothes?? Haha... u r so smart... HOW COME?? Kekeke...


narrowband said...

Wah those kind of pakaian also can consider pakaian ar... Not ticklish meh like dat :p They tickle people's eyes though... kekek...

Happy Merdeka!!

c o n s u e l a said...

Those look good on the manequins and that's about...nice to look at but to actually buy and wear that's another different story :)

Hope you're having a nice Merdeka weekend holiday!!


Lin Peh said...

You were spotted at the Curve yesterday.

angel said...

Dear narrowband,
Ha? U summore think of 'ticklish'? Will be ticklish meh? :p It tickles your eyes, not pops it ah? :p

Happy hols!

Dear c o n s u e l a,
Haha... I really donno how many ppl would actually wear it... :0)

Yes, it's always great to have long weekends! *hughugs*

Dear lin peh,
Whoa... ada spy...


braddy said...

you're gonna wear one of those for braddy tonite isit??? :P :P

angel said...

Dear braddy,
I wear it for my Honey... :p

confessing7girl said...

WOW OMG i dont knoow what to say! literally wordless!! :D

angel said...

Dear confessing7girl,
Wordless was what I was looking for! ;)

Neo said...

Sexy! I saw plenty of them when I visited Phuket 2 months ago.

angel said...

Dear neo,
Hello there! Welcome welcome...
*brings Red Carpet*

Sexy ka? Heh... not slutty? O.o
So... did u buy any for yr gf(s)?? :p