Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lin Peh's Boob Burfday!!!

Hi, I'm Betty!
H a P p Y b I r T h D a Y , l I n P e H !


Last time, a friend used to call me Betty cos'
he said I 'look' like Betty Boopb wor...


Got similiarity meh??


Jemima said...

Must be your boobs. :p

Happy Birthday Lin Peh!

dreamie said...

so you look so 'yummlicious' wan ar?
HAHAhahhha... :P

*Sang Yat Fai Lok* to Lin Peh

zewt said...

got big birthday celebration or not? hahaha!!

ehon said...

happy birthday betty and lin peh!

i missed the chups! boooo! :P

Chen said...

Happy Birthday Linpeh..

Angel as Betty Boobs,
oops... Betty Boo?

may said...

Happy Boobday, Lin Peh!!

hmmm, now that you mentioned it... you do have that cuteness like Betty Boob! hehe!

nyonyapenang said...

Happiessss Birthday to Mr Linpeh!
May you always be sim cheng cheng.

ehon said...

why did i say happy birthday betty? :P nvm. ignore that! lol!!!

mistipurple said...

ya hor!!! especially those pouty lips and er... boobs!!!

Happy Birthday Lin Peh!

narrowband said...

Ok, this never crossed my mind until you mentioned. Must be those big round eyes and pouty lips as mentioned by mistipurple;p

Happy Monday!! *Hopes it doesn't rain* Wet Mondays are the worst way to kick-start a brand new week

keeyit said...

happy birthday to you..

looks like betty boop ok ar... sexy nia... hehe

narrowband said...

OH OH... Forgot... And ALso... Happy burfday to LINPEH!

Kenny Ng said...

Oh.... it's Linpeh's Birthday! Happy Birthday to Linpeh the piaomei supplier... :P

Pookyma said...

Man i totally agree with Linpeh that u look like that Betty girl!!!!!!

Aiyah Nonya said...

Hey Betty Boop very sexy you know. That is a nice compliment.
Now I can imagine you as an angel with a a Betty Boop figure.
Wah, sure to make the opposite sex head turn whenever you walk past.
Phwee....(wolf whistle)

ah nel said...

if urs push up a bit then wil seem like betty boob! :P

Happy Buttday Youngman!!!

Lin Peh said...

Tank Q u. So, where the boob ? ;-)

Vincent said...

Hi, .... Vincent here

Happy belated bday to ur fren! And thanks for stopping by my blog.

>> Haha! U r farnies...

Thanks for the compliment ;)

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

Huei said...

OwH linpeh's bday??


savante said...

Betty Boop damned cute mah!

Hope you had a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

kalo ko tak beritau, memang tak terlintas pikiran....emmm, memang ada resemblance skit.....bagus lah..kiraq ko nie seksi dan chun lah tu....kembang la ko!!!!


rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to Lin Peh!

*trying hard to imagine what angel looks like*

plink said...

Happy Belated Birthday to LinPeh!

angel got look like Betty Boop?

kyh said...

ooh my angie looks like betty BOOB! luckily u din say u look like PETTY POO~ KKKKKKKKKK

and happy boobday linpeh!!!

PonGLanD said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!


i dunnu got similarity or not..maybe post up ur picture then i can tell u la...kekeek!!!!

wooohh hoooo!!!!!

Jackson said...

hapy birthday to yr friend!! hehe.

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Birthday Lin Peh!
You look cuter than Betty Boo lah!

So huggable! *hugzzzz.....*

Sasha said...

wuah big bossi's bday. HAPPY BOOBDAY LIN PEH!

Winn said...


angel said...

I'll be back later to reply to your comments!

Bernard said...

Hapy Birthday Linpeh!

Yup.. come to think of it.. "Yes you do" :-)

angel said...

Dear Jemima,
Hush... not too loud, yeah?

Dear dreamie,
Hahaha... ya... but only in your dreams lorr... :p

Dear zewt,
U wanna hv a party for him? ;)

Dear ehon,
Betty's birthday is over ;)

Dear chen,
Piak u baru tau... :p

Dear may,
I DO????
Heh heh...
*blink blink*

Dear nyonyapenang,
He's forever cheng wan ;)

Dear ehon,
U must be too pom chak chak that's why blur blur...

Dear misti,
Do I hv pouty lips?? Dun hv ler... oni Angie has it ;)

Dear narrowband,
Get outta here... show me my pouty lips! Mana?? Mana?? :p

Today already Wednesday... haiii... where did the time go??? Sien...

Dear kenny,
So, he got supply to u anot jek?

Dear keeyit,
Hello there! Welcome!
*brings Red Carpet*
Make yrself comfy :)

Me sexy arr? Ahem... shy ler... :p

Dear pookyma,
Ei, that one is not Linpeh say wan la.... that's my other friend! :p

Which part look like Betty wor?

Dera aiyah nonya,
Haha... ya, I know Betty Boop is sexy but... I not maa... haha...

Dear ah nel,
Piak your kepala!
Ei, Youngman is Aceone la...

Dear vincent,
Hello there! Thanks for dropping by :)
*brings Red Carpet*
Make yrself comfy!

Dear ah huei,
Yup, his bird-day was last Sunday :)

Dear savante,
Hehe... OK la... I admit, I'm CUTE! :p Errr... not my burfday, BTW...

Dear rinnah,
Hahaha... dun imagine... I ain't no look like Betty! Maybe only the *ahem* got similiarity... haha!

Dear plink,
Hahaha! I'm sure you are a Betty in your own ways *wink*

Dear kyh,
How are u, dahling? We missssed u!!!

Poo? Who? You?? :p

Dear pong dee,
Post my pic? Haha! NO WAY! :p

Dear jackson,
Hello there! Welcome!
*brings Red Carpet*
Kopi? Teh for u? ;)

Dear eastcoastlife,
Hahaha... dun say liddat... make me Super Paiseh!!! But thanks haha!

Dear sasha,
Hello, long time no see :)

Dear winn,
Xiexie Winn Meimei...

Dear angel,
U damn lazy to reply to comments hor hor horrr???

Dear bernard,
Haha... woei... dun hv to follow everyone to agree on this one, ok... I really don't think me & Betty are similiar in any way la... :p
But if u r implying that I'm cute, then okay lah... haha!


angel said...

Dear peluncur,
Sorry, termiss your comment...

Ei, ko jangan ikut orang ler... orang kata ada resemblance, u pun agree... mana resemblance-nyer?? Atas ke, bawah? :p

Aku kembang? Mana ko nampak aku kembang? Dan kembang mana, HUH??? :p

k.t.x said...

aku pun tak terlintas nak cek komen nie sampai

hey hey, sorry lah yeah, tapi, i tak/kurang baca komen orang lain dah....takde masa dan tak minat sangat anyways. so, my komen tentang u mirip betty booB tu, memang ikhlas.....

moreover, i tak suka terikutikut dengan kata2 orang. kalau i terikut2, maksudnya, i tidak akan love thailand, coz, kebanyakan orang kater, thailand tak best, tak kelas.

so, to summarize, ko=betty

angel said...

Okaylah cik abang... point noted... aku tau, ko sayangku... tapi, won't hurt to show me every now and then haha :p