Saturday, August 18, 2007

Setengah Speechless Saturday!

* L A Z Y M O D E *

H O W C O M E ? ? ?

* C O S ' G O T W O R K *

But because Ahboy & Pookyma already pushed me to update, so nahhhh!


Last Wednesday, a^ben forced asked if I would like to attend a 'function' at the Apostrophe Gallery at Central Market, KL, because... aiyah, you see the pictures then you'll know why... oh, I dragged Ms. A along...

The "Wall of Fame"...






Some of the 16-words stories turned into art pieces...







This underwear art is interesting... I translate for you...


Dilla, don't tell anyone, yeah...


Our sexcret, you'll get $$$$$...


Uncle Jamal smiled hamsap-ly...(dirty smile)


Suddenly, I eyed the ONE art piece that I came for...




Sent in by him, of course...



mistipurple said...

chuppppp wahhh ahben so clever!

Jemima said...

Interesting exhibits they have. :)

Happy weekend, Angel. ;)

Chen said...

finally u no more wordless, huh? :D
so many teh kor, too bad not blue-blue tei :P

p/s: Ah boy sampat also, huh?

Chen said...

still looking at ben ben's piece of art...

Cocka Doodle said...

Itu Ah Ben mia underwear ka?

narrowband said...

Wah banyak workload hor these days - busy til no update blog :(

ehon said...

la di da da! lol. speechless? how come?

ben sent in the art or what? hmm.. i don get it..

carcar said...

hmmm, indeed very arty farty. dont know wat are they :P muahahhaa...

Anonymous said...

The exhibition or the gallery was held inside the Central Market itself? The exhibition hall looks spacious

a^ben said...

woah` thanks for showing the picture angel~ hahahaha wait so long want to see how he interprets it :D

thankiuk~~ kekekekek

a^ben said...

btw, i like the tei koh` hahaha!!! :P

Kenny Ng said...

Really catch no balls with all the art works.

ah nel said...

go london bisit sextoys shop come back malaisia bisit underwear shop pulak!

LB said...

Waaa,,, ABen's underwear so big wan!

may said...

pretty nice and big teh kors, huh! a^ben sure does know how to pick his undies!

Anonymous said...

best ker? biler dah jadi arty nih??? hehehe.


zewt said...

gee... what's with the underwear art? ahaha!

Ah Boy said...

ah boy dunno ah boy so keng wan..
pushing angel jiejie to update, she really go update woh..


Monk[+]Icon said...

wat the heck.. like this art gallery pon ada ka?

angel said...

It's like this... there's a competition at whereby you can send in a 16-word story and if chosen, will be turned into art pieces like these la... And as expected... most of you are attracted to the teh kors/underwears kakkaakaka...

Dear misti,
Yalor... ahben very creative but hor... not he draw the art wan... he oni gib the words ;)

Dear jemima,
Uh huh, quite interesting but I finished admiring them in 15 mins :D

With some work to be done, this is not a happy weekend... *cries*

Dear chen,
No more wordless... just setengah nia... :p

Oni 3 teh kors... :p

Ahboy follow u, that's why sampat...

So, after looking at benben's whatchu think jek? O.o

My dear cocka,
I think will fit you better... heheh...

Dear narrowband,
Not really... it's just that I'm a procrastinator... arrghhh!!!

Dear ehon,
How Come? Lazy! :p

Ben sent in the 16-word story and those gallery ppl turned it into an art piece... understood? :)

Dear carcar,
Too arty for me too! :P

Dear sue,
It's actually held at the place called Annexe, which is just behind Central Market (prolly part of CM, not sure...)

The exhibition hall 'looks' spacious because there ain't that many art pieces :D

Dear a^ben,
You are most welcome! That's my assignment ma... U said they'll show in the website but dun hv also geh...

See, Unker Cocka asked if that's your teh kor... :p

Dear kenny,
U rocker... U no artist... that's why catch no balls! :p

Dear ah nel,
U huat seo, izit??

Dear L B,
Heh heh... I thinks can fits you better lorrr... :p

Dear maymay,
Those are not benben's wor... too big for him, me thinks muahaahhaha!

Dear surfer,
Alah... aku nie memang dah dilahirkan berseni... :p

Dear zewt,
THAT is why they called it A R T !

Dear ah boy,
Ah boy kuai kuai... dun follow chen so sampat, ok?
*throws siew yoke*
*pat pat*
*massage massage*

Dear ah monk,
Itu actually is memang berseni... orang yang tak berseni sure tarak paham... :p


King's wife said...

Ahhh...I remember reading about this 16-word short story. Didnt know they were going to be turned to art pieces. How interesting...
But hor, itu art piece for aben's entry, I tarak faham. Obviously, I'm not arty-farty. Heehee...

angel said...

Dear KW,
It is actually very interesting those art pieces :)

Har? U tarak faham itu ahben's entry ahh? Neh.. liddis... his story, "He stood on stage with poise so great. His baton dropped and all was lost."

Meaning hor... that fella menang no. satu (I think), stood on the podium, holding his baton (which must be the prize kot...) and then he dropped the baton and all was lost becos under the podium got SHIT maaa... hahaha... got it??? :D

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! Ah Ben so cleber! His 16-word short story was turned into a piece of art!

So many art pieces, like most people, I noticed the underwear. hehehe....

Bibik Nyonya said...

wah i just went there last week to watch a theatre! Ha ha ha!

angel said...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Yeah... ahben is very the cleber!

I suppose it's only 'human' to be attracted to the teh kors... haha!

Dear bibik,
Har? There can watch theatre wan ka? Mana? Annexe as well? I went on Wed... which day did u go? O.o


Huei said...


no wonder i'm not an art person! heheheheh so deep!

rinnah said...

Me catch no balls cos' me not arty farty enough leh... hehehe. Even after explanation also still not very faham.

conan_cat said...

oh my, i never knew got this exhibition hall lor! at central market right, i must go there one day... now these things are pretty interesting! :D who says there are no conceptual artists in malaysia, hmm??

angel said...

Dear ah huei,
Har? U also no faham ka? Aiyah, neber mind lah... U not arty but u r a scientific person! ;)

Dear rinnah,
Aiks... u also no arty ka? Hmmm... I'd hv thot u were arty enuff... u r a science gurl then ;)

Dear conan_cat,
*brings Red Carpet*
At first I thot u r a Catwoman kakaka :p

Anyway, thanks for the comment and I saw what u said to pookyma in his blog :p Ei, he no sakit ok... he's thankful, in fact heh heh... ;)

Well, before this I also didn't know there's this place called Annexe in Central Market... What I find interesting in CM are the shops... they are different from before... the last time I stepped foot at CM was years ago... this time, I felt like a tourist going around CM hehe... got some nice souvenirs to get if u intend to find some :)

There are lots of creative ppl out there actually! ;)


JL said...

ngapa tak ajak gua...

gua suka benda lucartistik macam tu juga...


angel said...

Dear jl,
Solly!!! OK, nxt time gua ajak lu pi jugak... :)