Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our Appetizers - Wordless Wednesday Chapter 2


mudpie said...

mamam chup!!

nyonyapenang said...

looks too good to eat!

ah nel said...

tasteless oso???

tegdirb92 said...

looks delicious!!

eastcoastlife said...

I love Vietnamese popia and beef noodles! Happy WW!

Sandy Carlson said...

Looks great to me!

Jemima said...


JL said...

Lucky number 8 chup! :P

may said...

we go mamam next week, ya? ;-)

mistipurple said...

eat on my behalf when the weeeee gang meets, ya?

Leonard said...

grab the poh piah with prawn and runs away...

i also didnt talk! ;P

ehon said...

did u eat for me this time? :D

Pookyma said...

Wah....nice food...looks delicious!!...ur very tham ciak!!!!!!!

Oscar's Mommy said...

whoa! rice paper roll... vietnamese food.... i super like!!

ZAM said...

Lumpia ey? We call it lumpia here. Love fresh lumpia a lot.

Aiyah Nonya said...

Vietnamese spring rolls, yummy

day-dreamer said...


Got miss me mah? Hahaha...

Chen said...

open mouth big big..
wordless liao
dunno wat to say..

*curi one piece*

Anonymous said...

ini makanan viet nih...hehehe. kat maner? tak ajak pon....arrrgh, belah


a^ben said...

me want vietnamese food!!!

Special K ~Toni said...

Looks delicious! Happy WW!

Kenny Ng said...

Looks like Vietnam food wor... I like their coffee, I got it too! Want drink? Haha

c o n s u e l a said...

Ooooooo, those spring rolls looks delicious! Taking that first bite...heaven!

U.Lee said...

Hi Angel, ahhh, I like this blog decor, easier on the eyes. Nice. And virgin white background too.
You keep well Angel, UL.

Cocka Doodle said...

*Cocka reading the subtle message on the plate.....noticed everything in pairs there*

So my dearest dated a Vietnamese guy?

Simple American said...

I am on a quest for Viet Namese egg rolls thank you very much. :P

Huei said...

so hungry!!!!!

wut's the main course?? i wann i wann!!!

Firehorse said...

I love Vietnamese springrolls since they are very healthy, no oil :P

rinnah said...


dreamie said...

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY good concept wor,
no words also can make such interesting post !!

Waaah... this food is so tempting, it's my all time favourite ... :P

conan_cat said...

ooo yummy yummy! :D hungry me liao haha... wordless wednesday, i think i wanna learn that too XD

Winn said...

i luv non fattening food!~~

liucas said...

godteacher, u got vote me or not

moz monster said...

eh ... are liu in ... vietnam ??? i'll be there next week !!!

Ah Boy said...

hopefully today no wordless liao.
ah boy wanna yak with angel jie

sengkor said...


*wordless comment*

angel said...

Dear mudpie,
Mambo Jambo Chup!!!

Dear nyonyapenang,
It tasted good as well!

Dear ah nel,
Nope, it's tasty!

Dear tegdirb92,
Must be the shrimp, huh? :D

It IS yummy!

Dear eastcoastlife,
Vietnamese popia is the bestest! And healthier than our fried popia ;)

Now is Happy Flyday liao! Yippies!

Dear Sandy Carlson,
Hullo there!
*brings Red Carpet*

Hehe... it tasted great too :)

Dear Jemima,

Dear JL,
Hehe... Fatt Tatt ah? :p

Dear may,
Are you here yet??

Dear misti,
I'll try to eat your fish & chips & siu loong pao again for u...

Dear leonard,
*chases after leonard*

Dear ehon,
I always eat on behalf of you... I'll need to go find your goreng pisang liao! :p

Dear pookyma,
Tham jiak meh??
Everyday you also hv to jiak wat... *blek*

Dear oscar's mommy,
You super like ah?
Looks like quite a lotta ppl also like :)

Dear ZAM,
Hullo there!
*brings Red Carpet*
Ohhhh... You guys call it lumpia? Thanks! Learnt something new today :)

Dear aiyah nonya,
Uh huh! Does Singapore have any nice Vietnamese restaurants?

Dear day-dreamer,
Miss u ah?

Dear chen,
*throws char siew pao*

Dear peluncur ombak,
Hang suker makanan viet ker? Alah, manalah aku tau... Kalo hang belanja, aku bawak hang ke sana, okeh?

Dear a^ben,
Pssttt!!! Kuching got Vietnamese restaurant bo?

Dear Special K~Toni,
Hello! Welcome!
*brings Red Carpet*
It IS delicious! :)

Dear kenny ng,
Hehe... Wantttt! U make for me?? ^.^

Der c o n s u e l a ,
Heheh... looks like everyone is just eyeing the rice paper rolls :) Must be because of the shrimp...

Dear U.Lee,
Thanks :) You mentioned that last week already hehe...

My dear cocka,
Haha... of course must be in pairs... because yinyeong ma...

My date? Ahem... sufficient to say, he's the ONE & ONLY man in the world!!! Muahahahahaha!

Dear Sir SA,
U are? You have not tried it? Nah, I'm sure you must have tried it before... have you??

Dear ah huei,
Main course ah? Hmmm... come to think of it... we didn't have anything so 'main course' lookalike also... hehe... we had some prawn salad, then fried lotus rice, and a beef dish :)

Dear Kopi Soh,
Yeah! They are indeed healthy! But then hor... the shrimp maybe not that healthy lor... hehe...

Dear rinnah,

Dear dreamie,
Of cos good concept! You also can join maa... neh, go to the link, then just put the link of your entry when you sudah buat! :)

You also like Vietnamese food ahh? Bila mau belanja jek? ^.^

Dear conan_cat,
Hehe... you don't have to 'learn'... you can participate! Just go to the link and participate! :)

Dear winn,
We are all 'non-fat' people, you said wan... :p

Dear liucas,
Godstudent... vote liao larrr :p

Dear moz,
Soli to disappoint liu... I not jetsetter like liu... :(

Dear ahboy,
Kakakakkaka... ahboy so kiut de...
*gives one more char siew pao*
Dun bark at me ohhh... I massage u... :p


*wordless reply to SK*


Simple American said...

Yes I have. Which is why you inspired me to want some more. :)

Anonymous said...

alah, asyik kater "kalo i belanja"....belahlah ko.

sebenarnya sampai giliran ko pulak blanjah, tapi nak elakkan pulak....tak pro

aku menyerah lahhh


angel said...

Dear Sir SA,
Hope there's a good Viet restaurant in Sugarland? ;)

Dear peluncur,
Sanggup ko suruh aku belah...
*hati berpecah kepada sejuta keping*

Tengok, aku dah tau... ko memang tak sayangku punyer... saja cakap... sebab ko dah ada pompuan lain... tapi takper... aku nie, 'biskut yang kuat' (tough cookie), sanggup mengharungi lautan yang berombak ini...


Simple American said...

There are a lot of godd Vietnamese places in Houston and Sugar Land. Houston has the largest population of Vietnamese outside of Viet Nam.

angel said...

Wooo... now I know! Thanks for the info :) I only started trying Vietnamese food a few years ago. And now, lovin' it! :)