Monday, August 13, 2007

Swedish Stories Chapter VI (a)

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I got a replacement battery for my ApPearl Macbook a few days ago. Yeah, it was the battery that kaputed...

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III


It's been more than a month since I last wrote about my Swedish adventures. So today I'll continue to share with you some of the nicest place in this Scandinavian country. I mentioned to Narrowband once, that one of my favouritest place in Sweden is Skansen. I quote from its website, "Skansen is the oldest open-air museum in the world. Skansen is also a zoological park. It is located on the island of Djurgården, a royal park near the centre of Stockholm, and open every day of the year, except Christmas Eve."


Mini map of Skansen at the entrance.

The interactive map can be found here.


Got Stage & Restaurants, Fairground, Aquarium, Zoo...

We did not finish visiting everything in Skansen because we only allocated half day for this place. It's a pity actually... So, if you were to go to Skansen, make sure you spend the whole day there! There are alotta things to do and to see!


Can never get bored taking pics of looking at the tulips...


Some of the buildings under the category
Living History.
You know what's fun about this place? Inside most of these buildings, they actually made it 'alive' with people. Yeah, with folks who are historical interpreters in that period's costume. How cool is that? V E R Y C O O L ! ! !


Give you an example... this is the Älvros Farmstead,
a typical northern Swedish farm


This old man can be found inside the farmstead, sharpening some wood,

not too sure what the purpose was,
but it looked like some work for this ah pek...

To be continued...


Monk[+]Icon said...

wah.. very nice scenaries... gerori~~ one day i must go there too...

dreamie said...

APPLE OK .... yeepeeiiii !!!
i no go Sweden yet... but now after reading this post, i can go and dream first .... hehheee

Chen said...

now i know why u hilang earlier on

Chen said...

i totally lupa about the Swedish series liao leh... Kkkk.. tat was so long ago liao :P

i can access youtube woh
i just access only, after sampat-ing with u earlier on ;)

That Älvros Farmstead looks similar as the farm house in my kampung leh :P

angel said...

Dear ah monk,
But YOU are going to Amsterdam!!! I want followwwwwww!!!

Dear dreamie,
Hehe... ya, it's YIPPIE!!! Get free new battery! :)

You go dream first ah? Orh, ok... but after dream liao must go, ok? ;)

Dear chen,
KKKKK... I hilang cos I was on the phone larrr :p

I also lupa liao but I sim bo cheng, cos not yet finish my 'series' kkkkk... so trying to finish lor...

Now I also can access youtube liao, after doing my 'magic' touch on my modem :p

Har? The Swedish farmhouse look like your farmhouse ahh?? U got post the pic b4 arr? *kaypo* :p


may said...

I see more tulips! hmmmm... ok, I must check check botanical gardens this year whether got tulips also anot!

Winn said...

teacher teacher can we go there for nx school outing?? i promise i wont run around. i wana study thr. it looks like a quiet place...

ehon said...

u also same as ah may! update at night i cannot chup cos i busy dating with my bed. hmph!

makes me wanna go Europe even more now..

Will said...

lovely tulips... wheee :P

Huei said...

i love ur tulips pictures! so nice!! =D and i haven't seen tulips in real b4 >.<

the old man inside the farmstead looks so fake! i thought it was a drawing!!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

i want to go there too!!!!

zeroimpact said...

Wah still Swedish ah
I had some trouble with swedish but now seems ok edi
Work work work
Little dot tonight

mudpie said...

*eye poppin* more tulips!!!!

new battery??? H O W C O M E!!!

rinnah said...

Still on Sweden? Wanna do 14 parter like a^ben? Kekekekeke...

Eh, is the mini Legoland in Sweden?

PonGLanD said...

wahh.....nice nice nice....i wanna go also...i will...i will!!!

are the ppl there friendly??

i went KL to settle something lor..was busy until time to online also.. sob* sob*... to contact u oo..i dun have ur contact number or IM also.. :P

nyonyapenang said...

nice-nice colourful tulips...a soothing sight for tired eyes. didn't ask what's the sharpened wood used for ar?

narrowband said...

Nice little quiet place, I suppose? So you're the 'kawasan desa'-kind of person le? Looks real peaceful. If got clear blue skies everyday then I dun mind living in that kinda place my whole life :p It looks cloudy in the pics.

Oh you know what happened ar, my dad punya Dell laptop (the one I was using while my hdd kaputed - newer model, higher spec, yadda yadda), the battery is actually showing some faulty symptoms now. Exactly the same one experienced, by me, my friend Hui, and my sister.

Dell batteries I tell you...................................................... -__-"

savante said...

For a minute there I really thought that old man was a mannequin :) Muahahah!

Leonard said...

well, i guess this place sure eat up lots of memory space with so much photographs to be taken.

that's a real oldman?

laundryamah said... on my list of to go...

Cocka Doodle said...

My dear angel....when are you gonna reveal that 'swedish erotica' adventure jek?

Simple American said...

Looks like an interesting place. Tulips so colorful. So did the old man give you a hug? If not I will.


angel said...

Dear maymay,
Yeah! Please take more pics of flowers... please please... I love spring because of the Flowers! ;)

Dear Student Winn,
Errmmm... we hv to see the budget how first... if Headmistress say got $$$, then oni can go... U faster do well in your Facebook Assignment first, okay?

Dear PCC Ehon,
U hv to learn to hug your laptop in bed... like me... like ahmay... kkk... :p If not how to chup in the middle of the nite worrrr? :p

When do u plan to go to Europe? :)

Dear will,
U lup tulips ah? Me too! :D

Dear ah huei,
That was also my first time looking at real tulips, and in so many colours too. Really beauuuutiful! :)

The old man definitely looked like a mannequin but he's for real!

Dearie misha,
You'll have to pester your Daddy & Mummy to take you there! ;)

Dear zeroimpact,
U mean u had problem with Nokia ah?? Nokia is not Swedish worrrr :p

Dear mudpie,
*looks at your poppin' eye*
Amboi... besarnyerrr...

New battery becos old battery sudah kaput! :p

Dear rinnah,
Hehe... not sure how many parters this Swedish adventures will need! :p

Me thinks the mini Legoland is not in Sweden... If I'm not mistaken, it's in Denmark, another Scandinavian country ;)

Dear pong dee,
Yes, it's a very nice country. If got $$, must go! ;)

The people there are quite nice if you ask them for help :) The only thing is, a lot of public notices eg. at the bus stops, are all in Swedish -_-'''

Adoi... dun always sob sob ler...
*offers tissue*

My YM ID is at my profile page maa... ;) can find?

Dear nyonyapenang,
I can't get bored looking and admiring all the flowers during spring... very sui...

I think my fren did ask the old man but I sudah lupa liao... hehe...

Dear narrowband,
Actually hor, I'm not so 'desa' type... but it's really nice to be out in the country, esp. in a cool climate place :)

Skansen is not exactly a 'little' place lor... it's very big... Oh, and you haven't seen the REAL peaceful place yet! I'll show more really really beautiful & peaceful places in Sweden! I've managed to capture some of the most scenic pics I've ever seen! Save the best for last *wink*

Aiyak... all these lappie batteries really jialat wan hor? I really hope someone will cipta a batt that'll last for hours and hours and hours! Baru ada guna ma, hor?

Dear doc savante,
Didn't you visit Skansen while you were there?

Oh yeah, that ol' man really DID look a bit fake... if he were not moving, I'd hv thot he's a mannequin too! :p

Dear Leonard,
Yeah! I wished my camera had the capability to take more pics... I had to use my phone to snap pics after my camera battery's power depleted... u know la, camera battery cannot last very long wan... after 200 shots, finish liao...

Uh huh, that old man is real wan... looks like mannequin, huh? :p

Dear laundryamah,
Yeah! Go go go!

My dear cocka,
Aiyoh... all these erotica stuff better I tell you behind the four walls la... ngam mou?


angel said...

Dear Sir SA,
It IS an interesting place! Can't find it in Asia :)

Nope, the old man didn't offer any hugs... he was more worried about the visitors using flashlight in the farmhouse...

Yippie! More hugs!

k.t.x said...

wah, syiok nyer engko dapat melawat ke negri orang

hey, u dint go to any fiords in sweden? nampaknya, asyiiik towns ajer. emmm, their towns r not that medieval to get an ambience..not my, but dont mind to visit if

Lin Peh said...

How cum your Swedish story and Lin Peh wan so different wan ? By the way...the Sky Keep You made a post said he love you wor ;-)

L B said...

Where's my lormaikai?

angel said...

Dear k.t.x.,
Ko lawat lebih banyak daripada I... toksah nak perli I tau...

Ahhh... I still have not shown some of the most beautiful sights I captured there... sabar le... aku nie bukan always Uptown Gurl, tau?

Dear lin peh,
You got tell your Swedish stories before meh?

SkyKeepYou said he lup Angelssss... not lup me nia...

Dear L B,
Your lormaikai is in the shop... waiting to be steamed...


aiyah nonya said...

Hi angel

Glad to know that your 'apple' is back in action.

Nice pictures especially the tulips.

angel said...

Dear aiyah nonya,
Good to see you back again!
What's your fav flower? Roses? ;)

plink said...

Hurray, new battery!

Wah, the flowers, the flowers!!

*go play in the tulips*

JL said...

this Skansen place looks so nice...

(hope can kena loteri then pergi holiday :P)

Hurrah... Appearl is back on action. More stories from Angel :)

oh oh... like the tulips. Another country that i know which has lots of tulips is Canada... mau pigi sana? ;)

eastcoastlife said...

aahhhh... back to your Swedish adventure! Glad that you got a replacement for your battery. Now more posts!

I love the beautiful tulips!!! And the Swedish houses! Oh my! Awesome. Let's go on a holiday together! It would be fun. Hungweeee......... hahaha

Come down to Singapore. I'm better now! Can walk!!! Yeah!!

angel said...

Dear plink,
Uh huh! :)

*joins plink in the bed of two-lips*

Dear JL,
Skansen IS really interesting, u know... too bad didn't hv enough time to explore each building there :)

More stories arr? Orh... ok ok...

Canada?? Of course mauuuuu!!! Itu sajakah?

Dear eastcoastlife,
Hehe... not that I dowanna post... no time mar... u know lah, busy *ahemmmm* :D

Holiday with you would be great! A few of us are thinking of going to Kuching in Nov... u interested? ^^

Haha... now no hungweee :p

Yay!! Can walk liao! U lah, never update us about your condition wan...

Go Singapore? I want to... but now no teman and The Emperor is too bz even for a weekend SGP quickie! *snort*