Wednesday, November 07, 2007

First Night's Dinner & Supper in Kuching - Wordless Wednesday Chapter 13


Borneo's Jungle Fern a.k.a. Bilin / Milin cooked in Sambal (chili + prawn paste) [Can someone confirm the correct spelling? I can't find any scientific reference.]

Bilin up close...


Another type of fern (I think)
called 'paku' but not as nice as bilin...


Oyster Omelette - Sarawak style
(We still prefer Penang/West M'sian style)

Juicy Prawns...

Japanese tofu...

Black Pepper Chicken...

To digest dinner, a stroll along Kuching's waterfront...






After dinner has been digested, what's next? Supper!!!

Fried radish? (Char kueh)

Siu mai / sio bee / Chinese dumplings
(Not very good... West Malaysian's is better!!)

Beef soup with lotsa ... err... beefy stuff... :P (without noodles)

Happy Wordless Wednesday!!!
(OK, not that wordless today... heh...)


Chen said...


cos wordless liao mah..
busy drooling

Chen said...


all refering to the same thing
confusing leh?

Chen said...

i ditto with u
i prefer the penang oh chean too

char kueh is similar as the the char koay kak.

and i prefer the peninsular siu mai or sio bee too..

Kkkkk... i'm being "western-ified" liao :P

Chen said...

sorry woh Angel, i can only remain wordless for few seconds niah..


Chen said...

and i dun like paku too..
i prefer bilin..
(cos of the after taste after eating paku..)


cham, cannot stop talking liao..


Chen said...


now i hungwee liao..
time for dinner..
should i cook the iban brinjal? (which i brought back home from Sarawak) :P

angel said...

P E N G S A N ! ! !
Got Sampat Bug!!! :P

Chen said...

alamak !!
caught red-handed liao...


Chen said...

but before i cabut...

i wanna sampat again..

i dun dare to go to waterfront at night time leh.. cos not that "safe" loh.. hehehhehe..

Donna said...

I didn't see anything that looked familiar to me, so I guess I'll pass!

Jemima said...

Chen must be mabuk from looking at your food pix. :p

may said...

I really, really need to get me some layered cake and bilin...

L B said...

Where is the Eye of Kuching?!! Mata Kuching!!!

Aiyah Nonya said...

Aisay, makes me hungry.

I still prefer my layer cake the traditonal way, brown.
Not multi coloured. too much colouring.

And this town is really serious with their pussy.

Shannon said...

The food looks wonderful. Are there other cat statues is Kuching since the name means cat?

Aodian said...

I remember when I went to the open air market just before the comp.. gila sedap man the sio bee.. west malaysian one better is it? tell me where to go!!

kyh said...

wah i wanna try the bilin bidin milin midin..... when gonna cook for me jek?

tegdirb92 said...

looks delicious!! I'm hungry!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Did you try the bamboo snail at the multilevel carpark seafood restaurant? Or the tapah fish? Damn shiok!

Ehon said...

why everyone no need to sleep har? so many ppl chup i no more chance to chup!

when u coming adelaide lar?

angel said...

Dear chen,
Lu betul-betul sampat! :P

I must find the correct term ler... search all bilin, bidin, milin, midin all pun tarak! :( How? HOW??

Actually, I dun understand why ppl say the sio bee is nice lor... we all feel that it has too much of flour! Haha... Oops... hope ehon dun piak me...

Chen, you are a Westerner liao... hehe...

Speaking of the after taste after eating the 'paku' hor... how do you describe it har? More 'glue'? Haha... sounds funny! :P

How unfortunate we din hv the Iban brinjal... I oredi made a list of the things to eat the next time I go Kuching! Haha.... :P

Why is the waterfront not safe, ha?? Faster tell... oh yeah, I wanted to ask you abt sumting... what is Gambir, ha? Sarawak mya Viagra?? O.o

Dear Donna,
Howdy! It's because all these are Asian food :)

Dear jemima,
She ah? She too hungry that time... hehe...

Dear maymay,
Missed you! Muaks!

Bilin can ONLY be found at the Borneo Island... I really have no idea why we can't grow it in West M'sia... hmmm... oh, and we were told that the bilin rots very fast... morning buy liao must cook wiki wiki becos if not hor... will turn black.. eeek!!

The layer cakes were nice eventhough I was a bit 'geli' at the colours... I just ate it while I closed my eyes haha...

Dear L B,
Haahaaa!!! Mata Kuching?? I must ask Master Ben to take pics of some "eye" at the funfairs for me liao... :P

Dear aiyah nonya,
Oops... sorry!

Yeah, I don't like the multi-coloured layer cakes that much BUT they tasted quite nice, you know... diff colour got diff taste wan! :)

Haha... it's not called Pussy Town for nuthin'! :D

Dear Shannon,
Seafood is great! Oh yeah! There are lots of cat statues in Kuching! :D

Dear Aodian,
What competition did you join, huh? Haa? You say that sio bee is sedap giler?? Waa... you haven't tasted the better ones in West M'sia yet!! Where arr? You come and I bring you, ok? ;)

Dear kyh,
I wish I could but it's not available here ler... how?? We go Kuching togeder-geder?? :D

Dear tegdirb92,
Me too!!

Dear cocka,
Aisay... this Topspot IS the multilevel carpark seafood foodcourt ler... bamboo snail is common wat... no?

Dear ehon,
Maybe becos everybody oso studying like you...? :p I'm going to sleep after this liao!

Me go Adelaide? Wait, wait... must collect Moolah first... ;)


Chen said...

Kkkkkk... very confusing hoh so many names :P

the sio bee taste a bit sweet hoh?

the after taste ah? i dunno how to describe also.. it made my tongue feel uncomfortable, glue + numb sensation.. Aiks.. dunno how to describe lah. So the ocipala. Hahahaha.... That's why i dun like to eat paku :P

There are snatch thieves and robberies there mah, especially at night time. So don't go alone there loh. Kkkkkk....

Yeah, Gambir sarawak is similar as viagra or tongkat ali. LOL.. Did u take any photo of the gambir? u can see several stalls selling gambir in front of the shoplots opposite the waterfront :P

ZAM said...

Is that Siomai inthe 2nd to the last pic? I love Siomai.

And shrimps! There's something I saw that looks like shrimp. Yum!

narrowband said...

Itu Bilin/Milin look macam Kangkung sikit, tapi Macam tarak daun punya? And curly curly wan wo the vege! So cute geh...

Outside James Brooke's cafe got very interesting sculptures. Got story behind one ah?

Love the Kuih Lapises!!

laundryamah said...

hmmm maybe the foodcourt may not be the best place to go? the vege looks good n i'm sure is organic & free from pesticides! yumz!

rinnah said...

I wanna try the multi-color kek lapis...

宝茹 said...

Cakes...yummy! drool drool~~ :D

Winn said...

i wanna buy the bilin back!!

aiyah miss the bilin tim...ask aben mail us some.

keeyit said...

Oyster Omelette looks nice ! Never try that before..

kat said...

So food there pretty much the same as West Msia? I thought their vege would be different.

Huei said...


i wan food!!!!!

so yummy the veges! the prawns!!!!! the oyster omlette!!!

*drooling non-stop*

eastcoastlife said...

This chen mabut!? chup all the top spots, pulak!! Eat too much bilin izzit!?

aiyoooo... why you have to remind me what I missed out? Why? How come?

Never show the padang?

Chen said...

ECL, i no mabut, and no mabuk either

angel oh angel, time to update liao

wanna go sampat @ Angkor Wat?

Ehon said...

*knock knock*

wahh!! u so early sleep last night! i mean, early morning! :P i saw ur comment on LB's. :P

when is ur next episode of your kuching adventure?

_butt said...

oh no, I'm the last person to comment! no more leftovers for me? :(

happy weekend! :D

PonGLanD said...

dun worry _butt...i'm the last one.. :P

yum yum....those photos make me hungry!!!!!

*hurried to kitchen to find some snack*

mistipurple said...

i want to eat that rainbow cake. i sent you rainbow-color tei kor in exchange boleh? :P

conan_cat said...

lol i thought whats that when i saw the picture with the kitty statues... XD and i haven't eat my lunch yet! i'm hungry!!

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaah .. lots of food. Misha has not been there before :( Will ask Dad to bring me there

Kenny Ng said...

Kuching really a nice place to stay, I don't mind to stay there for my retirement life, the foods really... ahhh~~~!!!

angel said...

Dear Chen,
Dun like the sio bee cos taste like too much of flour!

Nolah... we where got dare take pics of the gambir? Mei sei gor meh?? :P

Dear ZAM,
Yup, that's sio mai... West M'sian's sio mai is better than East M'sian's... :)

Dear narrowband,
Yeah, the bilin no daun wan... it's a very cute vege :D

I dunno abt the story behind the cat statues outside the cafe wor... there are lotsa kucing statues all over Kuching!

Dear laundryamah,
Seems like that's the best place for seafood wor... ei, u where got see a foodcourt just for seafood? Oni there they h v...

Dear rinnah,
Ha? U wanna try ka? Have ehon DHL it over! ;)

Dear 宝茹,
Yup, it's tasty! ;)

Dear winn,
U no scared by the time the bilin mail reach you, it'll be as black as your charcoal face?? :p

Dear keeyit,
I think our Semenanjung oyster omelette is better! ;)

Dear kat,
Err... they hv the bilin where we don't have it here lorr... they got kueh chap, KL oso dun hv... they got kolo mee, here, they say got but I've not tried it b4... :)

Dear ah huei,
Waa... u need a big bib worr... :p

Dear eastcoastlife,
Chen ah? She is not known as sotsot sotong for no reason... kaka...

Padang? Errr... dun think got... hmmm... how come?

Dear Chen,
Internet liu-ed... kenot update... :(

Angkor Wat, oni you & me ah?

Dear ehon,
I've been busy going out the weekend la :p and now, no Internet at home...

Nxt episode? Dunno wor...

Dear butty,
Dun take leftovers... come, have some ice cream! ;)

Dear pong dee,
U not the last one... heh... :P

Dear misti,
U know that anything rainbow colour is always welcomed ;)

Dear conan,
You're back!!

I'm also hungry now... :(

Dear misha,
Yes, alotta nice food to eat in Kuching! And there's a shop called Misha too... *wink* Post it soon, yeah :)


angel said...

Dear kenny,
It's a great place for retirement! ;)

Jayce said...

Mum... Mum... I am hungry... =P