Friday, November 02, 2007

THHC™ Chapter 18 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©

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01 - Ms. Jemima


02 - Mr. L B


03 - Ms. May

The rest of the world...

04 - dreamie

05 - chen
05 - ehon
05 - sheon (New Spooner!)

06 - day-dreamer
06 - rinnah

07 - huei (New Spooner!)
07 - mistipurple
07 - zewt

08 - leonard (New Spooner!)
08 - mozilla monster
08 - mudpie

I wrote an entry just now because today feel super emo. Maybe because I was too free, and you know what they say about idle minds... But the entry is not published and will not be published. BUT, I wanna copy two very random paragraphs from that piece.

Never idealize others. They will never live up to your expectations. Don’t over-analyse your relationships. Stop playing games. A growing relationship can only be nurtured by genuineness. Leo F. Buscaglia

Oh yeah. As part of 'community service', if you need some laughter (Laughter is The Best Medicine, they say), I recommend winnkipedia. Your life will never be the same again. Question like, "Do fish ever get thirsty?" gets answered by the King, Queen & Their Pet of Humour. Gotta love them. 100% made in Malaysia.

2 more months to go before the year ends... So, what's your Year-End Plan(s)?


L B said...

Year End? So soon? How can? Why? What's happening? Where? When? What time? Ya kah? OK!!

L B said...

Waaaa, I just read your emo emo bitty bit now! Waaaaa.. How COME?!! Come, we go grab some Bakuteh at Puchong, and you can tell me everything about all your relationships. No charge wan..

mistipurple said...

chup first

mistipurple said...

emo is normal. emo is good. means you are alive. but of cos not too much la.

may said...

MUUAAAKKKKS! why so emo? that should be me lah... heheh!

may said...

I dunch like my mind to be idle too, also same problem, play too many mind games until hati also sakit. tsk tsk... jom RPS instead!

hugzzzz ya!

Ehon said...

Those three above always super fast one! When I wanna chup, all taken already!

*frowns and squat at one corner*

Number 5 not that bad lar hor?

U also emo! * H U G S *

Let's sama sama emo but not for too long hor!

Chen said...

emo emo a short while is still okielah, but dun emo emo for long time woh...
*non sampat HUGS*

eastcoastlife said...

You emo? How come? Who you idealize? Wrong person lah!

*picks angel up, pat pat her bum, puts her back on pedestal*

rinnah said...

Come la, don't emo so long... I gip you happies, ok? And because you hugged me when I was emo, I hug you back now... *biiiiggggggg huggggggggssssss*

Jemima said...

Ms. Angel, I don't have any year-end plans. I'm truly living each day as it comes.. praying that everything will be fine again..

Enjoy your weekend.


sheon said...

wah.....i got a mention!! *kembang*

whats year-end-plan you ask...hmmm.... i guess pretty much to get a place to get drunk at and a safe place to nurse the hangover on the second day. hahahha

angel said...

Dear L B,
Ya, ya, ya! Faster... iPort... iPort!!!

Yalor... emo like hell, cheh... a bit also not like me, hor?? How can?!! Very YourStar!!!

It's weekend now. Time to sit back and relax, enjoy the company of some liuliu friends... go for facial & spa... and Starbucks... *wink*

Oh, and thanks for your Sweet Offer! I'll put it down in my Buku 555... will claim it next summer, ok? Hehe...

ps: No more Lan Hwa Bakuteh in Puchong, remember??? Whose fault leh? Hmmmm... :p

Dear misti,
I emo is not normal...
I emo is baaaad...

How now, Misti Cow?

We missed you, Misti...

Dear maymay,
Hahaha... Yeah! Emo is NOT me!!! Haha... but it shouldn't be you too! Nope! Cannot! Takbleh! Mm tak!

Wah... suddenly I wish I could go and join you in Sydney... I need to hit some Jackpots... sigh...

Thank you, maymay!

Dear ehon,
Actually, not they fast... it's you slow la... tsk tsk!! Hehehe...

What you doing 'fatt mou' at that corner? U dowan to go back Kuching ka? Still wanna squat there?? :p

Yeah, I also emo... I blame you, can I? U emo, I emo... :p

Emo is very not me... so, I dowan emo... emo go away... dun come to me!!! Dun go to ehon too!!

Hehe... sotsot dei... :p

Dear chen,
Your non-sampat Hugs cure me liao... wah, very mujarab your non-sampat stuff... so, dun so sampat... but I like sampat... kekeke...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Yeah! Wrong person! Aiyohhh... where's the Right One?? Mana??? Sigh!

Thanks for picking me up, and the loving pats on my bum... :)

Dear rinnah,
Awwww awwww awwww... thank you so much for the happies bigggg huggggssss! Emo gone! (I hope..)

Dear jemima,
I also hope that everything will be fine for you... and that you get some rest...


Dear sheon,
Haha! Dun kembang so much oh... a bit bit, can liao!

Why wanna get drunk, huh? Very not understand woh... having a hangover is a torture... :(


Etchen said...

Is that a pic of Ms. Jemimima Puddleduck? I loved that story!

narrowband said...

I got no big year-end plans, sad to say - probbaly just shopping, to upgrade my wardrobe! And also my camera... kekeke...

I'm realy looking forward to the new year, and do more things, more new things, start new life...!

Firehorse said...

Why emo angel dear, come kopi soh gip you hug. I reli lyk your Buscaglia paragraph, it's reli true.

david santos said...

Angel, Please!

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Release on Flavia’s accident and status of the process.

The resignation is to stop the evolution. (David Santos in times without end)

Thank you

zewt said...

i thnk i wanna be healthy for the year....

hey... i like 7th!

rinnah said...

Hello darling! I hope the emo-ness has gone by now... if not, this tag should drive the last bits away!

Cocka Doodle said...

Want me to kick his butt anot?
aiyah...maybe you set your expectations too high guar?

savante said...

Lotsa hugs going around!

liucas said...

kalu emo, pigi baca winnkipedia. sure un-emokan emo saudari..

nyonyapenang said...

hi angel,

year end plans? go kai-kai and mum-mum summore...gua very sukaaaaa...
Lu suka boh?

_butt said...

my year end plan... is to get you to belanja me ice cream since you menang so much in RPS!! :P

happy Sunday! and good weekday ahead!! :)

kyh said...

yr end plan? hmmmmm... dunno wor. maybe longer holidays??? :P

Chen said...

year end wanna go jalan jalan :D

btw, angel jie jie, u r tagged :P

Angel Eyes said...

My year end plan(s)

There are so many actually. First comes first then.

1. To go to the US during summer to visit my aunt in California.

2. To get my BIG FAT BONUS before CNY. If not 24 hrs i'll resign!

3. To sell my house in jb, hopefully when the market vakue is higher than now.

kat said...

Sei-lor... emo spread to here too.. :( So many things to write, but that will be too revealing... sigh...

Even though distance through the net is still the same, yet I feel so far far away from everyone. Like I'm inside a bubble hovering above everyone, not going anywhere but just observing everyone moving on in their lives...

Maybe some BKT will help...(teleports in albie, misti and ahmay).. got BKT steamboat ah??

angel said...

Dear etchen,
Hehe... that's not Jemima Puddleduck... but Puddleduck is a very cute duckie!

Dear narrowband,
Upgrading wardrobe and getting a DSLR are very good plans! ;)

Start new life? Eh? Like new life with a 'new' person?? Hehehe...

Dear firehorse,
Kamsia for your kopi hugs... we all char bor is liddat one... once in a while must emo wan... if no emo, means not char bor liao.. tiok boh? hehe...

Hope your situation at home is back to normal liao?

Dear zewt,
That's a good thought... Congratulations on your clean bill of health!

Dear rinnah,
Thanks for the Lup... :) Emo emo, go away!

Dear cocka,
Liddat hor... you have to prepare to kick alotta butts liao! :P

Dear savante,
Uh huh! You giving me one too? :D

Dear liucas,
Sudah baca la... sebab itu aku promo kat sini...

Dear nyonyapenang,
Go kai-kai & makan-makan, of course sukak... but kena ada kaki maa... :)

Dear butty,
Haha!! Ei... since I won, you must belanja me maa... how can the other way wan?? LOL!

U hv a good week ahead too! Wheee for Deepavali hols!!

Dear kyh,
You are still in uni... can 'holiday' most of the time ;)

Dear chen,
I wanna followwwww!!!!!

Thx for yr lup...

Dear angel eyes,
That's alotta plans! And good, fun ones too! I hear ka ching ka ching all the way! ;)

Dear kat,
Har? U pun emo?

Hmmmm... I also feel that I'm not going anywhere (Well, okay, I did go to Kuching and had lotsa fun...)...

How to say it, huh? Aiyah, I also dunno how to say... probably at times I feel that life is somehow missing sumting... probably probably... but then again, luckily it's not all the time I feel that way... if not, sure jialat!

BKT steamboat? Hey, there was a shop near my place selling that last time but hor... sudah 'chup lup' liao...

Hope your emo-ness has gone away... blown to the desert! OK? Hugs!


Aodian said...

waa... so long already I never come here.. anyways.. yeah Im from KK.. but im not there currently.. KK is one of the best place to take away EMO-ness or so I've been told(never emo bah) If you want to come down best to avoid rainy seasons.. make sure go visit the cow farm.. Look like new zealand XP.. cheers

Huei said...

wheeee!!! i see my name!!! =D

year end resolution? mmm..bonus!!! get bonus or cabut!!! hehehe =P

*hugz* dun emo!!! =D

angel said...

Dear aodian,
Yeah! Must go visit KK one day! Can I wait till you are back in KK to take me around?? *grins*

Dear ah huei,
Yeah! Bonus is one of the best things happening during year end! Nearly forgot about that already :D

Thx, no more emo! :)


Simple American said...

New Year's plan? Recover from Florida trip. :)

angel said...

Wooo.... Disneyland!! Sigh... Wish I could step foot there one day... one fine day... have lotsa fun!!! Hugs!

dreamie said...

No.4 , so panlai me ! ..kkkkkk