Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Flogging (Food + Blogging) Friday Forn (Food + Porn) - Chapter 1

While in the shower earlier yesterday evening, I thought, "Hmmm... there's Wordless Wednesday, there's Taggin' Tuesday (thanks to Kat) and...."

And I wanna do Friday Flogging Friday Forn! <-- OK, I made this term up according to MY meaning. Friday Food Blogging! Friday Food Porn! Wheeeee! *amended after thinking in the car just now*

So, today being Flyday, (longer lunch hour!) where we gonna eat? Let's go to Pavilion KL's Food Republic!

What did we have there? Singapore's Prawn Noodle (at last, we get to taste this without going to Singapore! I didn't find it that great, but Sis likes it), Penang Gurney Rojak & Chicken Rice. Show pictures easier to let you drool!


Got wear hat wan, dun pray-pray!






Noticed this? Got two types of noodles!





This cart was seen pushed around the food court,
a genius way of selling drinks, me thinks.


H a p p y F F ! !


mudpie said...


mudpie said...

it looks delicious and can i have some of the backside???

mudpie said...

hahahahahahahaha i am still the first chupper!!!

mudpie said...
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mudpie said...

this is what happen if you haven't gotten the chance to be the 1st chupper for so long ... KIASUUUU!!!

anyway happy weekend dah-ling!

Ehon said...


i don't wan flogging friday!!

make me drool nia. although im going back but what about next year?!

may said...

eh, Friday Flogging sounds like someone's gonna get whipped on a Friday! LOLOL!!

may said...

how about Friday Foologging instead? I do also! (when I get home lah, must cari gambar summore)

I want rojak lerrrrrr...

Chen said...

tuesday - tag day
wednesday - wordless day
friday - food day
sat - photo hunter day

wah... only left monday, thursday and sunday liao to sampat :P

Chen said...

i want rojak..

Jemima said...

Looks delicious!
Happy Weekend!


Winn said...

wow the noodles look good the rojak looks good the backside looks good!!!!!!!!!

makes me so forn now! i wanna ...i wanna forn!

Chen said...

Fornography = seeing the foodstuff in its original status ~ RAW uncooked food ? LOL

angel said...

Dear mudpie,
Muaahahahhaha! Friday Frenzy!!

Dowan crackling depan side?

Kiasu is WE ALL! Haaaa!

You have a fantabulous weekend too! Cium cium!

Dear ehon,
You drool, I helpchu wipe lor... see, I treat you so gooooooood!

Dear maymay,
Heheheh... that's what I thought... so, I changed it to Food Porn heheeheh...

Foologging sounds like Fools Blogging kakakakaka... yeah! Come, let's Forn!!!

*orders a plate of rojak for all*
*add Corn* kakakkkaa...

Dear chen,
Good hor? Kakakkaka...

Really EFNTD... haiiii...

Satu rojak untuk dikongsi!

Dear jemima,
Food is always good! :)
Happy Weekend too! XOXO!

Dear winn,
Looks can be deceiving... I find the noodles not enuff of 'wok hei' lor... that's why nothing so great...

Hahahaaa... my backside better, I think... :P

Let's forn @ Mum's Place! ;)

Dear Chen,
Kaka... fornography pulak... if wanna do fornography, then I hv to go do it at the supermarket liao... kekekeke...


rinnah said...

Yerrrr... now you've got me thinking about the backside and boobside... how to eat dinner like that?

L B said...

*contaminated by rinnah's backside & boobside thoughts here*

*looks on forlornly*

* closes eyes, imagines all those sides*


*oh yes!*

*dribbles chocolate sauce around rinnah's boobsides*

*runs ice cubes around backside*

*sprinkles something wicked on top*

*sprays cream all over*

*gets ready, with fork and knife*

*and SPOON*

zewt said...

fail la the fried prawn mee... cos they lack one of the most important ingredient....


kyh said...


*runs to get dinner*

aiyah nonya said...

Just like the outlets here. I think it is run by Bread Talk.

Anyway can I have some rojak please ?

Anonymous said...

seem like taugeh fried witk rubber band...

sial...i no camera nia if not i snap my luch...the pig organ soup mee sua to make u lau nua...

btw u so good as its pelaiday so u no eat babi!!!

Monk[+]Icon said...

chup~~ gero gero~~ long time no chup...

Firehorse said...

Khua li ay food was pun lau nuah liao, wa kin jit chiak turkey kali nia, pek pek siap siap :(

dreamie said...

Hoi ! nice theme hor ..
" Wordless Wednesday, Taggin' Tuesday, Friday Forn..." ...pssssst tambah satu Spicy Saturday ?? kekeke

angel said...

Dear rinnah,
Boobside and backside, they are dessert! Can eat 'em after dinner ma... ;)

Dear LB,
*brings Clorox to work on LB's contaminated thots*

*feeds him lovingly*

*gets on to work on "those sides" so that he doesn't need to imagine anymore*


*uh huh, yes is an understatement*

*tries to lick the chocolate sauce*

*might as well lick the wicked stuff*

*shakes head, nope, no cream for me*

*SPOON is good... FORK, sometimes...*

Dear zewt,
G Yau Ja? Aisay... no wonder lah you were looking for more 'healthy' food...

For me, got g-yau-ja or dun hv also dun really make a diff becos me not likey the g-yau-ja...

Dear kyh,
Dun run so fast... nanti PK baru tau.. :P

Hope you are all fed by now? ;)

Dear aiyah nonya,
I think so, but not too sure :)

Rojak? Sure! But I suppose Ipoh & Penang version would be much tastier! ;)

Yeah, that noodles got look a bit like rubberband... :(

You go buy la a cheap cheap camera... then can make me lau nua...

Eat babi ah? Eveliday must eat wan meh??

Dear ah monk,
Long time no see!

Dear firehorse,
Ha? Lu eh turkey siap siap wan ka? Khor lian tai...

Dear dreamie,
Har? Spicy Saturday? Then mai hv to put my own picture ah? Wear bikini or lingerie maciam itu Spicy Girls... :PppPP


eastcoastlife said...

Friday is Forn Day!

You have this prawn noodle in KL too!!! This can be found in Wisma Atria, Orchard Road Singapore.

How to get to this KL place? I'm coming!

nyonyapenang said...

The colour of the noodle sauce looks somewhat like belacan beehoon hor?

Anonymous said...

babi must eat babi mar... :P

Aiyah Nonya said...

You are right . Nothging like the Penang's prawn mee or rojak.

Eh... is this place for Singaporean's. You know those who can't live without their local food ?????


Have a nice weekend. :)

mama bok said...

Wow..! haven't seen or had hokkien mee in opai for so long ..! yums..!

narrowband said...

I HAD that S'pore Prawn Noodle when I was there in Vivo City's Food Republic (Food Court)!!! Exactly the same!! LOL...

The queue was so long that it occupied the space belonging to the neighbouring stall... lol. So paiseh :p

angel said...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Yeah! Forn Day is Flyday!

This prawn noodles is new in KL!! Previously dun have (not that I know of...)

This KL place very easy! It's the newest mall in town! Just opposite Starhill, called Pavilion! Dial 1-300-ANGEL when kambing to KayElle! I Wait U!!! :D

Dear nyonyapenang,
Err... not really lor... this noodle is much nicer than the belacan...heheeh...

Who babi? I baby, not babi :P

Dear aiyah nonya,
Yeah! The rojak that I like has got the crispy & crunchy "yao char kwai"... yummy!

Haha... I dunno if this place is for Singaporeans... but the foodcourt has got alotta stalls... all kinds of international food... so, when you coming to KL? :)

Have a good week ahead! I know you are counting down to Ipoh.. ;)

Dear mama bok,
Hokkien mee in opai? Errr... sorry but what is 'opai' har? *blurrr*


angel said...

Dear narrowband,
Waaa!! Exactly the same, huh? Of course la... same food court maa... haha! :P

How much was yours in Sgp? The one in KL wan is... jeng jeng jeng... RM7.90 per plate, IF I remember correctly...

The queue for this stall also quite long, compared to the other stalls :)

Aodian said...

darn.. more food.. Like this my hope of getting my body weight down to 60 will be almost impossible lah.. T_T.. I envy those who can eat so much and gain very little or almost nothing..

gmm said...

ur potos make me mengidam for the noodle!!

Huei said...

i wan foodie foodie foodie!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehhe

angel said...

Dear aodian,
You very fat meh?? O.o

Yeah! I too, totally envy, jealous of those ppl who can eat alot and not even put on 1 gram of weight...

Dear gmm,
Can go again wan...

Dear ah huei,
Then go eat, eat, eat! :P


sheon said...

Food + Porn? watch porn while having a meal ah?..... i'd never tried that!

yeah man....i have a gal buddy who is as skinny as a stick, but that gal can eat and eat and eat......and not gain a single gram!!! she hantam-s more food than i do at any buffet table!

angel said...

Dear sheon,
Haaaa! Must try! After that, come tell me which is better. The Food or the Porn :P

One of your Model frens ah? Faster get a gf already!! ;)

sheon said...

hahaha..angel...i dont see the connection: huge appetite and getting a gf...

i would honestly say, i'd rather have good food than watch a good porn. :P

angel said...

Dear sheon,
Huge appetite and getting a gf not related? Relateddddd... go get a gf first then I tell u :P

Rather have food than porn? Now, you reallyyyy need a gurl haaaa :P

Simple American said...

Ooooh! I must remember my hat when I visit Malaysia.

sheon said... think find a gf like choose a turkey off the meat counter meh? must have that special 'feeling' one think i want to stay single for 3-4 years since i last broke up meh....??

eh..c'mon lar..tell need wait for gf one lar...chances are, i wont be getting married ever!

angel said...

Dear Sir SA,
Don't leave home without your cowboy hat! ;)

Dear sheon,
Errmmm... wanna marry me?

Just kidding!!!!!!

Well okaylah, since you are now in a 'desert' (gurun), with no delish 'turkeys' around, so I can't blame you lor... summore your Pasar Raya Aneka oso no help... :P