Monday, November 26, 2007

Mou Hei Monday (No Air)


Spotted at SS2 Yippie Cup Cafe's otearai.


I just love humour!

It was a Superb Sunday. 2 hours of catching up with schoolmates whom I've not seen for more than 10 years, and then, meeting Young Freethinker. Old Friends, New Friends... Old friends have somewhat become 'new' because of the 'lost' time... from the time we left school, until now...

Oops! Gotta go now! Round Two of bonding with the 'Old Friends' :)


zewt said...

wah... not often i get to do this... CHUP!

zewt said...

young free thinker... hmmm... now i feel old.

may said...

*looks for Bigger John*

may said...

oooh, Yippie Cup? the one we went to last year? I want bubble tea! did you drink your... errr... tea got your name wan...?

moz monster said...

good place to put those bigger john spam mails ...

carakitty said...

hola babe!!! long long time !! vely good humor lol! :-)
How is you?? lap liu!!!!

Chen said...

Wah.. u visited the male toilet ah?

Chen said...

blow in more air to inflate Angel since she mou hei liao :P

narrowband said...

Ahaks... You salah masuk toilet ker? :p

L B said...

Bond, bond summore! Bond very good, says Le Bond!! And really, must make iExtension, or iJohnnie?

Jemima said...

Happy Bonding! :)

Brad said...

angie u male lai kah? *BIG SHOCKSSS*

Ehon said...


rinnah said...

Erm, why does the drawing of "Big John" have boobies one? Hehe.

No sien, no sien! *does ehon's pom chak chak dance to chase away angel's sien-ness*

Freethinker said...

walauyeh... inside tandas pun ambil gambar.....

_butt said...

'I'm a gay I can't shoot straight?' Hahahaha! laugh die me!!

Winn said...

am i new or old?

Winn said...

gals dont have big john wor.
ours is....'si comel':P

kyh said...

si comel hahahahahaaa. winn u luff die me leh! :P

angel said...

Dear zewt,
Yeah! Today is your day :) or rather, yesterday... hehe...

Zewt, you are a thinking blogger, but hor, u feel old maybe becos you think too much? :P

Dear maymay,
Errr.... *whisper*
Wrong place for Bigger John... you gotta go Long Black Island...

Yup! That's the Yippie Yaya Cup! Hheehe... i din drink that tea... i also forgot what name liao... got my name ka? O.o

Dear moz,
Whose john is bigger? O.O

Dear carakitty,
Aloha!!! Long time no see! Muaks muaks! Missliuuu!!! Me is goodliu :D

Dear chen,
Kkkkk, no lah! It's unisex wan la... I not like Liucas Mummy kakakaka...

Waa... inflate me? I not fat enuff meh??? :P

Dear LB,
The bonding session... aisay, ada sikit TYS!! Free that time I tell you stories...

Extension ah? No nid la... My salami is long enuff liao... since can feed whole of Penang..

Dear jemima,
Thanks :)

Dear Brad,
Choi choi! What male? I'm very much FEEEEMale! *flashes*

Dear ehon,

Hahaha... beats me! Maybe to make it funny? :D

Yeah! No sienz! But but...
*perks up enjoying the PCC dance*
Encore! Encore!!

Dear freethinker,
Inilah semangat seorang pembelog... kakaka...

Dear butty,
Haha... gays are cool! ;)

Dear winn,
You are Neither Here Nor There hehehehe...

Becos you are my Youth Friend!
(Ngam theng mou??)

"Si comel"? Eh? Not "Si Kuching"?

Dear kyh,


IguanaKia said... board in the washroom?
Nice one..

mudpie said...

since we have not met for so long .. when are we meeting sweet pie???

kaki dan buntutku dah gatal hehhehhe

eastcoastlife said...

At first I thought what were you doing in the Gents? Lucky you were not trying the Lust.Caution stunts. Big John, small John, long John, short John also no use. hehehe.....

Huei said...


i think they should put a similar one in the female toilet here..damn those people pee on the is that even possible?? O.o


mistipurple said...

ah. got salami. whose?

nyonyapenang said...

The toilet is for Unisex one ar?

Cocka Doodle said...

How come mou hei? I always see you carry 2 scuba tanks around?


angel said...

Dear iguanakia,
Haha... chatbox?? Only 2-3 'chatters' :P

Dear mudpie,

Hang gatal, mai kiter kasi garu... hehehe...

Dear eastcoastlife,
I was taking pics in the WC... hehehehe...

Wah... I not yet watch Lust Caution leh... in the process of errr... 'acquiring' it... hehe...

Dear ah huei,
They pee on the toilet seat because... neh, refer to the answer in the picture hehe... (not 'long' enuff...)

Dear misti,
Whose? Does Long Black ring a bell?

Dear nyonyapenang,
I suppose so... cos no say male or female wan oso... or maybe I din see ah? Kenot be ma...

Dear cocka,
Your eye got flower liao... that is not me but your own Silai... kakaka!


Simple American said...

Too far. Too close. Wah! I really need a friendly wall. :P

*hugs* (after washing my hands of course)

JL said...


can't shoot straight... that guy is so funny

angel said...

Dear Sir SA,
Haha... You need a friendly toilet bowl :P

Thx for the 'clean' hugs ;)

Dear JL,
Kakaka... how you know it's a guy? :P


Ah Boy said...

dun worry if no air
ah boy will give angel jiejie plenty of air

mudpie said...

chosan!! selamat pagi!!! vanakam!!! *kiss kiss*

sheon said...

gays are cool...they know how to dress up. they know how to charm a gal thanks to their sensitive side. i have no qualms having them as my frens. but please dun hit on me!

angel said...

Dear ah boy,
Errr... errrr... nehmind, it's ok... i sked i get choked by u :P

*throws a char siu pao*

Dear mudpie,
Amboi, awalnyerrrrrr!!!

*ciuman gumbira*

Dear sheon,
They are also the most creative of the lot!

Hit on you? Muahahahahaaa...
You can run but you can't hide...


Acidic Sports said...

the fun of pee pee is like when you water your garden from a distance. unfortunately only man can do this :)

angel said...

Dear acidic sports,
Who said only men can do it? I show you... :P