Tuesday, November 06, 2007

On The First Afternoon In PussyCat City After Teatime...

After tea time, Master Ben took us to Friendship Park.



This pond was previously filled with koi fish but someone must have sabo-ed it... All died-ed... poor bloop bloops... No 'air' to write a lot. Just post pictures, k?










"Thousand of miles apart and friendship
is all it takes to bridge the distance."

How true...



Okay, there's this 'joke' about the uncle in yellow... see above picture. We asked him to help us take a group picture of us & the big Admiral Cheng Ho statue but somehow (donch know how), he was unable to fit Admiral's head into the picture. Take one, fail. Take two & three, also failed. AND, so happened that when I went thru' my pictures, I saw that I had inadvertently taken one of his pic. Sorry uncle, don't mean to make joke on you, but thank you for your help...

I thought I could post pics of dinner on the first night as well but will be too many pictures liao. Leave it for WW, yeah? :) But if can't wait, can go check it out here first.


Jemima said...

Got to give Uncle some credit.. at least he tried. :p

Ehon said...

wikiwiki chup first

sengkor said...


Ehon said...

hahahahahahaha. my msn display pic and i got one pic taken up next to cheng ho. then my US friend wanna follow me so he climbed also n the security came. bahhahahahahahaha!! :P

Winn said...


Winn said...

y u din zoom into that yellow shirt uncle.....haha.

angel said...

Dear jemima,
Yalah, but then hor, at that time we were all very grrrr... hehe...

AND the 'best' part was, after that, we asked another fella to help us AND guess what? Yup, Cheng Ho's head went missing again... *rolls eyes*

Dear ehon,
Veli wikiwiki today! Haaa! U not studying!!!

Dear sengkor,
Oh apa? Oh bulan? Oh kucing?

Dear ehon,
Wah... got security oso ka? I got see someone climbed up Cheng Ho but nobody came to halau him oso... we all good citizens... no simply climb statues wan... :)

Dear winn,
Haha! It's memang grrrr! Wai... send me the pics ler...

I not purposely take his pic wan ma... :P


Aodian said...

Oh friendship park!! Havent been there lah.. should put it on my check list.. all the times ive been there only for competition.. oh well.. anyways, great pics.. waiting for WW cheers..~

moz monster said...

In Kuching, surely there are more 'interesting' places than Friendship Park ... no go Damai? no go Bako National Park ?

And no visit the Durian stalls ?

L B said...

Yeah, so many thousands of miles apart!! O P E N . . . At first I thought that uncle was walking a giant loop...

ZAM said...

Lovely. And that's true about friendship...it can bridge all the miles.

rinnah said...

I can see the reflection of angel and her doraemon bag in the globe... hehehe.

plink said...

*pair of speccies for WongKor*

F R I E N D S H I P ! !

Cocka Doodle said...

Waah...that two cats lomance until all stim liao...!
If they put this statue in KLCC, JAIS sure come and saman them wan. LOL

a^ben said...

I know angel got crush towards that yellow shirt uncle she doesnt want to admit only zek~~~ :P

Chen said...

Kkkkk.. LOL at the headless cheng ho.

next time i show u the koi pict, since u no chance to see them liao mah :P

Simple American said...

I wanna be your friend. We can go to the park together. *hugs*

Like all those statues too. So cute!

JL said...

Poor Ah Cheng... :P

nice photos... so lazy to edit mine le :P

vegemaster said...

hmm..a friendship park? Never heard of it until today.

Sounds nice but the cat statue looks gay..
Glad u had a great time..

keeyit said...

Is there really a friendship park ? Haha..

Anyway, the friendship pussycat is nice..

mudpie said...

angel buah hatiku ..

terlalu long lamanya we tak see each other ..
i am so terindu and missing you

bucuk bucuk peluk peluk

Huei said...


kitty huggie kitty!! i wana huggie kitty too!!!

Aiyah Nonya said...

Lovely pictures. The reflection in the water from the first picture was good.

Like the 2 pussycats. Meow....

angel said...

I'll be back to reply later, yeah! Promise!

may said...

meow meow, meow meow meeowww, meow meeeoooowww meow meow.

kat said...

Aaahh... thousands of miles apart...

The kucing mia hands so suggestive wan, the position up there and down there... :P

Eh, how do you put your name on the photos ah?

angel said...

Dear Aodian,
The park is not really that big but it's a nice place :) Maybe it's nice because there's no pollution there, unlike KayElle... :(

What competition did you enter, huh?

Thx for the nice words :)

Dear Moz,
Aisay... wait lah, ini baru first day maa... why Friendship Park NOT interesting meh, huh huh HUH?? O.o

Dear L B,
Yeah! The so many thousands of miles apart phrase speaks a lot about you & all our friendships, hor? :)

Haha... I was the one who gave the uncle the "Giant Loop" :P

Dear ZAM,
Thanks :) Oh, I should go to your blog to check out your WW :D

Dear rinnah,
Haaa... maybe someone else was holding my Doraemon Bag? :P

Dear plink,
Itu specs hor... dia mau CK mya brand... ;)

Suddenly I remembered this F.R.A.N.C.E thingy during schooldays...


Haaa!! Yeah, right...

Dear cocka,
Try erect a statue like this at the KLCC Park la... or better still, YOU can be the statue... hehe...

Dear a^ben,
Ai si!! Piak lu!! :P

Dear chen,
I dun hv the headless cheng ho pics... neh, they all nvr gib me... I show u next time... really potong stim wan... kkk...

Dear Sir SA,
Awwwwww!!! That's so schweeet!! Come, let's go to the park, hand in hand, ok! :D

Dear JL,
Hahaha... Ah Cheng?? Not Ah Ho ah? :P

Editing photos really take time lor... but kiasu ppl like me will do lor... haha...

Dear vegemaster,
Hey, long time no see! Yeah, the park is called Friendship Park, sempena persahabatan between M'sia & China ;)

Cat statue gay? O.o Got meh? Ohh... u mean both of them look like same jantina ah? :p

Great time with friends! :)

Dear keeyit,
Aisay, you oso no believe ka? Initially when I first heard of this Friendship Park, I was intrigued as well :) I'm glad we went to have a look... was nice :)

Dear mudpie,
Lah illah... memang lama giler kiter tak jumpe... sampai your bahasa pun ada skit giler... haha...

Kita date soon, ok?

*cium cium kiss kiss*

Dear ah huei,
Wah... kitty fan! Kitty fan! If only there's a town called Anjhing... hehehe... I know sure you'll go there and stay wan... :P

Dear aiyah nonya,
Thanks! Some of the pics a bit blur though...

We all thot that the pussycats statue looked cute! :)


Dear maymay,

Dear kat,
Haha... I din notice the kucing's hands until you mention it :P

I use Watermark Factory software... got the software free on one of those Giveaway of The Day :)


narrowband said...

Cantiknya taman tu... Friendship park eh! So ada feel your friendship dengan ur friends abit more erat liao? Hehe.. When got many pictures, memang tarak 'steam' to write kan? I also sama kes... Tak tau nak tulis apa - dahlah banyak pic -_-".

That ahpek always pancung Laksamana Cheng Ho mia kepala ar... Stand backwards little bit lo! Haha.. Bagus nya ada WW - no need fikir banyak :p

angel said...

Dear narrowband,
Yeah! Itu taman is cantik... and the air over there is fresh lor, unlike KL..

Yalah... I feel so lazy nowadays to write my thoughts... all bottled up in my err.. thoughts :P

I dunno la why that unker tarak nampak the Cheng Ho mia kapala missing in the pic!! Aisay... maybe he couldn't see clearly becos he got wear specs? (I think...)


eastcoastlife said...

Friendship Park is not a padang? Where's the grass? Cannot do anything wan, Admiral Cheng Ho is watching, some more he's a eunuch. hahaha......

dreamie said...

the cat pic i likey....

angel said...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Hahaaa... actually can... at nite can do anything but must do behind Cheng Ho... hehe...

Dear dreamie,
Ohhh... u likey the hamsap meow-mee... haha :P