Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday's Ten TimGai-Thots


  1. Why people whom I don't know wanna add me in Facebook?
  2. Why most married people always wish that sometimes they are single again?
  3. Why do we tend to work faster when under pressure?
  4. Why got one guy (stranger) kissed our hands after gulping half bottle of liquor?
  5. Why are you so stubborn?
  6. Why are we all so super kaypo & busybody curious creatures?
  7. Why is the boss always MIA?
  8. Why are we all here? (Does anyone know about Past Life Regression?)
  9. Why am I so afraid of watching scary movies?
  10. Why why tell me why... ?


moz monster said...

Wah ... your thoughts are all very deep !!!! Liquor lowers inhibition, and its proven to make people bolder.

Why don't you blog about Past Life Regression? =P

kyh said...


Brad said...

1. bcos u r the sizzling hot AJ ma... but Brad wont allow! :P

2. bcos their hubby/wifey dont treat them good ma... Dun tell me u wish u r single again!? *pouts*

3. bcos when no pressue, ppl tend to be lazy and procrastinate

4. Which damn guy kissed ur hand???! *pouts again*

5. I'm not stubborn. :P

6. Cos I kancheong u... :P

7. So u can do other things ma. Not good meh..

8. I'm here to be with AJ. ;)

9. cum we cuddle togeder geder ok?

10. "Tell me why, ain't ntg but a heartache..."

may said...

that last WHY reminded me of Anita Mui's song...

I also dunno why ppl wanna add me in FB when we dunno each other. if they look nice, sometimes I do... kkkkk!! so ocipala sampat!

dim gai?

mudpie said...

hahahahah why why tell me why???

- why must he kiss??
- why they cannot walk other way?
- why they need bouncer?
- why his mustache is so thick?
- why was the guy alone?
- why the 1st 2 hours the song was horrible?

why why tell me why????

*making the YMCA moves*

Winn said...

why u so free?


mistipurple said...

you famous lor.

mistipurple said...

ok, i answered only one tim kai question. how come when i say it, it sounds like steamed chicken?

Chen said...

This one sounds like Q & A session :)

1) most of the time i will ignore those whom i dunno who wanna add me. Kkkkk...

2) single ppl have more freedom mah, and not so much responsibilities. Can do whatever they want to do without much restriction. Syiok mah

3) we can perform better when we are under pressure loh

4) poke mon loh. hahhahhaa

5) u not talking about me kua? cos i dun think i'm that stubborn :P

6) cos we concern mah.. that's why we care :)

7) Boss is Boss.. what to do? :(

8) cos it is meant to be like this

9) cos u dowan to have nightmares

10) sing song time..

Aodian said...

herm.. deep thoughts which pass through all our minds almost daily... like me.. Why am I not very happy??

angel said...

Dear moz,
Not my thots deep... u is lazy to think!! :P

I dunno abt Past Life Regression, that's why I asked... u wanna tell anything?

Dear kyh,
Tell me sumting abt Past Life Regression oledi!!

Dear Brad,
1. Today is cold... brrrr!

2. So simple meh? No la... Angie is still in lup with Brad ;)

3. Everyone is the same, huh?

4. Eh eh... when u kiss all the other stars that time leh?? I nvr say anything oso...

5. U sure?

6. Hahaa! That's sucha..... good excuse :P

7. Sigh...

8. Amboi... lormantiknyerrr...

9. Wheeee!!! ;)

10. What song is that? Very familiar woh...

Dear maymay,
Because that IS Anita's song :)

Haha... last nite got one Yapunis gurl added me to be her friend... I look see look see oso dun look familiar geh... I hv not added her yet :D

Mm ji dim gai...

Dear mudpie,
If I tell you why, will u tell me why???

- becos he wanna be 'ying hong' (hero)
- haha! becos it IS the walkway!
- becos to jaga the lengluis...
- hahahahahahaha!!! becos he is SB Mat Kilau! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!
- becos he's Kennysia's lookalike hahaaa...
- becos it was panaskan badan time ler...

I tell you why, now YOU tell me why!!!

*la la la la bamba*

Dear winn,
I so free because I wanna blog.

Got make sense?

Hmmm... din think so... :P

Dear misti,
So... you want my autographed teh kor?

Steamed chicken? Steamed chicken is 'jing kai' wor... *scratches head*

Dear chen,
1. I not so cruel like u... haha :P

2. Oh...but your responsibility is oni Ah Boy... and your blog... :P

3. Got meh? I thot under pressure to perform fast fast then will tend to do mistakes?

4. Haahaha! Lucky oni the hand...

5. U not stubborn ah? Me too... haha...

6. Concerned? Got limit kua...

7. Boss is not king lor...

8. Wah... dun understand this one.

9. I nearly got a heart-attack just now...

10. Woohoo!! Presenting, Anita Chennnnn!! Kkkkk...

Dear aodian,
Heh? You not very happy ma? Why?


L B said...

Why so BIG question mark?
Why so many Question Marks on FaceBook?
Why never put picture in FaceBook?
Why end up with Question Mark on FaceBook?
Why lots married men behave as if they are Single?
Why work under pressure when can work otherwise?
Why not wash off hand with the other half of liquor?
Why bend to the wind needlessly?
Why want to know so much?
Why MIA?
Why live in the past?
Why not watch Lust. Caution instead?
Why is the Sky So High?
Why why why Delilah?

Oscar's Mommy said...

why i dono how to answer all the question wan?

rinnah said...

Why your post today so chim one? Why you got so many unanswered questions? Why I lazy to think and answer your questions? Why is today not Friday?

nyonyapenang said...

Boss MIA because you are there to hold up the fort, no?

Cocka Doodle said...

# Why most married people always wish that sometimes they are single again?

Ans: Because wild flowers smells better.
...and also found out that one don't have to keep a cow when one needs milk. Supermarket got many flavors!

Jemima said...

I can't tell you why..

_butt said...

Morning!! :)

why, why, why do we have to ask so many questions??

on question no.8 though, scary movies are meant to scare us, that's the thrill of it! (or shrill, depending) :D

happy weekend!!!

IguanaKia said...

Why...the magic question where most of the creations/problems come from...
Just be happy..haha

eastcoastlife said...

My angel,
So many whys!

I want to be single again!! So I an participate in the wooing game all over again!

aiyoooh.... I also dunno why I add the people whom I dunno in my Facebook. I go delete them now.....

angel said...

Dear L B,
Becos it's not small.
Becos I wanna know.
Becos I not Poser.
Becos sammpat.
Becos they dun hv enuf......
Becos ... no pressure, no work. Heh..
Becos already drank the other half.
Becos *forgot wat my ques was*
Becos we must be cats.
Becos lazy.
Becos the past is said to be able to shed light about our current being?
Becos juz downloaded it!
Becos I dowan marry a sakai.
Becos... eh, I not Delilah, so no nid answer :P

*wipes sweat after answering so many ques*

Dear oscar's mommy,
Because you din curi see the answer at the back of the book...

Dear rinnah,
Becos it's not shallow haaa...
Becos I'm a Questioner.
Becos you wanna spank in the butt hehehe...
Becos... wait... today IS Flyday! ;)

Dear nyonyapenang,
Really *&^%$#!@!!

Dear cocka,
Ei... you hor, beginning to sound like an old man liao... repeat and repeat and repeat wan... muahahahaha!

Dear Jemima,
Then, can you tell me... how come?? Hheehe...

Dear butty,

Becos we are humans ;)

I nearly had a heart attack yesterday watching this Japanese movie, "Unholy Women"... really eek!!!

Have fun, you! :)

Dear iguanakia,
Haha... you are the best! Yeah, just be happy... I wanna show you some buffet food... later ;)

Dear eastcoastlife,
Haha... Cocka will be the first player in the Wooing Game! I already saw his 'lao hao sui' look... kekeke...

Ha? U oso add strangers wan ah? Kakaka... Yay! I'm not alone haaa...


Ehon said...

sampat! wakakakakakaka.

aku sudah balik kampung!! :D

kat said...

tim gai = tin gai = frog leg...

1. Becos you look pweety
2. Dunno becos I am not most married ppl. At most I wish I am married without kids... :P
3. Becos got adrenalin rush
4. Becos you got pweety hands
5. Born liddat, chee loh-dow
6. Becos human nature is liddat, always want to know what they don't know
7. Becos she is boss and not you
8. We are here becos our parents gatal
9. Becos you stay alone
10. Becos the sky is so high and one day you marry a sakai

Enough answers? Got summore questions?

eastcoastlife said...

My angel not going anywhere this December? I go KL sampat with you!? Next week?

Acidic Sports said...

the best place to find the answers is tanjong rambutan. I believe they are many doctorates there answer these questions.

true enough, i dunno what is the hype about facebook. nevertheless, i am a member but i dont know why i am there for. can you help?

narrowband said...

Why u ask so many questions? OK lemme try some

1. Because they saja wanna increase friend-count (If me I normally ber-message-message-an ask long ask short first before deciding to add:p)

2. Maybe because their relationship is no longer as interesting and exciting as it used to be?

3. Because our heartbeat faster, bloodflow faster, that's why movements also faster lor :p

4. Because he wanna bok mong mah!!! =))

5. Who's you ar? I very cincai wan leh ;p

6. No ar, I can tahan dowan to know certain things wan. If tak berkaitan with me I seldom berminat oso...

7. The boss too rich sked kena rompak so always berkurung di rumah.

8. Because our parents did what they had to do... (ROTFL~~)

9. Because you're a 'dan xiao gui' (ok, in English, 'coward' is too strong a word but you know what 'dan xiao gui' means :p)

10. Oh yeah Anita Mui oh yeah!!!

angel said...

Dear ehon,
Amboi, amboi! Balik kampung liao marah aku sampat?!! :P

Selamat ber-enjoy!

Dear kat,
I love kung po tin gai!

1. But I din put my photo worrrr!
2. Becos your hubby is gooood man!
3. Adrenalin rush sounds something sexciting but work is definitely not that sexciting lorr..
4. But it was dark woh...
5. Hahaaa... u admit u r stubborn ka?
6. But sometimes it's up to a point of beh-tahan-ness...
7. I also boss... but small boss... and I not liddat oso...
8. Wah...
9. Even if I dun stay alone, I still sked..
10. I duwan marry sakai! Muahahaha!

Got... more questions another day. Thank you for taking part :P

Dear eastcoastlife,
Really?? REALLY?!!!
Please cal 1-800-ANGEL!! Fast! FAST! I WAIT YOU!!

Dear acidic sports,
Ei.. my questions all very 'tak siuman' meh??? :(

You dunno why you are in Facebook.. I remind you... it was I who asked you to join muahahahaha! :P

How u want me to help?

Dear narrowband,
Because I have alotta unanswered questions :P

1. Got liddat wan ah?? Ei ei... that day got one Yapunis lenglui added me... you want?? :P

2. So sad liddat :(

3. Ha? You sound like you are talking abt...*ahem..*

4. Pok mong? But hand oni worrr... but thank god it's only the hand haha :P

5. You is not you ;) I know u very cincai! Fatt tatt loh your gf... :P

6. Yeah! That's the way it should be! That's the way we ALL should be! Wah.. congrats woh... you jadi teladan kita semua!

7. Kakakakaka -_-'''

8. Why they had to do what they had to do leh?

9. Actually, I dunno what you trying to say woh... 'xiao gui' sounds like Little Ghost haha :P But yeah, I feel I'm a coward.. how? :(

10. Muaahhahaha! Lei dou ji geh!!

Thx for participating... bila senang, kita pi minum kopi! ;)


Huei said...

1. because they wana know u! =D

2. cos they wana play play about!! heheheh

3. pressure = motivation!! hehhe

4. pei jor! heheheh or he needs liquor to boost his courage to approach u =P

5. cos my skin is made out of leather (cow skin) =P

6. to test if curiosity really kills the cat =P

7. cos he's da boss! doesnt need to work wan!

8. we r all here to find out what we're here for =P

9. i have the same problem as u! heheh

10. *start singing aaron kwok song* (correct hor? or who sang that? grasshopper? omgg!! my music history so cha wan! hehehe)

Acidic Sports said...

Dearest Angel,

If want to kira how many virtual friends i have, its countless. Countless also meaningless la...

Join here, join there got so many membership for what :P

yaya, I thank you for convince me to be a facebook member.

your question sucks la.. think too deep siong your 'now-kin' oni..hehe

angel said...

Dear ah huei,
1. Eh? Yapunis girls also wanna knw me ah?

2. Then better dun marry lor, hor?

3. Liddat ah... pressure is also stress is also baaaaddd... :(

4. I think he was just high high tei... and seik pao mou yeh jou :P

5. Whoaaa... can I touch and see? ^^

6. Well... I'm a Cat Killa! Heh heh...

7. Haiiii... I also boss... altho' small small one... but I work!

8. Then can you tell me? I lazy to find liao...

9. Kakaka... *high 5*

10. Eh! Wrong laa.... it's Anita Mui!

Thanks for participating in this Q & A... *muaks*

Dear acidic sports,
Who ask you to 'add' so many virtual friends wor? Meaningless then dun add la..

Apa sucks? You are just lazy... oh I forgot... you memang are lazy... u said yourself before.. blek!


JL said...

tim gai tim gai
mol tak gai
sek kor loh mai kai
and enjoy life :P

angel said...

Dear JL,
Lei hai tak geh... haha...

Simple American said...

Pay attention please. Wait.

First. *hug*

Okay back to bidness.

1. Because you are Angel and they want to be blessed like me.
2. Because the grass is always greener on the other side. Chez! Right!
3. Because pressure creates ahdrenaline. Vroom!!!!
4. Pwetty hands attract drunks.
5. Because I am a man.
6. Because we are bloggers.
7. Because he can and you cannot.
8. To glorify God.
9. Because I am scared too.
10. Because because because...!