Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wordy Wednesday - Your Pictures Pay!

Spice Girls' new music video, Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)

Recently, I was asked by a Millionaire Entrepreneur to help disseminate news about What IS Well, it's like this... They pay you to share pictures online. Well, okay, not entirely true... they pay based on Unique Page View. What does this term mean ah? Wait, lemme copy and paste from their FAQ page.

A unique page view occurs when someone views your image on our server. Thumbnails and hotlinked images do not count towards your points total. Our technology tracks where the pageviews are originating from. Scripts and "auto browsers" are not allowed! If you refresh the page 1000 times, it will still count as 1 page view.

Nah, itu dia...

How does it work? Wait, lemme do a C & P again from their site. I'm a baaaad Promoter... now you know why I don't do PPP's *blek*

  • Upload pictures with unlimited storage and bandwidth to share with others.
  • Share your pictures on your sites, forums, ebay, myspace, friendster or other social networking sites.
  • Get Paid when people view your pictures.
  • Refer your friends by using your personal referral link under the Referral Program and get 10% of his/her PicsPay earnings.
No, I'm not going to ask you to use my account as a referral link under the Referral Program because I'm too shy to do that. Plus the fact that I don't have plans to monetize this blog. AND, I don't even have that what-what Pen-Pal account :P Unless Google wanna buy it over, then....

BUT, I must say this... I had a pleasant surprise a while ago when I clicked on my Referral account info for the first time to see what's that, and saw that I've 'recommended' a user. Heh?? I've NOT recommended nor referred anyone before! So, how come liddis?? Well, that user is none other than the high school babe Rinnah! Thanks, babe! Now THAT is what I call a sweet random act of kindness... :)

So... what am I gonna do for her in return? I'll just pimp her SEVEN blogs here lah... (OMG! U have SEVEN blogs??? I can't keep up! Sowwie...)

  2. being rinnah
  3. rinnah's biz
  4. rinnah's marketplace
  5. rinnah's spin daily
  6. rinnah's makan hut
  7. just being malaysian
So, head over to if you wanna moolah...

On another musical note, DYK that
Celine Dion made a comeback with her latest album, Taking Chances? Two songs I've seen/heard from her latest album, Taking Chances & Alone (originally sung by Heart in the 80's or 90's, I forgot...) This youtube video below is a live performance of Celine on Saturday Night Divas. Enjoy!


kyh said...

wah i wanna chup!!!!!!

ah i lup celine! and i lup angie too!!! :P

L B said...

I lup rinnah instead, despite her unrelenting Seven Blogs for Seven Brides...

L B said...

... and I think girls playing violins are always the sexiest... no?

L B said...

...and the cello too.. might as well throw that one in...

L B said...

*burns more 'things' for Moo Moo*

L B said...

*fondles mouse absentmindedly, whilst waiting for Celine's song to end...*

L B said...

"Taking Chances" 3 stars
"Alone" 1/2 star

L B said...

"Headlines" 4 1/2 stars

L B said...

...heading to Limewire for Spice Girls!!

L B said...

Done!!! Thank you!! *kisses*

L B said...

*replaying Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) over and over again on iTunes...*

kyh said...

omg spam!!! psss the picspay hor... the uploaded pic quality very sux leh... so decided to go against it despite the fact that it can help me earn moolahs. :P

Ehon said...

I can still chup after 12 comments?! :o! :D

Ehon said...

celine dion is super good mannn even at her age!

may said...

haaa, I must download these songs when Mackie's back from hospital! I'm no good in promoting anything either, so no peepeepee for meeeeeeee!

Simple American said...

Is is Spice Girls or Victoria Secrets commercial?

*heart beat faster*
*loosen collar*

Hey been missing you!


sheon said...

but i dun have much photos to share wor.... *sob sob.....

Winn said...

really? no need ppp? then if i put hamsap pic maai fatt tat??

Huei said...


i wan moolah!!!

Huei said...


i wan moolah!!!

eastcoastlife said...

oi.... this one call wordless, pulak!
Why neber delete the ah pek's spam? That's cheating lah! Consider one chup, right?

ZAM said...

Thanks for sharing. Happy WW.

Chen said...

so wordy geh? :P
piak dat LB for ocipala-ing :P

pss.. i'm equally bad in promoting too :P

rinnah said...

Waaaaaah! Tengkiu for pimping my blogs! I lup you long long time! Actually I was snooping around PicsPay when I saw that you had signed up... so rather than let them sign me up for free, might as well sign up under someone I know! Lup ya, babe!

angel said...

Dear kyh,
Luckily you still lup angie... if not... hmmmph!! :P

Dear rinnah,
Seven Brides for you, you fatt tatt lor... hehe...

So... u think that a^ben is sexy too? O.o

What else u burning, har?

Celine's song so cheong hei meh?

Haaa... you Spicey fansee, I see...

Glad to be of service! Muaks!

Dear kyh,
Actually... I think I agree with you to an extend... I'll make sure the Entrepreneur gets this feedback! ;)

Dear ehon,
Oh yes you can!

Voice and age are inter-related wan meh??

Dear maymay,
Actuarry, we are just damn lazy ppl la... :P

Dear Sir SA,
Haa... I think it's both ;)

Err... need help with the collar? O.o

Thx for the missing and huggings ;)

Dear sheon,
Then, take more pics!! Faster! That day during Yellow Day you no take meh??

Dear winn,
Why dun you try and see? But after u fatt tatt dun forget abt me, ok?

Dear ah huei,
So, have you registered for it yet?

Dear eastcoastlife,
Errr... it's not wordless wor... it's called WORDY! Haaa... u din read properly...

Ah pek? For one moment, I was a bit lost cos dunno which ah pek u talking about hahaa... Yeah, consider one chup oni la... :)

Dear ZAM,
You are most welcome! :)

Dear chen,
Becos today I wanted to be the opposite of wordless, so I go wordy :P

Eh eh... u got PPP before worrrr... :P

Dear rinnah,
Haaaa! You are most welcome. I should thank you first actually :)

I signed up to help-help the testing period ;)

You lup me long long time, can I lup you longer time? :D


L B said...

I protest vehemently! I wish to put it on record that no matter how sweet it is to be confused with rinnah, she wears bras. I don't!

L B said...

*she does, doesn't she?*

Chen said...

u r sayang-ed, hence u r tagged :P

u tags piling up to the ceiling liao or not? Kkkkkkk

Cocka Doodle said...

So now it's ji jaar wednesday ah? Fuyoh! write so much...

JL said...

CD sang Eyes on Me... so tak jadi...

eastcoastlife said...

Your Pussy Town post considered finish posting liao ah!? Liddat only? No sexciting horniday? No call duck?

Aiyah Nonya said...

If it is about friendship why are the Spice Girls parncing in underwears. Macam a lingerie video.

I much prefer Celine Dion.

dreamie said...

ini Berapi Wednesday !!!
cos ada Spice Girls ..
betul chilli padi leh

moz monster said...

that you can ocipala now means you Internet connection is now back to normal, is it ??

Sasha said...

why the spice girls like doing advertisment for lingerie only? and they still dance the same way *showing how to dance with hands up and down like scarry spice* 10 yrs no change. Dunno that is good or bad. Hahaha Have a nice weekend!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Post up pic in picspay can really earn $$$$ money kar??? Can post up uncersored 'hor ny' orang utan pic???

Have a nice day!

angel said...

Dear LB,
*cham char ying jui*
Can arr?

I dunno what I was thinking that time... million apologies... pls dun deduct my THHC points... except that.... hahaaaa... :P

Whether she wears one or not, I didn't check the last time... hehehe...

Dear chen,
Thanks lah for the sayang... but u know that I'm gonna let it pile up dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi, horrr... kkkk... :P

Dear cocka,
Boh pian... ;)

Dear JL,
*garu kepala*

Dear eastcoastlife,
Aisay... I very mood to post la... actually no, I veli lazy to do up my pics :P

Call duck? Psstt... need meh since we had ...... wt us... hahaa...

Dear aiyah nonya,
Haaa... I have no idea!! Really weird, huh? But like what they say... sex sells! :)

Dear dreamie,
Ada api ar? Ohh... itu Pedas Pedas mya pompuan... are they as pedas as your piao mei???

Dear moz,
Wah liao... u oso ocipala-ing liao ar??

Yeah, it's a-ok now...

Dear sasha,
*looks as Scary Sasha Spice*
Haha, I too have been wondering what's the 'meaning' of the music video... 10 yrs no change considered good kuaa... no ah?
You have a great weekend too! :)

Dear horny,
I suppose can... but need more ppl to poke your pics so that can earn $$$ faster...

You try and post whatever and see la... see got ppl poke your pics anot... ;)

Happy weekend!


aiyah nonya said...

Sex sells - maybe they are aiming at the opposite sex to boost their CD sales ?

eastcoastlife said...

Still no new post? one.... two..... two and a quarter.......

angel said...

Dear aiyah nonya,
Definitely!! See, LB also like them.. hehehe..

Dear eastcoastlife,
Do liao! Do liao! Haha... what a way to 'force' me to post! :P

But thanx also... cos I've somewhat lost a bit of oomph to blog... :) hugs!


Chen said...

i PPP occasionally only, once in a blue moon, when I EFND time. Now I malas liao. Easier to write sampat post than PPP :P

we are going to build tag castle :P

angel said...

Kakaka... of cos sampat posts are easier than PPP :P

So, when is the next Blue Moon har? :p

Kkkkkk... tag castle pulak... sounds like a veli big castle kkkkk...

plink said...

la la la la . . . .

rinnah got seven blogs? *pengsan*

angel said...

Oi... apasal lu hiding kat sini??


*calls ECL to revive plink with her son's 3 yr never wash mia Nike shoes...*