Thursday, March 27, 2008

Profiles & Easter Tale

I spied this in a profile of a 40 year old man on a certain 'match' website.

i am a man who is full of love that i need to share because it is overflowing. and the more i share of this love the more love i get filled with and it begins to overflow again. therefore i must share again all the love that i have inside of me. and when i have shared the love i have inside of me i am again refilled and it again begins to overflow so that i must again continue share this love that i have inside of me. i am overflowing with love...

But sometimes quite fun to laugh also ma... no? :P
I mean, compare that with this one.

hello and welcome aboard. firstly, i would like to apologise for not replying to subscribing members who have contacted me. i used to be a subscriber but now it only allows contact if both the sender and receiver has a subscription. a little unfair, dun you think? do not despair though coz you can catch me at panasmel or hot...

basically, i consider myself as your typical next-door guy who loves sports, outdoor activities, cooking and reading. i also love travelling and experiencing different cultures of the world. i've already grown out of partying and now prefer to channel my energy towards keeping fit and staying relaxed. it's really stressful earning a decent living so i am prone to acting silly bordering near lunacy when not at work to balance up, lol :P

i'm looking for friends who are independent, loves sports, loves to laugh and being laughed at as well as living every minute of their life to the fullest. i'm tall but not tall enough and i have an athlete built as a result of my active exercise sessions. i guess my ears are kinda small for my size but i'm a very loyal kinda person...just like my chinese zodiac sign...woof-woof, hehe. my clothing styles are very basic and comfy while dressing up is only when it is absolutely and needlessly required, hehehe. in short...the saying "simplicity is the best things in life" will truly describe me for what i am.

Which one would you 'choose'? Yes, I'm asking the obvious :P Gee, I hope both of them are not reading this blog! If you are, I can only say... sorry!! I know lah, by now, you surely have some question marks on top of your head... Eh?? Angeles looking for ......... What?! Kenot meh?! I oledi cukup umur, ok... Anyway, it's just for fun. I mean reading those profiles! :P

Last but not least, this is a little heartwarming story that was related by my friend, Eve in New Jersey during Easter last weekend... she's the Eve with lupus...

Every Easter, we (most adults) will make/buy Easter baskets to give to kids. Its just a basket (can be big or small) filled with candies, small soft toys (usually chicks or bunnies) and/or chocolates. Anyway, Easter is not about candies and bunnies but it gives a the little kiddies something fun to do and they believe in the Easter Bunny and that the Easter Bunny willl bring them goodies.

So anyway, this year, we decided to do one last baskets for Jimmy and Michelle, they are after all 17 and 18 and no longer believe in the Easter Bunny. So on Friday, Jim and I, we went to the store and bought the supplies eg. baskets, grass, chocolate eggs, caramel eggs. truffles, jelly beans etc etc. And then we brought everything home and put together the baskets for the kids.

On Saturday, out of the blue, I suddenly said to Jim, "I want to make baskets for Becky's kids." Becky is our neighbour and she has 3 daughters under 8 years old and Samantha the youngest has Down Syndrome. So, out we went to the store again and came home and put together 3 baskets, pink, purple and green. Later in the evening, I called over to Becky house and asked if the kids had gone to bed. She said "Not Yet, What's Up?" I said, "Call me after they're in bed."

So at 10.15, Becky calls up and said, "Kids are in bed, now will you tell me whats happening?" I said, "OK, I'm coming over."

I walked over to her house with the 3 baskets and when she opened her door and saw the Easter Basket, she started to cry. Apparently, she had been so busy, she didnt have time to go get Easter Baskets for her kids and she had gone to the store late and it was close and she was contemplating on getting up really early to go get them before the kids wake up. She felt really crappy....until I showed up with 3 baskets, in the kids favourite colours.

Now, we have been friends since 2003 and I have never given the kids easter baskets and she had never failed to make Easter baskets for her kids.

The Lord works in mysterious ways!! Amen!!

God bless my dear friend, Eve...


_butt said...

chup first

Amen... said...

chup second said...

:) awww.. how sweet of u. you ARE truly an angel. :) :) :)

_butt said...

back! sorry in the middle of multitasking :P

hmm... practical guy sounds safer? hehe

touching story indeed. always nice to know how we can touch people's lives in so many ways :)

Kopi Soh said...

Mai fren ask me to accompany her sign up so I oso sign up for those match ting but when i enter wat i wan in a guy it kam bek, "no match found" :(

angeles said...

Dear butty,
Good chup neh...

Wheee! One up for Lady Multitaskers! :P

Psstt! Hv u tried this match thingy? ;)

Yeah.. when I read her e-mail, it gave me a warm fuzzy feelin' :)

Dear ehon,
U veli good chupper this month woh... :P

Eh! U salah baca! I'm NOT the angel! Eve is :)

Dear kopisoh,
Kakakaka... u know why No Match Found anot?? Cos Suituapui & Cocka didn't sign up yet maaaa... hehee....

Kopisoh, wa lang miss lu...


melbie said...

you had to go and search for men in the "match" websites? hehehe.. you're looking for some men with odd behaviours? hehehe

Easter story.. so sweet...! :)

eastcoastlife said...

chup also

eastcoastlife said...

It's common to sign up for matchmaking these days, I'm also a matchmaker.
*fairy Godmother image lights up*
*puts my angel's name on my list*

awww... the Easter story so kam dong...

mudpie said...

what baout baby match making .. nellie need kawan :)

*burning lavender oil*

L B said...

Okay, let's officially adopt the word 'Overflow' for this month!!!

I like! Overflow! I am overflowing! Overflow me! Let's overflow!


_butt said...

now thaaat is overflow Angel... *points at LB* hehe

psstt I did sign up... years ago when I had to do an article abt the trend of online dating and stuff :P swear I'm not making this up ya. then I met this wonderful guy online and offline, and then he left without saying goodbye. I was devastated. de-overflowed. sigh. there you go. story of my love life. :(

the other day hor, a friend suggested that maybe we (tired of being solo too I guess) should sign up for those match thingy, speed dating, table for six... I was like hmm...

but, should I? should we? wana wana? :D

Jemima said...

I'm sure you don't lack of suitors.

bongkersz said...

why you spied my profiles? :P let me overflow you with... muahahahahaha! the first one is funny. 2nd one also quiet funny. rezeki masing masing lah, i can't decide, me not a girl :P but the 2nd one bit loso eh, he wrote

"simplicity is the best things in life" will truly describe me for what i am.

but he wrote so long, where got simple? pening lah!

angeles said...

Dear melbie,
Just for fun since all blogs sudah habis baca :P

Dear eastcoastlife,
Errr... sorry, chup sold out liao...

Haha... yeah, I know u are a matchmaker also... thanks for including my name in the list! *waits for Prince Charming to fall from sky* :P

Dear mudpie,
Baby matchmaking ah? Hmmm... good idea... start 'em young! :P

*tolong carikan kawan utk nellie...*

*takes a whiff of lavendar*
*terus zzzzzz...*

Dear L B,
Kakaakakaka... so wet! So 'sap'! I pity that fella... drowned...

Dear butty,
Hahaha.. I agree with u that LBOverflowed :P

I believe u, chewy ;)

And abt that guy you met, u should hv confided in me! I can tell u to forget about him because he is NOT worth any devastation. Trust me, no man is worth our tears. Wow... shocked to hear that from me? Haha...

Dun worry baby... the world is your oyster... go experience the world, enjoy life... not necessary to be done in twos, if u knw what i mean ;)

Haha... speed dating, table for 6, I think I am 'pass' that liao... not very interested to meet people that way... also becos hv to pay.. I kiamsiap maa... kekekeke... but YOU, u hv to go experience it, ok!

Dear Jemima,
Last I check, there's no one chasing my skirt... only my niece... kekeke...

Dear bongkersz,
Your profile? I've seen ALL of u muahaahahahaha...

U overflow me with... ? I waiting, ok...

Really la, I wonder if got any girls will write to him... abt the 2nd one, hahaa.. betul jugak... memang cheong hei... but I think his profile is more 'attractive' lorrr... I must go check out what the girls write one day :P Or, u pi check 'em out la... then blog for us ;)


bongkersz said...

er, my profile attractive not? pi mana check em out? haha! friendorama? rotflmao! :P

Leonard said...

happy easter day!!!

Wait a minute, it's almost one week ago!!???

angeles said...

Dear bongkersz,
Two words. Pretty Boy. Muaahahahahahha :P

Aper tu Friendorama?? Sounds like adultfinder liddat... itu u pi check sendiri ler...

The profiles I tengok were at match dotcom ler...

Dear leonard,
Yes, a week ago! Time fliesssss... aihhhh...


Anonymous said...

memang kelakar la si overflow i suka akan dia punye kekreatifan la walaupun dah over skit nak tipu pompuan secara langsung atau tak langsung tapi, memang boleh diberi chance untuk dikenali overflow....emmm, flow over, over flowED ...lagi baik..DeFLOWER....dia tu memang ada dia punyer konspirasi...nanti jadi case physco

k la, u happy hunting la. per lagi, balaks la. alah, jangan malu lah....selamba jer. kalo ko nak kenal dengan member thai aku...boleh aku perkenalkan, tapi..jangan blame aku kalau overflowing dia tuh deflowerkan


adrian said...

Chup twentieth! (Can ah?) :P

Eh, u got nothing better to do issit? Go read those profiles? U sure u're not looking for..... kakakakak... just joking.

Anyway, the other day I was sitting behind this malay man, probably in his early 50s, with white hair, etc)

He was browsing friendster and looking at photos of sexy young girls and adding them as friends.

I was disgusted! I wanted to shout at him, "WOI! Dirty old pakcik!"

Buthen I tot... I should go look at sexy photos of young girls too. :P

adrian said...

Chup twentieth! (Can ah?) :P

Eh, u got nothing better to do issit? Go read those profiles? U sure u're not looking for..... kakakakak... just joking.

Anyway, the other day I was sitting behind this malay man, probably in his early 50s, with white hair, etc)

He was browsing friendster and looking at photos of sexy young girls and adding them as friends.

I was disgusted! I wanted to shout at him, "WOI! Dirty old pakcik!"

Buthen I tot... I should go look at sexy photos of young girls too. :P

mistipurple said...

the easter bunny lives on! haleggluiah! :p so sacrilegious!

if you find a good match, lemme know if he has a much older brother. i must also find myself someone who will lup me. kkkkk

adrian said...

Wah. Ur comment box got echo wan. Double entry eh. :P

narrowband said...

Wei, which site u join as member? I pun nak join dah. All my 'cara-cara cari makan' not working neh -_-' hehe

sengkor said...

what it really means:

typical next-door guy = boring
loves sports = no dating on football nites
outdoor activities = sure strays
cooking = dun dream to dine outside
reading = u sleep 1st, i read
love travelling = dun expect me to be at home
experiencing different cultures = other races gf at 1 time
grown out of partying = old liao
acting silly bordering near lunacy = wear spender on head
i'm tall but not tall enough = shorty
athlete built = steroid user
ears are kinda small = wun take advice
loyal = yesman
clothing styles are very basic = always singlet, shorts and selipar


zewt said...

pity those fellas la... they finally realise they need a life... or perhaps... too late already.

ducky said...

Tell you what Angel, I'm not going to ejek you on checking out dating services website, if you let me chup No. 1 from the belakang, boleh kah ? Sekali sekala kena main belakang right kan ?

melbie said...

ohhh... like that ka angeles, habis baca blog go read that kind of profiles LOL..

mar equalised bongkers as a gangster and here he's a pretty boy?? *sings* "Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you, Like I never ever loved no one before you... " haha.. that's a song only ah bongkersz

mistipurple said...

LOL at sampat SENGKOR!!

mistipurple said...

so, *tap tap finger*
i'm not the only one with contaminated keywords. hahahha

angeles said...

Dear bdk bkk,
Lepas baca beberapa kali, si overflow tu memang kelakar.. tapi kalo ada pompuan yg serius nak cari pasangan dan terjumpa profil dia, sure will go, wtf?? kakakaka... kreatif? mana ada?? i rasa itu cukup boring... macam geek :P dan mungkin juga giler... eee, takut!

Ya allah, sejak biler aku malu? Eh, aku takyah pi hunting.. aku diburu, tau... cis... ko ni memang pandang rendah kat aku.. marah dah ni!

Dear Adrian,
Chup 20th, can... but u oni get 0.2 sen... round up to the nearest point five, u get... errr... zero?? :P

I'm actually looking for ........ one... but then I saw this and then suddenly, the light bulb on top of my head turned on! Blogging material! :P Also becos last nite u no entry, so mai go read all these funny profiles lor..

Eh, Malay man with white hair, u straight away say he's in his 50's ah? Maybe he dyed his hair leh?? Like that Ekin Cheng in The Storm Rider... hou yao yeng his white hair :P

Oh ya, back to that miang pak cik... yeeeeeeee, so hamsap... lucky I no put my sexy pics in Friendster :P

Actually I know la, u oledi went to check out the sexy pics... if not how u know so clear he was looking at sexy YOUNG CHICKS??? Haaa!!! :P

Dear misti,
Yeah!! Bunny jump jump! ;)

Dun worry... BEFORE I find me a good match, I'll find for u first... u more senior ma.. kekekeke... pssst, wanna try setup a profile? I saw many, many Singkapoh men... *wink wink*

Dear Adrian,
My blog got echo becos u r macho :P

Dear narrowband,
Cara-cara cari makan?? Haha.. eh! Itu sound so... errr... wrong! :P

Gua sudah kasi bisik to u where to look for the chicks ;)

Dear sengkor,
Kakakaaka! Tenkiu so much for the male lingo's synonyms... or was that your profile ah? :P

BTW, reading = u sleep 1st, i read

U left out the word 'blog'. Read blog :P

Dear zewt,
Too late? No lah, nothing is too late ;)

Dear ducky!!!
Wah! At last you keluarkan your komen emas... :P

Ejek me? Haha... I YEARN for u to ejek leh... anyway, what's there to ejek abt checking out dating websites? Oh yeah hor, u sudah takbleh date other girls liao muahaahahaha!

Main belakang sekali sekala oni meh? Bukan main tiap-tiap kali ah?

And, I think u still owe me how many seasons of SATC?? Eh, sometimes I hv good memory wan, ok... :P

Dear melbie,
Yayayayaya... EFNTD ma... :P but also becos sibuk ler... kekekeke...

Mar? Gangster? Haha... hey, he IS a Pretty Boy, no?? U dun agree?? How come??? Haha...

I mentioned to him b4 abt that song by M2M and he puked kkakaakaa... BTW, I love that song! My voice oso got sound a bit like them hahaha... :P

Dear misti,
SK tonite a bit sampat... but I'm glad to see him sampat... if he no sampat, means he got sumting wrong... :P

U overflow with what? Squirt summorelah... :P

Youyouyouyou.. u Mind Contaminator... kakakaaka...


EliteVillain said...

ya cukup umur for everything, who cares rite? hahaha dun read their profiles only, cukup umur edy then must leave some comment for them oso

Huei said...

awww..i miss the days making easter things. growing up sucks!! we do work

no more strings, glues, glitters, and the such =(

mistipurple said...

hahaha. *sticks out tongue*
sings.. "you can't get me you can't get me!*

psst.. got older OLDERRRR sinkapok men or not? actually i prefer malaysian men. i think they're better. shhh

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

ooohhh... sexy red fire hot angel there.

btw, i have not read your post yet. really bogged down with month end stuff. will peep in again next month ya?

aiyah nonya said...

What a sexy easter bunny.

Re the overflowing love guy -
I think it is just a lame excuse of that man to fool around.

Btw have you 'chup' your match yet ?

ducky said...

Wah elephant memory ! unker also got elephant memory wan, I think u also got hutang me ais klim long long time ago when I naib juara in your chup chup contest. Main tiap-tiap malam !!! u manyak kuat ah.

_butt said...

so sweet of you Angel :) hugs & kisses!

have a good weekend ya :D

but seriously, you should go for it. you seriously don't look like your age, seriously serious.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

What site is that??? Can I signe up? Have a nice day!

suituapui said...

Sengkor's last definition - that's me! But pada halnya, can't buyt baju! No size! Wakakakakaka!!!! Bongkersz "Pretty Boy"? Isn't that a song by that duo - M2M?? Oops...M2M again?

P.S.: Thank God angel didn;t stumble upon my personals ad!!! Hehehehehehehe!!!!! Whew! Selamat!

angeles said...

Dear EliteVillian,
Leave comment for them? That one hv to pay... I kiamsiap, I NO PAY! I wait for them to fall at my feet :P

Dear ah huei,
Growing up sux ah? Dun liddat ler... got Boo sayang ma... chin up, ok? ;)

Dear misti,
Ya, I can't get u today la... I got crampssss... I'm like a gramp... sheesh... :P

Olderrrrrr Singkapok men ah? U go sign up and then hunt 'em down laaa! Malaysian older men? I dunno woh... I think got... *whispers* *whisper* GO SIGN UP ALREADYYYY!! :P

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Oh dear, poor you... take good care, yeah? Remember hunny, NO STRESS! XOXOXO.

Dear aiyah nonya,
I dunno what that Overflowing guy wants la... maybe he thinks it's funny? O.o

Hahahaha... Chup my match ah? Chupping... chupping... too many, how? Haha... just kidding!

Dear ducky,
Kakaka... sometimes I Elephant Memory... sometimes I really Goldfish Memory... jialat...

Muahahaaaahaa... yeah hor! That one I really lupa liao... your ice cream treat! OK la, u date me then we talk.

Kenaper takbleh tiap-tiap malam ah? I memang kuat... tapi, nak cuba jugak itu kacip fatimah.. muahahahahaa!

Dear butty,
Eh? Sweet? What did I do? O.o

U hv a good weekend too, babe! Remember my words, okie?

I go for it? Hahahaha... I dun look my age is One thing lar... but I FEEL my age woh... how? :P

Dear Horny Ang Moh,
Haha.. U sure u wanna sign up?? Not sked yr gf chop chop u?? It's at match dotcom :)

Happy Pokeing!

Dear suituapui,
Haha... U wear Pagoda Singlet ah? Good ma... airy... good ventilation kekekeke...

Yeah, M2M... what's the joke abt M2M? Male2Male? Cibol & Bong? O.o

Muahahahahaa... actually, I got.. but I din want to make u malu ma... I keep u for myself... and also maybe for Kopi Soh... kakakka...


a^ben said...

weeeweit~~~ so in the end the match website work or not zek???? how come that time i go kl didnt bawa keluar tunjuk muka? lols :P

Trinity said...

kakakakaka I enjoy reading the post and the comments that I really can't find what to say anymore! hahaha.. I never read 'match' profile but I think you've found a very interesting one! kekekekekeke

One more thing, Eve is an angel! So, who you are? qiqiqiqiqi

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

hehehe. can't stay away for too long....

i have a very interesting conversation with my colleague today. i was sighing about Thai and wondering what happen to all my partners??!!! almost all busted their credit lines.... maybe i shd go visit them earlier... and then my colleague said...

"lisa lisa, go. u must go. do u know Khun U is SO good looking. at least you can go there and look at 'leng jai'....

what? what? what?

lol. Khun U is the director of Thai team managing our major customer- channel partners. he was down to KL while i was on medical leave and yes, indeed many said he is so good looking..... but then, got relevant meh? i'm married wor??!!!

mmm ... maybe i will check him out for u :D... if he is still single... wah, u MUST come to Thai with me liao. i talked to him a lot over the phone and he is .... phew, good!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

good in the sense... very professional... so sweet and so gentlemen...

no wonder he make a lot of girls "lau hau shui'.... overflowed!!!!

mistipurple said...

lol at lisa!
psst.. angeles, if you meet him, ask him got olderrrr bro or not hokie? *overflows*

Pookyma said...

I'm so signing up for that website...go play play...hahhaha

Btw the story u posted..very harm warming!

suituapui said...

Hah!! Caught u liao!!! Go cocka there and talk about my breasts!!! U didn't read in my personal ad meh? Got...nice small, tight ones like poached eggs!!! Wakakakakaka!!! Now everytime u people eat poached eggs, u'll think of STP's breasts!!!

Brad said...

oh u curi2 go online dating! what about me? and our kids??? :((((

Cocka Doodle said...

Aiyah..why those guys at the matchmake profile site write so much about themselves geh?

I would just go for 3 words..."I am hung" Wakakakakakakka!!!

Suituapui....your nen-nen like poached eggs ah? What?? Ostrich eggs is it?? Muahahahahahaha!!
I thought once upon a time Triumph International used you for their D-cup mold, no?

angeles said...

Dear a^ben,
Aiyah, all these play-play oni laaa... :P

Dear Trinity,
Glad u enjoy the comments! They are actually the highlights in this blog, not my entry keekkekeke...

There are many, many funny profiles out there... I just didn't remember to blog abt it until this one haha!

Yes! Yes! Eve is my long time friend... and an angel! Me ah? Me is angel in disguise.. muahahahhaa....

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
So happy to see u! Muakssss! But wow! So early you woke up??

Hahahahahaaa... U gonna be my Matchmaker too? Wheeeee... hahaha... Thx for checking Khun U out for me.. haha it's so funny to say that sentence hahaaa....

*waits to go to Sawadeeka Land with Lisa...*
I missssss BKK! And Songkran (Water Festival) is in 2 wks' time! I was there exactly 2 yrs ago...

*controls... dunwanna overflow...*

Dear misti,
Hahahaha... pssttt! Why don't we ask Lisa to check him out for U?? Khun U for U?? Sounds good?? Kekekeke...

Dear Pookyma,
Go play play but be careful not to play with fire...

Yup, my friend Eve is such an angel... :)

Dear suituapui,
OK lor... I'm yours, so what u want to do leh? ^^

Tight??? Kakakkakakaa... I thot u meant tight bum... kakakkaa...

Poached eggs, I like! But Cocka say Ostrich eggs... liddat must share share with Kopi Soh liao.. kakaka...

Dear Brad,
Woei, dun forget, Angie is preggie now... better sayang her, okeh!! :P

Dear Cocka,
Ngor dim ji worrr... BTW, you oso got profile ah?

"I am hung", u mean William Cocka Hung?

D-cup mold muahahaahahaha...


suituapui said...

Cilaka itu hamsap cocka! Hiao sampai angel punya blog!!! HIS eggs are like ostrich eggs!!! That's why he admits, "I am hung!" William Cocka Hung! Do they sawy like a pendelum when u walk, cocka??? Wakakakakakaka!!!

angeles said...

Dear Moses STP,
Aiyah... if Cocka no hiao means that's not Cocka liao lor...

His eggs? Cock can lay eggs wan? Your science teacher taught u wan ah?? Kakaka...

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

good morning sweetie,

oh, you just remindered me this month is the Songkran (Water Festival)month. not a good month for biz trip to Thai..many will be on leave...festive..celebration mood! April is our half yearly closing month too.. ouch!
and May is out.. we have our South Asean meeting..and i want to go for vacation in May.. too many things to celebate in one year survival..

eeeee ... headache! (but i still wanna find out whether Khun U is still single or out-haha!)

hey sweetie, just want to say that i will be taking a blog break for the whole month of April...too many things to do, too little time.

i will miss the sampat gang so much...will miss your nottiness and wittiness so much...i will try to pop in whenever possible ya.


eastcoastlife said...

What type of hero you want?

Swordsman? hehe...

suituapui said...

OK arts student dunno science!!! In that case, his nuts lah!!!

angeles said...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Good evening to u... Missed oledi!!! :'(

Uh huh! Songkran is a big festival for the Thais... tell you, I was soooo terrified of them during that day, esp. the first day.. they simply splash splash splash wan... but after a while, it gets kinda 'fun' and cooling cos it was so hot that day! So baked! Hehe...

One year survival? Awwwww... come come, give many many Big Hugs to you.. u are a Fighter! Don't stop fighting yeah.. even in the car.. hehe...

I shall await your snooping outcome with regards to K.U... kekekke...

Blog break will do u good... I also wanna hv one... but not now, not yet :D

We will miss you more! U are so fun to play with, to be around, to hug, to kiss, to play around.. hehehe...

I shalt be thinking of u everyday when I hit the BlogWorld ;)


Dear eastcoastlife,
U said u gonna throw me Batman ah? Mmmm.. can I have Superman instead ah? Neh, I want the latest Superman... can??? *drools* :P

Dear suituapui,
Haha... dun merajuk lar... his nuts ah? Can you confirm? Kekekekke...


Trinity said...

Hey ya..angel in disguise!! I just remember that I have loooots of single male friends! hahahahaha.. must tell them to make a good enough profile for you to read then...hahaha.. may be I should help them make one as well.. *evil grin*

btw, comments are highlights here, but your post is such a provocateur! qiqiqiqiqi

Hazel said...

hi, just pass by..have a nice day

angeles said...

Dear Trinity,
Haha.. yeah! U got that right.. I'm in disguise.. heh heh...

U hv lots of single male friends? Mmmm... any of them in KL??? Haha... yes yes, tell me if they hv a profile anywhere online.. I'll go snoop around kekekeke...

My post is provocateur? Wah wah... now I sound like a secret agent... heh heh...

Dear Hazel,
Thanks for passing by.. hv a good day ahead!


Kopi Soh hugssss angeles said...

Drop by to just peluk peluk u. Wa miss lu lang soooo veri much, hug angeles kau kau.

angeles said...

Kopi soh, AiMissChu too!! iHappy u came to hugsssssss wa...

iHugs iKiss kopi soh...