Thursday, October 25, 2007

Birthdays & Getaway


H a p p Y B i r t h d a Y
W e n n n n & E v e L e n g L e n g ! (25 & 26 Oct)

And now, please excuse me for I need to prepare for a weekend getaway to PussyCity! *meow*


Jemima said...

Happy Birthday, Wennnn!!!

Have lotz of fun in Cat City, Angel!!!

Take care & HUGS!!!

dreamie said...

Hahaaa.. PussyCity...
I wanna , I WANNA TOO !!! ... :P

Leonard said...

happy birthday to Wennn and EveLenLeng!!

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to Wennnn and Eve!

psst... Angel... Any room for me to stowaway in your Doraemon bag?

sheon said...

have fun...shall miss you...*sob sob......

Chen said...

happy birthday to both the lenglui Wenn Wenn & Eve Eve :)

Have fun in the Land of Hornbills :)
and leave your sampat trails behind the city :D

may said...

nooo... who's gonna motivate me? who's gonna cheer me up on FB? who's gonna keep me sane? LOLOL!

have loads of fun and be safe, darlin'!! HUGS & KISSES!

Happy Merry Birthday, Wennnn!

may said...

oh, and Happy Merry Birthday, Eve!

(tertekan too fast)

Jemima said...

Oppsie! I didn't realised until now that I forgot to wish Eve.. :p

Happy Birthday, Eve!!! :)

L B said...

Happy Birthday Wennnnnn....
Happy Birthday Eveeeeeee....

Happy Pussytownnnnnnn.....
Lots of purrrrrssssssssss.....
No Rocksssssssssssssss......
No Mooooolahhhhhhhh......
No Pokessssssssssssss......
Okay Lots of Pokesssss......

keeyit said...


eastcoastlife said...

Happy Birthday Wennnn and Eve!!

Bye-bye my horni gang... sob sob.... have a great time in Pussy Town! booohooo hooooo........

Ehon said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! :D

iPort!!! Where is my iPort?!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Wennn and EveLenLeng : )

I like the name of the city ; )

hahahahahaha : p

Have fun n take care!


Aiyah Nonya said...

Er...Pussy City.... is it in this planet ?
Or a place discovered by the Malaysian astronaut while he was in space ?

_butt said...

you're going to Pussy city without us tagging along?? herr... :P kidding lah. have fun on your trip ya :)

happy happy birthday to wenn and eve! :D

Wennnn said...

Thank U to Angel for the lovely wishes and song... Happy birthday to Eve...

Thanks to Jemima, Leonard, Rinnah, Chen, May, LB, Eastcoastlife,Ehon, M & Butt.....


Cocka Doodle said...

Happy burfday Wenn & Eve!!!

Dearest Angel...Have fun in chi oops! i mean pussytown yeah!

angel said...

Dear jemima,
Thx!! ~XOXO~

Dear dreamie,
U want ah?
Lai lor... ;)

Dear leonard,

Dear rinnah,
*looks inside the bag*
Got kua... ;)

Dear sheon,
Awwwww!! How schweet! Hey, you'll be going trekking woh... hv fun! Take pics!

Dear chen,
Leave sampat trails ah? How ah? SMS me, ok!!! :p

Dear maymay
Haaaaa... I'll motivate & cheer you through TP... (telepathy)... can?? Hehehe...

Thx! Wish you were coming with us... just like our Singapore days... :) Ahh... memories are made of these... ;)


Dear jemima,
Haa... it's ok :)

Dear L B,
Must pokeeeeeee
Die-die oso musttttttt
Dun hv Wifi, then cannottttt
But hopefully, gottttttt!!!

Happy Leoparding while I'm away in the PussyCat City, ok!! I'll be waiting for a reviewwwwwww!!!

Dear keeyit,
Which one is cute har? The song? :)

Dear ECL,


Sigh summore... so sad... :(
Cannot horni togeder-geder... :(

Meanwhile, you take care ohhh!!

Dear ehon,
Hahaaa!!! Faster come!! We wait for you at the hotel!!

Dear M,
Haha! I know you like the name :p

Thx! U hv a good weekend too! Not many assignments, I hope? :D

Dear aiyah nonya,
Haha... wai.. our M'sian astronaut is the damn lengjai, ok!! Hehehe...

Dear butty,
U can hop into my Doraemon bag if you wish to... ;)

U hv fun during the weekend too! ;)

Dear wenwen,
Chuk lei lin-lin yao gam yat,
sui sui yao kam jiu...

Sang Yat Fai Lok!!!

Enjoy your day... you are most welcome :)


Dear cocka,
Chi what, har? O.o



Simple American said...

Happy Birthday ladies!!!

Where is Pussy City? I'm on my way!


Huei said...

do pussy city have alot of guys? =P hehehe


eve said...

Thank you all...thank you so much..*sniff*..too gum dong liao..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Happy b-day to u & many happy return! So while in pussycity u go & pay coconut sia a visit??? Have a nice day!

c o n s u e l a said...

You're having too much fun girly!!!
I wanna come oso ;)

**hugs and kisses**

Etchen said...

Happy Birthday to Wennnn & Eve!

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday Eve!
Wennnnwennnn i wished many times already!
oh, angel dear, you are tagged. do only when free lah.

eastcoastlife said...

My angel,
still no updates on Pussy Town! sighhhh......

eastcoastlife said...

Tagged! Join ECL's Halloween Night and put up a scary photo of yourself. Then we vote for the Scariest Pic.
It's wordless Wednesday too!

angel said...

Dear Sir SA,
Pussy City is Kuching!! (Kucing is Cat in Malay language hehe)


Dear ah huei,
Ermmm... got a lot of banana oso... kekekeke...

Dear Eve,
*wipe tears*
Hope u had a fun celebration! ;)

Dear Hor ny Ang Moh,
Muahahaha!!! Coconut Sia pulak...

Nope, we didn't pay the Coconut a visit... we visited the BenBen the Io Ka Ch'ng instead! Hehheh...

Dear Consuela,
Hehehehe! It is fun going on a holiday with some fun people! :)

*waits for u to come back*

Dear etchen,
On their behalf, thanks for your wishes! :)

Dear misti,
TQ you lah... send me Lup... :D

I'll keep in my Tag Gunny Sack first, yeah? :p

Dear ECL,
Haaaa... soon... soon!! Sleepy and tired... and buzzzy and etc etc...

Thanks for the Tag! I'll try to be scary haha... :p


Ehon said...

when are u writing about ur kch trip? waiting for WW so no need to write har? :P just post pics.