Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On The First Afternoon In PussyCat City...


I have never really thought of visiting the Borneo Island before this but somehow, in the past two months, I went to this 3rd largest island (in the world) twice. I was in Brunei for one weekend in August and last weekend, we went to the Cat City aka Pussy Town (dunno who came out with this term, ECL maybe...) aka Pussy City (I said wan...) aka Kuching aka the capital of Sarawak state.

Initially we were invited by someone to visit Kuching but I suppose the plan didn't materialise. I took the 'liberty' to invite the Sampat Couple
to come along but turned out, they have booked their 'free air ticket' months ago and were going there one week before the weekend that I had planned. So in the end, we decided to follow them. The more, the merrier! And it was so true! But to cut a long story short, ECL couldn't make it due to unforeseen circumstances... aiyah!!! Potong stim!!! But never mind, we ate on your behalf too... muahahhahaa!!



Arrival & Departure Hall...

Me & NP took an earlier flight. Upon reaching Kuching's International Airport, a message came in, welcoming us to Kuching. None other than Master Ben! I did not tell him the time of our arrival as I did not want to disturb him. When I called him back, he said that he's on his way to the airport to pick us up. Wow! So touched! So kind of him! So io ka chn'g... I said, no need, but he insisted. So, okay, we waited for him... it was drizzling a bit...



Outside the airport... right & left...

While waiting for him, we were busy admiring Kuching's airport. Very wow! Very KLIA! Beat Penang's airport hands down! How Can?? Ohh... because it was just renovated sometime last year... no wonder... but still, why can't they give Penang's airport a new facelift??

A few minutes later, our chauffer friend came...


Master Ben in action...

He is really too kind to us... He just came to pick us up and sent us to the hotel, and had to leave because he had a class that day! Aiyah... made us feel so guilty... But thank you 1,000,000x, BenBen!!!



It was still too early to check in because the rooms were not ready. Our initial plan was to go around that area, look-see look-see but alas, Luck was NOT on our side as it started to rain right after we reached the hotel. So what to do? Wait lor! Wait wait wait...

Later on the
Sampat Couple™ arrived, chauffered by a friend Kenneth, and his gf. He came with them in a big car and all of us hopped into the car to go for lunch. What's for lunch, you asked? What else but this...



Errr... dunno where he took us.. I din take pics of the place :p Oh, and thanks to Kenneth for buying us lunch! Aiyah!!! So shy again...

After that, he left with the gf and Master Ben took us to this other place for a drink. Die... forgot this place's name... I think got the name "Song" sumting...

What was for teatime? Tea of course... Teh-C Peng Special! (Chen calls it Kiasu Teh-C Peng worrr...) Teh-C Peng = Iced Evaporated Milk Tea [Correct ah my translation??] Why "Special"?

Haaa... here's the answer...





It's "special" because it's 'layered'... 'shortest' is 3 layers, ie. Gula Melaka syrup (brown sugar syrup), evaporated milk & tea.

4 layers will be
Gula Melaka syrup, evaporated milk, wheatgrass (green colour) & tea. 5 layers will have cincau (grass jelly or black jelly) as the 5th 'layer'.

I ordered the 3 layers because I'm not so keen on the green green tei stuff... Yup, it was during this trip, they all found out that I hate green stuff! Anything green, nothankyouverymuch!! (But I love Milo, ok! :p) My 3 layer tasted just like any other iced milk tea... but the 5 layer one tasted quite different, and guess what? All of us loved it! Unfortunately, this "special" concoction is not available at all coffeeshops... My Question, "How come KL dun have this drink??? How come? How come???" (Someone bought a bottle of the gula melaka syrup back to make her/his own Teh-C Peng Special...show you the picture of it another time :p)

**Intermission - WAAA!!! How come I can go into Facebook already??? Wah... I better don't get too excited yet...**

So, there you go. Our first afternoon in the Land of Hornbills...


_butt said...


narrowband said...

I think the inability to masuk facebook probably was only temporary... mebbe connection down ker... mebbe ur company no intention of barring access to facebook leh...

Wheeeee KUCHING!! I tak pernah pergi there leh :( I heard Sarawak has some of the largest wildboars around.. Hahah...

_butt said...

3 layer, 4 layer, 5 layer, wana try all of them!! :D you don't like green stuff ar? then wasabi also a no no?

glad you had (equal) fun on your trip! :)

angel said...

Dear butty,
Haha! At last! Waa! Your lucky day! ;)

Dear narrowband,
No wor... that 'inability' to masuk FB wasn't like connection error or what... it says sumthing like "Social Networking - denied..." So, it wasn't a connection problem... we were thinking maybe someone in the IT dept also wanna FB... kaka...

Wildboars ahh? Errr... we didn't venture into the jungle.. only the city and the beach :p But I like the place :)

Dear butty,
Haha! Yeah! Must try 'em all! And must go for the mostest layer! It's like some kind of 'twisted' drink liddat ;)

I love wasabi! But it's not really so green ma... got a bit of yellow yellow colour... ;)


Ehon said...

chup ar

Ehon said...

wahahahahahaha! Potong stim one your story! When reach climax liao finish liao!!!! Hahahahahaha. The Teh-C-Peng must be at Jln Song one. The place where you can find thousands of coffeeshops! Hahahaha. The original and bestest one I heard is at 7th mile!

Eh, you like red or no red Kolo Mee betteR? When u wanna come Kuching when I'm around lar?

Jemima said...

Very detailed travel log.. I like. :)

Enjoy your Facebook. :p

aiyah nonya said...

Wah, those drinks look so sinful :)
I only tried the kolo mee here. It is not bad. Different from the other dry noodles.

dreamie said...

KUCHING got many cats anot?
itu kolo mee yum YUM ..
5 layer tea-C peng looked like
ice cendul, is it veli sweet?

Winn said...

wah why this time to rajin one write travel log one? padahal ur brunei one i hear no news yet! haha......kuching beats brunei hands down hor! hahaha....

today i keep thinking of kolo mee, teh c peng , srawak laksa and more!! .....sigh!i miss the garfield land oredi!!

we must go back again one day ok??

sengkor said...

gimme back my kolo mee!!

wah u write so detail i just put ur link in my blog sajalah..

rinnah said...

Waaa... you make me wanna go to Pussy City too... How's the kolo mee?

Aodian said...

Any plans on coming down to visit KK, Sabah??? Hehe... Cheers.. and I miss all the competitions that were held in Cat city.. hehe.. God Bless

Pink Cotton said...

hahaha the song something place shud b jalan song kua??? kekeke...

haiya seems like a lot of fun...

Chen said...

see? i told u liao u bring rain wan.. now u bring rain to Kuching instead. kakkakkaa...

yeah mah.. tat is indeed kiasu teh c peng. very the kiasu wan.. so many layers.

Should i eat Kolo Mee tomorrow morning? Yeah, i'm now in Kuching. Greetings from the Land of Hornbills..
Muacks ;)

plink said...


I likes green Milo too :D

Oscar's Mommy said...

wow, the teh c ping really looks good wor... hehe, imitate and make tommorow after work cos i got gula melaka. hahahaha... and that mee kolo, yummmmm. quick. more updates...

nyonyapenang said...

i sm reminded of that jogger in the yellow t-shirt at Friendship Park.....eeeshhh....

laundryamah said...

man..the last time i was at kuching was when i was only 16 years old..that's the trip that i met my very first boyfriend!!!

angel said...

Dear ehon,
Where got potong stim?? Where? Where??

I dunno where is Jalan Song la... it's at the place opp. the Friendship Park wan... got sell RM2 DVD wan... RM2, aisay, where to find?? :p

7th Mile? Wait for u to kambek nxt year and bring us there!!! :p

I ordered the original kolo mee but I tried the red kolo mee (curi someone else's punye) and I think I like it more! The red one! Nxt trip must eat more of the red one... :D

Dear jemima,
Detailed ah? Ha... but a lot cencored also... hehe...

Dear aiyah nonya,
I think cendol is more sinful because got coconut milk... this teh-c peng is not really that sweet... quite nice... :)

I've not had kolo mee before but the ones in Kuching are great! Yummy!

Dear dreamie,
Aisay, dun let me start on that! Kuching dun hv a lot of kucings oso... dunno why... and no hornbills too! Sheesh... hehe...

Nope, the 5 layer wan is not very sweet... I like cincau better than cendol... becos cendol is green green tei... eeeks!! :p

Dear winn,
Becos I too seong sum no FB to FB in the opis ma... so mai blog lor! :p

Of cos Kch wins Bru hands down! 100 pairs of hands down! :p

Haaaa! I also was busy dreaming about kolo mee, teh-c peng 5 layer, kueh chap, kompia, bilin etc etc the past 2 days worrr... how? Ask chen to tapao... hehe...

Yeah! Let's go back there again nxt year! This time, let ehon be the chauffer... I mean, tour guide... kekeke...

Dear sengkor,
Dun rob MY kolo mee!!

Ah buuuuuu!!!

Dun put my link... cos I write so bosan-ly... :(

Dear rinnah,
Yeah! Must go there! A lot of food there, you can't get it here wan... but of course, the most fun part is the (sampat) company ;)

Kolo mee is yummmy!!! It tastes like thinner instant noodles cooked 'kon lou' style ;)

Dear aodian,
Woot! You are from KK?? Wow! Of course! If you are there to play host, of course... :D

Dear pink cotton,
I dunno la where is that place... it's opp. the Friendship Park wan...

It was really fun! But if u were there, it'd hv been fun-ner :D

Dear chen,
Yerrr... say liddat wan :p I think all of us bring rain to every place we go! Rain is good ma... 'sui' maa... hehe...

Please order one mangkuk red kolo mee for me... and 5 layer mya teh-c peng... *drools*

Hv fun! Muaks!

Dear plink,
*high five*

Dear oscar's mommy,
It IS good!

Haaa! Good good! After you imitate hor, I can be tester... kekekeke... so can Winn & SK & NP... haha...

More updates ah? OK OK... but u taking Blog Break worrr... :p

Dear nyonyapenang,
Muahahaha... kesian that unker... sure he telinga gatal we tok abt him... kekeke...

Dear laundryamah,
Waa waa waa... 16 yrs old... that was so long ago! Time to go back again liao!

Ahem... first bf... laam anot har? Haha...


L B said...

Waaaaaa, no wonder you didn't want me to come with you to PussyTown lah!!! Now I know... the bed is not big enough! Right? LOL!!! Er, and no wheelchairs either, hor? No Starbucks, no Giordano, no getting caught under the pouring rain in the middle of dinner.. No Longkangs.. *sigh*

Simple American said...

Such a sexciting place to travel. Did you meet Pink Cotton by chance? Cannot wait to see more.

Oh yeah! *hugs*

may said...

I want 21 layer Teh-C pink... err, I mean, ping!

yerrr, wish I was there too! the kolo-mee looks yum. why so red wan? got tomato ketchup in it ah?

hello to Ben & Co!

Huei said...

i went catcity thrice! but only in the airport T_T

only transit to sibu n miri..so ulu lor!

i wan go cat city!!!! heheh

eastcoastlife said...
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eastcoastlife said...

Wah! Waaahh! Waaaahhhhhhh! Kuching Airport is so hip! The Teh C Pengs are so awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Teh C Peng! And you have such great hosts!

Wails...... I miss the trip! Bawllllllllll.......

zewt said...

looks like pussy town is also another food haven eh?

angel said...

SHIT!!! My replies went poof!! Aiyooo!! I typed so long... *cries*

I reply again later lah.... now no mood already... *&^$%#@!!!!

a^ben said...

wah~ after ur wordless episode, got so many wordS~! read till song wei!!! :D

Firehorse said...

Next time i oso wanna go :(

angel said...

Dear L B,
U lah... faster make the iPort come out soooon... MeowMeow City is really nice u know... Wanna retire there? Togeder with Cocka... winn... sk... benben... ehon... etc etc etc... better still, we build our HKF Resort there! Whoopie!!!

Chup! Who say no Starbux?? Gottt! It's at the airport... but we din go... but we did see Coffee Bean in town.. can do?

Nothing can come near to our rainy dinner sexperience, under the payungs, under the stall... :D

Nxt summer, ok?

Dear Sir SA,
That place is really nice! Nope, we didn't get to meet Pinky becos she was away... but we did meet up with her in KL when she came visiting beginning of this year :)

Dear maymay,
I also want! The more the merrier!

We wished u were there too... it was so fun... as fun as our Singapore trip ;)

The red kolo mee is yummm... yummer than the original one... dunno why so red tho'... must be ketchup kuar...

Dear ah huei,
No ulu, no ulu... I oso nvr go there before this! But the next time u go, make sure u make a stop in Cat City, yeah!

Dear eastcoastlife,
Yeah man... abuthen we all also so impressed...

Waa!! Din know u love teh-c peng! The one there is really nice! Esp. the 5 layer wan...

*smacks lips*

Dun cry... we try another time, okies?

Dear zewt,
Yeah! I was impressed... :)

Dear sngel,
Yalah... make sure u copy this msg before posting!!!

Dear ben siuuuuu,
This one is not wordless wan... becos it was posted on Tuesday maa, not Wednesday :p

Dear firehorse,
We sama-sama pigi? ;)


kat said...

Ah neh song, khi pussy town chiak mee lim teh. This kucing has never been to kuching, so must pay a visit one day! :D

angel said...

Dear kat,
It's a really nice place... Kucing Kat, you MUST visit this place one day! Must must MUST!!! ;)