Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Frust Big Time

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Imej taken from here.

Because they just blocked Facebook 10 minutes ago... like how they blocked Friendster...
Very KNNCCB!!!!
*pek chek ahhhhh...*

Okay, at least they've not blocked Blogger or Wordpress yet... I hope!

Yes, ehon, some PussyCat tales coming up!!!


Jemima said...


Calm down.. my dear friend.
Take it easy!!!

Jemima said...

Maybe.. it's because I don't use either Friendster or Facebook.. hence I don't understand the frustration you're going through.. Sorry, k. :(

angel said...

Dear jemima,
Hehe... it's okay la, no need to be sorry... only sampat people play Facebook haha :p

Sigh... nvm lah... maybe it's about time I do some work... LOL!


sheon said...

research has actually proved that these 'leisure' activities on the internet actually improves productivity! seriously, i read it somewhere not long ago.

my company HQ blocks msn, friendster. however, i am out on site, and our pcs run independently. but the it ppl are coming to install servers and all soon...and they'll start depriving us our internet pleasures....

mudpie said...

come come me hug hug hug hug you .. mmuuaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh tak terhingga

Cocka Doodle said...

Dearest Angel....Now that they blocked Facebook, I believe the productivity in your dept increase 10 folds liao. LOL

Kenny Ng said...

Hmm... I think many companies block it now. Anyway, still better than in UAE, they blocked Hi5, Multiply, Ringo... and many even some blogspot page like linpeh also blocked in UAE... LOL

Philip said...

I also very frust at this moment. I can't download my favaurite tv shows. Some "clever" people are uploading fake torrents. AAhhhh..

Anonymous said...

I was also damn tulan when i realised that my fav forum was blocked : p

Hmmmm...need to use some proxies to bypass : p


L B said...

Oh no!!!! How to poke liddat?!!!

rinnah said...

Oh. Boo for the company then. My co servers block Friendster but Facebook is still alright. For now. But sometimes it just freezes up when I try to access FB. Bah.

*hugs the frus angel*

Winn said...

HUH HUH HUH!!!!! means i no more adhoc nicknames fr now on?

WARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can how come !! i boycott my pay tv now..!!

but..i dun have pay tv also. how to boycott???

okok when i go mamak yum cha i make sure i dun steal a glimpse of the program playing on the pay tv....

Ehon said...

*pom chak chak*

why lar so angry? lol! too free ntg to do wanna go on facebook. :P

narrowband said...

Hmm, tak per lo... go back home oni poke poke lor... I also rarely masuk Facebook during work...Heheh...

angel said...

Dear sheon,
Wah... where did u read it wor? Show me!!! :p

Over here, everything also blocked... except for blogs. Thank god still can access, I dun dare to think the day they block it... argh!! Ji sat! Haha...

Dear mudpie,
Tima kasih dari hujung kepala hingga hujung kaki...

*peluk kuat-kuat tak nak let go*

Dear cocka,

Dear kenny,
Ha? Why UAE block blogspot oso? Linpeh's blog too hamsap neh... haaa!

Dear philip,
Ohh... u frust abt that one ah? What TV show are u downloading? Heroes?

Dear M,

I mean... WOW!

You used the TL word!! Must be really TL! Haha...

Yr fav forum is blocked in the uni or yr plc of work?

Proxy? Can teach??? :P

Dear L B,
Sighhhh... yalor... no more Poking in the opis... no more Moolah... no more RPS... no virtual Kopitiam, no Nickname, no Sticky Notes, no Glittering Nipples, no Bumper Sticker, no Tattoos... HOW CAN???


Dear rinnah,
Yeah, BIG BOO to them! :(

*continues crying in rinnah's arm*

Dear winn,
*bawls loud loud*



U boycott then I no salary increment, then how??

*cries summore*


*inside the heart laughing like hyena..*

Dear ehon,
Frustration is NOT so equivalent to angers... It's something like mega disappointment, u know? U KNOW?? :p

FB is my Life... sigh... how can I live without FB... how how??? :p


_butt said...

walau! cool, cool! you're seriously addicted to FB liao. :P

eh, so fast balik dari meow meow town already? now doc chen punya turn pulak :P

angel said...

Dear butty,
Dun tell me you are not!!! :p Then what's with all the Food Fight & Moolah, HUH? HUH?? :p

Fast ah? Just for the weekend maa... if not, how long wanna go...?

The doc is there on official visit! ;)

Selba said...

Waaahhhh.... same thing happened to me!!! 2 weeks ago, my office blocked most of the famous website, seriously!!! including facebook.com, friendster.com, wordpress.com, and everything that has a word "blog".

So now, I really have to face with my very slow snail dial up internet connection at home as soon as I reach my home... grrrrrrr....

Chen said...

dun sien.. breath in, breath out

angel said...

Dear selba,
Waaa! How can??? Hai... so bad, huh? Wah, if my office blocked everything 'blog'gy then I die... I wanna resign!!! Haha...

I suppose they think we spend too much time unproductively on those sites... :(

Oh dear.. I can understand how slowww dial-ups are... kesian... *hugs*

Dear chen,
Not sien... but pek chek!! :(



Simple American said...


How can they do such a thing? How? Splain you have Scrabulous turns to play. You want me to sit on someone maybe?

may said...

nemind, we still come gip you Moolah, ok?

Huei said...


u can alwys use facebook thigns on blogger..go comment and throw sheep at ppl and things like that =P hehehhe

eastcoastlife said...

Alamak! No wonder you so quiet on facebook these days! Cannot poke you liao lor.

*throws a vampire at angel*

angel said...

Dear Sir SA,
Haha! Yeah! Pls help me sit on my boss and my boss' boss first, can? ^^

Thankies! Hughug!

Dear maymay,
Awww... so nice, so generous... :) Muaks!

Dear ah huei,
Haaa... good idea! OK, I buy you ice cream here, ok? ;)

Dear eastcoastlife,
Hai... yalor... sien... can still poke me... I come poke u later nia lor... but oredi potong stim that time... :p

*siam from ECL's bloody vampy*


Anonymous said...

wahhh...i'm so late in replying...so many new entries already : p

Just finished my exams yesterday...bluwek

And, now my 'boss' is literally gonna squeeze my balls from Monday onwards...sighhh.

Yeah, they blocked the site even on the prof's pc...hehehehe...liddat hor...even becuming a prof oso no use wan leh ; )Still kena : D

I'll teach u how to use a proxy once i learn it myself : p


angel said...

Dear M,
Hey, post-exams is the BEST feeling in the world, no? Well, ok, it's ONE of the best feelings in the world! Woohoo!

All the best in your new job!! Wah... very strict hor, your working place...

Apa? U mean u still dunno proxy ka? Cheh... potong stim... :P