Monday, October 08, 2007

Doggies @ One Utama's Park

Domdom's daddy said that he's bringing Domdom to a "dog fair" on Sunday. He asked if Liucas and family wanna attend too. So, I told Liucas' fierce mummy, and she said okay. So, yesterday, I woke up very early (for a Sunday, waking up at 9 am is soooo wrong, you know!) just to go meet this Domdom, and Liucas... and many many bitches doggies!








This (below) is my friend's dog, Haha (the name lah).
His eyes, wow... grey colour


And, there's this hamsap white dog
that kept sniffing at Domdom's there...


Awwww... how schweet... one for the album...
Guess whose palm is that?


ps: Getting less wordy, huh? H o w C o m e ?
Because Words don't come easy to me, lately... Maybe I'm just lazy... Maybe!


day-dreamer said...

*pet the doggies*

Have a nice week ahead! :)

zewt said...


zewt said...

is that dog pee-ing in that pond?

Jemima said...

Another sleepless nite.. but your photos & your write-up lighten my heart.

Words definitely don't come easy.. (ask liucas' mummy.. she'll tell you what I mean.)


L B said...

Dang! I fell asleep on the sofa and missed the chups again! YourStar!!
Is that the same Park we were walking around one night many moons ago?!! I didn't see any ponds then. How come?!!

angel said...

Dear day-dreamer,
No pat me? :p

Monday... aiiighhh....

Dear zewt,
The dogs bergaduh...

Dear jemima,
Glad to hear that... but get some zzzzz if you can... take care! Hugs!

Dear L B,
My fault again ah? OK, give you 2 Rojak Stars :p

Heh? Which Park? The one where we saw got one man bring piaomei wan ah? That park got pond wat... soooo big summore the pond... OK, maybe you couldn't see it... becos so dark... kakaka...

No, different park la... this is the One U park... that one is in KL wan...


mistipurple said...

the doggies all look so happies.
gives different meaning to 'it's a dog's life out there.'

may said...

I want to go see doggies too! every time I pass by a dog I want to pet it, but I'm more afraid of the owner scolding me rather than the dog biting me! lol!

happy week hugs!

L B said...

no lah! That was Titiwangsa you were referring to. The EYEport.. I meant the other yum yum park one night leh.. when we went to see some movie and you couldn't park inside...

Etchen said...

What cute dogs! They all look like they had a fun & exhausting day!

ehon said...

yer! u both pergi paktoh no tell us..

wahhh! aunty winn bring liucas go kai kai. why aunty winn no update but u update on this one? when she's the one who brings her... er.. son or daughter? .. out?

Wennnn said...

Hmm doggies outing ah.... Nice .... Liucas so hamsup ah??? Sniffing somewhere else la... He wans to wee wee there ah??? Hahhahahahah

AhTak said...

What time you there ? didn't see you one ?

Winn said...

ehon auntie winnie mia internet sot sot yest so not yet update....tonite ok tonite:P:P:P

wahhhhhhhhhhh who's palm is it? so mou leong sum wanna beat liucas. but then thats the fast way to calm him down...hahaha....

it's fun! we go again next time,. earlier one..i'll bring my idog also:P

Selba said...

Aiiiiii.... they look so adorable!!! I really want to hug them, can or not?

dom dom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dom dom said...

Proof that Liucas is the world hamsap-iest dog - Liucas Hamsap dog

mudpie said...

awwwoooooooooo woofff wooff

sheon said...

please dun ever ever show another photo of a siberian husky again?! please! it makes me wanna buy one!!! aaargh!!!!

aiyah nonya said...

I am not a pet/ dog lover. But I can see those dogs are real beautiful.

Er.... don't you think the dogs were telling each other
" why the heck are we out in this hot weather ? "


laundryamah said...

oh that's where the dog show moved to...used to be held near my mom's place...

Words! so my era..loved that song!

Chen said...

Liucas so hamsap geh..
*no eye see*
dunno he learns from who :P

angel said...

Dear misti,
You are right... seeing those doggies, most of them look like their lives are better than ours!

Dear maymay,
Liddat ah? U just ask permission from the owner lor... sure they'll be very happies to let u pet becos they can confirm their pet is cute, ppl wanna pet pet it hehe...


Dear L B,
We went to a yum yum park before ah? O.o

Ohhh... that one... yeah, we parked beside the yum yum park... which we didn't go there ma... or did we??

Dear etchen,
I'm sure the doggies had a hot and tiring day!! :)

Dear ehon,
Not only both of us... we had a... errmmm... 5some! or 7some, if include the pets ;)

I think Aunty Winn's son will update his blog kua... dunno...

Dear wenwen,
Liucas ah... err... u go his blog and ask him lor... I dun dare say anything on his behalf... :p

Dear ah tak,
Told u jor... we all bz looking at doggies, nvr look at humans haha...

We were there from 9 plus to nearly 12pm :)

Dear winn,
Hahaha... Liucas is kan cheong... his First Time, kan? Kenot blame him... first time get to hump so many other Retrievers oso... Chicks Galore! Muahahahah!!

Yes, we go again nxt time! I bring my Richard Gerecock... but so bad domdom's daddy killed it liao... *cries*

Dear selba,
They are!! :)
Of course can hug! Provided they dun bite hehe...

Dear domdom,
Oi... u mabuk ka? How cum Liucas becum your link geh? -_-'''

Dear mudpie,
Meowwwww!!! ;)

Dear sheon,
Hey, good idea! Get it!!! ;)

Dear aiyah nonya,
The dogs are lovely!

Oh, I'm sure they are b*tching at us humans hehe...

Dear laundryamah,
Haaa... of course you know Words! ;) *shake hand*

Dear chen,
If u were there, u sure got eyes see wan... kakakkaka...

Liucas learnt from... lei ji, ngor ji lorrrr... kkkk...


narrowband said...

you know what. Suddenly I think being a dog isn't a bad thing after all. LOL...!!

comelnya all the doggies! Have a gr888ttt week Angel!!!

angel said...

Dear narrowband,

You know what? I think you are right! These dogs are totally pampered! Wear baju la, wear kasut la, owner will kipas them la, macam-macam ada!

Dogs are man's best friends... I totally agree :)

You have a super duper week ahead! Can't wait for the long weekend! Yippie!!! :p

Angel Eyes said...

That white dog is cute ok? I loike it!

Have a good weekend babe.. am gonna be on a long hols! See you next wednesday!

Firehorse said...

How kam all the doggies look lyk very sexpensif wan? All der doggie dat i use to have is stray wan pick up frm roadside :D

Steve said...

woooahh! so many doggies!! i love doggies!! if i can just hug them and squeeze them.. gently.

ppl say kena bitten by dog means bad luck, i once kena bitten by 2 black dogs, one leg each, when i pass by a shortcut at my old house, Pudu. i felt heavy when i walk and i tot they are just sniffing. i am literally dragging them. yes, that explains why i sort sort once a while. 'tin kauw zcheng'

JL said...

wah so canggih... the lyrics box... cam karaoke...

*clear throats

well i'm just a music man... la la la

angel said...

Dear angel eyes,
That is Datin Winn's Liucas :)

Selamat hari raya! Maaf zahir batin!

Dear firehorse,
They memang sexpensive cos they all are the high high crass wan... but the humans not very high crass oso wan...

Dear steven,
Sorry, I'm so used to calling you Steven, hope u dun mind :)

Thank god u said u'll squeeze them dogs, gently :p if not.... jialat... haha...

I've nvr heard abt the kena bite by dog is bad luck... u serious?? That you dragged the dogs??? *pengsan*

Dear jl,
:) those 'canggih' lyrics box can be found at

Thx for the entertainment... more! more!! :p


Huei said...

gorgeous doggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wannn!! i wan hug st benard!!! and all the fat fat big big dogs!!!!!!! heheheh

i wana keep a st benard..but no space >.<

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