Wednesday, October 17, 2007

J. Co @ Pavilion, KL - Wordless Wednesday Chapter 10








may said...

waaa!! Why Nut? Why? Why?

may said...

I Tira Miss U too!!

Jemima said...

Sinfully delicious. :p

L B said...

o p e n s e v e r y t h i n g w i d e

ONwebCHECK said...

jum jum - Happy WW

ehon said...

i miss the chup AGAIN! :(

oh well. :P

*O P E N*


webmaster pomona said...

that's an eye-full of sugar fix right there!! ;^D

angel said...

Dear maymay,...
I was thinkin'... maybe our winnie the Liu has got something to do with the naming of J.Co's doughnut, you think? :D

Sama-sama Tira Miss Miss!

Dear jemima,...
Sinful? You bet! (Very very!)
Delicious? Of course! It's so soft :)

Dear L B,...
f e e d s y o u w i t h e x p i r e d . . .

oops... wrong food...

Dear onwebcheck,...
I'm hungry now too!
Happy WW!

Dear ehon,...
Thanks for the Yatta!

OK, nxt round, we go for this J.Co for coffee & Tira Miss You, maybe? ;)

Nvm... still can chup later... got 2 more weeks in October... :)

Dear webmaster pomona,...

Oh yeah! Errmm... you wanna some? ;)


Cocka Doodle said...

you satu orang makan semua kah? No wonder lah!

kat said...

Didn't get a chance to try this before I left. Only tried the one in the curve. I asked for a plain one (kosong) and got one hot off the pan. Very nice and soft, but after 10 minutes wasn't so soft and good anymore. The rest were just too sweet for me.
Went to the WW site you showed me, interesting!!

angel said...

Dear cocka,...
Satu orang can makan all... in 3 days blek!

Dear kat,...
J.Co just opened nia... when you were here, they not yet open... but they're gonna open another one in Sunway Pyramid's new wing :) Next summer you can try ;)

I think if you 'ting' the cold doughnuts, it'll be soft again :)

Yup, that WW site with all the WW entries :)


Aodian said...

wooohooo!! Donuts!! I love donuts but I have to go on a strict diet T_T! Happy WW..

Winn said...


Anonymous said...

Boooohooooo...i oso wanna eat Donuts :(

Sigh...wanted to buy dunkin donuts the other day from Ikea...but, i dare not buy coz i might have to finish all by myself...'someone' is on diet mahhh ; ) U didn't hear that from me : D

*switching on evil-mode*

I think kl sentral has got a dunkin donut shop...maybe i'll buy a few tomolo...see how well 'someone' resists donuts : p


rinnah said...

I still prefer Big Apple donuts over J.Co no matter what people say. *grin*

tegdirb92 said...

delicious--now I'm hungry!

ZAM said...

Mmmmmm, yummy! Can you send some my way? I'm really starving now.

Chen said...

why nut?
why not why why?
or why no nut?

Sandy Carlson said...

Killer photos after a plain-bagel-no-butter lunch! Happy WW!

Sophia said...

Thanks a lot, now I'm hungry!!!!

zewt said...

yummy yummy... i am sure the craze will die down soon.. like roti boy...

mistipurple said...

wonder when they will have curry kai donut.

day-dreamer said...


*jots down J Co in the list of must-go eateries in KL*

Wanna organize blogger gathering there? I'm going to KL in a few hours' time. Hehe. ')

Oscar's Mommy said...


i was there on the fourth day and 1 lined up patiently for 45 mins and just when its abt my turn, they said finish liow!!! i asked hubby to go and get for me on another day, he asked me back "aiya i buy dunkin donut also same wan"

me?....*cry* *sobs*


Huei said...


i can't wait till the branch in Pmid opens!!!!


Selba said...

Waaaahhhh.... got J.Co now in Malaysia?!?!? :D

How's the queue? Here in Jakarta... gosh.... the long queue just for J.Co.

Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Cream so empty these days coz' everyone is queing infront of J.Co counters, hehehe....

sheon said...

i aint gonna waste 1 hour of my precious time q-ing up to buy some freaking doughnuts!!! thats how long the queue was when i was there!!! (ok lar, maybe its just half an hour...but still..) anybody wanna help me line up? i'll pay double the price of the nuts.

Kenny Ng said...

Luckily I'm not into donut, this time I won't cry... wakakaka... Here got many types of donuts too.

conan_cat said...

yor so darn many ppl talking about's donuts! argh!! i must go pavillion and grab lots of them one day!! and yor you bought so many >__<<

kyh said...

doughnuts!!!! my fav!!! *saying to the dous* come here... let me lick ya!

dreamie said...

I was there during lunchtime on 17/10 haha no wonder your this WW pic so familiar wan. There was such a long waiting queue easily 25 ppl or more. Amazing !! I didnt get a chance to try it yet ... :D

Dana said...

oh, these pictures looks so delicious! happy ww

FireHorse said...

Next time when I cheat, these will be at the top of my list.

laundryamah said...

wah cannot eat lor...cos too sweet for me...hey many ppl talkin about this donut wor..maybe me break the rule a bit..

Angel Eyes said...

Pavillion is quite enar to my office. so every other day i will go there and have my donuts

Angel Eyes said...

sorry, it was supposed to be *near*

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! U yummy & expensive! Have a nice day!

eastcoastlife said...

I had my first J Co Donuts in Jakarta, the pioneer store! The queue was so longgggg .... hak si yan. They're yummy.
*slurp slurp*

angel said...

Dear aodian,
Why are you on a strict diet, may I ask? :(

Dear M,
Wooo... din know you are a donut fan too! Dunkin Donuts not so soft ;)Why you must buy so many? Just get 1 or 2 ma... then dun hv to finish one dozen on yr own ;)

On diet? Ohhh... no wonder...

If you bought 1 dozen of DD, I'm sure no one can resist ;)

Dear rinnah,
I only tried one of Big Apple's donut... wait lemme go buy one dozen one of these days and then compare :)

Dear tegdirb92,
I'm also very hungry now...

Dear ZAM,
Need your addy then! ;)

Dear chen,
How I know why nut and why not no nut wor...

Dear Sandy Carlson,
Bagel without butter for lunch? Awww... no wonder you were drooling? Were you? :D

Dear Sophia,
You're welcome! That makes two of us!

Dear zewt,
I actually dunno why ppl are crazy abt it... I'm not... I just curious ma... hehe...

Dear misti,
Errmmm... I dun think so... hey, you wanna open a donut chain sometime? ;)

Dear day-dreamer,
Lately no gethering... :) But if u organise, I'll go!

Dear oscar's mommy,
Eh... why sob sob?? But really... kesian nyer... how can liddat wan...

DD is NOT the same, tell your hubby!! Waa... how can be the same?? I had DD the other day on the North-South Hiway and it's not as soft as J.Co...

Hey, Sunway Pyramid gonna open an outlet soon... nearer to you... can go there :) If wanna teman, can ask me, ok? We go donut AND kopi...

Dear ah huei,
You also like donuts? :)

Dear selba,
Uh huh... this is the first J.Co in M'sia... The queue at that time was okay because it was a weekday afternoon :) Waaa... Jakarta's queue so long ka?? Wow... do you know the person who started it? Hmmm... what secret recipe he/she uses, huh? O.o

Dear sheon,
I won't line up one hour for donuts too ;) I only took about 10-15 minutes in the queue becos it was a weekday afternoon :)

Pay double? O.o I know lar you rich... :P Hey, hopefully by the time you wanna buy me that cup of coffee at Sunway, the outlet there is opened ;)

Dear kenny,
Hehe... thank god I no make u cry liao...

Dear conancat,
Haaa... I bought 1 dozen not for myself laa... :p 1 dozen is oni RM20... if buy satu, it's RM2.20!

Yeah, go try :)

Dear kyh,
Lick the donut? Not lick angie meh...? :(

Dear dreamie,
Haa... I was there last week mya Wed... so many ppl ka? When I was there, not that many ;)

Dear Dana,
They are!

Dear firehorse,
Haha... no need to 'cheat' wan ler... can eat secara 'kong ming jing tai' wan...

Dear laundryamah,
Too sweet ah? Actually, betul pun... it IS sweet... but try and see lor... quite nice if eat with kopi :)

Dear angel eyes,
Yeah! Can go for kopi too :)

Dear Hor ny,
Expensive? Mmmm... yeah, quite lor... but nice :)

Thx for cumming over! ;)

Dear eastcoastlife,
In Sgp, got any yummy donut store? Nxt round come KL, we go makan & kopi, ok? ;)


Aiyah Nonya said...

It use to be cupcakes. Now it is gaga ove doughnuts. Some are willing to queue for hours just for them.
Me, I still prefer the plain old sugar dusted type.

Have a nice weekend

_butt said...

day-dreamer and me were thinking of getting those pretty doughnuts too hehe...

happy weekend! :D

Winn said...

why my name got something to do with the name of the donut store? u mean the ' nut' word issit? heheeeeee
have a good saturday!!!!! go all out and play ok? next saturday we purrrrrrrr together!! charge ur battery 99!!

a^ben said...

tapao abit when u come to purrrrrr ah~ ahhahaha! :P

sheon said...

where got rich (yet)? ? siao ar....shares not yet sold i'm still as broke as a camel. :(

its just that i'd rather pay the premium of NOT having to q for something...than to waste time just standing there and drool at chicks walking not a bad idea!

Oscar's Mommy said...

i went to s.pyramid last week and saw them renovating, so today i went again praying that they are opened :( nope, belum lagi. so i already planned to 'dei-dei' my loukong to go pavilion tomorrow to get it....

angel said...

Dear aiyah nonya,
I never knew that ppl went crazy over cupcakes! I for one is not willing to queue for hours juz for food lor... I'll come back another day hehe...

Happy Sunday!

Dear butty,
So, did you guys get 'em? ;)

Happy Sunday!

Dear winn,
Aiyak... I jz noticed I din reply to your wordless comment :p Soli...

No no, not your name got something to do with the name of the store... I meant that all the donuts mya funny funny names all remind me of you because you hv the most tendency to come up with all these farnies names... haha :p

I jz went out for Yapunis dinner at Hartamas jz now. Veli yummy!!! My first time eating sashimi that I really like! Cos veli fresh! Yummmmms!

Haaa... Yeah!! Must charge battery 9-9! Sei lor... u got spare battery for me ah? :p

Dear a^ben,
Haa?? Tapao?? By the time reach Pussytown hor, itu donut sudah keras... better I buy Dunkin Donut for u :p

Dear sheon,
Broke as a camel? Gee... poor camel... :p

But do u really like donuts? Actually, I also dunno why so many ppl queue for it... ok la, it's nicer than Dunkin Donuts becos it's softer... anyway, u can get 'em in Nov ;)

Dear Oscar's Mommy,
Aiyoh... I could hv told you that they not opened yet... I was there on Wed :)

Hey, good luck in your 'tey'... I might go there also later :) Happy Donuting!!!


PonGLanD said...

donuts!!!!!!!!!! i'm going nuts!!!!! donuts!!!!!!!!!

too sweet for me tho.....but then having a donut or two once a while also not bad....

but i wonder eating donuts need to drink wat leh???

angel said...

Dear pong dee,
U oso like donuts ah?

Yeah, it is sweet... like me.. haha! :p

Eat donuts with coffee, of course!!! Ah boh why they put J.Co Donut & Coffee? Also Big Apple Donut & Coffee? So, it's a Match Made in Heaven, Donut + Kopi... ;)

narrowband said...

I tried to take photos of them making the donuts and then the staff behind the glass gestured to ask me to put my camera away! Grr!