Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do U See Her Turning Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise? - Wordless Wednesday Chapter 11


Sourced from here.
Click on the picture to see her spin :)


angel said...

It was said that if you saw her turning clockwise, you use more of the right side of the brain & vice versa.

Left Brain Functions
- uses logic
- detail oriented
- facts rule
- words and language
- present and past
- math and science
- can comprehend
- knowing
- acknowledges
- order/pattern perception
- knows object name
- reality based
- forms strategies
- practical
- safe

Right Brain Functions
- uses feeling
- "big picture" oriented
- imagination rules
- symbols and images
- present and future
- philosophy & religion
- can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
- believes
- appreciates
- spatial perception
- knows object function
- fantasy based
- presents possibilities
- impetuous
- risk taking

I see her turning clockwise... What about you? :-)

Chen said...

mmm.. still looking... o.O

L B said...

I still see images of Chen's pig brains!! Ewww,,,,

Chen said...

clockwise woh...
now i hing hing liao..
time to zzz :P

good night & muacks :)

Chen said...

piak LB with the oink oink brain..

my brain is human brain lah,
not pig brain

L B said...


L B said...

and I keep being distracted by those golden shorts... how to spin?

LOL, CHen!!

may said...

hypnotised... anti-clockwise! I'm a lefty...

Jemima said...

Clockwise.. & I'm half left & half right. :p

*waiting to read Unka CD's comment* :p

Ehon said...

i can see both!! :D i knew u took it from the aussie papers! hahaha. cos we were arguing about it the other day. :P

i used to see anti-clockwise, but now i can see both ways! :D

dreamie said...

i nampak clockwise & anti clockwise worr... MCC or wat ??

wei.. itu lancing reminds me of piomei, sei lorrr.. kkkkk

Huei said...


y keep changing directions wan??

isit a trick??? hehehe

i see clockwise at first..then anti..then clockwise >.<

Winn said...

yalor yalor i see both too!!

Dunno will go for PP or not..
if ur first musical is on tv2 then me also lor..then meaning i've watched 2 musicals, 1st sound of the music on tv2, 2nd one is live one in perth! hahah

aiyah nonya said...

I had this in my mail a few days back.
I can only see it turning clock wise. And some of the things abou the right brain functiona are quite true for me .

may said...

and you know what?...

I can see her spinning clockwise now!

and if I stare hard enough...

she's spinning anti-clockwise again...
then clockwise...
then anti-clockwise...


Philip said...

Aiyaa... something wrong with me. I only see her floating.

Chen said...

now i can see it spinning both ways.. clockwise, then anti clock wise, then clockwise bla bla...


rinnah said...

After staring for 5 mins I still only see her spinning clockwise... how to see anti-clockwise?

Leonard said...

i prefer the rotating version!!

lisa's chaos said...

I saw her turning clockwise. :)

pips said...

I´m too. Clockwise. ;-)

Chen said...

have u succeed?
stare stare stare :D

btw, i have tagged u, cos i sayang u mah :P

angel said...

Dear chen,
What u see?

Dear L B,
I ditto you!

Dear chen,
I also clockwise... :P

I oso sleepy now... zzzzz!

*looks @ Brain Piaking*

Dear L B,
So... clockwise or anti?? O.o

My mistake making u distracted...

Dear maymay,
Heh... I really can't see anti-clockwise!

*Righty holds Lefty's hand*

Dear jemima,
Half half means u saw both? O.o

Dear ehon,
How come I can't see both?? How come you argue wt yr frens? How come Chen oso liddat today wt her colleagues? :p

I still can't see both ways...

Dear dreamie,
Wah... then u ho liao... not MCC...

Ha?? U "jia lat" again ah? Sei lor... dunno how to helpchu liao!

Dear ah huei,
Ha? Ui... dun faint... *brings smelling salt*

I can't see the changing direction wor... aisay...

Dear winn,
Lei tou tak??? Die... I think I'm abnormal liao...

Woooo... u watched in Perth... yeee, nvr ajak me geh... :p

Dear aiyah nonya,
I also can only see her spinning clockwise... :)

Dear maymay,
Uik... so, did u get hypnotised?? Hehe... I stared hard enough also cannot see anti-clockwise... how come??

Dear philip,
Hahaha! I laughed out aloud @ yr comment earlier :p

You hv to click on the pic to see her spin spin ;)

Dear chen,
I still cannot... :(
*keik sum*

Dear rinnah,
I really dunno... according to chen, if u stare at diff angle or stare harder, it'll change wor... but I failed...

Dear leonard,
U looking at the wrong lady liao laaa... :P

Dear lisa's chaos,
Same here! :)

Dear pips,
Another Righty? :D

Dear chen,
Thx la for your Sampat Tag... I knew u gonna tag me one... cis... kakaka :p

Thx for the Lup! Muaks!


ONwebCHECK said...

Happy WW

genny said...

thats interesting!

zewt said...

it's anti-clockwise for me... i guess i am a typical guy.

Diana said...

Clockwise...and the right brain description fits!

Cocka Doodle said...

I see her spinning on her head aka breakdance!
Wait! Damn! I got my monitor upside down again.

angel said...

Dear ONwebCHECK,
Happy WW to u too!

Dear genny,
I thot so too!

Dear zewt,
Hmmm... then I'm a typical gurl... :(

Dear Diana,
*High 5*

Dear cocka,
I dunno which lady u looking at liao...

U turned yr monitor upside down to check on the gravity effect on her... errm... her... Twins?? :p


Etchen said...

Cool post!

eastcoastlife said...

Alamak, already drowsy. After looking at the spinning lady, I threw up. bleekkk.... going back to bed. I'm sick.

angel said...

Dear etchen,
Thanks! Glad u enjoyed it :)

Dear ECL,
Aisay... soli!!! So teruk geh.. haiii... u sick at such a wrong time... very very wrong :(

Hope u get well soon! Maybe we come to Lil' Dot and POKE u!! Muahahaha! :P