Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dinner For 3 At Dragon-i Restaurant - Wordless Wednesday Chapter 9







H a p p y W o r d l e s s W e d n e s d a y !

H a p p y 10 / 10 (10th of October)


L B said...


L B said...

Those dishes look very very very familiar!!

L B said...

Friends & Lovers, eh?

Jemima said...


L B said...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, you gotta go do this TAG now!!! CHUP!!

Chen said...


Chen said...

i want siu looong pao
I WANT !!!!

Vad3r said...

so many c futts in the 2nd pic :D

may said...

happy happy yum yum!

Selba said...

Is that bak pao on the 2nd pic? The shape is unusual one... what's inside it?

may said...

oooh, and I wanted to say...



FireHorse said...

Yum meh, looks reli delicious.

angel said...

Dear L B,
Of course it's familiar! ;)

Uh huh, Friends & Lovers.

I'll be your friend...
and I'll be your lover...

Emo song for 'emoments' (emo+moments).

Dear jemima,
But the company was more yummys :D

Dear L B,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10!
I shall do this tag then!

Dear chen,
I oso hungwee liao... siu loong pao, siu loong pao, faster come and we pao pao... :p


Dear vad3r,
Aisay... liddat oso you can 'see' c futt??? See mine better la :p

Dear maymay,
Happy YumYum WW to u!

Dear selba,
No no, that's not bak pao... it's only plain mantou... no filling inside at all :)

Dear maymay,
This ten ten ten reminds me of a riddle Amah told me not too long ago to cheer me up.

The riddle - What 'tank' is impossible?

Ans - tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, tank, (in Mission Impossible theme song).

Liddat oso can... haha...

Dear firehorse,
Food sedap, company fun, what more to ask for... :)


Oscar's Mommy said...

wei... pic 2 looks so cute la. i bet oscar would love it. whatchacalit ah?

angel said...

Dear oscar's mommy,
It's only some plain mantou :) Yeah! I'm sure Oscar would love it :)

Winn said...

now wordless wed got more pictures one.

tmrw u do pictureless thurs.

angel said...

Dear winn,
Haha! Yalor... if put only one pic feels like a bit kiasu... :p

Pictureless Thurs? Errmmm... ok, I think abt it sin :) Thanks for your being so liuliu farnies, u light up my life :)

ehon said...



ehon said...

YUMMY Wednesday.

* O P E N *

zewt said...

i wanna makan i wanna makan

oh... 10/10... didnt realise it.

Huei said...

i wan siu long bao!!! i wan i wan i wan!!!


can iiii???? *puppy dog eyes*

Aodian said...

waa!! make me hungry la... I miss all those foods... *sigh* Happy WW

DariDonovan said...

Yummy, happy WW.

PonGLanD said...

sllurrpp slluurrppp..u make me hungry..but arent their price a lil expensive?? hmmm.....

Aiyah Nonya said...

Wow, I want some too. Especially the dumplings. Yummy....

dreamie said...

After tengok sampai the end, i forget about food wor, for a moment, I WAS SUPERMAN tat all gals die for !!!

Andrea said...

Ooooohh...that looks TOO yummy to resist!

Kenny Ng said...

Sob... again, I miss Malaysia foods so much.

ZAM said...

Yum, yum,yummy.Please throw some my way. Smiles.

Simple American said...

That food looks so yummy.

It makes me wanna hug someone. Like you!!! :)

laundryamah said...

eh u ah very clever dig out all these nice nice songs woi! i so like my era! u better start practising the Abba songs cos I bot the whole collection for karaoke leh!

ballerina said...

Wah! looks soo YARMY!!

day-dreamer said...

*screams hysterically*

Ipoh don't have Dragon-i!

mistipurple said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!! now i know why LB said looked so familiar!!!
*send me back to hotel after we go Ikea kai kai okay?*

conan_cat said...

lol! best food at dragon I is still the siew long bao!! and darn i will never forget their RM3 tissue!! so expensive argh!!

Cocka Doodle said...

So after makan, you tried to buckle the bra? (like the GlitterBox you've sent)

angel said...

Dear ehon,
Nxt time you come KL, we go, ok? You can "OPEN" then... :p

Dear zewt,
You can makan... you can makan :)

Dear ah huei,
Of course you can, sweety!
*mesmerised by the puppy eyes*

Dear aodian,
Sorry make you hungry during Ramadhan... Selamat Hari Raya!

Dear daridonovan,
Yummy they were! :)

Dear pongdee,
Yeah... KL memang all expensive wan... but the siu loong pao is nice :)

Dear aiyah nonya,
If you come to KL, we can go makan together-gather :)

Dear dreamie,
Haha... u damn 'hou siu' laa... :p

So... which part of you look like Siuperman? kkkkk :p

Dear andrea,
Oh yes, they are indeed irresistible!

Dear kenny,
Malaysia miss you too... :)

Dear ZAM,
Throw your way... errr... it's kinda far, you know... better idea, come KL :)

Dear Sir SA,
Wow... then I must post more foodie pics to get more huggies!! :)

Dear laundryamah,
Eh... Your era, my era maaa... ;) All these songs really can make me emo wan lor... Abba songs?? Wow! Of course must practise! You knowlah KW's favourite... Dancing Queen... young & sweet, only 17... :)

Dear ballerina,
Hullo! Long time no see!
Of course YARMMMY!!! *slurp*

Dear day-dreamer,
*tutup telinga*
Errrr... kambing soon kuaaaa...

Dear misti,
You mean you didn't recognise the pics?? Not even your hands??? HOW COME?? Neh... look at the siu loong pao pic... aisay... really HOW COME?? :p

Haha... I forgot abt the Ikea part... Oops... I also just remembered that I lost that One Carton of Ciggie mya bet... shhhh....

Dear conan_cat,
Yes! Agreed! Their siu loong pao is the chun-est!

RM3 tissue?? For one pack?? Wow... I dunno wor...

Dear cocka,
After makan hv to buckle bra? What has makan gotta do with bra?? No understand...


Etchen said...

The second picture...what is that dish called?

angel said...

Dear etchen,

The second picture is not really a dish. It's like a bun, to be eaten with meat with gravy :) Actually, you can eat it with anything! Just like bread :)