Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Birthday & Happy Happy

h a p p y b i r t h d a y
t o M a m a B a b y G ! ! !

Solly Baby G... pinjam your cake sekejap ahh...

Not in a very good condition today... physically as well as mentally... so, this video is useful...

I tell you... this is really, REALLY educational. Bongkersz & Cibol, learn! OK OK, also for Eastcoastlife & Kopi Soh... Muahahahahaaa... (pls click on the red link!!)


Winn said...

happy birhtday mama g!

Winn said...

wooh i m fast! to be happy first u must not learn how to be not happy. cant see the video here. will watch at home.

got teach how to blog?

L B said...

Happy Birthday, Mama G!!!
May the Force be with you!!
Kiss Kiss Hug Hug!!!

_butt said...

Happy Happy Birthday Mama G!! May you have a grand one! :D

can't watch video here also. go home watch hehe

day-dreamer said...

Happy Birthday Mama G!

angeles said...

Dear winn,
How To Blog mia video, I thought it's your project?? Neh, u teach how to blog thru' MSN maa :P

Dear L B,
Yeah, she needs the Force ;)

Oh, did you see there's one video that might interest you... about How To Get A Threesome (something along that line...) ;P

Dear butty,
Grand one ah? Hv to see Papa G how lor... ;)

Dear day-dreamer,
Thanks :)


may said...

Happy Birthday, Baby G's Mama!! *peluk* *cium*

angeles said...

Dear maymay,
Tima kasih...

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday MamaBabyG!! your ice cream cake so nice i want a bite!
wish you happies happies today and everyday!

angeles said...

Dear misti,
Can can... help yourself! ;)

Chev said...

happy birthday Mama Baby G
one year younger liao :)

cibol said...

ah .. so many buffday this month ..good good .. happy buffday mama G!

Kopi Soh said...

Happy Birthday mama baby G!!
OK now for my lesson......

nyonyapenang said...

Happy Birthday to Mama G!

hmmm......thanks for the useful reminder...I need them. :)

angeles said...

Dear chev,
One year younger... good hor? ;)

Dear cibol,
Lotsa Pieceans ;) Eh, u got go and learn from those videos anot?? Make sure u go educate yrself, okie? ;)

Dear kopi soh,
Haha... so, tell me what hv u learnt?

Dear nyonyapenang,
U not happy ma? Let's be happy! Go away all the unhappiness!


Kopi Soh said...

I learn if peepul make me unhapi wa gia char mau ee, then i hepi liao :D

Kopi Soh said...

"smacks own forehead" ok ok i go to "this" right now.

Kopi Soh said...

wakakakakkaaka most of der "how to" i oredi noe nid partner 2 practise nia ;)

angeles said...

Dear kopi soh,
Haha.. waaaa! Lu memang bukan calang-calang orang.. hampalang oso u know liao??

Eh, got so many willing 'partners'... eg. cocka la, stp la, cibol la, bongkersz la..heheheeee... jz joking nia, okeh?

kyh said...

i miss baskin robbins watever! been one month plus liao since i last had a delicious treat at these ice cream eateries. *lao chui nua*

Happy Burpday Mama BabyG!

L B said...

What Threesome?!! It's Thirteensome now!

Huei said...

Thanks for ur tips on how to be happy!!! ^.^ heheheh


bongkersz said...

Bithday lagi!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Mama BabyG!! Angeles, why I need the educational video. I can make my own video now :P kakakakaka! Wait, not with Cibol ok!! Why don't you join me leh :P hehehehee. I am waiting.........dub dab dub dab

Anonymous said...

abang nak pi donate untuk parti la. saya pasti yg mereka tidak akan menggunakan duit tu untuk bina banglow 17 bilik atau beli kereta mer-c-des....kerana tdk cukup pun.

kekadang, when there is limited income, duit tu akan menjadi lebih bermakna.

this year, i really want malaysia to be malaysian's. voting is not enuf for me. i need to contribute.

sapa lagi.

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah....thaksin dah balik! dia lah seseorang leader yg paling best di asia skrang. sebenarnya orang siam tidak sebodoh yg i thought bcoz, if they r, he wont be returned9at least his (party/proxy).

remember. he was only forced out by the military coup and as sid and understood, a coup is by force, thus not in a fair and democratic manner. it's proven time and again that the siamese foreign and trade policies worked.

whenever one pi bangkok atau negara siam, one thought that it is mundur kan? juz bcoz, it's drainage system and infra kinda sucks superficially? no, it's way beyond malaysia....serious. it is a shame, but that's the truth and this comes from the horses'mouth from various sectors...CEOs and our own evaluation.

even our venture in bkk. i suggested that we pulled out once thaksin was not around anymore.

pak la sure has so much to learn. sighhh. back to work...kakaka.

ku laaaa

angeles said...

Dear kyh,
*helps to clean your 'nua'*

BTW, hv u seen Angie's baby bump? ;)

Dear L B,
Wah wah wah... be careful ohh... dun want u to die in btwn 12 ppl! That would be horrifying... no?

Dear ah huei,
I wish u happy happy, now & forever! ;)

Dear bongkersz,
Wah wah wah... sound like Indecent Proposal liddat... but if it's for education sake, maybe I'll think about it.. u wait sekejap yaa.. :P

Dear budak bangkok,
U nie, berkobar-kobar lah... so I nak berterima kasih kepada u... kerana membawa harapan kepada bangsa kita... :P

U, berdarah Siam? U nak dok di Malaysia ke, Siam ke? Buatlah keputusan wey! BTW, u nie bercakap macam ahli politik lar... apasal tak masuk politik??


Ehon said...

happy biirthday mama G! and how did u find all these sites one? lol!

cibol said...

ok 0ok .. watch later. now my dad still watch tv .. kenot show them .. ha ha ha

Kopi Soh said...

angeles if u make veedio sama bongkerz, can i be director? Kekekeke...for educational purposes.

angeles said...

Dear ehon,
Neh.. I was snooping around when I came across this Videojug site maa.. educational horrr? :P

Dear cibol,
Your dad watch TV? Yr pc is in an 'open area' izit? Aiyah... no privacy liao liddat...

Dear kopi soh,
Muahahahahaha... u wanna be director ah? Are u hinting on a Tigasome...?? Kakakkaaka...


Kopi Soh answer angeles said...

Btw i not hampalang oso noe, reason i noe is kolage time i sign up 4 s3x class mar (tot wud be an easy A), by end of semester so muak (wanna vomit, veri sienz) overload. Kekekekek
I dowan Tigasome wan lar...wanna direct nia, can? can?

angeles said...

Wah liao kopi soh.. u attended s3x crass ah? So, what did u get for that crass? A++?? So, what did they teach u in that crass? Come come teach us little boys & gurls... kekeke...

U want to direct ah? Yerrrrr... I veli paiseh wan leh.. afturds kenot 'perform' then how??

Man-D said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mama G...

Anyway angeles...I guess bongkersz n cibol need educational video for 'u-know' ar this type of un-straight video? lols...

angeles said...

Dear Man-D,
Thx for the wishes :)

That kind of video hor... I think need their big cikgu stp's guidance ler... ;) Shh! Dun say I say wan ok... nahas nanti... :P

mamababyg said...

ALAMAK! so pai seh!