Friday, February 01, 2008

THHC™ Chapter 21 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©


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After 31 days... 11 entries... 17 Chuppers...

01 - L B
02 - Mozilla Monster
03 - Jemima

04 - Firehorse a.k.a. Kopi Soh (New Spooner!)
05 - Winn (retired bloggerette)
05 - Ehon

06 - Adrian (New Spooner!)
06 - Cutiepie
06 - JL
06 - LittleMissMay

07 - Aiyah Nonya
07 - Chev
07 - Iguanakia (New Spooner!)
07 - Kat

08 - a^ben
08 - Mistipurple
08 - Tiuniasing


Remember Murphy's Law No. 2 ohh... :P


And yesterday, this card made it to my mailbox.
I love Funnies! Thanks! Muaks!

And I just had to copy and paste this Masterpiece
Chairman Himself cos I like it so muchi!


Last but not least, have fun preparing for CNY! This year, I'll be back in Penang again. Last year was the first time I spent CNY in KL (and I have yet to blog about this temple that I went... very nice wan!)

DYK that Baby G will be one year young this Valentine's Day? I'm thinking of something unique and fun to get her to commemorate Her Day... Any suggestions?? Please throw me some...


_butt said...

my first chup of the year wahahaha... CHUP!!

Happy balik kampung Chinese New Year!! :D

Tiuniasing said...


Tiuniasing said...

Wow, the fun is back!! Hahaa...

angeles said...

Dear butty,
Yes, babe! Your first Chup of 2008! ;)

Bought your jacket yet?

Dear ah tiu,
Lei yi ka hou tak han hai mm hai?


may said...

February already, hor... how masa terbang! and I only did 5 entries last month lerr... lol!

may said...

we hold a H U G H U G P A R T Y for Valentine Baby G, yes? whee! all lup lup wan!

angeles said...

Dear maymay,
Time does vroom by! One year you left KL liao...

Lup Lup Party ah? Great Idea woh! If only I can make my blog raining Hearts... sure nice, kan! said...

my name is innn!! :D not bad eh. what do u mean that winn is retired?!!!!!!

Chev said...

i still have the photo u sent me when Baby G is still a small baby. Time really flies, huh? I remember calling u from Kuching a year ago during CNY time ;)

And it's already February.
This morning, i punch in using the wrong punch card as i didn't realise it's already February. &^%$#@

Bake a nice Mousey Cake for Baby G

psss.. I received your nice-nice Mousey CNY card and Mousey calendar stickers few days ago liao, wanna sms u but ter-lupa. Thanks for the card and the stickers :D

L B said...

The Law of Diminishing Returns? Or the Law of Eddie Murphy?!! Good Ol Threesomes!! YATTTAAAAA!!!!

ps: Why am I so late today?
ps: No, it's NOT that time of the month either..


cibol said...

aiyo .. I didn't make it this month .. ha ha ha, I mean last month. Namind .. not aci la, they all post comment while im at work .. ha ha ha. perhaps, angel u can tell me wat time u always post and then i can get ready .. :p :p

Happy chinese nu year .. haven't wish you yet eh ... by the time im posting this, bongkersz still at airport

Tiuniasing said...

Hei ah, hei ah!! Ngo li ga yao si gan lei kacau lei laaaaaaarrrrrr!!

Pink Cotton said...

guo xin nian guo xin nian..nian nian lai..errr...dono how to sing ledi...

very excited waiting for cny~ yeay!

Hazel said...

hi, i m busy too for d cny celebration this occasion is so important n full of joy. happy weekedns!

_butt said...

not yet oh. this weekend will be my last chance! fingers crossed! hehe

happy weekend! :D

Winn said...

i got ur cny card too ! love the sticker very special lorrrrr first time i see sticker like this:P

oh i m not hurt. that 2 buggars only managed to snatch away my handphone. phew!

errrrr as for the pressie for baby abt trust fund?;p
hehehe.....or...maybe a little toy piano..

kyh said...

yerrr why no me geh? *sad*

but thinking of CNY coming soon i happies again! :P

angeles said...

Dear ehon,
Congrats! :)

Eh? U din read meh? Ya, she said she retire liao...

Dear Chev,
Oh ya hor.. I got send you a pic of BB G... but I forgot abt the call from Kuching during CNY liao kaka.. no, cos you always call me wan maa... hehe...

U mean u punched in using January's card ah? Then how?

Haa? Bake cake?? Err.. I think I buy easier lor kakaka... this auntie really jialat wan keke...

Yippie! Glad u got the card before u left for Kuching! You are welcome! Glad u like 'em! ;)

Dear L B,
Haha... You should come out with ElleBee's Law...wanna wanna?

Kakakkaka... Did your 3Some go wrong like what Murphy warned? :D

ps: Becos you are bz?
ps: Becos u missed that time of the month? *gasp* Preggie??


Dear cibol,
Haha.. try again this month! Ganbatte!

I do random post wan... sometimes after work.. sometimes in the middle of the night... all depend on my mood wan... ;)

Bongkersz so fun, go back so early... Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Dear ah tiu,
Ngor hou foon ying lei lei li dou kacau ngor! ;)

Dear pink cotton,
Haha.. good try! *pat pat*

Yeah! It's the before CNY time we get excited, afer that, will go downhill liao... gongxi gongxi!

Dear Hazel,
Happy shopping to you! Have a great weekend! Hope you get to buy all that you need for CNY this wkend!

Dear butty,
I'll keep my toes crossed as well for you ;)

Happy Shopping! ;)

Dear winn,
I'm very happy that you really do check your mailbox regularly nowadays.. haha...

The buggers are really *&^%$!!! Summore got two of them?? Really horrible... you better be careful already, ok? Hugs!

A trust fund is not a bad idea at all! But aisay, this auntie damn poor wan... how liddat? Toy piano she got liao... but thanks for the suggestions! And u are welcome for the stickers :P I put my stickers at the back of my phone hehe...

Dear kyh,
Cos u hv been busy with your projects and assignments.. dun sad, ok?

B4 CNY is happies, after CNY back to work/study is urghhh... but let's not think abt that first! Happy happy! ;)


zewt said...

how come LB always win wan... no fun already la...

aiyah nonya said...

Hi !
I am busy with the coming CNY . Even though I am going back to Ipoh for the festival.

Happy Lunar New Year.

kyh said...

still hv to do assignments.... a bloody 3 or 4 ok! the lecturers so bloody brainless wan... how to expect us to do in CNY!!!

rinnah said...

I'm not there and I've not posted THHC results for Jan on my blog yet! *gulp* Turning into a very inactive blogger, I am...

Gong Xi Fa Cai, angel!

Aodian said...

CNY CNY... for me will be music new year wohoo.. cheers

angeles said...

Dear zewt,
Err.. cos he always chup? But he's slacking already lor...

Dear aiyah nonya,
Hope you'll hv lotsa fun in Ipoh!! GongXiFaCai!

Dear kyh,
Nvm lor... what to do... u think study uni so easy meh? That's why I never wanna study again... :P

Dear rinnah,
S'ok, rinnah... Be active in Life is good enuff! ;)

Kunghei kunghei! :)

Dear Aodian,
Huh? What u mean music new year? Dun understand woh...


kat said...

I think I should make it a point to be in the hughug list at least once a year. So now that I'm in yours already, my job is done for 2008.. :D

angeles said...

Dear kat,
Wah... thanks for supporting our THHC! ;)

Stupe said...

actuarry, i got the complete book to murphy's law...

the second law is not that one above la..

it's - everything takes longer than you think.