Monday, February 25, 2008

Jom Ubah & VideoJug

Roket mia theme song... Just Change!!!

Shall we Change?
Jom Ubah!

Last night, on, someone posted a video entitled, How To Kiss Someone Passionately. Of course my kaypo antenna went 'toink'. (Eh, dun think senget, ok... :P) And that was when I found this really cool video site, VideoJug - Life Explained. On Film. Surprisingly, all videos related to Love & Sex were done with good taste. Nah, dun say I no share-share oh...

Can someone try this and confirm the result?? Kekeke...

There are also alot of videos on Food & Drink, Beauty & Style, Sports & Fitness, Health, Leisure & Hobbies, Technology, DIY & Home, Pets, Parenting, Homemade Videos, etc. Am lovin' it! *wink*


mudpie said...

waaaa manyak fun all the videos heheheh

Man-D said...

whoaaaa angeles, that's sure help a lot...nice one...

angeles said...

Dear mudpie,
Fun leh... haha... eh, bolehlah projek liddat keke...

Dear Man-D,
Glad to be of service! ;)


L B said...

Yeah, but How to Erect a Fence?

ah nel said...

how to take off men undie in 1 finger u no learn kar??? :P

L B said...

Hahaha, so hilarious!!!!

Winn said...

omg angel...siew sei ngo111


angeliu! i open my mailbox yest and saw the valentine card u sent me! so surprised ! so sweet of u . muacks muacks and hugs u made my days.....a lot!!! and i like that idea of that creative lor!

bongkersz said...

wahhhh!!!! very informative. bagus ini belog. wa datang slalu, learn many things. kekekkekekee!

may said...

hickies! omg that's so... ermmmm... yesterday... kakaka! you ask Ah Boy give you a hickie and you try removing... lemme know if that works!

Chev said...

so sampat..
those innocent wan might really roll the condom onto a banana. Hahhahahhha

kyh said...

cant watch here.... when i go back home baru can watch. the stupiak skul ban all buffing vids....

zewt said...

scrap tongue?????

must say... damn good!

angeles said...

Dear L B,
Erect Fence ah? That one must refer to CockaJug dotcom... kekeke...

Dear ah nel,
Aiyoh.. I got 10 fingers, why just use one?? Use all lah! ;)

Dear L B,
Kakaka... I was LOL-ing in the middle of the night last nite! U go check out the other videos there la.. there's one, How To Hide Erection kakakaka.. really siu sei ngor!

Dear winn,
Eh, I just typed "dear angel" pulak haha... so full of myself :P

U hv to go and check out the other videos! Chan hai hou hou siu lorr... got another one, How To Do A Striptease kakakka...

Yay! U received it! I thot they tipu me.. cos I also sent a few CNY cards but nobody received that :(

I'm glad to have made your day! XOXO! Now, show me the card!! Haha...

Dear bongkersz,
Haha.. glad to be an info channel for young ppl like you! ;)

Dear maymay,
Haha.. hickies are so yesterday ah? Hmmm... ya hor.. nowadays no see no hickies no more kekekke... ask Ah Boy gib me hickies? I can gib myself maa.. neh, gib on my own arm haha... ;)

Dear chev,
Sampat is sampat... but veli informative mah! Hehe..

Ya wor... u know who would roll condom on a banana? Ah Bengs & Ah Lians haha... *avoid shoes thrown by any ahbengs n lians*

Dear kyh,
Oopsie! U must go check out! ;)

Dear zewt,
Haha.. scrape tongue, u no do b4 mah?? :P

I agree, they really took the effort to make those educational videos, eh? Short n sweet! ;)


Huei said...

ahahahah nice video! can someone confirm the battery thing? i wana know too!! heheh =P

hm..i thought the condom part have something! hehehehe =P

_butt said...

oh yeah watch the videos sometime ago hahah... hilarious!! :D

there is one titled 'how to kiss on your first date' or something... mann, laugh die meee...

JL said...

ooo ... very the useful :)

mistipurple said...

laff die me! i go read the rest of the comments laterz. gotta run now! hahaha

mistipurple said...

i enjoyed all the lessons here. must go dig up the rest later on at home. good wor. some questions paiseh to ask mah. hahah. i sound so suaku now.

sheon said... to find a willing partner?

eastcoastlife said...

hahahahahahahaha.... the.... the.... the... hahahahahaha..... the.... the....
*tak boleh tahan... cannot stop laughing*

Thanks for the site girl. Now I want to use all my fingers too!

angeles said...

Dear ah huei,
Eh, ask your Baby to give u a hickie and then you go try?? Heeeee...

Oi... all the videos were done in 'good taste' maa.. no spicy spicy wan... ;P

Dear butty,
Wah.. why no tell us wan?? :P

Yeah, I think I saw that title too... there was also another one How To Kiss Creatively keke...

Dear JL,
Useful is useful... hati-hati ohhh... ;)

Dear misti,
Dun simply run run... afturds 'phok kai' then difficult hehe...

What questions u wanna ask ah? I can be Angeljug and answer u... haha :P

Dear sheon,
Ask and you shall find...

Dear eastcoastlife,
*faster think how to help ECL*
*gives up*
*enjoys her laughter*

After u hv learnt up all the tricks, can teach me what to do with all my fingers too? ^^ Kekekee...


Anonymous said...

yes...jom ubah!!!! it's too much already....sudah keterlaluan dah nieee!!!!! ko pilih ker tak nie?? jgn asyik cakap jer???? mesti pi undi tau??

aku lak...i nak undi thaksin shinawatra. i nie dah tak ader semangat kemalaysianan dah...serious.

anyways....the unbra dan memakai condominium dan menguncuo dan peluk tuh...memang sesuatu yg penting untuk pengetahuan aku....aku dah banyak belajar dari ko la. sifu!


cibol said...

dun wan the jom ubah wan .. I wan the jug wat jug i forgot wan .. ha ha ha. very informative ler .. so angeles, you put to practise ledi ka those? Ha ha ha ... this is very educational

Kopi Soh said...

LOL veri farnie veedio but then i got question lar, y use hand to put the condom on wan? A better technique wud be to use mouth to slip it on......^-^ kekekekeke,
dat wan have to practis otherwise tertelan the condom then jialat.

laundryamah said...

wakakkakka waaa maybe Kopisoh can make a veedio & show us how she puts on the condom with her mouth..wei fai tittt....sexited leow!

angeles said...

Dear budak bkk,
Eh! Mesti ler aku pi undi! Balik 300KM untuk undi tau! Aku nie, rakyat M'sia yang bertanggungjawab!

U ni, NATO jer... pi lah dok kat BKK, apasal balik??

Itu semua ko mesti belajar supaya isteri ko gembira, tau?!

Dear cibol,
Put what to practice? All these stuff, gua sudah tahu awal-awal lagi... ;)

Dear kopi soh,
Wah wah... nanti u sure turn on the Jaybee Cock wan.. kakaka...

Tertelan kondom?? Wah wah... I thot u'll tergigit the kondom got lubang-lubang... kakaka...

Dear laundryamah,
We see what she say... heh heh...


Anonymous said...

hey, aku pon balik 200km mengundi tau. hey..kalo kak balik memandu, adik nak tumpang anyways, i tak pernah tak mengundi!

tak tahu lah masyarakat kiter nih, boleh memikir ker tak...kalo mereka tau memikir...senang la negara kiter..ttp, kalo tidak...aku pon takleh buat apo-apo, tats why, prefer to 'balik' kampung ke thailand la.

oh by the way. si thaksin tu dah nak balik ke siam!! yahoooo. kalo boleh, i nak declare la, yg aku nih penyokong setia thaksin !!!!! 'DYK' (pinjam guna yer) that thaksin tuh, orang chiiinah hakka? lol.



angeles said...

Eh ko nie melampau betui la.. nak tumpang punya time, panggil akak, time biasa tu, aper2 pon tak panggil.. cis!

Anyway, aku tak memandu.

Aiyah, u pigi balik siam sajer lah! Boleh jugak aku ada tempat menumpang kat Siam nanti...

adrian said...

Why do u think there are flavoured condoms in the market? Strawberry, Orange, etc. ;)

Eh, when u gonna give me hickey chek? I wanna try that battery thingy leh.

Anonymous said...

LOL... the swirling of the tongue aggressively reminds me of someone
: p

I wonder what were you thinking when your "antenna" *winks* went "toink" : p naughty naughty

Ms A

angeles said...

Dear adrian,
Can teach me what to do with those flavoured condoms ah? I need some tuition... ;P

I give u hickey? If I give hor, I think u hv to get a dozen batteries lar... :P

Dear Ms. A,
Reminds u of who? EDC's gfs? :P

What was I thinking? I was having some scientific thots lar... wat u think woh?? :P


Kopi Soh said...

Just drop by to inform all my "hawkers" dat I've closed the kopitiam. Will miss all of you terribly, do take care of yourselves.

Warm Hugs Owes,
Kopi Soh

narrowband said...

Hahahaha... Aitelyoo... I watched everything here and couldn't stop laughing. Very enjoyable and entertaining!! LOL! I particularly like the hickey removal wan (no not because I've tried and confirmed its effectiveness....), because of the 'disclaimer' at the end of the video:
"Results may vary, depending on your skin color, skin tone, skin sensitivity, relationship with your skin (??), date of birth (???), birth order (LOL!!), favorite color, taste in music and clothing, and your religious and political views (HAHAHA!!)"

Lawakss 110% !!!

angeles said...

Dear kopi soh,
Thx for the sad 'notice'... I hope you'll find the strength again to open the kopitiam. It's a waste to close down such a 'funny' place... now we hv kurang one tempat to hang out and have fun liao...

Dear narrowband,
I know u couldn't stop laughing cos I did the same! :P

What?? U hv tried and confirmed the hickey thingy?? Faster do laa.. then at least can confirm whether betul anot maa... u need help? Kakakaka...