Thursday, February 21, 2008


Earlier this afternoon at 3 pm, Eh-dee-sern Chen gave a press conference, and announced that he will quit "step away from" the HK entertainment industry "indefinitely". (It's okay wan... He still has Hollywood lah, Bollywood lah, Bolehwood lah... ) It was his first public appearance since all his scandalicious pics found their way to the Internet a few weeks ago. He looked calm, composed but clearly, the word 'regret' was seen on his face. He apologised to all the ladies, their family, his own family and the people of HK. He asked for forgiveness.

Is it easy for you to forgive and forget?

Me? I'm a pretty forgiving person. I blame it on Bad Memory... *shrug* BUT, I gotta take my hats off to those who forgave their cheating spouse / partner.


may said...

ermmmmm... that's a hard one. I try to. I think I do. maybe I don't. at least I can pretend, hor?

angeles said...

Dear maymay,
Forgiving another person whom we deemed to have hurt us is definitely not easy... Most of the time, I think we do try.. because of the need to move on... there was one incident where I couldn't move on for a few years. Imagine... now, *shakes head* no more, babeh...

Pretend ah? Better not lor... I think it'll be more difficult for our ownselves if we did that... hugs!

dreamie said...

put a hold on that...
5dit 5 dit go throw oranges la..
Happy Chap Goh Meh !!.....:P

Winn said...


Winn said...

after looking at that apology video..i think i will forgive him la hor? everyone makes mistakes right. no one is perfect.

kat said...


kat said...

I wonder if the ladies forgip him..

Winn said...

but he looks so perfect hor? heheh still not as perfect as wang lee hom and i mean it!!

if wang lee hom makes such mistake i will forgive him also. and i will volunteer to give him counselling face to face, one on one.....if he really canot kick off this habit then i will sacrifice myself...i'll marry him!!

L B said...

*totally ignoring the issue at hand*

*throws out Lokums with Tracking Devices implanted in them*

*wait... I am not supposed to throw, right?*

*goes off to sit on the FENCE*

*and screams... OFF! OFF!*

*Wonders if any lokum will wash up on the shores of Cattolica*

Chev said...

forgive and forget
it's easier to say than to do it

and also
it's easier to forgive than to forget
what is done, is done..
the scar is always there :)

_butt said...

depends. if I'm Cecelia Cheung, I won't. I can't forgive myself and I can't forgive him as well for ruining my happily-ever-after life! :P

ehon said...

forgive and forget is.. hmm.. depending on the situation lorr.. i think edison didn't do anything wrong. just that he has a weird hobby and he made a mistake earlier on.

renee said...

If you can talk about forgiveness, then you are someone who is receptive to the idea of forgiving. There are those who cannot even conceive or accept the idea of forgiveness. How tragic is that?

day-dreamer said...

I have thought for many times, will I forgive my future partner/bf/husband if he cheated on me, considering I'm quite an unforgiving person.

But it all depends on the circumstances, I suppose.

Not that I'm an Edison fan, but what he did was just... rather unacceptable. :x

And LOL @ Winn's comments. *whisper to Winn* If ever you become Mrs Wang Lee Hom, ask him autograph for me can? Hehehe.

cibol said...

Forgiving was never easy. It takes time and it also have to dig up some pride matters of trying to admit that you are wrong or to swallow the hard truth. Blah, like ome words are spoken just can't be taken back .. but what the heck, moved on. besides, he doesn't mean to show that publicly mah ..

P/S : You got throw oranges anot?

adrian said...

I still very blurr on why this is such a big issue... so he had sex with a few ladies, so he took photos, so? Why is everyone shooting him down? It shouldn't be their business rite or not? It's his personal life.

Which lady wouldn't want a guy as good looking as him (or Lee hom)? If he romances her and then they 'hit' it off, is that so wrong? Or is everyone blaming him bcoz he took photos?

I still don't get it.

Btw, doesn't cecilia look like she's holding her own camera in some of those photos? U go have a look where cecilia is giving him a *ahem*.

She was not looking up at him, she was not looking at his *ahem*, she was looking at the side and her posture seems to show that she is holding and looking at something (A camera?)

There was a camera rite next to her on the bed while EC was shooting. Was that her own camera? Cheng, cheng, cheng! :P

Anonymous said...

For me, I would forgive someone depending on the degree of his/her mistake/misdemeanor/misbehavior etc.

If Edison Chen is not a celebrity, this incident would have been forgotten in a few month's time, people forget quite easily. But, in this case, his fame worked against him. Tough luck.

Ms A

Kopi Soh said...

Unfortunately i dun forgive easily espesially if i trust the person and he/she betray me :(
I am quite bad dat way.....

angeles said...

Dear dreamie,
Aisay, nowadays where got ppl throw kam oledi?? Just use the Internet maa... ;)

Now is Happy Chap Lak Meh liao! ;P

Dear winn,
*toot toot*
*sings Thomas & Friend's intro song*

Ya, he look kesian oso... u think he sked anot? All the hak seh wui wanna 'phek' him...

Kakakaka... when a few of us in the office was watching the press con, one of them couldn't tahan and had to say, "But he so lengjai!" Haha.. yes, yes, he's got the prettiest boy look around!

Sacrifice and marry Wang Lee Hom?? Hahahaahahhaha... lei jiao siong luhhhhh! Kaka... :P

Eh, still donwan to blog ah? :(

Dear kat,
The ladies ah? Dunno... maybe in time, they will... but they are a bit dumb to allow the pics to be taken... a lesson for all to learn, I suppose...

Dear L B,
*forces L B to acknowledge all the juicy poses...*

Haha... your Fence got enuff @$$ space for u to sit anot? Dun be like me... tumbled down like Humpty Dumpty... (hey, that rhymes! Wheeeee!)

*kesian L B got no kam to eat this CNY...*

Nvm, can substitute it with Apples! Lotsa 'em! Heh...

Dear Chev,
Korek korek korek! Easier said than done! But having said that, it must be done if we wanna move on. Or else, "stuck" in between, jialat...

Scar ah? Can ask AhBoy to lick ma... kekekeke... A scar will not be painful anymore... that's what's most important, I think... it serves to remind us, but the pain is now gone... whoaaa, I tok like terer nia haha...

Dear butty,
Imagine all the shame CC had to go thru this period... *shudders*

But butty, I think it's not fair to solely blame Edison for ruining everything... it takes two to tango, remember... *wink* (Oh, and please read Adrian's looong comment & analysis on CC's pics haha...)

Dear ehon,
Edison is just a naughty AND unlucky GORGEOUS boy! :P

Dear Renee,
Hello there! Thanks for the kind words and acknowledging my entry with your thoughts :) Now I wonder if you are any of the Renees I know :)

Those who cannot accept the idea of forgiveness might find difficulties to move on... uh huh, it's kinda tragic, I suppose... but then, to each his own ;)

Dear day-dreamer,
Dun hv to think now ler... when happen oni u think, okie? Dun 'sang nao jing' ;)

Edison is a naughty boy... he's just unlucky that the pics have found their way out... there are a lot of unacceptable things that laymen do... yes, morally it's not right but maybe it's just their kind of 'game' or their desire? Entahlah... And all those girls are not small gurls anymore...

Eh eh! What u mean u only want Lee Hom's autograph?? U can even hv dinner with him at their house!! And maybe attend some 'live' performance FOC! Woohoo! Hehehee....

Dear cibol,
You are right.. but in order to move on, I think forgiveness does play a role in it... aiyah, he's just veli the 'suay'...

I throw oranges?? I need to throw mehhh?? I jz told Cocka that alot are lining up waiting for me... haha...

Dear Adrian,
It's like this... his 'problem' is that he's a celebrity, an Asian one, unfortunately. He's supposed to be a role model for his country (HK) and now, hampalang ppl know his 'habit', so he kenalah. Asian ppl kononnya veli pentingkan moral maa... Summore pics with ppl's wife woh.. if yr wife is Cecelia and u are Nicholas, how u feel? Sure wanna rip off his 'banana' wan, rite?? :P

Edison is indeed a VERY pretty boy! I also want... haha.

U dun get it nvm lar... just enjoy the pics, can liao :P

Wah liao eh... u go and analyse the pics until liddat ka?? U use magnifying glass? Can count how many strands of bulu...? Kakakaka.. :P

So you saying she also got her own pics ah? U know where she sends her computer for service? :P

Dear Ms. A,
I suppose time is a very crucial factor when it comes to forgiveness.

Too bad for Edison, he is a celebrity. An Asian one summore... if this happened in the angmoh countries, it'd hv boosted his fame! Oh well... he still has Hollywood... ;)

Dear kopi soh,
I understand what you mean... but I think that forgiveness can help us to move on lor... mai ah neh ler... whatever has happened, has happened, nothing can change that. (Yes, unfortunately it's easier said than done) Therefore, we must learn to manage it well... probably maybe we need to love ourselves more so that we can forgive other ppl? Confusing ah? Neh... becos forgiveness is supposed to help our ourselves, so if we love ourselves, we'll help ourselves. Aiyah, now I konpius liao...

Dun sulk liao! Hugs!


mistipurple said...

i garfield your pics. very useful. will post in my blog so that i will remember too and put forgiveness in perspective. thanks char bor kiah! you're a gem!

mistipurple said...

i posted in my dot com, to be clicked upon when needed. might save me loads of gastric pills. *wink* thanks again!

zewt said...

well, he didnt really cheat on anyone to be fair to him...

Anonymous said...

forgive that eh-dee-son? aiya,,,who am I to do so? It's his life, his choice of lifestyle, really it's so personal...really nobody has the right to condemn. as for me i have other issues also in regards to forgiveness..and it's among my own's really hard cos we constantly meet and day by day frictions arise n make things adding up & up...sigh,,,but it's something I have to deal with and I'm really struggling big time! after all i'm human!!! so is that poor lil rich boy..

_butt said...

no la, I didn't blame it on Edison only, yes I've read Adrian's comment too hahah... so da observant! should've added 'blame myself (CC) for being stoopid' to my earlier comment ;)

anyway, Edison or not, life goes on. he's still one very leng chai celeb I know :P

angeles said...

Dear misti,
Glad u found 'em useful. Must forgib and forget, okie? Okay, must LEARN to F & F... ;)

Dear zewt,
Nope, he cheated no one, I think... but what abt his gf?

Dear Amah,
Haha, not ask u to forgib him la.. :P

I hope in time, you'll find a way to deal with the situation in your family... I think, first step is to acknowledge and accept the facts that we can't change... and then slowly move on from there... all the best ohh... hugs!

Dear butty,
Oh yeah! He's sooooo lengjai! Really kenot tahan lor... haha... can't blame the girls for ahem ahem... kekekeke... Happy Weekend!


eastcoastlife said...

I'll forgive the lengchai Edison if he'll have dinner with me. Now all the young gals scared to be seen with him. Older ladies got chance. kekeke...

oi oi oi.... queue ah! queue ah!

I'm not a forgiving person. Tough on the people who mess with me lor.

nyonyapenang said...

I forgive so as to heal myself. Selfish hor?

Brad said...

Brad is still the best! Loyal to you and lup liu only.... ;)

Anonymous said...

sebnarnya, saya kesian kat si EC nih. dia sebenarnya tdk buat salah pon..."pengambilan gambaq2 nie, dengan persetujuan amoi2 itu aper". ttp masyarakat cheena yg buat hal jer...dan sememangnya kurang nasib lah, foto2 nie ter'leak' out.

also, i memang tabik dengan si EC nie la...dia lah idola saya. power. sampai i pun nak jadik macam dia, ttp tak nak la...abang dah

memang dari masa dia start acting lagi...i think he is cute and hensem(macam budak bangkok). masa tuh, budak2 pompuan wow wow dengan lee hom la, jay chou la(YUCKSSS), jet li la (per bendaaaaa la!!). (pendek kata, i emang ader taste...ahem)

ok la untuk ari nie. aku nak pi ambik gambaq.....ahem.


Nicholas Chay said...

depends forgive what.. aiyah so complicated. heh.

Kenny Ng said...

If I did that, I won't forgive myself for my entire life. How to forgive him la like that?

seefei said...

why only soft option like forgive or not forgive? why cant we give him options like:-

1. cut off the coconut tree
2. cut off the coconut
3. pay each girl he "shot" HK 1 million
4. go to jail for one year

angeles said...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Haha... most of us here will 'forgive' EDC!! OK lor, I queue behind u... gib u facey... hehe...

Dear nyonyapenang,
If no forgive, means ownself suffer... how?

Dear Brad,
I hope so, man! Or else he better jaga his love stick... haha :P

Dear budak bkk,
Memang nasibnya yang malang...aper nak buat... u nak jadi dia? Alaaa, u cakap jer... biler nak bertindak tu, takut plakkk.. so, toksah cakap dah...

Jay Chou aku pun tak suker.. jet li? Itu orang tua ler...

Ko nak ambik gambaq dgn isteri ko? Jangan ambik dgn pompuan lain tau... nahas nanti!

Dear Nicholas,
If someone seeks for forgiveness, it'd probably be something 'important'... complicated? Hai mm hai ahh? O.o

Dear kenny,
I dun think that if u did that, u'd think this way lor...

Dear feikor,
Haha... this entry is actually not abt EDC haha... I was just asking if everyone is the forgiving type...

U memang got alot of ideas la... :P


Huei said...

it's easy to forgive..but it's impossible to forget

edison's case..all of them have to be blamed..there were no victims..i mean..the girls agreed to let their photos taken right?

unless ofcos edison promised to erase the photos after viewing them..but kept them instead..then..i dun think they will ever forgive him!!

boohoo..tata to edison! no more leng chai how?? hehehe

angeles said...

Dear ah huei,
To forget hor.. maybe hv to wait until old old.. then sure can forget wan... :)

Yup, all the ladies were 'willing partners'... nobody to blame, except their bad luck lor...

No more lengjai? Dun worry... sure he'll be back wan.. he's still young mar... give it a few years ;)

King's wife said...

hmmm...I think I can forgive but much harder to forget. But then if I can't forget, does that mean I haven't forgiven? *scratch head*

angeles said...

Dear KW,
Ya hor... I also help scratch your head and see if u'll get the answer anot... hehe...

Later on, will forget one kua...

JL said...

i don't think it is his fault. i would put the blame on the person who leaked it out.

the movies and pictures taken are not out of force and the girls were happily posing for it. so it things done out of the consent of 2 adults.

the guy who leaked out the pictures not only destroyed the lives of others and it has caused them great grievance. poor edison...

angeles said...

Dear JL,
Totally agree with you! Neither EDC nor the girls are wrong, they are just blardy unlucky :)