Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Shake Your Love Purple Birthday

h A p P y B i R t H d A y , M i S t I p U r P l e ! ! !

Shake Your Love...

I take one piece, ya... ;)

Vantage Point, a good watch. The story is told in a pretty unique way, 'repeated' from the perspective of a few people in the movie. Synopsis C&P from IMDB:

In Spain to give a speech announcing an anti-terrorism initiative, the U. S. President (William Hurt) is apparently shot. The action tracks Secret Service agent Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) as he deals with the chaos following the shooting. We see the event first through the eyes of the television news director (Sigourney Weaver), then the scenes rewind and we see it again from several different perspectives. The arrogant U.S. Secret Service and their clever tricks meets an even more clever adversary, one who seems to have read the good guy's playbook. Agent Barnes is aided by an innocent tourist played by Forest Whitaker, and there are numerous bad guys and incidental characters. By the time Barnes discovers who the double-agent is, it is a race against time to save the president, and the ensuing car chase is a wild ride. The movie ends where it began--with the television news giving a tidy explanation that is quite different from reality. The repetitive return to 12:00 noon seems closer to Groundhog Day than Rashomon, but it is neither comedy nor drama--Vantage Point is an action thiller, start to finish.


jjmm said...


jjmm said...


jjmm said...


angeles said...

Dear jjmm,

Yours is kambing! :P

L B said...

HAPPY beautiful DELICIOUS suggestive HORNY rumbling VIRTUOUS purple BIRTHDAY, misti!!!
Fresh Kisses XZY!!

L B said...

*shake shake... milkshake*
*shake klang klang.. forth*

L B said...

*can't spell froth!!*

angeles said...

Dear L B,
Horny? Which part is horny? Eh? Eh?? Purple is horny? O.o

Whoa... u shake oso got milkshake come out ah? *amazed* Very klang klang...

U still shaking? That's why couldn't spell properly...kaka...

kat said...



mistipurple said...

hahaha, LB got milk ka?
*shakes it outta lb* er...
thankew Angel, thankew LB, thankew Kat! *wet xyz xxx smooches from up to down to all around* the moomoo special! whoot whoot!

angeles said...

Dear kat,
Kiss kiss for me too? Heee..

Tenkiu for the alphabet smooches! So wet... so shakey... so milky too..

Enjoy your day! Hope u'll get some time off and give yourself a treat! Better still, get Steven to treat u! Muahaahhaha... happy birthday!!!


day-dreamer said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY mIsTi!

Aiya... boh ien leh... never saw you in 1-U! You went to GSC or TGV??

angeles said...

Dear day-dreamer,
I was jz running thru' my mind if I 'saw' anyone who look like u.. haha..

I was at GSC ;)

kyh said...

that purplish cake looks too wacky liao... i'll skip. :P


angeles said...

Dear kyh,
That purple cake is yam cake, ok! Come try...

cibol said...

how come i dun have buffday cake wan? pilih kasih u .. ha ha ha

wah, everyone rekomen vintage point, lidis must watch ledi la

angeles said...

Dear cibol,
Haha.. ya, u r right.. I not kasih u enuff, hor? So how? OK la, nxt year see if I can ingat to kasih u anot... :P

Vantage Point, I like... got so many jejaka tampan... slurp! Heh heh...

Man-D said...

Just came back from watching this's a nice movie. I have to agree with you that the story is pretty unique with eight strangers with their view of the incidents trying to piece together the truth behind the assassination.

may said...

Happy Purple Birthday, Misti!! shake shake shake... milk shake? heheh!

aik, how come they say the video no longer available wan?

I saw some ads at the back of buses for Vantage Point. lots of good actors in it, kan?

carcar said...

happy birthday to misti!~

wah purple cake...... that yam? or?

is that real piece of cake? or virtual?

is that...

hehe, ok ok... no more question.

Chev said...

wah.. the birthday cake so purplish
so misti

happy birthday Misti
can i have one too? :)

Anonymous said...

wah purple polkadot cake so the cute ness!! Happy bday Mistipurple!

rinnah said...

Happy Moo Day to Misti!

I also wanna see that movie... sounds good! Uncle Joe, mari mari mari!

angeles said...

Dear Man-D,
Hello, welcome! This movie is different.. but then again, each time it goes back to 11.59am, the audience laughed.. I went O.o hehe...

Dear maymay,
She CAN milkshake *wink* Hehe..

The video got wor...

The guys are all so yummy... mmmm... hehe...

Dear carcar,
Long time no see! XOXO.

I think it's yam cake lor... it's a real piece of cake kua... nvm, I like all your sampat questions!

Dear Chev,
Yaya, every year must find purple cake for her... so that it can be a mistipurple's burfday maa...

*cuts a piece of purple cake for Chev and Ah Boy*

Dear laundryamah,
Cute hor? U can make too? Hehe...

Dear rinnah,
Uncle Joe ah? Itu kena tunggu tunggu loh... ;)


Huei said...

woh!! cool!! is the purple cake real? so pretty!!! =D hehehhe i wannnn!!! can i take 1 piece too? =P

Leonard said...

wah liew, the purple cake ho geng!

happy birthday, misti!!

_butt said...

vantage point nice? ok, on my watch list this coming weekend :D

HAPPY MOO BIRTHDAY TO MISTI!! the purple cake so the lovely!! *takes one piece* :D

mistipurple said...

*quickly takes over serving cakes from angeles* :)

thank you everyone for eating the purple cake and for wishing me!
i am so happies and feel so loved! haha. sweet angel, thanks thanks thanks from the bottom of my .. udders? hhhahaa

Hazel said...

a nice cake u have, Happy Belated Birthday!some awards for you to choose. Have a nice day!

angeles said...

Dear ah huei,
Can can... take all you want also can hehe... I think it's yam cake lor...

Dear leonard,
I also nvr eat purple cake before... one day must try!

Dear butty,
Vantage Point is a good watch altho' at certain time, it might give u a sense of 'repetition'... nevertheless, great movie!

*helps butty to wipe the cream off her mouth* :D

Dear misti,
Ahhh... thanks for taking over! Your cake veli keng... I serve and serve and serve and serve but still got wan... hehe..

I'm glad u are happies... U happies, I happies!

*imagine bottom....*

Dear hazel,
Thanks for the awards! :)


day-dreamer said...

Eh I was at GSC also!!!! :O

angeles said...

Eh?? Must be u day-dreaming lar, that's why din see me... haha... ;P