Friday, February 29, 2008

Cambridge & Mind Your Language

Today is 29th of February and this date only appear every 4 years... I always very kesian those who were born on this day... Yalah, it's special but then only get to celebrate every 4 years woh.. not kesian meh?

Anyway, Zewt mentioned that last weekend, he went to Cambridge. And that made me yearn to go there again. So how? Just have to make do with my Cambridge Memory made in 2006 lor... Love the place! Because the air is so fresh... unlike London.

On the way to Cambridge... about an hour's journey from London.

We reached just in time for lunch at this bar called Penny Ferry.

Penny Ferry Bar by the river... the view is beauuuutiful!
Twas' a cool and sunny day!

Inside Penny Ferry...

The bar...

Woot! Slot machines!

Bangers & Mash for lunch! Yeah, the lap cheong a bit chow tar liao...
and it was very salty!

Lil' Sammi's set lunch (for kiddies)

Our dessert...

The rest, to be continued another time when got mood again...

*sigh* Makes my feet itchy again looking at these vacation pics... I wanna go Sydney... and I wanna go Sakura Japan... but but but............ aihhhhhhh... so many butts!! (Maymay, I'll be there, one day! Wait for me!)

Last but not least, here's an episode of the ever liuliu funny British sitcom Mind Your Language for Chev because she blogged about the 80's TV sitcom :P Enjoy!!

Mind Your Language - Kill or Cure - Part 1

Mind Your Language - Kill or Cure - Part 2

Mind Your Language - Kill or Cure - Part 3


L B said...

I went to Cambridge & Oxford once!! Took a train up there... to visit a specialist aquarium shop, so I could buy this fabulous Angel marine fish for £50, to take back with me to Italy!!! Siau or not? I was a Siau person then.. Couldn't get any siauer...

Mind Your Language just cracks me up!!

Aodian said...

Cambridge.. The most hated word right now..I just got back from Cambridge.. Cambridge High School Abu Dhabi lah.. hehe..
damn the food makes me never wanna go veggie..
mind ur language?? fren's are crazy about that.. will check it out soon. cheers

angeles said...

Dear L B,
I wish I had gone to Oxford too! And that place with all the batus... what's that place called again?? Eh, I remember I got ask you whether it was worth going to that batu place or not, right?? Hahaaa...

Wow.. a very expensive Angel Fish that one... show the pic!!! Got?? Dun have?? Cannot be!!

U are siau ah? Eh, I also siau... sometimes.. but not as siau as u to buy such an expensive FISH tho'...

Hahaaa.. Mind Your Language is one of the best and funniest drama of all time!! I can watch it over and over again and still LOL!

Dear Aodian,
Wooo... your school punye nama is very cool! Why hate word.. dun hate.. gotta love it, ok!

Eh? U wanna go veggie ka? Why?

Mind Your Language is a must watch! ;)


L B said...

Er, Stonehenge? That's not anywhere near Cambridge! At least not to my feeble memory cells. Hmmm.. is it? Can't remember now.. I do know Stonehenge is near Bath though.

Yeah lah £50 for a tiny little fish!! I do have some old pics of her somewhere.. Have to fish them out and air them some day.. In fact, I was planning another fishy entry, but got waylaid by Rats and such..

L B said...

How I miss good old English Bangers! The Greasy Joe type though, unlike yours.. 2 sausages, sunnyside up eggs, 2 slices of BACON, baked beans, toast, and cuppa tea.. and Apple Pie!

L B said...

Jarrod & Rawlins, anyone?

angeles said...

Ah yes, Stonehenge! I couldn't decide if I had wanted to go to Bath, Cambridge or Oxford, I think... time no enuff... but of cos, I had your M & S pork pies on your behalf... kkkkkk...

Yes, one day, please show us the "gold" fish... yalah, your fish made from gold izit?? So expensive...and how long did she live? 10 yrs?

U can't get bangers in SG? How come?? How can?? Wahhh.. u made me hungry with the 'picture' of J & R's Big Breakfast set! Now I have to sleep in hunger... nitezzz! XOXO~

ps: Come to think of it, J&R is just 4 months away for u! OMG! You'll be back soon! Woohoo!

zewt said...

hey... that punting pic... think i remember where it is...

jjmm said...

OMG! The "kiddies" set lunch...the size dun look very "kiddy". i think jjpp oso kenot finis la!

ehon said...

omg yum! look at the food. :D love zit love zit love zit! eh, i also wanna go UK ler. and u damn slack lar now then update more on your UK trip. :P LOl!

Huei said...

i wana go holiday tooO!!!

i see everybody going off somewhere...friends going places for business trip..from las vegas to LANGKAWI...sumo it's a 2d1n saddddd T_T

*save money*

how much does it take to go japan? heheh

_butt said...

omg! mind your language! I love the show, classic! :D

love the slot machine as well, the 'country' scenery, everything! did you play with it? slot machine I mean? :D

_butt said...

I wana go Japan too. I'm saving up for it now hehe :) but first, must go Penang to visit our dear Doc Chen and Ah Boy :D

Kopi Soh said...

I luvvvve bangers!!! Hei kam bisit me lar....we can gatai togeder...i take u jalan jalan, my offer serious wan, rememebr the roof top bar, i take u there wan ah?

Leonard said...

I only heard of Cambridge and Oxford by their university and certificate that I got from them!

the lap cheong looked so wrong, overcooked!!

feb 29, lucky me not born on this day, but the day after that!! nevertheless, 29 only happened to me once!!! sob...counting down now!!

Anonymous said...

orang kaya pi tempat orang kaya sioot... lol. emm, memang negara orang putih nih, udaranya nampak lebihh fresh dan crisp. kan?

best la...

ttp, kat siam , pun ok gak.,..lebih lebih lagi di sebelah utara...contohnya maesai, tempat adik pompuan(god) aku tu..ok gak.

biler ko nak pi siam lagi?


may said...

alas, the only place I've been in UK is London. can't say I didn't like it, can't say I absolutely love it. it was just that -- London. good for holidays, at least.

used to love MYL! hummed the theme every time it started ;-)

I will wait, but... not forever, ok? gee I sound like a lover left behind... lo!

angeles said...

Dear zewt,
U know, I really, really love the scenery there... it's so beautiful.. so serene... so relaxing... I saw ppl on bicycles... walking their dogs... it's pure b.l.i.s.s...

Dear jjmm,
Now that u mentioned... yeah, quite big, hor? Sure jjpp oso kenot pinis meh?? So char geh??

Dear ehon,
U love what ah? The food or the place? I love the place... the food, so-so nia...

I'm very sure u'll hv a chance to go to the European continent...

Yeah, I'm a slack blogger... actually I have nothing much to blog also... how pathetic! :P

Dear ah huei,
Yes, before can go for holiday, must save $$$! No marnie, no tok :(

I just saw a Reliance Travel's package to go to Japan during sakura season in Mar/Apr, 7 days prolly come to abt RM5K... not included food & shopping... so, save $$!

Dear butty,
We all love Mind Your Language, don't we? :)

The western countryside is really beautiful... wait till I show off the Swedish countryside... so picturesque can die! :P

Heh, nolah, I din play the slot machine... eh, that time RM7 is to one pound u know... how to play?? :P

Remember to go to Japan during Sakura Season.. in Mar/Apr... really pwetty! Oh yeah, go to Pearl of the Orient first! So when u going?

Dear kopi soh,
Thank you veli much for your offer... I hope I'll get the opportunity to come bisit u... muacksss! Yeah! I wanna go to the rooftop bar! Got lengjai? Hehe...

Dear Leonard,
The lap cheong was slightly burnt... and veli kiam :|

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!!!

Dear bdkbkk,
Biler I jumper u nanti, I mesti kasi u satu tamparan yang terkuat di dunia nie.. asyik cakap kiter kaya, walhal, dia tuh, entah dah berapa kali pi bangkok beberapa bulan ini.. ish ish...

Aku sudah takde "kaki" di Siam... kalo aku pi, maybe nak pi Chiangmai pulak.. tapi, takder kaki.. amacam??

Dear maymay,
I wish I can go to Scotland too one day... and peep... heheheh...nvm..

Thanks for waiting... muacks! No no, dun hv to wait forever.. I not so cruel.. hehehehe...


eastcoastlife said...

Wah!! Look at the long bangers!! paiseh! So many pics only saw the bangers! hehehe....

You want to go Sydney, jio me ah! I also go. We go for horniday and hiao hiao with May... this time no fly your aeroplane or else I pay for your air ticket. OK?

Chev said...

I can only associate Cambridge with exam. LOL

The Bangers & Mash doesn't looks good leh.

Thanks for the MYL video clips
*muacks angeles*

cibol said...

the closest i come to a place like that is the penangbridge .. can count anot? ha ha ha .. aik, why kopi soh dun tag you leh?

Hazel said...

a simple tag for you..Have a nice weekend!

kyh said...

so did ya mean the food was not nice? :P

u shud travel north to scotland... it's beautiful! ;)

goldiamondrich said...

i go home find food, then comment properly, lol.

goldiamondrich said...

aaaaahhh forgot to sign out again. misti me

angeles said...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Haha.. I dun blame u for just noticing the bangers *wink* It does look like ...... kakaka...

OK OK, I'll let u know.. wahhh! Pay for my air ticket?? Fatt tatt loh!! Hehehehe...

Dear Chev,
Haha.. Cambridge memang is equivalent to 'exam'...

The mash is nice but the bangers a bit kiam...

I enjoyed the MYL clips... veli enjoys! Hope u enjoyed too :)

Dear cibol,
Hahahahahahaaaa... joker lar u.. penangbridge pulak.. hahaaaa...

Kopi Soh no tag me becos she knows I'm a lazy tagee hehe...

Dear Hazel,
Thanks, u hv a good weekend too!

Deaer kyh,
Yeah, the food wasn't that great... but love the mash tho!

Ah yes, Scotland.. U wanna 'phui' me? ;)

Dear misti,
Eh? So late liao notchet eat??

Nvm, u become mistigold... kekeke...


mistipurple said...

*slurp slurp kuay teow soup*
malaysia's nicer. that segambut ban mian lor. :(
pick me 6pm tomolo ok?
*denial kaw kaw*

angeles said...

Eh?? I pick u up on Monday marr.. oh ya ya ya, today is Sunday liao! *smacks forehead for being blur*

OK OK, tomolo nite dinner!

Eh... I hv not tried the segambut koay teow wor... U think Steven will mind taking me there?? Haha...

Freethinker said...

y ur sausages look so weird.. macam damn burned..

Lin Peh said...

Actually...Lin Peh is Gradute from Cambridge wan! Now u know leh ?

angeles said...

Dear freethinker,
It's not so "damn" burnt.. it was just a bit chao tar laaa :P

Dear lin peh,
Eh? U Cambridge graduate ah? Not Harvard?


day-dreamer said...

I can't help but to drool at the mashed potato. Haha. I love it.

When go Penang visit Dr Chen and Ah Boy? Remember to yu mai ngo... :P

mistipurple said...

hahaha, steven san said sure! if the timing's right when he goes back, he wouldn't mind! lol. make me so hungwees now!

moz monster said...

*sheds a tear for yesteryear ... when my Engrish was so louyar I couldn't understand Mind Your Language ... *

Thousand apologies !

One of these days, if I have enough $$$, I'd want to study in Cambridge. Serious.

Cocka Doodle said...

Dearest Angeles....yes that Linpeh graduated from Cambridge wan. Cambridge kindergarten, that is! Hahahaha!!!

eastcoastlife said...

How come no new post for few days? Busy ah? Your chup score card leh?

mudpie said...

thank you sweetie for the luvly card . it has been awhile since i got my V card bwahahahahah

*rindu rindu teramat rindu*

angeles said...

Dear day-dreamer,
I'm going back this weekend... but maybe no time to bisit ah boy & gf... kekeke...

Dear misti,
Aiyak... so paiseh liao... *runs & hide face*

Dear moz,
That time got no subtitles, izit?

*helps wipe your yesteryear's tears..*

Study in Cambridge? Good choice! Veli conducive place to study... but also 'conducive' for horniday hehe...

Dear cocka,
How u know? U also same crass wt Linpeh in Cambridge Kindergarten ah?

Dear eastcoastlife,
Coming! Coming! ;)

Dear mudpie,
I'm glad the card reached you safely!

*cium cium peluk peluk*
*memang rindu...*


drumsticks said...

looks like another planet. the country side is so nice.. 'Take me home, country road'.. You're residing in the UK?

angeles said...

Dear drumsticks,
Hey there! Yes, the countryside IS very beautiful... a good place to retire ;)

Wooo... nice song that one :)

I wish I reside in UK... unfortunately not lorrr...

JL said...


you're in Penny's Fanny?