Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dunno What Title To Put Lah!

Yes, hornidays are over. Gonna take a couple of days to kick start the Lazy Engine... I have a lot of things on my mind but I don't know what to blog. So how? Show you this nice music video by Taylor Swift called Teardrops On My Guitar. Nice song.. tho' a tad sad... Who is the Drew in your life?


  • I had to crawl in the traffic jam at the Penang Bridge for half an hour, inching through the toll plaza, on both occasions when I wanted to go over to the island. It sucked! Grrr!!! And on the 4th day, my intention of going to the Kek Lok Si Temple was crushed when I had to do a reverse stunt to get out from the loooong queue at the Ferry Terminal... using the bridge was not a choice as well...

  • I haven't had any yee sang yet... why? Missed the chance on the 2nd day of CNY. But tonite, I hope to have it... and on Friday... and next Monday...

  • I just realised that somehow, the house I grew up in (parent's place), has now become so noisy! At night, in the morning, 24/7 (OK OK, maybe not 24/7 but 20/7, maybe?), dogs barking, howling, crows crowing, motorbikes, cars, lorries, gates opening & closing, and can you believe it that someone was doing renovation work (they were knocking down some walls early in the morning!) on the Eve of CNY and also on the First Day! OMG... it's unbelievable... how did my house become so polluted with noises??? How how??

Who are the Oxens, Dragons & Monkeys? Angkat tangan... :P


L B said...

Has to be Drew Barrymore... Way Back Into Love (Demo), kan? Kan! Khan!! Drew Khan!.. Tikus Tikus mari! Mari Tikus! No Longkang Laksa at Kek Lok Si?!! Tikus!! Tikus! Ayam, oso can, kan? Khan!! The g Hotel!!! Khan Khan Khan!! Khan! Tikus.. Tikus!!

L B said...


L B said...


L B said...

in case you're wondering what's with the Khans.. That's the sound Tikus makes, I've decided...

L B said...

Khan! Khan!

mistipurple said...


Kopi Soh said...

Getting stuck on the Penang Bridge is my ultimate nightmare, especially half way thru wat if poh thor thnia then how? No toilet wor 0_o
Kenot go forward, kenot pusing balik....

L B said...


cibol said...

I angkat kaki because not listed there .. wakakakka. Apoo,stucked at penang bridge would be like a bencana alam hoh ..

what's this khan khan any way? shah rukh khan? genghis khan? or salman khan?

moz monster said...

It's a factoid - female mice makes the sound 'NEE', so with male and female mice together will sounds like Khan Nee.

Khan Nee Khan Nee ...


Happy Chinese New Year

30 minutes to get to bridge a disaster? Ever tried taking 4 hours to cross the bridge? That's why Penang is off limits during CNY as far as I'm concerned !

Khan Nee !

Winn said...

too blur to comment. i need some days off too...
jom lou sang!

_butt said...

post-holiday blues now... cham :(

c o n s u e l a said...

laughs at LB! Thats way too many "Khan"s !!

*angkat both tangan*
a very proud Dragon ;)

Ehon said...

i still horniday ler. kekekekekekeke! but not for long too..

gong xi fa cai. where's my ang bao?

bongkersz said...

so many khans.. noisy eh your place in land of butter? my place very quiet.. serene~! if not then no different with the place i stay now in kl, damn annoying. pagi pagi already people honking. cis!

JL said...

try and throw some hong pao at them... it might scare them away XD

happy tak tong chiang!!!

eastcoastlife said...

yan yat fei lok!!

grrr... g hotel!! *see red*

Yah kaput! *karate chops, flying kicks, parang chops, bites, piss on sign...*

*panting* You need to wear red teh kor, for the whole year if possible. It's your year right? fan tai sui ah!(offend the God)

Chev said...

i didn't lou sang too...
wah.. G Hotel's mia G wearing a cap ah?
so chu bee :D

piak those ocipala ppl who mades ocipala noise on CNY eve and CNY day

pssssssss... lift up hand
Me Me Me...
tat's why we get along well

misha said...

misha puts up her hand because she is a golden dragon, so can friend?

Cocka Doodle said...

Penang very crowded ah? reminds me of a joke...told to me in the old days when we were still using the ferries.

"Why are there so many chinaman in Penang?"

Answer: Because it cost them $1 to come back to the mainland.

rinnah said...

I'm neither ox nor dragon nor monkey. ;P Still wanna friend me?

kat said...

Sun neen fai lok!
Man see yue yee!
Po po ko sing!
Sum seong see seng!
Sun thai keen hong!

My son is monkey, you wanna fren him? :D

So they have lokam donut??

Yippee.. I aredi lou sang twice here!! Homemade one.. got fren veli hardworking.. she will be making our third lou sang tomolo!!

Hahahaha.. so farnee, g in a chinese cap!!

Ahmay... pls fish me out of your bin!! At first kenot masuk blog, now can masuk, masuk spam bin summore! Cis!

L B said...




adrian said...

Everything mentioned about the rat on that box is true.. especially the 'They are charming and attractive to the opposite sex' part. Kakakakak. :P

But the 'care for their elders' that part not true for me lar... :(

dreamie said...

Hello Minnie !!.............:P

angeles said...

Dear L B,
OK, Drew Barrymore is cool! Someone once said that I look a bit like her haha :P

Your Kan Khan.. wah liao.. Very Khan neh! Oops.. that didn't come out too right!

Where's the Nee? Am I supposed to continue after you Khan-ed? (Gosh, sounded so MyStar! Kakaka...)

Dear misti,
So... wot's your Khan? O.o

Dear Kopi Soh,
My mom once said that nxt time she must wear old ppl's Pampers when wanna cross the bridge... hehe...

I pray you won't get stuck at the bridge if pak tor thnia! Choi choi choi...

Dear L B,

Dear cibol,
Haha.. I see your kaki... quite berbulu... kakaka...

The Khan Khan thing? Nah, refer to Moz Monster's explanation! ;)

Dear moz,
Thanks for clearing the air! Muacks!

So... I'm supposed to greet you with NeeNee instead of HiHi? O.o

It wasn't a disaster, it was just totally horrible... I had to go over to the island ma.. not that I want to but terpaksa...

Eh eh?? I just can't bring myself to say that KN word laa... :P

Dear winn,
Are u okay? What happened to you? Are u ill? :(

Bila wanna lou sang? Bila??

Dear butty,
No cham... weekend's coming soon! Chin up, okie! *hugs*

Dear consuela,
Haha... He's Mickey, you see... ;)

Woohoo! Hello Miss Dragon! ;)

Dear ehon,
Eh? Apa angpao? I said wait I get my lesen first... no lesen how to gib?? Unless u work for me... ;)

Dear bongkersz,
About the Khans, please refer to Moz Monster's sexplanation :)

Last time my place veli quiet wan... dunno why now so noisy :(

Where are u staying in KL? My place here veli quiet :)

Dear JL,
Haha... throw hong pao ah? Then they throw their kapak at me then how??? :P

Kunghei Kunghei!

Dear eastcoastlife,
Yat Yat over liao... it's Ching Yan Jit Fai Lok!!

Haha... oops...
*avoids all flying tools...*

Red teh kor the whole year? Wah... OK OK tomolo I go shop for ang ang teh kor...

Actually, is this year "fan tai sui" year for Rats? I a bit konpius...

Dear Chev,
I lou-ed just now.. at Restoran New Paris in PJ... quite nice... but so damn crowded!!

Ya, the G Hotel mia G veli cute.. summore Baby G posed beside it kekekeke...

I was really literally pulling my hair when I heard those ocipala noises! Grrrr!

Kakakkaka... yeah! My MooMoo Sampat Partner! No wonder we all so sampat... summore togeder with the Rat Emperor... kakakaka...

Dear Misha,
You can be anything, I'll also friend you!! But Golden Dragon, more friend! Woohoo!! That's 2 Lil' Dragons in the house, including Consuela Jiejie! ;)

Dear cocka,
Haha.. I heard the joke before.. but seriously, if possible, avoid Penang during CNY! Really keik sei yan wan...

Dear rinnah,
Like what I told Misha, you can be anything, I'll friend! ;)

Dear kat,
Wah... same same to you! Chuk lei ching chun mei lai! ;)

Your son? Of cos wanna fren! So cute.. so hensem.. who dowan to fren woh? ;)

The donut is normal donuts ler.. no lokam wan...

Wah.. yesterday u said u no lou sang yet, today u lou-ed 2x liao?? I only one time today.. more kambing soon! Wheee!

That G is G Hotel's G ;)

AhMay? AhMay not here woh... she must be busy directing her next blockbuster hehe...

Dear L B,
Wah... I no Khan! No Khan!

Errrr wait... I got, I think.. kakakakakkaka :P

Dear adrian,
Hahaha... so, you saying about u or about me? :P

Anyway, we High Five lah... ;)

Eh dun say u dun care for the elders... u care wan.. just that u oni care in the heart, no show out... :)

Dear dreamie,
Mmmm... Hello... Donald?? :P


Huei said...

GONG HEI FATT CHOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oooO!!! donuts!! i wan donuts!!!!!

may said...

I ain't any of those 3 "animals", but we still get along pretty well, yeah? that's all that matters.

sengkor said...

me! me! *jumping and having my hands hysterically*

King's wife said...

Can see my hand?

angeles said...

Dear ah huei,
Tai ka kam wa, Kung Hei Kung Hei!!

U want Dunkin Donuts meh? Dowan J.Co ah? ;)

Dear maymay,
Yes, yes! It's our Destiny.. ;)

Dear sengkor,
Heh heh... You should change your name to LoongKor... ;)

Dear KW,
Woohoo! Can see! Can see! No wonder we so ngam also... ;)


Nabeel said...

cool picture. I love such artsy objects

Johnny Ong said...

only tasted the yee sang once so far due to my gang not having the interest and partly, restaurants were ripping us off with ridiculous pricing

angeles said...

Dear Nabeel,
Thanks for coming over :)

Dear Johnny Ong,
It's actually quite nice if eaten in a group... can feel the 'atmosphere' ;) I only like the crunchy stuff.. not sure what it's called though...

Hey, thanks for popping by!