Saturday, March 08, 2008

8308 - Polling Day, Happy Birthday

At last! Polling Day! D-Day! Which means, Yours Truly will be out of KayElle City, heading towards Pearl of The Orient to exercise her rights as a Malaysian citizen.

But of course, on top of being D-Day for Malaysians, it is also D-Birthday of a dear friend, the Fruit Emperor, sifu, supporter, motivator etc etc... I present to you, Mr. Albie Wong! *applause applause*

W00t!!! You have just been 'crowned' Hottest Model 2008...
My! Wot a Diva Pose! And, such a stylo-mylo 'airy' grey Giordano cotton t-shirt.
(No thanks to no salt...)

Thanks to Mama Baby G who so happened made one of the
most moistest mamamia chocolate cake! Totally Orgasmically Yummy!

With flash.. can see clearer... are u drooling now?? Muahahaaaha...

OKlah, last one... *SLURP*

Well, since it's L B's birthday, the LB initials remind me of a lot of names, eg. LeBond, LeBrinjal, LaBia and of course, Little Britain! Little Britain is a British (duh!) comedy sketch show. Kinda like the NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL). It's sampatly funny if you understood Brit humour. So, I give you the first episode of the first season lah... Enjoy!

Part 1 - Little Britain S1 Ep1

Part 2 - Little Britain S1 Ep1

Part 3 - Little Britain S1 Ep1

NB - Entry is published a few hours ahead of 'schedule'... cos' later got moshi-moshi dinner, and then busy packing, then zzzz...


moz monster said...

Happy B Day LB !!!

happy voting day to you angel ... :)

may said...

Happy Erection Day, LB!! LOLOL!! I vote for Klang-Klangs!!

*bite into cake lustfully*

Happy Voting, Angeliu!

Winn said...

LB ur bday is cool!! happy birthday to you :)

wished u are in msia so we can celebrate

ehon said...

WAH! Happy Erection Day! :)


L B said...

Thank you, Angel!!
Thank you, Moz!!
Thank you, May!!
Thank you, Winn!!
Thank you, Ehon!!

*I can't find my erection registration number*

Thank you, Bananas, Papayas, Watermelons, Pumpkins, Grapes, Cucumbers, Ham Choi, Peanuts, Mangosteens, Rambutans, Langsats, Watercress, Keklosee, Sampans...

mistipurple said...

everyone so fast!!!!! whoohooot!!!
happy birthday dear emperor!!!!!
i post more later!

L B said...

Thank you, MistiBlue!!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

omgosh. it's lb birthday!

come out from under the bed, ok?

and you cutie angel, be good at the erection-ya!

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to LB!

Hope you enjoy your Erection Day!

*giggles n runs away to vote*

Chev said...

appie birthday Lbbbbbbbbbb..
happy happy :)

wah.. that sexy baju
so windy
err... so fast 8 months liao?
kia si lang
time really flies.. :D

Anonymous said...

happy birthday korkor lb!

King's wife said...

Happy voting day ah, don't cause a riot! Haha!
And happy birthday to the Emperor!

mudpie said...

hip hip hip hooorrraaayyyy!!!

yaye yaye yaye .. happy happy happy birthday BIG B!!!

cibol said...

wah .. balik dah .. ha ha ha .. .. selamat mengundi yer .. kam bek in one piece!

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy Birdday LB!! Now I know why you resemble Samy Vellu from certain angles! Muahahaha!!

kyh said...

happy klang klang emperor!

i want that chocolate cake! is that ur sexy pouty angie lips? ;)

mamababyg said...


terkejut nampak my kek here hahahak! i make the kek agn soon ok. u got eat it chilled or not? like makan 100% coklat oni teehhehee....

Happy birthday LB! u'r a piscean just like me!!

kat said...

May you always have all the chocolate cake you can eat, all the concubines you can..err.. gaze at, and all the peanuts you can throw.. :D

eastcoastlife said...

Happy sampat Birthday LB! Gosh, he's born on Women's Day. No wonder....

The Model of the year is so cool! Glad I was there to see him clown... er, crowned. hehe....

*takes a bite of sinful chocolatey cake*

Trinity said...

Long Live the Emperor!!

*lick the cake*

narrowband said...

Happy voting!! Very 'hot' now the election heat in your hometown!!

Anonymous said...

sejak biler i jadi buah ko? lol. memang kelakar. aku dan engko pun ader buah, nak lagi buah2 disamping ko ker? anyways, selamat hari jadi la uek member ko tuh. ttp, lebih penting, jangan lupa nak panggil member member ko untuk vote for the the guy(s)/gal(s) who will take care of our interest and wont be a yes dog and eat dough. ciao


IguanaKia said...

Happy voting, Angel.
Use ur vote to change the future...

Kenny Ng said...

Happy Birthday to LB...

Yes!!! Rocket!!!

Wennnn said...

Happy birthday to Chickie Bro!! Hugsss.... big big kisss....from Chickie BB!!!

Jemima said...

Happy Birthday, LB!!!


The rockets have lifted off!!!

kyh said...

rocket for penang! woohoooooo!!!!

Brad said...

Cum we both ride rocket for a space honeymoon! =)

mistipurple said...

Hip Hip Horay Malaysia Boleh!
Penangites got guts! *bows in respect*

laundryamah said...

Happy bday LB kor kor!!

u back ledi??

zeroimpact said...

Happy belated birthday to LB
And happy faces flying to the sky!!!

Huei said...


LB's birthday bring good news to us all rite! =D wheeee!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahah nice lips pictures!!! =D

JL said...

the floating lips look scary neh

_butt said...


how's the result? happy? hehe :D

dreamie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to yr sifu LB......

Ooiii.. lei tuck jor la !!!
worth your efforts balik kampong.

mistipurple said...

still piaking mozzies ah? :P

Leonard said...

the chocolate is drooling at the camera and i'm drooling at the sexy lips!

bongkersz said...

kita menang!!! hugs hugs! the cake looks so delicious :P and the lips too...

eastcoastlife said...

Still in celebration mood!? hehe....

Is it safe to go over to KL?

angeles said...

Post Hornyday Syndrome! Be back soon! Hugs to all!

angeles said...

Dear moz,
I'm happy with my vote ;)

Dear maymay,
Vote for klang-klangs? I vote for cucumber... heee...

Dear winn,
We celebrate in blogs wan maa...

Dear L B,
U r welcome... all the Fruits are good for u... hehe...

ps: Keklosee is what fruit ah?

Dear misti,
*stares at u, dunno wat to say*

Dear mama of 2littlefellas,
I am always good... and cute.. haha... *pukes*

Dear rinnah,
*giggles @ rinnah's giggly face*

Dear chev,
8 mths liao ah? I nvr go count...

Dear misha,
How are u today?

Dear King's wife,
Choy... no riot, no riot!

Dear mudpie,
Besok kita pi makan jepang! Wheeee!

Dear cibol,
Thanks, I'm still in one piece ;)

Dear cocka,
U aiming LB's tummy ah? Yeeeee, so hamsap geh...

Dear kyh,
U love choc cakes too?
My lips?
U say leh? :P

Dear mamababyg
I chilled the last piece... I think this is more sedap than coklat lor... yummmm!

Dear kat,
LB needs a Queen... hehe...

Dear eastcoastlife,
LB veli feminine ah u mean? hehe...

*feeds more choc cake*

Dear trinity,
Come open your mouth. I feed u...

Dear narrowband,
Memang hot... but things are good ;)

Dear bdk bkk,
Alaaa... edison plak... nak muntah la... :P

Aper tu 'uek'? Ko bahasa aper??

Eh, apasal Kampar ko tu milik orang baju biru?? Alaaa... tak best ler macam nie!

Dear Iguanakia,
Change is inevitable!

Dear kenny,
Rocket hoh seh liao!

Dear wenwen,
Take care of yourself & BB ok...

Dear jemima,
I hope the rockets will take us to the Stars! (Not the Moon)

Dear kyh,
And the Moon for Kedah... but dun worry... it'll be a-ok!

Dear brad,
Go to space nice meh? I wanna go to zzz... heehe...

Dear misti,
Yessssss!!! Malaysia really Boleh this time!

Thankiss! *bows back*

Dear laundryamah,
I just got back on Mon nite...

Dear zeroimpact,
Haha... I hope those happy faces won't be sabotaged!

Dear ah huei,
Yes! At last, M'sia got hope liao...

Dear JL,
Eh... wat scary... it's SEXY! ;P

Dear butty,
The result was marvellous! Very happy!

Dear dreamie,
Haha!! Hai lak! Ngor tak jor!! Hou hoi sam!

Dear misti,
Piak u oni u know... hehee...

Dear leonard,
U got taste, cos drooling at the lips instead of the cake haha...

Dear bongkersz,
Yahoo! Beta amat gumbira... only hugs? Mana kiss kiss?? Hehe...

Lips are always sexy ;)

Dear ECL,
Not celebration mood... jz lazy mood nia...

Of course it's safe to come to KL! Everything is in order! :)