Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Knight Rider 2008 & 20 Ocipala Questions

I recently watched Knight Rider 2008. At first, I thought it was a movie. But it's not for the theaters. It's for TV. Uh huh, kinda like the Pilot episode... The actors are kinda 'boring' but the car... WOW! *sweats*

Video streaming would be here.
Video download try here.

Oh, and this is Michael Knight's son woh... *sweats again* ;)

Adrian forced me to answer 20 questions the other day. Since he's a hak seh wui taikor, I better abide... if not, mampus aku...

The rules are to choose and remove one question from the 20 below. Add one of your own question, making it a total of 20 questions. Link to the person who tagged you. Tag 8 people and list them out at the end of this post.

1. What is your dream during your childhood?
I dreamt of church weddings...

2. Are you happy at this point in your life?
Mmmm... I'm not unhappy...

3. Which colour you like most? Black or White?
Rainbow colours, can ah?

4. Where is the place you wanted to go most? Why?
I am greedy, so I wanna go everywhere. Why? Greedy lah!

5. Which part of you that you love the most?

6. What are you scared to lose the most?
My family, my sanity...

7. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? Or just keep secret in heart, observing by yourself?

No confession from me, definitely. I girl maaa... also, once bitten twice shy. Maybe this videojug video could help? Muahahahahaa...

8. List out 3 good points of the one who tag you.
He's funny.
He blogs funny.
He comments funny. (What?? Kenot meh?? *scratches nose*)

9. What are the requirements that you wish for your another half?
Mmmm... In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, Till Death Do Us Part?

10. Which type of person you hate most?
A lot... but I won't list them out lah... it's common sense anyway.

How Can I Tell If Someone Is Lying To Me?

11. What is your ambition?
I WannaBeRich... ♫

12. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad.
He / She is bad, not my problem.

13. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
I wanna have enough $$$ to travel around the world comfortably with Someone.

14. What do you think is most important in your life?
My family.

15. Who’s your favourite cartoon character?
I Love Mickey!!!

16. What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?
Sleep through it.

17. Do you think people who wears fake eyelashes are hot?
Nope, I don't think so.

A Girl's Guide To Looking Good Naked

18. Do you like smelling your own fart?
I love myself, so, I guess I should love my fart...

19. Would you suck someone’s finger?
No. But I'd suck ....................





Eh, what u thinking? I'd suck lollipops lah!

How To Undress A Woman With Your Teeth

20. My Question - Do you have confidence in the newly elected government in Penang?
I do! I do!! Read about Lim Guan Eng who refused to spend RM100K for repair works at the official CM's residence... wah, he's now our current ngau jeong!!

Thanks for the tag, Adrian :P
If you all read and watched all the videos featured, wahhhh, thank you! Muacks!


Winn said...

cant sleep..but sleepy..i finished reading this post tho.

angeles said...

Dear winn,
Why can't sleep? Missing Liucas?

Thanks for reading woh...

*makes chamomile tea for winn to help her zzzz*

L B said...

can't sleep too, but that's because I am fixing my iTunes!! LOL, right at this minute, doing 'Once Upon A Time In America' Soundtrack.. so laaam... *sucks finger* *smells fart* *undresses myself without teeth* *pretends to be rich* *pokes there* ... Knight Rider was great!! That car!!! Can talk your clothes off wan!

ehon said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! u suck suck suck. LOL!! makes me die laughing only. :P

mudpie said...

hahahaha i like what you suck too hahahahha

Anonymous said...

hi jiejie angel :) good morning to you !

Huei said...

OwHhh!!! the look left means telling truth..right means telling lie thing is real wan ka?!?

hm..next time must test test n c!!! kekekek

kat said...

Now that is one cool car! And so many How To videos!! :D

How is your ankle now? If still not good, go get one of those ankle guard to protect it, ok?

Chev said...

hahaha.. so ocipalaly sampat
so angeles
i likey
*muacks muacks*

yeah yeah, I read about LGE's news in Harakah Daily yesterday. He is really down to earth. He is my ngau jeong too :)

Chev said...


thumb.. cos NBTD :P

Anonymous said...

yerr... big girl already still suck lollipop ar

mistipurple said...

angeles my heroine, i lup you and your ways. *swoon* *smells own fart*

Chev said...

btw, u r tagged :P

angeles said...

Dear L B,
What u did to your iTunes ah? How come yours need fixing? How come I dun fix mine? How come? Eh? Come tell?

U watched Knight Rider 2008 too, eh? Yeah! The car is super sexy... *drools*

Dear ehon,
Eh!! I suck oni maa... dun u die ler... :P

Dear mudpie,
Hehee... u suck, i suck :P

Dear misha,
Good evening to you! Enjoying your holidays with kong kong & por por? Have fun!!

Dear ah huei,
I dunno woh... but it's kinda difficult to see people's eyes, right? U test and then tell us, okeh??

Dear kat,
Hehe... The videos - sharing is caring ;)

My ankle doesn't hurt that much liao but still got a bit 'pai keok'... I'm also thinking of getting the ankle guard.. cos' I feel veli vulnerable... sheesh...

Dear chev,
This one is called sampat ah? U hv not seen the Real Sampatness yet loh... this is oni MILD sampat... hehe...

Yalor.. LGE soooo... aihhh, so admire him, hor?? Hehehe...

Eh? Suck thumb? Become Baby Chev liao! :P

Dear butty,
Kenot meh? Big girl, still girl maaa... :P

Dear misti,
I'm your heroine? Wah... sounds like u are addicted to me liddat kekekeke... lup u long-long time toooo!

*catches misti*
*pinch own nose*

Dear Chev,
Eh! So free today ah?? :P
Thx lah... I go dream dream first ahhh...


suituapui said...

Oooo....lollipop??? Big, big one or not? Wink! Wink! Wakakakaka!!!!

melbie said...

I like the old Knight Rider but have yet to see this new one :D And how to undress a woman with you teeth?? Gosh!! All these kinky things you're teaching the young ones... LOL

Aiyah Nonya said...

Wah, suddenly so many kinky stuff.
hahhaa.... :)

Anonymous said...

alaaa, tak yah la nak jawab soalan soalan yg begitu basik. buang masa jer...coz...i dah know u dari dalam ke luar...lol. joking jer. budak knight rider tuh, gay betui la rupa dia...cis..tak man langsung. k la, abang nak tengok video lucah ko tuh...kalo betui betui ader nudity.

pstt, bagus gak belog ko skrang...rating dia dah naik ker PG18. dulu U ajerrr..kaka. biler nak capai R dan seterusnya..X? kalo dah naik taraf...inform me tau.



adrian said...

Allo. Dun say I force u lar. Do until so meen keong dun do lor. Besides, if I could force u to do something, it would be to suck, suck, suck, a lollipop! :P

drumsticks said...

Yes!! Church weddings are very beautiful.. don't know what weddings to wish for other than church weddings since i'm a Catholic and guess church is where we have weddings.

haha.. you're tad too greedy to choose rainbow colours huh? but yes! who doesn't want things to be as colourful as rainbow.. well sometimes days are only shaded black and white.. :( but we have to live with it still.

wow.. i respect you for not confessing to the guy you love because its not what girls do. I must learn how to do that from you already.. hehe

haha good choice for your ambition.. not money-minded, but just practical. can have your dream come true already if you're rich! :)

haha.. world ends tomorrow and you just sleep through it? that's actually what we should all achieve hehe.. it means... Peace?

smelling own fart ah.. any fart comes from ourselves will only taste good to ourselves.. if other people's fart... oh no......

Cocka Doodle said...

Dearest Angeles, I also love you the most *there*....*there* ...and *there*
....and the way you suck.....lollipops!

angeles said...

Dear suituapui,
Yeeeee... make ppl shy shy la you..

Size Matters, hor? Kekekeke...

XL would be nice... you leh? You are XXXL ah? Wah bosa... kakaka..

Dear melbie,
The old Knight Rider is kinda retro already hehe...

Kinky meh?? Nolah... all these are educational videos ;) It's good to start 'em young these days... ;)

Dear aiyah nonya,
Ha? Got kinky ah? Nolah... just educational stuff ;)

Dear edison,
Aku suker nak jawab semua soalan tu! Eh eh.. u langsung tak tau diriku yang dalam-dalam tau... toksah nak eksyen kater ko tau aku... ko tak tau aper2 pon!

Eh, belog ini masih boleh dibaca umum... janganlah asyik nak sindir sajer... cis.. boring ler!

Dear adrian,
No.. I liked to be FORCED... no force, means no do... ;)

Force me to suck a lollipop ah? Mmm... XL? XXL? Or XXXL wan? Remember, size matters ohh! :P

Dear drumsticks,
Wow! Thanks for sucha long comment! I likey! ;)

Ohhh, u are a Catholic.. I'm not one :) I used to fantasise abt church weddings but then after attending a few, I kinda thot it was a bit boring... hehe... my bad! But the most romantic part has gotta be the exchange of vows, rings and of cos, the KISS! Hehee...

I love colourful stuff! Altho' I hv alotta black blouses too... Anyway, here's wishing you a life of Rainbow Colours! Wheeee! ;)

Like I said, once bitten twice shy... we are girls... must be tarik harga a bit bit ma...hehe..

Yeah! I wanna be rich... I wanna dance like nobody's watching.. I wanna travel the world... wah, I'm so greedy... :P

I hate painful / bitter endings... so, that's why I'd rather sleep through it... wanna join me? Heee...

Haha... dunno who go and ask sucha farty (arty?) question!!

Hey, love your long comment! All the best in your coming tests, exams & assignments! ;)

Dearest cocka,
Hahaha.. where? where? where?? :P

How u know that u'll love the way I suck lollipops leh? I nvr show u before oso...


mama of 2LittleFellas said...

last nite i ter-woke up at 4am ...moon-walked into the study..watched all the videos but i didn't on the light...so, cannot see and type and leave comment.

very informative...very funny...learn something wor...will try to ...grrrrrr...and undress someone tonite. haha.

lollipop is not only good for sucking...but also fun to lick. *lick.lick.lick* and aiya, ter-lick hunny bunny angel too :P

eastcoastlife said...

Darkest secrets of my angel!
I don't know where 'there' you like, but I also like you there lah! hehe....

The suck suck lollipop is a bit potong stim. But I like! hahaha.....

Oh mann, we must go Cosplay when I arrive in KL. We are gonna have FUN!

Chev said...

greetings from.. u know where :P

angeles said...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Wah... can take video of how you moonwalk ah? I wanna learn so that next time maybe I can starwalk... hehe...

Yes! Videos @ Videojugs are thoroughly informative! Previously I have put up a few other sex & love related ones as well hehe... can go to videojug and find 'em! Sure make your *ahem* life sizzzzzle... kekeke...

Wah... no wonder I felt something 'hot' on my face last nite... hehee...

Mmm... u like Big Lollis? :D

Dear eastcoastlife,
Dark secret ah? Hahaha... U like me "there" oso ah? Paiseh nia... hehee...

U also like to suck lollipop ah? So fun hor? So schweet...

*remembers to buy big lollipops when ECL is in town...*

In KL got Cosplay?? Eh? Where? How come I dunno wan? -_-

Dear Chev,
How's "there"? Got rain? ;)


melbie said...

retro is good! LOL ... and it's better to start them young? Oh, dear! *faints*

dreamie said...

No. 15, that's my first love...

angeles said...

Dear melbie,
Retro Music is good! I love it! But retro Knight Rider leh... gotta think twice heee...

Yeah, start 'em young because nowadays they mature so much faster than before! ;)

Ah? Faint??
*catches melbie*
*sapu minyak...*
Better now? :D

Dear dreamie,
Woot! U oso M-i-c-k-e-y fan??
*high 5*

Eh, u not Minnie fan meh?? :P


Anonymous said...

hahaha lafu die me lor..one of the best tags i've ever read!! then came LB's comment..lafu die me again!

angeles said...

Dear amah,
Glad to make u lafu since u so the tension with Kieran... lafu is good for liuuuuu... lafu loud loud can destress liuuuu... hehe...

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

good morning hunny bunny,

actualy i'm working today. yeah, i'm supporting other countries and not Malaysia...so,not exactly following M'sia public holidays.

but it's ok... i got some deals that i need to close off this week and dun really mind working... most of my countries are on off 2morrow- good fri but i'm working too...it will be pretty quiet..so, i dun mind either :)

you have a nice day....go for spa!! stay pretty!!!
*hugs and kisses*

Leonard said...

Knight Rider 2008, think saw it on the "shelves of uncle joe video store" some time back.

might check it out, the car is drooling!

IguanaKia said...

What a 20 Qs....but the car surely look nice.
Where to get one? Hehehe...

angeles said...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Where did the day go?? So fast no more already?? *cries*

Poor u had to work today ah? I din work.. I went pigging.. now I'm as fat as a Pork... *cries*

Tomoro I think there'll be less cars on the roads.. ppl would hv taken leave to enjoy the long weekend... me also going to work.. so me accompany u at work, okies?

No spa today.. just eat eat eat! *FULL*


*puts two dozens of red roses in Lisa's ofis...*
SURPRISE! hehe...

Dear Leonard,
The car IS really drool-worthy!! But the movie so-so only...

Dear IguanaKia,
Where to get one ah? Mmmm... easy nia.. just go sleep... then dream abt it lor :P


goldiamondrich said...

*puts two dozen red roses on angeles's table*

SURPRISE!!! (hehehe kopi meow)

goldiamondrich said...

opps extra 's' there pulak. brain still in freezer.

mistipurple said...

you got cat ah? or you meant.. hahaha

mistipurple said...

*pat pat the pussy*

angeles said...

Dear misti aka goldiamondrich,
Psstt... can I ask for a dozen of diamonds?? Hehe...

Thanks for decorating my blog with your sampatness... lurve it! xoxo

And also for the pat pat... I'm feeling a little less tired after the pat pat... wahhh... some things just do wonders, don't they? O.o

Chen said...

raining every night
but day time panas habis..

angeles said...

Here also... morning, panas, afternoon/evening will rain... nite time, sejuk... sot-sot dei liao the weather...

Anonymous said...

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