Friday, March 21, 2008

Flyday Forn - Sushi Groove, Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday, I pigged out on some Japanese buffet spread. Not bad. Fresh sashimi, salmon, white fish, red fish and whatnots. But no picture... because that LCLY restaurant dun allow camera wohhh... so, I also no Forn it lah! Padan muka...

Anyway, pics below were Forn-ed in Sushi Groove last Valentine's Day. Today is Good Flyday. But I'm feeling so, so lethargic even after having more than 10 hours of Beauty Sleep last night. So, it's not a good Flyday for me... :( And then there's the Aching Ankle still... aihhhhh!! I need a Horniday. Happy Easter F1 Weekend...


bongkersz said...

chupppp!!! :D too bad cannot use camera in the restaurant. what lah, people want to give free publicity also don't want hor angeles? :P sushi? i tak pandai makan :( cannot appreciate the taste. happy horny friday!!

moz monster said...

So the public holiday turned into a forniday for you, ha ?

Me too. It's kinda strange to have a holiday in the middle of the week ... and to come back for one day before even more holidays. Sien.

mistipurple said...


angeles said...

Dear bongkersz,
Wah wah... dah pandai chup mengechup, eh? Welcome to The Hug Hug Club! Faster come redeem your hugs ;)

Oh, u tak pandai makan sushi eh? Takper, takper... nanti kiter pi makanlah bende yang you pandai makan... apa u pandai makan? Western food ker? Amboi-amboi, macam mat saleh jer... :P

Yeah, some restaurant very LCLY, dun allow ppl to take pics of their food... they takut ppl curi their idea kot... memang bodowi lor.. :P

Dear moz,
Haha... u are actually right! It was a forniday... after forn-ed, go home and zzz! Wah liao, u say, I pig or not?? Then later at nite, went to sis' plc and forn-ed again... -_-

U also feel lethargic ah? Sien hor? But then I don't mind the weekend of course... but but really not producktive today... sheesh...

Dear misti,
Chup? Pop?
Pat pat... Hee...


mudpie said...

yummm yummmm yummm green tea!!! hahahha

it looks selap!!!

mistipurple said...

kan cheong mah. so somehow a pop came inbetween lor. hehehe. *patpat* *meowww*

angeles said...

Dear mudpie,
Eh sayang, itu bukan teh ler! Itu miso sup! Heh...

Janji Jepang, apa pon selap! ;)

*overdose of Jepang food lately*

Dear misti,
Ohh... the O... u mean THE O? O.o Heheh...

Thx for the pat-pat... work wonders! ;)

*goes and find Lisa and pat her meow...*


Aodian said...

damn nice the food.. Damn nice.. Val's day huh... I might have one for next year.. tat is if everything goes to plan.. hehe N u hav n aching ankle too.. aww sad...

angeles said...

Dear aodian,
All the best to you then! ;) But if dun hv, also nehmind... janji gumbira, aye? :)

Yeah, my aching ankle... hope it gets better soon...

mistipurple said...

pat lisa's meow? laffmyboobsoff!!!!

EliteVillain said...

hi^^ I'm new reader, just curious of which LCLY restaurant don't allow photo taking, i will boycott it :P

day-dreamer said...

Wah, so the lansi! BOYCOTTTTTTTTTTT!!

Happy Good Friday! :D

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

you go japon 2day huh? i took 2 pretty thai girls out for lunch today to beat farewell to one of them ... very sawatdee kap. very the kah.

ankle still pain pain??? TGIF... rest in... put ur feet up and lay back a bit this weekend while mind plan for the next horniday ok.

thank u for the flowers...i counted 'love me'...'love me not' and very lucky ended with 'love me' ... so happy now!

HAPPY GOOD FLYDAY and many many fly flying kiss 2u!!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

hahahaha ... lisa 'meow' caught the tired syndrome... so tired wor.... said...

wahhh!! u satu orang eat so much ar?!!!

melbie said...

Eh, you posted this Japanese food already, ahead of me leh. Ah, later I post oso the food I had before I started on my detox program haha. And I took them photos right in front of the waitress, she gave way for me to take the photos too... ahh such privilege hehe..

what bongkersz? You don't eat sushi? So many kind of food you don't eat la oOo ... hehe .. can save a lot on food la, like me, I want to try every food there is (yang I am allowed to eat la hehe) at least once - hence the weight I gained and the almost empty bank account LOL

Winn said...

eh sushi zen 50% on sashimi!!50% no kidding!

nyonyapenang said...

Sushi Groove mia sedaps or apatu Izakaya Ichiban mia better?

Ankle still sakit ar? Lidat be taukeh neoh loh.....sit and khiow kha kuan-kuan. Have a great F1 weekend. :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Pssst! next week we to that Lebanese restaurant that Liucas went. The nasi beriyani looks mouth-watering leh.

L B said...

gimme gimme gimme... *opens wide wide wider than the space between the misti and the blue*

my RSS acting up again!! Dang!!!
gimme gimme gimme gimme

angeles said...

Dear misti,
Hush! So loud... :P

Dear EliteVillain,
Hi there! Thanks for popping by!

Which LCLY restaurant ah? Nehhh... it's called ShowGun... one branch at One Utama, one branch at Sunway Pyramid. U sure u'll boycott? U sure u dowan to try? Sure?? :P

Dear day-dreamer,
U oso boycot ah? OK OK! :P But the price to pay for Jap buffet is quite alright lor... still wanna boycott ah? :P

Happy Easter Bunny!

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
No no, I din go Jap today... it was on Thursday... but the past few weeks, I've been having alot of Jap food...

Woo... Thai gurls are very ka ka wan... ("Kap" is spoken by males, females will say 'ka' wan.. ;)

So, where did u take them for lunch? Sawadee ka lunch? Mongkok Char Chan Teng?? Hehehe...

Yeah, the ankle is not behaving... I hope the pain goes away soon... Mind plan for the next horniday? That's the greatest idea of all... where do you wanna go? ^^

Haha... Yes yes! The "love me, love me not" game using flowers! I used to do that... so sampat... but fun ma... haha... but I'm glad yours ended with "love you"... happies is good! Wheeeeee!

*catches all the flying kisses*
So many!!

*goes look for more bottles to fill 'em up with kisses*

I also got caught in the Tiredness Syndrome... so contagious... how now?

*prepares to zzz*

Dear ehon,
Why?? Kenot arrrr?????

Dear melbie,
Eh? Ahead of u? U had Jap food too? *high 5* ;)

Some restaurants are very 'nice', they allow pics... there are a handful which are so damn action, and don't allow cameras in their premises...

Maybe Bongkerz is not the adventurous type when it comes to food... (Other things, gua tak tau lor... hehe) I'm also like you, game to try any type of food, except for those creepy crawlies and those geli-geli ones... if I go KK, will you be my tour-guide?? ^^

Dear winn,
Ha?? Really ah? Wahhh... must go see see.. but hor, the past few weeks, every week oso I sashimi-ed... find it a bit too much liao haha :P

Dear nyonyapenang,
Sushi Groove mia is cheaper lor... Izakaya Ichiban is more expensive lor... as long as the sashimi is fresh, ok wan...

Be taukeh neoh ah? Taukeh neoh got $$$$$ masuk wan wor... I khiow kha liao no kaching kaching, how leh? Heeee...

Dear Cocka,
Nxt week Lebanese restaurant ah? OK, can! Mmmmm... must wear scarf wan ah? :P

Dear L B,
Oopsie... your iTunes messing with RSS? Heh...

I give I give I give!!

U got eat Fresh Fish wan meh? O.o

*thinks of sumting fishy*


EliteVillain said...

then i will jst boycott them when i am sick of Jap food :P

Day-Dreamer dun boycott if you love Jap Food hehehe

hope your ankle will be ok soon

Hazel said...

hi, some awards for u. Have a nice weekends!

Chen said...

i'm going to eat sashimi later today
*salivating* :D

suituapui said...

Eee...I remember I commented...disappeared liao lor! Lost in space or kena barred by angel??? When u wanna go KK? Let me know earlier then I oso go...! Love that German place - GasHaus! The trotters - out of this world, man!!

BTW, Angel...what are those in your pics? Cupid kah? Why not cute and cuddly like stp one? Why not naked leh? Wakakakakaka!!!!

Anonymous said...

aper tu forn? past tense of fcuk? alamak...kekurangan dari segi grammar lak..sigh...aku pandai dua bahasa jer...satu siam dan satu lagi bahasa melayu. gembira akhir minggu yer????


angeles said...

Dear EliteVillain,
U are a Jap food lover too? Woooo...

I also hope my ankle will be ok soon too... it's no fun limping everywhere... thanks btw!

Dear hazel,
Thanks, I'll pop by later to cllect them!

Dear Chen,
Wooo... I also drool wt u heeheeh... I hv had too much of sashimi lately! :P

Have fun Sashiming! ;P

Dear suituapui,
I din do anything woh... prolly the comment didn't go thru cos Internet connection got errr, disconnected??

When I wanna go KK? I've always wanted to go try stay at that Sutra Harbour Resort but no kaki... u be my kaki?? I'm fine with anytime! It's a date, okeh??

German GasHaus place? Hmm... we had a party at a German place last year, upon Cocka's recommendation... wah, the portion was just humongous!! Nxt time you come KL, we can take u there!

Haha.. u are the only one who asked abt the pics.. yes, yes, unfortunately they are non-naked Cupids, employed by Sunway Pyramid on Valentine's Day.. well, the Male Cupid is HALF naked woh... see?

Dear bdk kamera,
That's why la, u tak baca beta mia blog... forn = food + porn

Yeah, hujung minggu memang best... tapi nak hujan dah nie... ish... potong stim ler...


melbie said...

Gladly, angeles! To be your tour guide is just another excuse for me to eat all those yummy food, especially seafood! Hehe.. do remember, Man-D is in KK too ;) Oh, how am I going to lose weight this way? There's so many food to enjoy haha

a^ben said...

WA AI JIAK SUSHI!!!!!!! *drools

suituapui said...

Pan Pacific Sutera Harbour!!! Toilet/bathroom walls got foldable wooden panels with louvres...can open one!!! Oooo...!!!! Wakakakakaka!!!!

cibol said...

wah wah .. jalan jalan tak ajak me wan .. :) haih .. i so long dun go online. ketinggalan so many nice things liw .. aih aih

jjmm said...

hah? last balantine day mana ada u kat sushi groove? u kat eden subang parade laaa :p

angeles said...

Dear melbie,
Yippie! Thanks! Hehe... Oooh! Man-D is there too? The more, the merrier! My friend told me that the seafood there is SUPER fresh! And cheap! Waaa, I'm a BIG seafood fan!!

Lose weight? Haha... there'll always be tomorrow... ;)

Dear a^ben,
Lu ka ki cho laaa! ;)

Dear suituapui,
Wah wah... how come you know the room so well ahh?? And what did you DO on the foldable wooden panels, huh??

*kinky thots*

Dear cibol,
Eh? Itu masa u tarak di KL lagi ler... STP said u busy dating girls in KL, so I tak berani ajak u... hehee...

Dear jjmm,
That was dinner.. ini masa lunchtime maaa ;)


melbie said...

Yes, angeles.. Man-D is in KK too :D there's always tomorrow?? Haha.. that's what I used to think and look where it got me now - aisk so hard to shop for nice clothes, no size! LMAO.. but never mind, I'll try my best to shed some fat from now on, and when you gets here, I only have to do the maintenance work! :D

ya lor suituapui... what did you do with the wooden panels? hehe

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

Happy Easter hunny bunny!!!!!

*just came over from lb's place... drop one pack of condom.. or maybe 2 into angeles's bag..*

pssttt ... that's for... when you go out on the 29th... when the light is off... *imagination runs wild*

drumsticks said...

ooo Sushi Groove! Great ambience there.. er, the food.. not too bad actually. Oh you should try Sakae Sushi if you haven't. :)

suituapui said...

Aiyor...nothing lah! Just open, and push the panels to the side...then can enjoy free show!!! But if sitting on toilet bowl.lso got free smell!!!

One thing I did not like about the's so near the airport!!! And if u don't draw the curtains when u go to sleep (I thought I wanted to enjoy the nice scenery mah!), when a plane approaches, you'll have the fright of ur life!!! Like September 11, I tell u!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

angeles said...

Dear melbie,
Liddat I also wanna join u shedding some fat, can? But I'm such a lazy bone.. how? If only there's a way to shed fat when we sleep, hor? Heee...

Psst, the wooden panels sure patah/pecah lar... kekee...

Dear Mama of 2LittleFellas,
Happy Easter, Mummy Hunnie!!

Alamak... thanks for your 1-2 packs of C... but not expired, I hope?? Err, wait, 1-2 packs only, enuff arr??

*more wild... hehe*

Dear Drumsticks,
Tried Sakae Sushi! Now, I'm waiting to try Sushi Zen! Opening in 1Utama in May... but I think at The Gardens also got but not too sure abt the name.. aihhh, so many sushi joints to try!!

Dear suituapui,
Ohhh, enjoy free show izit? Cheh, in the room, everything is 'free' ler... but ewwww! No Free Smell, please!!

Wah... get 911 scenery not bad leh... adrenalin will pump.. but yeah, could be bad for u... but we all young chicks, no problem wan! Hahaa...

But would be fun to experience the scenery... ;)


drumsticks said...

ooo you tried that.. how you felt about it? i had quite a nice experience there.. the sushi very fresh. oh Sushi Zen? hmm must try that.. :)

kat said...

Eh, dun OD on sashimi yet. When I come back, we go yapoon charn with winn kaw-kaw, ok? Here veli veli expensive and bo ho chiak. Mebbe I shud try out the sushi chains in tupai one of these days..

angeles said...

Dear drumsticks,
Genki Sushi also has got very fresh sashimi... ;) Sushi Zen, I also notchet try :)

Dear kat,
OK, no problem! We just went to Kampachi last week ;)

Tupai? Squirrel? Hee...


Aiyoh!!! Blackout!! H-E-L-P!!!

may said...

what's this about an aching ankle? blackout? aiyo... time for a hornidey and come over for more forn! go fish market and buy the freshest, best-est salmon and blue fin tuna for sashimi... nyummms

mudpie said...

opsie daisy .. its miso soup in disguise hahahah .. you really really been over-dosed by Jepang!!!

VIVA Jepang!!!

mudpie said...

opsie daisy .. its miso soup in disguise hahahah .. you really really been over-dosed by Jepang!!!

VIVA Jepang!!!

eastcoastlife said...

May is back! She's not kidnapped!

Let's go kacau her and have forn with her! horniday! horniday!

First, I want to have sushi forn and chocolate fountain with you in KL. hehe....

_butt said...

Sushi groove! wanted to try out that day geh but tak jadi :(

forgive me for being blur. wut does 'forn' mean? *scratch head*

Anonymous said...

eh last time i was at sushi groove One U i took photos like nobody's business they didn't say anything geh?? proly saw my fierce & no.8 face look like reporter gua!

angeles said...

Dear maymay,
Yalor, the twisted ankle from the fall at the club last last Sat... Now better liao, thanks!

Horniday wise, I'm still counting my $$$ in the bank... *keeps fingers crossed*

Wah, I'd like to try blue fin tuna!


Dear mudpie,
Kakaka... first time I admit I overdosed on Jepang wey... how come?? Heh heh!

Hidup Jepang!!

Dear eastcoastlife,
Yeah! Someone paid the ransom ;)

I must drag my butt to the travel agency one day... and also, count $$$ in the bank first... aihhh!! Money money, come fall from the sky lar...

I still waiting for u to forn with me... ;)

Dear butty,
Last nite, I saw got one Don Sushi @ Subang Parade... u tried that b4? So many people geh...

Forn = Food + Porn
Aiyoh... u forgot ah?

Dear laundryamah,
Nolah, I didn't mean Sushi Groove kenot take pics... it was at Shogun Restaurant that didn't allow camera...


Chev said...

sashimi "there" so thick
so big piece
so fresh
and so cheap :D

eat till i puas kaw kaw :D

angeles said...

U mean at the "B" place ah? Got ah? I dun remember whether it was cheap anot last time... cos that time I notchet start eating sashimi.. :P

Huei said...

so much sushi!!! i wan!!

oOOO who's cupid trying to shoot? =P

angeles said...

U want sushi? I also leh.. :P

The Cupid just posing... if he/she tried to shoot, sure polis will tangkap... what, murder wont kena tangkap meh?? :P

melbie said...

haha angeles, if only! In fact we can, if we don't eat, we sleep more, fat gets to be burned too la.. hehe ..

Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih - your choice, angeles. hehe ..

angeles said...

Melbie, u try first la :P

Rasa-rasa, macam tak nak jer... kakaka...

narrowband said...

Wat kinda restaurant tak membenarkan camera wan!!! BLACKLIST, BLACKLIST!!!! Mess with bloggers and they will be blacklisted!!!