Monday, March 03, 2008

THHC™ Chapter 21 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©

First, some 'news' for Malaysia Airline's passengers...

In compliance with global industry standards, Malaysia Airlines will be implementing a maximum weight rule of 32kg for all check-in luggage, effective 1 March 2008.

That means each bag you check in must not exceed 32kg. In case your luggage exceeds the maximum weight allowed, there are packing stations available at KLIA where dedicated service attendants will assist you with repacking.

Malaysia Airlines current luggage allowance by class:
Economy - 20kg
Business - 30kg
First Class - 40kg

For more info, call 1300 88 3000 or visit

On Saturday, Ms. A took me to a place in Puchong to have some non-halal lunch... she said this place got "Dry" Bak Kut Teh. Eh? Dry? Dry means no "teh" liao ma, no? :P

The Tea... with very tiny teacups...

Very canggih mia 'kettle' for the tea...

The Meal... RM26+

The Dry Bak Kut (no teh :P) - RM9
Not too bad... dried sotong (cuttlefish) was used to enhance the flavour.

The Bak Kut Teh... RM8
The soup was kinda thick and yummy! *slurp*

The Yao Char Kuai...

The "Glass Vege" :P - RM4 (I think)



Sorry for the delay of February's THHC Results... for more info, this is the place to go...

01. L B
02. _butt & may
03. dreamie & mudpie

04. aodian, mozilla monster, winn
05. king's wife & jjmm (New Spooner!)
06. kat, kopi soh, tiuniasing
07. huei, mistipurple, man-d (New Spooner!)
08. chev, eastcoastlife (New Spooner!), zewt



According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-For-This-Election Decision Generator™, you should vote for...


Who Should You Vote For This Election?

Go try out this Election-Decision-Generator. I LoL-ed so loud at one of the choices for the question, What is HINDRAF?

(C) A Hindu with Dandruff (Hahahaaaa!!) *fell off the bed*


Ehon said...

chup!! said...

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! finally i get to chup! :P king's wife no more blog still make it to the list!! i tried dry bak kut teh like 6 years ago. :D i loves it!! yumm yummmmm!!!!

angeles said...

Dear ehon,
Wah... u veli fast today...

Who said KW no more blog? She nvr tutup her blog ah... she just lazy nia... hehe...

I nvr knew abt the 'dry' version of BKT... u din tell me wan... :P

may said...

waaaaa, 2nd place CHUP! LOLOL!!

I vote for Ho Kwai Fann™ Committee, can?

*whale* *whale*
*young* *young*

moz monster said...

chup sin ...

moz monster said...

Anyways ... I think I will vote for calon bebas lar ...

I have only once in my life exceeded 32 kgs ever. I'd like to meet people who exceed it consistently because I think it's quite hard to get over 30kg, seriously !

Hehehe ... btw ... frequent flyers get more baggage allowance one ;)

Man-D said...

Wahhhh, make me so hungry lah'm in THHC eh... ;)

angeles said...

Dear maymay,
HKF Committee ah? Can.. but hor.. we need to build it first!

*goes around asking for donation...*

Dear moz,
Calon bebas ah? Mmmm... can oso... undi kesian, izit? ;)

I think I'll hv no problem with 'exceeding' 32 kg lor... esp. if buy buy buy... summore u knowlah, girls tend to hv MORE things to carry than guys... *rolls eyes*


angeles said...

Dear Man-D,
Hungry ah? OK ma... time for dinner! Well, almost ;)

Yeah! Welcome to The Hug Hug Club! Where hugs are always welcome ;)

Aodian said...

Ooo.. I got DAP too.. But seriously this politics and who gets in power kind of thing is a load of bull crap... That's why I pledge allegiance to a country without borders, without politicians(sound like communist eh?) taken from lyrics of Swithfoot's Politicians..

Eh the MAS thing is increase or decrease.. the airlines here decrease already.. I cant shop as much now.. T_T

Neways... Cheers..

L B said...

Yeah lah! YourStar!! I had the paypal DONATE button on my Blog for over an entire week, and no one even bothered to slide over even €1!!! Kakakakakaka!! But as long as got Teh Tarik, can't be that bad, eh?

So I gotta be careful how much I take back home next time on MAS!! Maybe get two smaller bags..

Salt! Salt!! THHC™ needs salt!!

Vote For Me!

day-dreamer said...


Why you help MAS advertise for free? Hehehe.

*still drooling*

Winn said...

we can always stuff our things in our kachng. they wont weight us right?;p

how to go to the dry bkt place? i wanna try11

ah nel said...

ppl eat bkt co wana drink herbal soup but i tink tis shop boss duno how to jaga fire so everytime end up chao hueh tha then came out with dry BKT...

eastcoastlife said...

Just miss the chup!! ahhhhh....
ok... still got new spooner award from last month. Must work harder this month.

The 'dry' BKT looks weird without the soup. I also wanna try.

Ah.... *open mouth big big*

adrian said...

I love that dry bak kut teh. There's another restaurant in Aman Suria near Tropicana. John and V go there often. ;)

Eh, what's with the luggage thingy ah? U working for MAS or what??

cibol said...

how kam i never on the list wan?? u pilih kasih .. ha ha ha ..

Anonymous said...

ops .. no Misha AGAIN on the list!? Mish must work harder this month!

mistipurple said...

i first prace ah? *happies* clap clap hands.
*denial mode carried forward*

angeles said...

Deaer aodian,
Country without borders? That'd be kinda tough, no? On the Internet, adalah... ;)

The luggage thingy, it's been decreased, I think... U can still shop, just make sure each of yr bag don't be more than 32kg lorr... ;) Dun forget to shop for me too, yeah! Hehe...

Dear L B,
Eh?? EH?? *scratches non-itchy backside*

What's this Paypal Donate thing about, eh?? I am a bit blur lulu... eh??

Or, u asking for donation ah? OK, I donate to you RM1 when you come back, okies?

Yeah! 2 smaller bags... each bag 30kg hehe... Oh, u know what's the reason they are doing this? They said it's for the benefit of the airline ticketing workers... seems that alot of them have back problems becos carrying all your 40kg bags... kekekeke...

THHC needs salt?? How come? Why? Where?? Sea salt? Organic salt?? Smelling salt?? :P

Vote for u? OK, set. Mana? Kota Kemuning ah?

Dear day-dreamer,
*wipes drool*

Nolah... it's just a community service mar... not really advertise for them... I no link them oso... ;)

Dear winn,
Muahahahahaaa... eh, what can u stuff in yr kachng? Eh?? But then, good idea... hopefully, u won't stuff any metal things... if not, go toot toot then hv to body check... :P

Hhaaha.. I agree wt u abt Kenny!! I really nearly fell off my bed reading that hahaha!

U wanna try the dry bkt? OK, one Sat or Sun, u come over to Puchong, I take u there... seems that it was on Journey With Jason on Sunday... ;)

Dear ah nel,
Eh, this shop mia "head of chef" is a young boy, u know...

Actually ya, it looks kind of chau ta... but tasted ok ler...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Wah, u were a few hours late woh! But yeah, still got chance wan... ;)

Singapore got no dry BKT eh? I wait u come to KL, okeh? ;)

*helps to stuff some bak kut into ECL's mouth...*


Dear adrian,
Eh? Aman Suria also got ah? Mana woh? I wanna go spy... Oops, I mean I wanna take Winn to try laa! :P

U no understand that luggage thing ah?? It means yr bag cannot be more than 32kg lorrr... if over 32kg must repack! Eh, u so bad lar... ppl do community service for ppl like you who wanna go horniday this weekend and u say I working for MAS -_-


Oh yeah hor... U still dunno where I work haha... u nvr ask when we were 'alone'... kakaka :P

Dear cibol,
Becos u lambat lah... mana I pilih kasih? I veli fair wan...

Dear Misha,
It's okay! You are tops in my HugHug list! Can hug u anytime! ;)

Dear misti,
Eh? Errr... oh ya ya! First Prace!

*following misti's whatever mode...*



Chev said...

*Go Rocket Go*
ahahhahaha.. I tried the kenny sia thingy too yesterday night..
and I ROFLMAO regarding the Hindraf definition given by him too

narrowband said...

Hindu with dandruff... LOL~...

I haven't taken the test yet but I know who I'll vote liao. Ngieks ngieks. Where you voting wo? My parliament under Puchong leh... Either that Lau Yeng Peng or Karpal's Singh's son liao :p But can you guess? Muahahaha.

Wei that bak kut teh shop opposite the church wan ah? *winks* Next to it got another bak kut teh shop also rite? Separated by one small lorong rite? RiteE???

Anonymous said...

mish hugs hugs jiejie Angel :)

happy tuesday!

mudpie said...

hahahah despite being out of the la la land .. i am the third on the THHC list *high 5* *senyum kambing*

hidup rakyat!!!!

Huei said...

ahhaha yeah!! i almost fell off my chair when i saw the hindu with dandruff thing!!

i got the same!!!! okok..time to register *paiseh*

ur bak kut teh got teh!! neh the tea with tiny teacups! =P heheheh


dreamie said...

Bravo !!! I naik pangkat 3rd placing :P

huh? BKT w/out teh.. sounds MCC liddat HAHAHA...

Kenny Sia ...siew sei ngo ar!

Leonard said...

the bak ku teh looked yummy!!

makes me hungry!

sheon said...

NO!!!!! NOT BAK KUT TEH!!!!!
there is not ONE bak kut teh stall around here that's up to my standards!!! i aaaam sooo craving for bak kut teh!!

hey...the weekend after we go out bakuteh, want?

angeles said...

Dear Chev,
U wanna naik loket go where? I wanna reach for The Stars... kkkkk :P

Ei, really farnie lar that Hindraf definition... I was sleepy when I did it but when I saw that, I laughed so loud!! U heard me ah? :P

Dear narrowband,
Haha... that Hindu wt dandruff is the killa! :P

Ohh.. u vote under Puchong eh... me vote in Penang ler... calonnya is anak Lim Kit Siang and some other pompuan... the choice is OBVIOUS, isn't it? ;)

Ohhh! That Gobind Singh is Karpal mia anak ahhh... u vote for who ah? Shhhh... undi anda adalah rahsia! :P

Eh? Church? Eh?? Errr.. I think it's a different shop lor... seems that this shop was featured in Taste of Jason last weekend ;)

But where is this shop u are talking about ah?

Dear misha,
Good afternoon, darling! Hope you had a good Tuesday! *Hugs*

Dear mudpie,
Muahahahaaa... rakyat musti hidup lah... kalo tak, negara takkan hidup! ;)

*cubit dan sayang your cute pipi* Hehe...

Dear ah huei,
Yes, you have 4 more years to register! Faster, ok?

Kakaka... smart lah you! That teh is not very 'teh' oso actually... oni got the colour of teh but not taste like teh... or maybe my tastebud rosak liao...

Dear dreamie,
BKT without teh sounds MCC? Eh?? *scratches head* U are BKT ah? O.o

KennySia chan hai hou hou siu!

Dear leonard,
It's yummy esp. if you are hungry!!

Dear sheon,
Eh? There got no BKT ah? Kesian... but Pg BKT not very nice oso wan, rite?

Weekend after means next weekend, rite? If so, I'm SET! This wkend, I'll be back in the northern region ;)


Cocka Doodle said...

Pssst! Near Amah's house there got a shop selling dry BKT also. Quite nice wan.

When you want to belanja me BKT jek?
*hint hint* I'm in town for the erection this week.

_butt said...

yeah second place!! share with May hehe :D jia you for this month!

so u like dry wan or 'wet'? I don't like the dry version of BKT ler :P a bit like chu keok chou to me...

my place got pas and keadilan. no dap! how? :(

bongkersz said...

eh i went that restaurant before, to eat dry bak kut teh. no bad lah :D saya tak suka sangat makan babi ni. aik, why me not in the list? what competition is that? :P

vote for me, enough.

Anonymous said...

"Heard"(you know from where *winks*)
about one more bak kut teh shop,
they use pork and seafood in their bak kut teh. Want? : p

Ms A

angeles said...

Dear cocka,
Wah! Suddenly got so many dry BKT shops geh??

This weekend I not around for the erection woh...

Dear butty,
I think I prefer the one with 'teh' lor... dry one not that quite BKT hehe...

Aiyak.. mmm... liddat... u vote... *whisper whisper* OK??!

Dear bongkersz,
U tak suker makan babi, then suker aper?

To be in the 'list' u kena jadi first 3 ppl to comment in any one of my blog entry ler... boleh??

Vote for u ah? Where to vote ah? Hv to follow u balik Sarawak ah? :P

Dear Ms. A,
Pork & Seafood? Means it's BKST liao... where is this other place?

Wah.. suddenly I got so many BKT invites haha!

OK OK, maybe next month?? Let me digest this month's BKT dates first haha!


Anonymous said...

aku baru makeh untuk lunch kat klang. bukan kat tempat yg popular coz, dah kul 2 dah, gak. bkt 'air', vege, ikan asam kari, ayam halia (bukan arak tau)....minum teh cina panas dan cakap politik.

mula2 ingatkan semua kiter tu...campur campur ideologi...tapi lepas aku dedah ajer...nampaknya semua pun group sama. insyallh, kiter boleh achieve sesuatu kali nih...fingers cross.


Simple American said...

Wow! You really are waiting at the airport! So much the info. :P

Makan Makan. I want bak kut teh!

Thanks for the birthday greeting.


Anonymous said...

Moz said quite hard to reach 30kg..he doesn't know amah lor...amah mia luggage always exceed 30kg...the last time was my trip to downunder last luggage was 34kg (1 piece) so had to repack!!

oi? dried bak kut teh? interesting..never tried b4 lor..

Chev said...

The dry BKT was available few years back liao, but the first dry BKT i tasted was in Rou Gu Char King @ New World Park several months ago :)

I still prefer the soup BKT cos I like drinking soup mah :)

angeles said...

Dear bdk bkk,
Ha? Makan bkt dgn kari ikan dan ayam? Macam ada skit tak ngam ler...

Aku rasa, ko berpotensi menjadi ahli politik yang berkaliber... pi lah coba.. aku janji undi ko...

Dear Sir SA,
Yeah! Will be waiting until the day you come to this part of the world! ;)

U wanna BKT, u shall hv BKT! ;)

Hope you had a great celebration! *huggies*

Dear Amah,
Becos they all guys mar... guys where got buy stuff like us wan... hor?

U oso nvr tried before the dry BKT neh... neh, cocka said near your place got woh...

Dear Chev,
I nvr knew it existed lor...Ohh, u went to that place... I also prefer the soup wan... soup is best! Slurp! ;)


IguanaKia said...

So, when u want to bring me over to Puchong have this dry bak kut teh?