Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nuffnang Pajama Party

Last nite (Sat), I was at Nuffnang's Pajama Party, thanks to Sheon's invite. Reached there 7 plus and bumped into the first familiar face, Nicholas, in his dark blue pj's and Patrick (the red dog) bedroom slippers at the entrance. The last time I met him was 2006, in London. How did I know him? Haaa.. from blogs lah, where else? Anyway, it was really nice to see him again.

Then found Sheon, was introduced to a few very young girls... yup, indeed the place was full of young boys & girls... So, 'auntie' here was kinda out of place... but s'ok 'cos 'auntie' still got the 'young look', so can blend in... ;P

Spied Wingz upstairs and made my way to say hi. On the way, guess who passed by? I called out to him, "Leonard!" He turned and looked at me, gave me the blur unfamiliar face. Cos he doesn't know how I look like maa... Told him, who I am, but he still got look a bit blur haha.. must be he was hungry la... Nice to meet you, Leonard, although it was just a brief one!

Pump... pump... with a French Maid and Nurse 'on top'...
Suituapui, u can boh?? LOL!

Kennysia was 'requested' to strip... lucky got boxers... and I think it's silk ;)

KidChan, in Malaysian Dreamgirl's pose...

Kennysia with the finalists of Malaysian Dreamgirl

2 Nuffnang founders wearing their 'superman' briefs...

DawnYang kissing a guy who made the highest bid (to get the kiss)

Then, party ended, time to go home... Thanks for the invite, Sheon! I enjoyed 'watching' the party haaha... But guess what happened to moi?

I phok kai just outside the club... Goodness, it was quite a fall because I landed on my fours (both knees and palms) Go imagine lah! Had my phone on my hand. I was of course in 'shock' as I got up, and there was this really nice guy (and from the corner of my eyes, I spied that he's quite good looking also... haha) who came over in a hurry and asked me how I was. That time I sudah shocked, so the words that came out (I think!) was, "I'm okay," and I just continue walking away (Duh!!) although my right knee was hurting ouch! Thought it was bleeding but thank god, it wasn't. The left ankle hurt quite a bit too... must have twisted it a bit. Came home, saw a bump on the ankle and quickly iced it... now, yours truly is kinda 'crippled'... reminded me of the time I phok kai at Puduraya's staircase. I fell 2-3 steps, and twisted the ankle. Aihhh... I'm sucha klutz!

So, that was my Saturday! Mom thinks I shouldn't simply go anywhere on my own becos she said this year, I fan tai sui... How now, brown cow?


Kopi Soh said...

Aiyo how kam can fall down?? Nehbermind kopi soh kam bling koh yuk for u.

Jemima said...

Too much to drink???

No Prince Charming to the rescue???

ehon said...


ehon said...

must be u spy spy guy lar then fall down!! right right?!!!!

Wennnn said...

Aiyoooo poor thing... Phok kai ah??? Eh tat handsome come and helpchu get up how come U dun pura pura faint?? Alamak... wasted lor!! Sumore U dun dare to look at him ah??? Only spy ah??

L B said...

Waaa, we must do a pajama party too!!! I wanna watch someone 'falling'!! :-) Haha!! So cruel.. Replay lah..

Trinity said...

Oh so fun!! Hahaha..

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

how come? how can? a good looking dude comes running to the rescue and u shy away.... hahaha.

didn't know u r so shy... so cute!
*smooch smooch the wounded knee*

Chev said...

u r definitely not 'auntie'
u r still young mah :P

Poor Angeles.. pok khai pulak..
If Ah Boy is there, he will come & lick lick u (showing he is concern mah) :)

Err.. I remembered we talked about pyjama party some time ago..
more than a year ago liao leh...
wanna wanna?
Our own pyjama party :D

sheon said...

i'm sorry i didnt know that you fell. :(.....i make it up with extra bakuteh ok? :)

i'm just glad that you came yesternite....luckily i met up with the lovely pamsong ( accompanied me through the party.. :)

Anonymous said...

ku dah kata...keluar makan dengan aku tak nak ...nak pi tempat takper la, bagus gak tengok dunia dunia glam nih. kadang kala, i suka gak, best kalo dengan kompani yg ngam. macam masa di bangkok, bessssttt sioot. nanti la..i nak post foto coz, outing tuh memang memorable, best giler siot...sampai ader model thai yg tinggi lampai nak sangat berkenalan dgn i. tak pernah ader keadaan sebegini!!!! kembang giler siottt. first time siottt, pecah rekod nih. lol.

anyways, okla, kalo kaki ko tak pulih lagi, abang suggest u pi carikan aak cina tuh dan apply dan 'rub it in'. sebaik sahaj ia bertukar jadi 'merah/maroon' bermakna la luka/bruise ko tuh, semakin pulihhhhhh.

alrite, setakat hari nie sahaja la..kembali kerja...sigh.


mama of 2LittleFellas said...

forgot to say hor. as long as not married and not a mom... cannot be auntie...still considered 'leng mooi' wor ...

i'm sure a pretty one too :)

mistipurple said...

ah yo, blow a kiss on your ankle. go massage from the chinese sinseh if need to. can help very fast.
in shock when the cute guy walked over hor? wasted. we all sama2 blur cows at wrong timings, lol.

angeles said...

Dear kopi soh,
Aiyoh.. lun chun lor... today my ankle really tak boleh liao... shucks...

Thx for the koh yuk... will it help?

Dear jemima,
Haaha... didn't even have one drop of alcohol!!

Got Prince Charming came but but but... aihhhh...

Dear ehon,
I din see him in the first place also lar, ok... :(

Dear wenwen,
Eh, that time sudah in shock... where got think so far until pura-pura faint?? Yalor... very wasted... I veli paiseh liao that's why oni spy-spy... hehe..

Dear LB,
Where u wanna do pajama party? G-Hotel?

Yerrrr... u very cruel want to see me fall...ok la, pretend to fall on the bed maybe can lah...

*drags lisa n misti along..*

Dear Trinity,
But my ankle not very fun today :(

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Yeah lor! Grrrr... now I feel like kicking myself... so wasted, hor?

I'm shy but that time, coupled with shock, that was the result lah... summore I walk away so fast... grrrr!

Pssttt... need smooches on the ankle too... I think I need to go seek medical attention.. :(

Dear Chev,
Haha... I not 'auntie' but then hor, if u were there, u'll also feel 'auntie'... becos got all the young boys and girls there.. they really really young!!

We got talk abt pj party ah? Ohhh... when u came to KL, izit?? When u wanna pj party again?

Dear sheon,
It's okay... not your fault la... i was just too clumsy, also very unlucky...

Sorry couldn't make it for BKT! So so so sorry... if I go, I'll take ages to reach my car downstairs!

Glad you met the lenglui.. add oil!! ;)

Dear bdk bkk,
Keluar dgn u? U selalu tak kasi warning, selalu last minit, I tak boleh catch up la liddat...

U punye entry, selalu takde gambaq... postlah skit gambaq tu.. eh, model thai tu, laki ke pompuan??

Kaki I nie nampaknya agak 'siong'... I tak pernah seek treatment cina.. amacam?? Maybe nanti I nak pi klinik... sakit... :(

Kerja ari nie?? Kesian...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Haha.. leng mooi ah? Can pass as a leng mooi still... but then inside the heart, felt so auntie lor... looking at all the muimui jais... aisay...

Thx for the compliment... so kembang haha.. nolar, not pwetty... but then 'oi leng' also lah.. haha... hey, every girl also 'oi leng' wat... hehee...



suituapui said... dat, how u can come to Sibu liao??? Look on the bright side, luckily not STP who fell down...or else habis KL, sure earthquake magnitude 10! LOL!!!

Got lengcai come, pretend lah pengsan and fall into his arms. Who dat guy? Not kennysia, I hope! Wakakakakakakakaka!!!!

Ooo...if nurses in hospital so sexy one, don't mind falling sick all the time!!! Here all old, fat and look u feel even more sick!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

angeles said...

Dear misti,
Massage by chinese sinseh? Wah.. I imagine will be very painful?? I sked of pain... maybe I'll go to the clinic afturds... but to think of dragging my feet down the stairs... *faint*

But donch worry... I'll manage geh... :)

Haha.. blur cows.. moooooo... like mother like dotter?? Kekeke...

Dear suituapui,
Yalah, now cannot come Sibu, yet! U hv to wait a bit more, okeh? Better late than nevah!

If STP fell down, really jialat liao... I got idea... you should have a few girls walking beside, in front and at the back of u.. Why? To protect you lah... all sides also got protection, STP won't jatuh liao! Good idea?

U think I didn't want to pretend pengsan meh?? But that idea just didn't pop into my mind at that time lah!! Aiyohhh... kicking myself now... Haha! It was NOT kennysia! I think... kekeke...

Oi, so bad say Sibu nurses liddat... be careful next time (touchwood!) if u need their help, sekali they kick u 'there', teruk lorrr...


suituapui said...

Aiyor...cannot lah like dat! If I fall, the one on that side sure kemek...flat like cicak kering!!! dat, never mind lah! The rest can come first! As they say, save the best for last! Wakakakakaka!!!!

Winn said...

wah angeles is so fames u din tell us wat kind of lingerie you wear!! i m interested to see leh

anyone braless?

adrian said...

Hah! That girl I helped get up is you ah!!?? Actually I only saw an opportunity to see someone's 'longkang' that's why I quickly came over. :P

I didn't know it was you or else I would have carried you all the way back home. :P

adrian said...

Just joking.

You said lengchai so cannot be me lah. :P

day-dreamer said...

Wah, I never knew there were such parties in Malaysia. I don't dare to go one... haha.

mistipurple said...

(tried calling you just now.)
emergency can try Voltaren Emulgel if cannot find doctor today. it can be bought over the counter. if pharmacist is there, check on proper usage. otherwise, it can 'tong' you until tomorrow. apply little only and do not rub. it's a fast reliever.
*anyone reading this, please take the necessary precaution before application.

Anonymous said...

hey, engko ingat aku tak tau cam ner nak identify pompuan dengan laki, pondan ngan yg betui? ku tau identify gay ngan straight dan les ngan straight pon la.....per lah. memperkecilkecilkan aku lak, boring. ko belilah arak cina tuh, boleh apply. kalo tak tau apply abg boleh applykan, kalo tak kisah la


_butt said...

oh dear, then I also kenot go out so often leh :(

*offers minyak urut to Angel*


rinnah said...

Aiyak! Poor angeles! *rubs angeles' knee*

But that blogger pajama party sounded fun!

eastcoastlife said...

Wah!! You zeng kai kai (secretly) go pajama party ah!!

aiyooo.... sayang sayang.... *blow blow the knee* Reminds me of my Penang trip leh! kakaka....

Where's the photo of you in PJ?

angeles said...

Dear suituapui,
Cicak kering? Hahaha... so melampau meh?? Won't be cicak kering lah... maybe her 'front' will be flat nia... kesian... u think if cibol n bongkersz, they will also flat ka? Hehe...

Save The Best For Last? Vanessa Williams ah? U serenade for me?? Kekeke...

Dear winn,
No fehmes laa... I din wear any bedroom attire lah... if i 'wear', then all camera will be on me liao... becos... ahem.. heheehe... dowan tell liu... haha...

Braless? Mmmm... I think sure got wan.. but I din see any 'nipple' lor... haha... most of the lingerie comes with padding liddat wan... eg. Xiaxue wore a very nice pink babydoll... veli sexy oso... i saw already my eyes oso toinkkk liddat haha... dawn yang also veli sexy.. see the front my eyes also toinkkk... hehee...

Dear adrian,
Haha... hamsap lou :P

Carry me all the way back home ah? Hai mm hai ahh? Liddat sure I very lum wan woh... :P

U not lengjai ah? I oledi told u maa... looks are not important geh... ;)

Dear day-dreamer,
Why u dun dare go woh? Can wan lah.. got ppl wear t-shirt n shorts/track pants also wan.. heee...

Dear misti,
Thanks thanks thanks! Muaks muaks muaks! Managed to see the doc and got some meds... hopefully by tomorrow not so painful liao...

Dear bdk bkk,
Aku tak nak panggil ko edison, tak boleh ker?? :P

Mana ko 100% sure dia tu betui2 pompuan, unless.........

I dah pi klinik tadi... dia kasi ubat makan.. tengoklah sehari dua lagi macam maner.. kalo tak boleh lagi, u kena tolong applykan.. masa tu, jangan nak larik tau!

Dear butty,
Aihhh... this 'fan tai sui' really brought me a few 'suay'ness neh...

U just hv to be careful loh, okie?

Thx for the minyak urut.. can tolong urut as well?? Hehe...

Dear rinnah,
Thanks for the rub-rub... my ankle needs more rub rub hehe...

If u went, it'd hv been fun for u! All youngsters maa.. *wink*

Dear eastcoastlife,
Haha.. no zeng kai kai.. I went 'kwong ming jing tai' wan! Hehe...

Yayaya, your Penang trip u oso kena your left ankle, right? Aiyoh... pain hor?

Haha.. I din go in my PJs laaa... I dun wear PJs to sleep wan.. I wear... bithday suit *shy shy* Haha...


zewt said...

will i sound like a sour grape if i say i didnt really miss anything? hahaha....

jjmm said...

fan tai sui or no fan tai sui mm oso will ask u don't go out alone 1.

but hor...what is fan tai sui ah???

angeles said...

Dear zewt,
It's perfectly okay to say u din really miss anything... unless u like ppl like xiaxue or dawn yang lah... hehe...

Dear jjmm,
Fan Tai Shui means 'cheong' with the Tai Shui... If I'm not mistaken, Tai Shui is the Grand Duke or sumting... go google it, can find wan.. but too boring for me lorrr...

MM said want to take me to Thean Hou Temple to 'pai pai'...


Cocka Doodle said...

Dearest Angeles, which one is you on stage ah? Waaah! you also photoshop your picture like xiaxue until I can't recognize you already. LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

Pssst! Next time I do press-ups you sit on me like dat nurse ok?

laundryamah said...

aiya why u never follow the tvb series story flow one?? girl falls down then boy comes help, then girl cries...then boy dokong girl to see doctor...then boy & girl dates...then lives happily ever after!!!! ayooo...u ah...leg pain pain still say ok! how's the ankle now???

Huei said...

r u ok??

how come u let the guy walk awayyy??? =P hehehehhe

IguanaKia said...

Wah, nice party there.
But i didn't join nuffnang, at least not yet.

bongkersz said...

angeles, come i do push up and you sit on top. how heavy are you? :P too bad i didn't go for the party if not can meet the lady herself!

Nicholas Chay said...

angel!!! nice to see u again last nite :D

Leonard said...

i simply does not know who called me! i'm just a nobody, hardly anyone would recognize me!

hope the fall is not too bad! blue black goes away already anot?

Wingz said...

aiks! u dint look crippled wor ... sorry to learn bout your misfortune ... hope your angkle fast fast recover la!

angeles said...

Dearest Cocka,
Cilakak... hahaaaa... If ONLY I can photoshop until liddat, I'll put up allll my leng leng pics loh!! :P

Want me to sit on you? Wah... can anot sin? What costume u want?

Dear laundryamah,
Aiyahhh... ppl say oledi lor... that time sudah terkejut, the hampalang whatever in mind oso forget liao.. becum blur d...

After makan ubat, not so pain liao the ankle :D

Dear ah huei,
I'm much better today after taking meds... :)

Yalor.. now I'm kicking myself... hehehe... if u read any entry about someone helping someone who fell down at Borneo Club, tell me hor! Hehee...

Dear IguanaKia,
Errr.. I oso no join NN woh... see, my blog so miskin :P

Dear bongkersz,
Wah... how come u hv the same idea as that Hamsap Cock wan...? U boleh menampung ke? What costume u want?? :P

Date me, and u shall see the lady haha...

Dear Nicholas,
Hey! I was quite worried that you were not able to recognise me haha... cos at first, u got that 'blur' look... :P

Yes, nice to see u again! ;)

Dear Leonard,
I know lar... kenot blame u maa since u dunno how I look like :P

Today my ankle is much better liao... thanks!

Dear Wingz,
That time notchet maaa... I phook kai when the party ended... my ankle today is much better liao! Tor jeh!!


drumsticks said...

wow.. lucky you to be invited to a party like that. the gals looked so seducive in their pyjamas.. hehe.. did you take any pix with the celebrity bloggers like kennysia?

cibol said...

drumsticks, angeles is a celebrity blogger. who needs kennysia by the way? .. ha ha ha

Wah, I wanted to go but nobody wan to go with me .. i wanna see angeles .. ha ha ha

cibol said...

drumsticks, angeles is a celebrity blogger. who needs kennysia by the way? .. ha ha ha

Wah, I wanted to go but nobody wan to go with me .. i wanna see angeles .. ha ha ha

suituapui said...

Yalor, drumsticks...and angeles got suituapui oredi!!! Where got eyes for kennysia anymore??? Hahahahahaha!!!! Ooi...cibol! Once is enough lah! U think u teacher kah, have to do it again and again until u get it right???

suituapui said...

And dat bongkersz...same hamsap as dat old Cocka!!! If I do press up, I don't want nurse lah. Nurse hangs sign that says: CRIB (Complete rest in bed)! Now go to bed, who wants to rest wan??? I'd rather have a bus conductress! She will say, "Masuk!!! Masuk dalam!!! Dalam sikit!!! Masuk!!!" Best lah, bus conductress!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

nyonyapenang said... puak toh ar? must have felt sleepy after the pyjama party lar.
beh eow kin...puak toh gau tua han. ^O^

Anonymous said...

aiyo, so kolian lah.... but blessing in disguise cos you got a lengjai to come running to your rescue mah : p

pajama party... did you wear your pjs too? : p no pic ah?

Ms A

Anonymous said...

it's ok even if you didn't wear pjs to the party, you can wear it at home and start cam-whoring : p I'm sure many here would LOVE to see it : p

Ms A

angeles said...

Dear drumsticks,
Uh huh.. there were quite a number of sexy girls in their babydolls ;)

Celebrity bloggers? Haha.. I malulahhh... :P

Dear cibol,
Eh!! I bukan celebrity blogger lar... oklah, maybe just secara kecil-kecilan haaha...

Nobody go with u? Bongkersz pun tak nak go with u ah? U no ajak him ma?

Dear suituapui,
Hahaaa!! Yeeeeee! U say like that make people shy onlyyyy!

Haha.. suituapui, u always like to kacau-kacau itu dua budak... kesian... haha...

Bus Conductress? Hahaaa!! But bus conductress' costume is so 'lao ya'!! Not sexy oso.. ok ok, maybe if dun butang a few butangs, will look sexy lah, hor?

Dear nyonyapenang,
Yalor, puak toh... hahahaa, I dunno if I felt sleepy but after that, I was definitely very awake!!

Puak toh gau tua han?? Wah... I enuff of 'tua han' liao loh... kekeke...

Dear Ms. A,
Lengjai come rescue me oso no use cos I just acted dumb, and walked off -_-

Haha.. of cos I din wear my baju tidur... die la if I wore... all cameras will be focused on me liao! :P

Camwhoring in my baju tido at home? Mmmm... wait one day i really fat hao, maybe I'll do :P


JL said...


you should pretend tak boleh jalan and let him papah you mah... then hor... ask name lah, occupation lah, interest lah, got car mol, got lau mol, got gf mol, etc etc mah... aiyo... still need ajar you meh... :P

anyway hope you're alright

drumsticks said...

haha suituapui said he got you??? er.. starting another scandal here already..

angeles said...

Dear JL,
Aiyah... u think I dowan meh?? I was in shock liao ma that time... that's why acted like duh oni... cis... :P

My ankle is much better now! Thanks! ;)

Dear drumsticks,
Errr... yeah, suituapui got me... scandal? Haha... hey, scandal is THE thing of the year! So, must ikut trend maa... haha!


may said...

oh, so this is where the twisted ankle came about! hope it's better now...

narrowband said...

Ouch @ the fall... I also fan tai sui but then I sudah pergi tokong to get it fixed :P Now so far so good... touchwood!! You pergi tokong tak? Usually at the end of the year kena pergi to 'pulang balik' the tai sui wan. Dunno how it works tho... *kepala ppusing*