Monday, March 24, 2008

Funny Notice

There's nothing much to share with you lately. Actually, there is alot in one's mind, but then if one were to spew it out here, one wouldn't have enough of energy to 'fight back' the comments. And of course, the other 'safe' things to talk about are either food or travel, but one's fingers are typing so unwillingly... Probably time for another blog break as the 2nd blogiversary is approaching...

I spied this 'staff notice' at an Oldtown Kopitiam last weekend. Sorry so blur... my zoom-zoom lense no good la...



Lunch 12PM - 3PM
Dinner 6PM - 9PM



Chev said...

lidat also can?
so ocipala

btw, greetings from LCCT :D said...

hahaha. sampat post. :P

tat's why sometimes it's good not to reply to comments. :) u blog all u want.

angeles said...

Dear Chev,
Wooo... u so near ka? Happy Flying! Altho' I know u not veli happy flying back... no more horniday...

When read the notice, must read it dengan penuh semangat... must feel what the person (boss/supervisor) is trying to say to the staff... very 'garang' mode, eh?

Dear ehon,
Sampat Post is better than Angry or Emo Post mar... :P

U veli action... no reply to comments liao eh... *sad*

I would want to reply to all comments because for the simple fact that people take the trouble to type and then post their thots... that is IMHO ma...


L B said...


L B said...

Hahaha, yeah, safe territory.. Food, Music, Sex..

L B said...

Avoid controversy.. No blatant name-calling, no irresponsible fence-sitting, and no on-the-bed antics (that's why go under)..

angeles said...

Dear L B,

How come we have to be so safety conscious, huh? Suddenly I'm reminded of a certain conversation we had @ Al Cerdo's... u remember your "pretentious Chinese tea"? .. does that ring a bell? No? Haha.. sorry, got distracted.. dunno how that memory came about in this comment!

Yes, no controversy, no name-calling, no fence-sitting... I better go butt-less lah liddat :P

Go Down Under? Hehehe...

If only I can say it out, that he/she is so stupid, such a jerk/bimbo, shallow, good for nuthin', s.o.b., liar, pathetic etc etc.

Eh? Somehow, all that sounded like me too... wooooo... *sampat*

I've decided... Sampat is the Best Way To Go... liu?

Chev said...

still at LCCT
so near yet so far :D

tapao McD for dinner, cos McD always full house. Easier to tapao and eat at the arrival hall. Departure hall limited seats mah....

now super full with FF, double cheese burger & diet coke


mistipurple said...

*wears safety helmet to post comments* lol! joking. but it's true about posting. i sometimes also wear safety helmet. so many things to say but all pass through my gate, come out become nothing to post.

wah, the boss must be kena kaw kaw all the haywire staff timings, or the boss very the cat lah.

angeles said...

Dear Chev,
So kesian you travel the whole day...

Yeah, the McD there so many people geh... wat is FF? O.o

Wah, double cheeseburger! I also long time no eat burger liao... I wanna try Carl's Jr...

Dear misti,
Haha... dun worry lar... If I piak u, oso no pain geh... cos it's an e-piak... :P

U got more things that got thru' your gate. At my gate, hampalang cannot "go out" wan... how liddat? Sheesh...

The boss very "the cat"? Wah.. I dun understand this cat lingo!! I only know how to meowwww...


day-dreamer said...

LOL. So very the not pro. Wahahaha!

Very the cat = very the niao? :x

suituapui said...

Eee...where's the place? The staff lunch and dinner time so long wan kah? Aiyor...I baru sampai, you wanna go AWOL oredi kah??? Why like dat leh? U see stp come (oops!), u quickly quickly want to run away kah?

Huei said...

wahahhahhha boss with a weird sense of humour..or maybe it's the supervisor

i dun understand the second * wor >.<


_butt said...

whoever this Miss Samantha is must be very garang wan for a boss :P

Trinity said...

LOL.. I smile when I read your post, and I laugh when I read the comments here! kakakakakaka

btw, here in my house, is no handphone working territory as well! kakakaka

moz monster said...

Man ... this is the last place I will work in. And I pledge to no longer patronise this outlet because this is worst than draconian !

Might as well limit each employee to 2 pieces of toilet paper. =P

eastcoastlife said...

mau tutup blog awak!?

macam winn tutup her blog, I less one person to sampat liao....

Sometimes have to kesian the boss... if the staff didn't take advantage, then such notice wouldn't have been put up.

Before the handphone become easily available, staff use office phones to chat for at least one hour with friends or relatives during office hours. Now they also chat, but using their OWN hp. They clever to give many excuses. sigh.....

*roll up my sleeves, scrub toilet*

bongkersz said...

you settle yourself!! (wah! so garang!)kopitiam only what, why need to ban hp? what if this samantha/boss own a business bigger than kopitiam? scary scary... :P

Anonymous said...

memang teruklah manager sebegini...tak munasabah langsung. secara lintas, mesti manager tu orang cheeena, aunty cheena koot. memang kebanyakan manager orang cheena semua leceh leceh...mengeksploitasi sehingga ke peluh terakhir...boring. pompuan sebegini memang bukan my cup of tea.


Angel Eyes said...

ayoyoyoooo itu macam kaa? manyak garang wooo.... wa pun takot!

angeles said...

Dear day-dreamer,
How to be pro when the waiters and waitresses are leng chai and leng mui? (not lengjai ya... i meant ah lians alike.. :P)

Actually... I forgot the meaning of 'niao' oledi... what it means ahh??

Dear suituapui,
Aiyah, they are given that span of time to take their lunch/dinner kua... how can be 3 hours?? Liddat I oso want to work la!

I'm a bit tired and bored lately... becos I dun dare blog about saucy and spicy stuff ma... I shy shy hahaahaa!

Dun worry lah! I won't run away from you. I'll run TOWARDS u... so be prepared with open... arms and whatnots!

Dear ah huei,
I think the boss hv to be garang becos the waiters/waitresses look very young... like the lalamui and lalachai liddat...

U dun understand the second *? It means, if u late makan, ji ki koo ji ki lorrr... ;)

Dear butty,
I think I know which one is Ms. Samantha... she does look a bit garang but I think she no choice lor... if no garang, the workers will climb on top of her head...

Dear trinity,
Laughter is the best medicine! ;) I love to laugh... I love to laugh with you too hehe..

Wah... your house no handphone working? Then how to make phonecalls? O.o

Dear moz,
Aiyoh, dun liddat lar... like I mentioned above, the bosses got no choice but to be strict with all those lalamuis and lalajais kua...

Limit toilet paper? If lao sai, ma die?? :P

Dear eastcoastlife,
Haha.. no, no, no tutup... still open big big wan... just a bit lazy and got blog block :P

Dun worry, I'll always be here to sampat with you all around the blogs! ;) How to leave u leh... since u bring so much joy and laughter to my life...

Yes! I agree with you that the boss has got no choice but to be strict with the employees... but veli farnie la the notice :P

Eh?? Where's the Maid?? Apasal u hv to scrub toilet pulak??

*calls 1-800-MISTIMAID*

Dear bongkersz,
Haha, memang garang... but I find it funnies :P

It's high crass mia kopitiam maa.. very good business... if the waiters/waitresses yak on the phone, then who is gonna do all the serving?

Dear budak kamera,
I rasa the boss takde pilihan lainlah... dia kena garang, sbb kalo tak, sure mrk semua main-main sajer... teruklah kalo macam tu, kan?

Samantha tu, cantik jugak tau... ko jangan nak menolak pompuan cantik dgn sewenang-wenangnya... menyesal ko nanti! :P

Dear angel eyes,
Aiks... toksah takut... *protects* ;)


mama of 2LittleFellas said...


can anyone work without handphone nowadays? mine is a NECESSITY to work!

your company actually provide staff meals?

mistipurple said...

day-dreamer said it right. ngiow means er.. very the fussy? too much? calculative. something like that.

mistipurple said...

someone called for MISTIMAID agency? my handphone off lah earlier. :p

angeles said...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
I can understand why the kopitiam boss 'bans' hp lor... their biz is quite good... which means, all the waiters and waitresses hv to be on their toes... cannot yak on the phone... ;)

Eh? Staff meals? Errr.. no ah... where did u deduce this from? *weird* Hehe... but they do give us something called "meal allowance" woh... but prolly only enuff for less than 2 wks if eat 'chap fan' :( But of course, better than nothing tho'...

One of my friend who's working at a housing developer mentioned that they get staff meals! So fun... so jimat... no nid spend money for lunch... but if everyday eat same thing, sure sien oso... but beggars can't be choosers! :D

Dear misti,
Ohh... niao is fussy... ok ok, got it! But sure will forget it again :P

Off handphone? Why? Sked kena confiscate ah? :P


may said...

hahaha! it'd be too funny if we put up a sign like that in our office... all the angmohs will scratch their heads at that one!

Oscar's Mommy said...

how are you angel? old town staff meal would comprise of wat i wonder.... toast bread and kopi ah? hahaha... settle myself la !!!!!

eastcoastlife said...

*dials 1800-MISTIMAID*

But Singapore rules very strict, cannot employ maid in office!
*Dials for office cleaners*

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

reading back your post make me wonder where do i get that staff meal preception from???

*really strange*

must be working too hard lately + all the squirting + shocks .. no wonder la.

need a break. taking leave tomolo...taking hub out to be touched by another woman....

what r u thinking now? squirting?
i'm talking about massage la. haha.

angeles said...

Dear maymay,
Only M'sians (and S'poreans) can understand the lingo! ;)

Dear oscar's mommy,
I'm good :)

I think got special dishes cooked for them wan... I saw them eating their lunch once ;)

Dear eastcoastlife,
Ha? Cannot employ maid in office ah? Psstt! Can also dial 1-800-MISTICLEAN!! Kekeekee...

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
Really good to know that you are taking a break tomolo... and massage! Heavenly!! Eh? You no massage your lou kung ahh? *nudge nudge wink wink*

Enjoy the massage... btw, do you doze off during massages?? I sometimes do... but I dun like to do that... cos make me feel vulnerable haha :P


Aiyah Nonya said...

Hey where is their union ?
Management is so strict. Run more like a military canteen than a kopitiam. The manager must be an ex military cook. :)

mistipurple said...

guarantee you won't sleep.

Cocka Doodle said...

Typical kopitiam language! Pssst! this kopitiam managed by kopisoh ah?

angeles said...

Dear aiyah nonya,
Errr... I dun think they got union wan kua... the boss needs to be strict becos the workers are very young (read playful) heh..

Dear misti,
I dun dare... kakkakaa... sked sakit :P

Dear cocka,
Haahaa... I think this kopitiam punya taukeh niao dun hv kopisoh mia hairstyle kakaka...