Friday, March 14, 2008

Flyday Birthdays & Videos

Flyday again.. today, we sing some songs... learn to Photoshop with Xiaxue... go to a fish spa with Xiaxue & mom... watch a political interview on Al-Jazeera... okehhh??

But before that, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Misha's MOMMY, Sheon & Freethinker!!! Waaaa!! So many birthdays!!! And also Happy 18th Anniversary to Eastcoastlife & Chris! Woot!!! So many happies!


Can I Stay With You - Karyn White (Yes, the Superwoman singer)

Can I Stay With You Lyrics

I first heard this song years ago, during Radio 4 days. That time, every Wednesday nights at 3am, Angie Ng will go on air and this will always be the first song at the start of her session. Loved her session (on top of Patrick Teoh's, of cos) because she plays all those totally laam songs, and the best was her voice... OMG.. so sexy... near orgasmic voice she has... not sure whether she's still on air now though... So yeah, that was the 'story' behind this song :P See if u liked the song too :)

Remix version of ABBA's Dancing Queen
(dun bother looking at the video, just listen to it)

DYK that every midnight on MIXFM, they play non-stop retro music for 2 hours? Except Sunday nights, I think. Love love retro! (Speaking of which, is anyone going for the Here & Now Tour 2008 The Best of the 80's concert in Genting??)

Next two videos, I accidentally stumble upon them while on youtube. Xiaxue's Guide To Life series. Neh, she's one of Singkapoh's fehmes blogger ahh...

Learn to Photoshop own pics!

Fish Spa with her mom. Coincidentally, this fish spa 'phenomenon'
is being talked about nearly everywhere!

Last but not least, Al-Jazeera's interview with LimKitSiang & AnwarIbrahim.


Jemima said...

Happy Birthdays to everyone!

Jemima said...

Happy Anniversary to ECL & Chris!

Jemima said...

Happy Weekend to Angeles!

ehon said...

chup first. hehe!

ehon said...

wahhh.. realy ocipala cakpalang post! hahahaha.

happy birthday to all and happy anniversary to ecl and chris!!! :D

misha's mum said...

thank you for the birthday wishes . :) happy birthday to the others and happy anniversary to ECL :) wow .. 18 years .. long time lar dear :)

once again, terima kasih

misha's mum said...

ECL .. many many more 18 years to come ok?

Huei said...


ooo the THAT'S how they make super huge eyes!!! hehehe

_butt said...

Happy March Birthday to all! Happy 18th Anniversary to Eastcoastlife and Chris!

and Happy Flyday + Weekend to you too, Angeles! going for the concert? =)

mudpie said...

happy birthday to all!!!! and happy anniversary to ECL .. double celebration and happiness!!!

*cheers to all*

Winn said...

happy to all! happy friday!!

and to my kampachic sampatchic..haha......u lor who else!

Angel Eyes said...

Err.. can i stay with you?

Anonymous said...

per bendaaaaaaa lahhhh! hey, matta fair kali nih, ko nak beli tiket ker maner nih? tak pi tempat tempat class yg u selalu tujui ker? abang nak pi jalan2 tapi, budget dan masa takder.



sheon said...

happy birthday all..... :)))))

thank you darling angel for 'broadcasting' my birthday...'re too kind. wanna goto the pajama party with me? i have an extra invite......

sheon said...

btw....the 'dancing queen' clip is probably the most stupidestest thing i've seen in recent history.....oh yeah...second.... first is samy velloo.....

mistipurple said...

happy birthday misha's mummy!
happy birthday sheon!
happy birthday freethinker!
happy 18th anniversary ecl & chris!

wheee so many vids to watch!!

L B said...

waaa, really so many fish in the ocean!!!

Happy Birthday, Mish Mish's Mom!!!
Happy Birthday Sheon!!
Happy Birthday FreeThinker!!
Happy Anniversary, ECL & ECL's one-two-three!!!

That Karyn so hamsup wan!!! I like!!!
Hahaha, must finish watching it..

L B said...

aaaah, from the 1994 Soundtrack of 'Make him do right'..

sheon said...

thanks guys......

eastcoastlife said...

Wahhh!! Thanks for the wishes!!!
Another 18 years..... can change partners!? hahaha.......

Happy Birthdays to all the birthday boys and girls!!

*Hugs misha mummy... tickle tickle her*

suituapui said...

Happy Anniversary to you, eastcoastlife and better half! When are you coming to Sibu? I'm still waiting.....!

Hi, angel! My first time, so like dat can consider virgin lah! Dancing Queen? Eyew...that day I heard on the radio, it had been voted on the internet as the Most "Happy" Song ever!!! Those people on radio can't mention the word "gay" lah! LOL!!!

zewt said...

wow...18 years of marriage!

angeles said...

Dear jemima,
Happy Weekend to you too! TGIF! Phewwww! :D

Dear ehon,
U lately veli gud at chupping, hor?

Yalor... dunno why lately so many of my entries all ocipala capalang wan... must be the Doc sent her ocipala waves to me... hehe...

Dear misha's mum,
You are most welcome! Hope Misha sang the birthday song loud loud for u! Hehe...

May all your birthday wishes come true ;)

Dear ah huei,
Hehe... so now u know how to photoshop your whole body liao! :)

Dear butty,
I wish I could go to the concert! But, no kaki, how? :(

Dear mudpie,
Maap ye... ari nie kiter sibuk skit... malam kang kiter coba ingat anta gambaq2 tu, okeh? *cium cium*

Dear winn,
Haha... u lah SampatWinn :P I gonna gib u more nicknames later :P

Dear angel eyes,
Stay with me? Come come...

Dear bdk bkk,
Eh! Ko ni jahat!! Asyik perli aku pi tempat2 class... dah merajuk nih! Tak nak 'hiu' u dah!

Dear Birthday Boy Sheon,
You are most welcome! I didn't really mean to 'broadcast' your birthday... it so happened that there are 4 ppl with the same birthday in my Facebook maa... the other one dunno abt my blog hehe...

Pajama Party? Thanks for the invite woh... Mmm... will talk to u abt this later, ok?

I oredi said dun look at the video lorrr.. ask u to listen to the song oni maa.. :P

Dear misti,
Hope you find the videos entertaining! ;)

Dear LB,
Haha... so, u are wat fish? Piranha?? Or are u Doctor Fish Spa? Nemo?

Eh, that one is not Karyn White's video leh.. they just put the song with the clips... not too sure which series/movie they took it from...

Make Him Do Right? Soundtrack? It's a movie? Wah... never heard before wor... So, u like it?? I've been humming this song past few days heheee...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Change partners ah? Shhh... I won't tell... kekeke...

May there be many more 18 years to come! Wheeeee!!

Dear suituapui,
Wahhh... hello hello... welcome to Angeles' Playground... hope you won't be too penat playing in my playground hehe... and thanks for 'penetrating' this blog for the first time... wah, you say u virgin in my blog... Like that my blog lagi not virgin liao cos you 'came' in already woh... kekekeke...

Cikgu STP, u invite ECL to Sibu, never invite me wan?

Pssttt... tell u one secret... the last time we heard your voice over the phone when we were in Kuching, I thought you sound very macho wohhh... haha... oops...

Love this Abba's song... everytime I listen to it, I feel like I'm the Queen, dancing... heheeh... Didn't know it was voted as the "happiest" song ever! How cool!

Gay? Wah... you really have a thing with "gayness" hor... hehee...

Thanks for penetra... I mean, for coming over to my blog! See u again!

Dear zewt,
18 years only maa... you also can wan... *wink*


Wennnn said...

Happy Birthday Misha's Mummy!
Happy Birthday Sheon!
Happy Birthday Freethinker!
Happy 18th anniversary ECL & Chris!

HAve a great weekend Angel!!


suituapui said...

Ooo...angel heard my voice oredi steam kah? So sexy hor? Wait till u see the MAN!!! Lagi hot!! LOL!!!
Of course, I will welcome u to Sibu with open arms and open...err whatever lah!!! LOL!!! So this is our second time liao...and as they say, it gets better each time??

P.S.: Ask zewt...err, never mind! ROTFLMAO!!!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

Happy Birthday Misha's Mummy!
Happy Birthday Sheon!
Happy Birthday Freethinker!
Happy 18th anniversary ECL & Chris!

your post so remix. great! sexy music video and phew sexy song (i don't remember Karyn White singing this song tho'), photoshop pun ada. beauty tips. politics and oohhh.... don't play remix when i drive... i will fly. haha!

angeles said...

Dear wenwen,
U hv a good weekend too! Kisskiss Hughug the BB!! Can't wait woh... hehe...

Dear suituapui,
Wah... dun la say I heard your voice oledi steam... I young girl.. paiseh wan u know.. haha...

I've seen glimpses of you in another blog... neh, Cocka told me wan.. haha..

U welcome me to Sibu with a lot of open stuff, huh? Thank q! Thank q! I will definitely wanna SEE all the 'openings'... kaka...

Wah.. u come in and go out, come in and go out so many times... I dunno what to imagine liao! Hahaaa... Ask zewt? Oi.. kenot lar... nanti isteri dia kasi hantam gua, susah! LOL!

Dear mama of 2LittleFellas,
U will fly with remix music ah?? That's cool! When you fly, u dun hv to drive liao!! Hahaa... good idea, rite! ;)

So... are u a Dancing Queen too? :D


Firehorse said...

LOL angeles finally the infehmes suituapui has arrived. If u go Sibu hor, I oso wan 2 go, dun forget call me ya, i bin phuai kau wan, stp no invite oso I will go.....did u see all the pood he belanja bongkersz eat? Yummmm khua pun poh tor eow liao.

Chev said...

Happy Belated Anniversary ECL & Chris

Wah.. Angeles nak pi Sibu ah?
I haven't visit Sibu for few years liao. Used to visit Sibu during my childhood time (school holiday time) as I have an uncle in Sibu, but they had migrated to Canada during my secondary school days :)

Anonymous said...

OMG fish spa... hmm... maybe i will buy some fish and try it out. Just pray that I get the right fishes cos I aint just trying it out with my feet.... lol *spank -Steve

P.S. next time bring u to the segambut pan mee. pls dont put your high hope with the mee... cos misti tends to have a weird sense of taste lol

suituapui said...

Wah...who's that anonymous want to make own fish spa? Nanti salah buy pirahna, habis the kaki tinggal tulamg! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! many hot babes want to come to Sibu!!! Firehorse aka kopisoh oso welcome hangat-hangat!!! The more the merrier!!! STP sure can handle one, don't worry!!!

Wei...bila that old Cocka become STP punya pimp hor? Clever2 ask people go see my photo!!! Nasib hensem...or else nobody layan oredi! Wakakakakakakaka!!!!

drumsticks said...

oohhh heard about the fish spa at the jobdb career fair @ klcc.. they were having promo at that time.. but didnt get to try it out.. wonder how its like. sounds very fishy though..

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! So many hotchicks wanna go Sibu! STP left, right and centre can hug! Woot!

This is so gonna be a horniday!! Yahooo.... can't wait to go.

angeles said...

Dear firehorse,
Kopisoh, lu ho boh? Wa miss lu... hehe...

So, nxt time u kambek, dun forget to let me know, ok? We go Sibuing... everything on suituapui! Muahaahaha... I think he's going to hide liao after this hehehe...

Dear Chev,
Yeah, one of these days must go visit Sibu since all the Sibu ppl say Sibu got alotta nice food! What to do... we oni go there for food kakaka... u want to follow?

Dear Steve,
I think u can only buy the fishy in Singapore.. over here, they dun sell it yet... where to buy, u go chk ECL's blog.. she got blog abt it that day...

So.... which other part u gonna try it out too other than the feet, ah?

Segambut Pan Mee? I thot she said koay teow soup? Anyway, I'll still wait... kekeke...

Dear suituapui,
Haha.. that anonymous is Steve, Misti's colleague :P

U think so easy can just 'buy' piranha meh? Sibu got ah? I also want... wat I wanna do with it? Muaahahaha... donwan to tell! Hehe...

Suituapui, now we hv me, kopi soh and ECL wanna go Sibu... THREE of us wohh... not forgetting Nyonya... wah... really bolehkah? Muahaahaha...

STP, looks not important cute-cute name and can tokkok can liao! Haaha...

Dear drumsticks,
There is a fish spa in Pavilion, top most floor. We went to look see look see that day hehe...

Of course it's fishy hahaa... got fish bit bit dead cells on your feet, sure lah fishy! But won't smell fishy kuaa... ;)

Dear eastcoastlife,
He said he can handle woh... we hv to plan again, okeh?

*imagines the org... oops, I mean the horniday...* hehe...


mistipurple said...

hahha, it is a pan mee store, but i eat the kuay teow. very very nice wor. got minced pork kaw kaw. sedap. haiz. make me drool again.
i can eat it everyday, twice a day. but onli managed to eat for breakfast twice in a row when i was there. cos next day on bus chor. crying for the segambut kuay teow. so sad again.

mistipurple said...

*bash steve say i got weird taste*

Aiyah Nonya said...

I like Dancing Queen too although I am no dancing queen. :)
Have a nice weekend.

suituapui said...

Hi! It's me again! Go in out, in out, in dat memang syiok lah! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Of course, nyonya most welcome! And chev too! Now got left, right, front and back. Mistipurple want to come or not??? Don't lah merajuk!!! Now let's see where I can squeeze in...Oops! Wakakakakakakakakaka!!!!!

mistipurple said...

want want! suituapui! i want in oso~!
*squeezes butt in*

Kopi Soh said...

angeles, sigh suituapui oso use to "go in out, in out, in out...." mine until i tutup now no more oredi :(
Forgot to wish ECL Hapi Belated Anniversari dear.
Suituapui said "Now got left, right, front and back"
I chup top can ah?

angeles said...

Dear misti,
Oh I see.. that's why I remember u told me koay teow... heee...

Dun sad, dun sad... u can make another trip here, okeh? July/Aug maybe? ;)

Aiks... *looks at steve fly to Timbuktu...*

Dear aiyah nonya,
U no dancing queen ah? Nvm, can also be Dancing Princess ;)

U hv a good weekend too!

Dear suituapui,
In out in out in out so many times of cos syi... oops, I'm a lady.. where are my manners? U know, last time in primary school, got this teacher, she told us (we all convent girls) that we cannot say the word "syiok" becos it's not nice to say so... haha... she meant to say can oni say 'syiok' when ahem-ahem.. haha.. is that true ah cikgu stp??

U veli popular liao... got so many chicks wanna go Sibu... make sure the bed not like last time in Kuching oh... tenggelam di tengah-tengah wan... haha...

Dear misti,
U want oso ah? OK OK..

*gives a hand to misti*

Dear kopi soh,
Can reconsider to OPEN your kopitiam again anot? Pls pls pls pls...

U veli the clever to chup on top.. becos if u chup bottom hor... jialat liao.. kaka...


suituapui said...

Where got cannot say syiok wan? Aiyor...what they teach in convent school? No wonder all tak kahwin one!!! Cannot say I say song song lor! Wakakakakaka!!!

Yalor, kopisoh...everyday I went in and out, in and out...and suddenly TUTUP! Oredi pasang chastity belt! I memang broken-hearted...and luckily found angel, mistipurple to go cry my heart out! LOL!!!!

And btw, angel, come to Sibu no need mattress liao lor! Got stp...soft soft like water bed, memang song song wan!! OK...who wants to be first??? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

angeles said...

Dear suituapui,
That teacher said, girls kenot say 'syiok' becos oni during the 'in out in out' activity can say syiok.. U say song song ah? What should I say then? Ahhh feels goooood... Liddat can lah, hor? Kekekeke...

Eh, I want to kahwin also wan... but but, aisay, all the good ones are taken liao! Eg. suituapui.. how la liddat??

Let's wait for kopi soh to OPEN her kopitiam again.. wah, this phrase 'open kopitiam' reminds me of those times when we girls were in school, if someone 'ter-flash' their undies, ie. duduk kangkang (haha!), we'll say, "Oi, your kopitiam bukak liao..." Hahahaha... OMG! U seem to bring me back to those good ol' primary school days.... haha...

I sleep on (top) of STP ah? Errr, then what abt Kopi Soh, ECL, Misti and Nyonya?? 5 of us wohh! Can anot?? We want altogeder-geder wan... kakaka...