Thursday, January 17, 2008

All About Angel

  • Very busy!!!
  • Warning - Narcissist Post Ahead!!
  • Some of you might remember, sometime end of summer 2006, I visited London.
  • Was there for 2 weeks and most of the time, I travel alone, using the Tube.
  • Used the Northern Line almost everyday because my stop was at Hendon Central.
  • Noticed this one stop called Angel.
  • Never planned to go there.
  • But on one of those days, decided to hop off at that station to see what's in my town hehe...
  • The Discovery...

It's a really nice town... Sigh...


JL said...

OMG Chup!

JL said...

ok now... can comment liao :P

Did you go to the hospital to check how many babies are called Angel?



check with the pembanci how many Angels are there in the town? :P

kat said...

Hahahahaha.. someone big-time taukeh soh in UK...

kat said...

Itu The Angel (below L'Angelo).. apa dia??

Did you eat at L'Angelo, stay at Angel Inn and get your rail pass from Angel Travel??

I love that Angel Orthodontic smile... so infectious!! hahahaha

may said...

*grabs last CHUP*

may said...

waaaa, finally get some hughug points! I love love LOVE all the "angel-ic" photos of things named after ya. there's an Angel Lane or something like that here too, I must take picture and add to your collection!

I wanna take pix of all the May streets here... maybe next week's post? kkkkk!

Winn said...

aiyaaaaaaaaaaaa! missed chup

Winn said...

there are also a lot of angel signboard here lika angel's cake house , ange;'s paradise playground.........:P

L B said...

LB Café where?!!! Hey, why did you not post up Angel's Massage Parlor or Angel's Escort Services? :-) Heavenly!!! *MaBuk*

moz monster said...

Orh !!! So you actually have all these businesses in Engrand one !!! Wah ... so rich !!!

Bila mau 'cheng' me as your staff to work for one of your businesses ?

Chev said...

ini Angel manyak keng
very popular liao..

can i have your autograph? ;)

angeles said...

Dear JL,
Wheee! Your first Pratinum Chup? ;)

Go hospital and check ah? Dun hv la... when I saw all these 'signs', I was on Cloud 9 liao... haha :P

Dear kat,
I wish!!! ;)

If my memory serves me correctly, I think The Angel is a restaurant...

Haha... I din do anything at any of the Angels... I just went for the Starbucks in Angel :P

Dear maymay,
*awards maymay the Last Chup of the entry* :D

Thanks for lovin' all the Angel-ic signs kekekek.. Angel Lane ah? Woot!

Yes, yes, show us all the Mays in Ozzie! Now I remember... Hmmm.. I din go to MAYfair... hmmm...

How about, MAYbank? Kekekek.. oso MAY maaa...

Dear winn,
Becos u too bz checking out which day to 'hoi gong' after CNY.. hahaa...

Angel Cake House still got meh?? Last time in SS2, I know... :P

Ei!!! Faster start blogging again! I'm so bored! Dun hv mou liu blog entries to read... very 'cham' wan u know... :(

Dear L B,
L B Cafe ah? Wrong blog liao.. that one have to go visit now defunct liao... *sad*

Eh? I have a Massage Parlor AND Escort Services? I forgot laa... :P

Dear moz,
Eh yahor... how come I oso dunno geh? I own a town! Woohoo!!! :P

'Cheng' u ah? Hmmm.. at first, thought I can't afford but think think, I think I can... cos 1 pound is the kali 7 RM... :P I can gib u 5-figure salary... RM14K = 2K pounds... :P

Dear chev,
Kakakkaa... where u want me to sign? On your ASUS EEEE PEEE CEEE ahh? :P


c o n s u e l a said...

wahhhhh....that's alot of "angel" interesting places...

now if I can find something or even one thing in my name :)

happy Friday! *hugs*

cibol said...

wah .. that's dem lotsa angel. would there be a place called cibol then? ;)

plink said...


And there's the Angel Travel sign: it says 'Independent'!

nyonyapenang said...

wah...Angel semua pun pofular....

day-dreamer said...

If I mention your name while visiting those places, will I get a discount? Wahahahaha~

Ehon said...

Kekekekeke. Very the vain lor. :P When you wanna open your own shop jek?

Firehorse aka Kopi Soh said...

Now wa balu chai lu si selebrity lai, *bow bow to angel* next time i meet u must get your autograf...

angeles said...

Dear c o n s u e l a,
I was surprised to see so many Angel-ic shops/places there ;)

Hmmm.. your name, I shall keep a lookout! Huggies!

Dear cibol,
I only know one place called cibol... iaitu, :P

Dear plink,
Laff laff laff!!! :P

Uh huh! Independent Is I! :P

Dear nyonyapenang,
I dunwan fame, nor pofulariti.. I want marnieeeeee!!! Heheh...

Dear day-dreamer,
U try and see lor! :P

Dear ehon,
Open my own shop ah? Why I need woh? I got soooo many liao! :P

Dear kopi soh,
Hahaha... mai ar neh lar... wa mm si selebriti la.. paiseh nia...

But u want autograf, boh boon teh! Where want to sign? Kekeke...


zeroimpact said...

Looks like a whole town dedicated to you
So go all those shop no need to pay ah

Huei said...

woooahhh!! i wan go angeltown!!!! =D hehehe

Hazel said...'s good

Brad said...

oh my angels everywhere! cum we go live there and build our own ANGEL PALACE. ;)

Angel Eyes said...

I saw angel Cake House somewhere in Bangsar.. :)

bongkersz said...

city of angels! reminds me of the nicolas cage and meg ryan movie haha! i want to find my own city also :P

eastcoastlife said...

Your very own Angel Town!!! OMG! You have to bring me there.

I have to look for an eastcoastlife town. >.<
%£@*! Why did I choose this name!?

Aiyah Nonya said...

So many Angels. Are you sure it is not your town ? :))
Any discounts there for those with the name Angel ???

I remember reading it somewhere that this place was named after a famous inn, named Angel. I might be wrong.

_butt said...

omg Angel you're everywhere!! :D

King's wife said...

Cool! Aren't you glad u hopped off?

angeles said...

Dear zeroimpact,
Dedicated to me ah? Yahor... din think of it...
Nxt time I'll try and check if I need to pay in those places :P

Dear ah huei,
Can can! Save marnie to buy air tix!! ;)

Dear Hazel,
Just wanna show off a bit altho' it's not for real.. heh heh...

Dear Brad,
I waiting for u to build for me...

Dear angel eyes,
High 5! Another Angel-ic fren :)

Bangsar, I think there's an Angel Cafe there, opp. Bangsar Village 2, kan?

Dear Bongkersz,
Hullo hullo!

City of Angels ah? Itu Los Angeles la.. :P Bangkok is also known as the city of angels.. wah, all also wanna be angelic cities, huh!

BTW, this Angel place is not a city... it's more of like a town ;)

You wanna find Bong Town? Hmmmm... a tad difficult but can try! :P

Dear eastcoastlife,
Yes yes! My own town! Cool hor? I forgot about this already... until a fellow blogger who's in London now, made me missed this city :( So, I go korek all my pics and walked down memory lane...

Haha... Your eastcoastlife town ah? Good luck!!

Yeah, why did you choose this name ah? Kaka...

Dear aiyah nonya,
Haha... if it were mine, I'd surely remembere, right??
Discounts ah? Next round I go check and see hehe...

Oh really?? Angel Inn? There is an Angel Inn there ma.. in the pics :)

Dear butty,
I am, aren't I? LOL!

Dear king's wife,
Yeah! I was happy I decided to be curious and checked it out! Really a pleasant surprise ;)


Aodian said...

wow.. nice town.. memang ngam with u wan.. hehe.. Its where angels hang out.. Cheers

Cocka Doodle said...

My dearest Angel....that town got Hell's Angels anot? ..neh, like the mat rempit wan...?

narrowband said...

omg that's so angeliufying!! the whole town belonged to you! well, sorta... :p did you feel a sense of belonging there??? hhahah......

Happy weekend!!

laundryamah said...

before I scrolled first instance upon seeing the tube sign with "Angel" on it i thot it was a photoshopped one! hahaha..didn't know there was a suburb named Angel tim!

zewt said...

right... since you already showed much of it... i dont think i need to go hahahha....

eastcoastlife said...

I'm really so jeles of your Angel Town! Fat hope I'm going to find a eastcoastlife town. grrrr......

*poke poke angel* Your Sweden posts also not finished yet leh. You lazy or you think I really old and forgetful.

Kenny Ng said...

U must be damn rich hor... got so many shops... :P

mistipurple said...

why no wings wan anywhere? kkkk

Anonymous said...

hehehe, angel everywhere huh? bidadari la tuh....hehe.


angeles said...

Dear aodian,
Haha ngam with me ah? It's a nice town :)

Dearest cocka,
Hell's Angels ah? Not sure woh.. I din venture far enuff, I suppose.. but I dun think got lor.. London where got mat rempit? Oni got mat salleh la.. :P

Dear narrowband,
Yeah!! Mine mine all nine! :P

I was surprised to see all the angelic names ;) didn't stay long enuff to feel I belong there :P

Dear laundryamah,
Eh eh... I no photoshop wan ok.. I show the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth! :P

Dear zewt,
Haha! It's a nice Angelic town. :P
I'm so envious of u right now.. cos I miss being there lorrr...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Haha.. dun be jeles lar.. come come, I share share with you... :)

Haha! My Swedish Stories! Aiyoh.. it's me lazy, not u forgetful.. u old? Nevah! ;)

Dear kenny,
I rich ah? I wish lorrr!! :P

Dear misti,
Eh? Wings? My angel wings ah? Shhh.. Only I have 'em... rainbow ones, remember? ;)

Dear budak bangkok,
Memang pekan yang cantik nie.. nampak aman jugak...


Mr. Goober said...

great! could it be your own town, or could it be heaven?!

Anonymous said...

Wah! You have one whole town dedicated to you... Why dun you open another shop there? ---> "The Real Angel" :p What would you sell ah?

Ms A

angeles said...

Dear Mr. Goober,
I wished it could be my own town! It'd be so cool!

Heaven? Psstt... Remember the song Oooh heaven is a place on earth.. ;)

OK, maybe not.. cos not your generation mia song :P

Dear Ms. A,
The Real Angel ah?

Mmmm.. sell RealDoll? :P