Friday, January 11, 2008

一帘幽梦 & Pasta Zanmai @ One Utama

Song : 一帘幽梦 (Got English subtitles! Wheee!)
From the drama Dreams Link

This is the opening song for one of the current drama on AEC Channel, Dreams Link, or (New) Dream Behind the Curtain. It's a remake of a popular story by Qiong Yao. Who is Qiong Yao? She is a very popular novelist who writes very sad love stories.

Anyway, the synopsis of the story from a wiki link:

Zi Ling (lady on the right) is a dreamer who has always been overshadowed by her perfect older sister Lu Ping (lady on the left). For a long time, she's secretly been in love with Chu Lian (guy on the left), who also happens to be Lu Ping's boyfriend. Lu Ping is busy with her own dream of becoming a successful professional dancer and has little time for Chu Lian. Conflict arises when Chu Lian realizes that the one he truly loves is Zi Ling. An unfortunate accident forces a guilt-ridden Chu Lian to enter an unhappy marriage with Lu Ping, but he is unable to forget Zi Ling. Fei Yun Fan (guy on the right - neh... the HK actor!) is a mysterious, wealthy, and much older man who loves Zi Ling with all his heart. Hoping to move on with her life, Zi Ling gradually reciprocates Fei Yun Fan's affection.

Me, I just love the song. I think I remember that I first heard this song in the 70's (or was it the 80's) when I was a very small girl, during those Chin Han, Joan Lin Feng Jiao (Jackie Chan's wifey), Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia times... OMG... Does anyone still remember all the sad movies during those days??

On another note... Flyday Forn!

Some mushroom carbonara - very creamy - RM18

Sendiri grind mia sesame seed

Some tamago ongsen - RM3 (half boiled egg only la...)


My ebikko spaghetti (can't remember the name)
Very nice sauce, not as creamy as the carbonara.. RM25

Iced hazelnut coffee - RM8




Sorry pics a bit blur... 'cos I had a baby on my hands that time... ;)

Total Damage for two person - RM62.10
And it's Japanese "Casual" Pasta... hmmmm...


L B said...

*watching dream-like YouTube...very laaaaam*


L B said...

RM62.10 = €12.90! CHEAP!!!!

Chev said...


Chev said...

Chin Han, Lin Fong Jiao, Lin Ching Hsia... Wah... ini manyak lama punya bintang liao woh.. Kkkkkkkk... zaman 70-an :P Those are indeed very sad movies, huh? :)

RM 3 for an half boiled egg?

u carry a baby and snap picture (both using the same hand) while holding a card on the other hand? walao.. u manyak keng woh..

Jemima said...

Happy Friday! :)

Jemima said...

Is the creamy mushroom carbonara recommended? :p

ehon said...

angel on fire.. one week whip out so many posts!! haha. so sedaps!!

rinnah said...

The pasta looks yum!

psst... when is this serial showing on AEC?

carcar said...

how come baby on yr hand?

and the dinner only 2 person? u and the baby only?

narrowband said...

I'm so 'disconnected' from the TV already, what more TVB series -_-"

Wahhhhh that paste alreayd make me lau nuar tooooo! *slurrps saliva back up*

Happy weekend!!

moz monster said...

I actually walked past the pasta place, and thought that there might not be any food there. Gee ... gotta go back and try it one of these days !

angeles said...

Dear L B,
Laam hor? I think it's really kam doong... the tune...

Of cos for you after convert into Euro is cheap... we all here very 'cham'... nowadays the price of everything goes up... really TL, you know... the white coffee at OldTown Kopitiam just increased the price from RM2.80 per glass to RM3.20!! 50 cents!! Really TheirStar, I tell you!!

Do you need a maid there?

Dear Chev,
Me too... just now got someone asked me to imagine the delicious bakuteh.. all the fei chee yoke etc etc... with cold teh ais... and I didn't have proper dinner just now cos was still full due to a very filling lunch! So now, I want go sleep away my hunger liao...

Hey do you still remember got one drama on TV3 last time entitled A Misty Affair (煙雨濛濛)?? Note to misti - nothing to do with u... dun perasan, ya... haha :P

I remember watching that drama and so sad!! Always cry wan the main actress haha...

Yalor... I din know it was just a half boiled egg... I thot got something more special...

Kakaka... ya ya, I had Baby G on my lap and trying to keep her still with my elbow while taking the pics of the name card haha... keng leh!

Dear Jemima,
It's Happy Saturday!!!

I feel that the creamy carbonara is way too creamy for me... didn't like it lor... unless you love VERY creamy carbonaras, then I suppose you'll like it!

Dear ehon,
On fire ah? Not really la... just a bit free-er in the ofis, so can churn out some craps lor... :P

Dear rinnah,
Go try! Too bad I didn't try their sashimi... was already full after having the pasta...

This serial is on AEC Mon-Fri at 8pm... psstt! Got Malay subtitles also... ;)

Dear carcar,
Because I was holding the baby ma... the baby din eat the pasta woh... oh wait, she did... she just had 1-2 strands of the pasta :P

Dear narrowband,
Oui... Ini bukan series TVB lar... it's either a Taiwanese or China production, not sure...

U lau nua oso ah? Hehehe... go try! I like the texture of the spaghetti.. perfect al dente ;)

Happy weekend to you too!

Dear moz,
No food? Oh I know.. it's very misleading, isn't it? Because of the shop in front of the restaurant... Shojikaya (?) Have to walk past the shop to go into the restaurant ;)


Kopi Soh said...

Yes yes, i lemember those old Chin Han, Charlie Chin, Chen Chen, Brigitte Lin times, especially the movie "Behind The Pearly Curtain" .......

Winn said...

oh pasta zanmai i loveeeeee! did u try the dessert? the dessert is good lor. i had their ice cream the other day 3 types , sesame, green tea and chocolate one their sesame and choclate very yum yum

eastcoastlife said...

Surprise! surprise! My angel watched Qiong Yao dramas! The cry sob weep stories.... alamak!

I like the HK actor Fong something. So man.

The Japanese meal so tempting. sigh.... when can go over and forn with you leh.....

Oscar's Mommy said...

hmmm japanese rest serving pasta??

hv a nice weekend!

kyh said...

RM3 for a half-boiled egg? Kill me, somebody! o.O

RM25 for a spag? RM8 i oso hiam expensive liao... :P

Chev said...

Kkkkkk... Angel fails her maths again. Referring to your reply to LB, RM3.20 - RM2.80 = 40 cents lah, not 50 cents. Don't piak me, i just sampat here.

Chev said...

i'm back again :P

psssss.. i love BKT, but not the fei chee yoke. I prefer the lean meat or pork ribs plus the tungku. Very yummy. It's time to have BKT again :D

Of coz i remember A Misty Affair (煙雨濛濛). The actress cry and cry and cry. Made me phobic of watching Taiwanese drama series up to these days. LOL

Baby G must be amazed her EE so keng. I'm sure she has learn something about photography by now since she always see u taking photo :P

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

everytime i come here i see food.... grrr.... hungry now....

Leonard said...

this pasta looked great!

the egg photographs also excellently taken!

Hazel said...

the food look so nice...feel hungrylah

mistipurple said...

someone talking about me ah.. *perasan* :P

Crunchasarus Rex said...

Yah.. ex hor.. :(

angeles said...

Dear kopi soh,
Behind The Pearly Curtain ah? Aiyak.. soli I dun remember the movie titles oh.. sure sob sob movies!

Dear winn,
Nolah, din try the dessert cos after the plate of spaghetti, very full liao... nxt time will try!

Dear eastcoastlife,
Ya.. very sob sob dramas, aisay!! But the songs are nice lor..

That HK actor is Alex Fong hehe.. man hor? But I not very like... altho' I like his 'manliness' kekeke...

Nvm.. I wait for you to come forn with me one day...

Dear oscar's mommy,
Yup, it's something different eh? ;)

Have a good one too!

Dear kyh,
Kill you ah? That means if you come stay in KL, you'll die liao...

Dear Chev,
Aisay.. last nite blur bluar la... :P

I also dun take the fei chee yoke. Only LB said he likes ma... I only take the pork ribs and all the internals, fu chuk, tungku kekeke...I also long time no eat BKT liao..

Kakaka... yeah yeah, the leading actress mia eyes forever bengkak due to cry cry so much...

BB G dun 'hiu' me when I take pics... but she of cos likes to play with my camera.. picit here and there hehe..

Dear fantasy 'sticky' flier,
Wah, long time no see!!

Hungry? Come back to Asia! ;)

Dear leonard,
The pasta is alright ;)

Hehe.. thanks for the compliment!

Dear hazel,
Hello! Thanks for coming over :)

Hungry ah? Oops...

Dear misti,
Told u not to perasan liao lor... :P

Dear Crunchasarus Rex,
Hi there :)

Yes, pretty expensive... thx for coming over!


nyonyapenang said...

Gua remember...gua movie with a very laaam mia song wan...'HEART WITH A MILLION KNOTS'....'Sing Yoh Chien-Chien Chieh' and another movie is titled 'MEI HUA'. All cry buckets one.

Pasta with a Japanese twist. Have to grind own sesame seed...not cheaper meh? hahahah.... And the telur..RM3...the ayam got golden backside one. hahahhaa....

Kopi Soh said...

My title wrong shud be "fantasies behind the pearly curtain" nah here

Ya hau until bak chew cheng cheng

may said...

I haven't had good and reasonably priced Japanese food in a long time. here we get the usual rolls and ramen, but not a meal like that -- it would've been 62.10 here too, except it's in A$, not RM!! we go eat Japanese buffet when I'm back, ok?

_butt said...

wow! thanks for the recommendation! must try liao :D

heard the song before but never watch the drama :P

Pink Cotton said...

u almost had me at the tamago ongsen for rm3
i thought it was something japaneseyyyy

i cook for u ...20cents only! =)

day-dreamer said...


Tries not to look at the egg.


*continue drooling*

savante said...

Took me a while to wonder why the canton drama has the pasta there :P

Aiyah Nonya said...

Don't know who is Qing Yao but I have seen Chin Han's era of sobbing movies with my Mother.
Sob sob and still go back for more.

angeles said...

Dear nyonyapenang,
Wah liao... I dunno the titles that you mentioned.. but I think if I heard the song, maybe I'll know which one...hehe..

Japanese with an Italian twist... haiii.. everything also so mahal nowadays.. keik sim nia la...

That telur ah? When I ate that time, din taste any gold oso... :(

Dear kopi soh,
OMG!! I just checked the link.. this Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain IS the same story as the one I posted, Dreams Link!!! OMG... Remember I said that Dreams Link is a remake? Wah liao...

U hau until bak chew cheng cheng ah? Khor lian tai...

Dear maymay,
U r back!! Hugz!!!

Over there dun hv good Japanese restaurants ka? And wow! As expensive as what we are paying here??

Eat Japanese buffet? YEAH!! Sure I wantttt!! And also all the other sampat frens hehe...

Dear butty,
Yup! Go take your mom out again :)

The drama is a bit slowww... I also dun watch.. watch here and there oni.. hehe...

Dear pink cotton,
Eh eh... laff at my tamago ongsen... :P

U can cook the pasta bo?? :P

Dear day-dreamer,
U also like the egg ah? It looked nice ka? So many ppl 'aim' the egg geh? O.o

Dear savante,
There wasn't any connection la... it's as random as random could get :P

Dear aiyah nonya,
Qiong Yao is the author/novelist of a lot of those sad sad movies lor...

Those sob sob movies are classics! :)


Huei said...


why do u have to make me so hungryyyyyy????? =P heheh

angeles said...

Dear ah huei,
Oopsie.. sorries make u hungries... i make u tamago ongsen, okie? :D

Cara said...

HHHHMMM ALL THIS FOOD LOOKS SO GOOD!!! i would eat all muahahaha!
Angeliu!!! how is liu? big big hugs!!

david santos said...

Hi Angeles
A beautiful place here!
Excellent post! Thank you.
have a good day

Justice for Nurin Jaslin

Cocka Doodle said...

I Friday got no dinner kaki leh...why didn't call me geh? :(

angeles said...

Dear caraliu!!
Me is good! Liu is also missed!!! Hugs n kisses!

Thanks for the comment, david santos..

Dear cocka,
Din call u? How I know u here? U slip in and out of KL like... ok nvm.. :P


laundryamah said...

alamak u forgot Alex Fong Chun Sun's name?? cannot la..but he's not main actor,,cheh anytime i take him better than the other guy la...

angeles said...

Eh, yahor... I forgot his name.. :P

He not main actor ma? Supporting actor oni ah? I dun watch everyday lor.. a bit slowww la this drama...